DJI Mini 2 | Kecik Tapi Power | Review and Footage (Malaysian Review) #djimini2 #review

Second reviews, malaysia, which is uh. I think you guys can guess it right now, which is a drone called dji mini 2. We need to version data version, dji mini 2, so yeah Music, Music cook, and what video on reviews kid and then african skyline footage of this drone at the end of […]

Review Potensic T25 GPS Drone, FPV RC Drone with Camera 1080P HD WiFi Live Video, Dual GPS Return H

You can also make it potensic t25 life should be this way, refuse to be complicated and make it simple. One key taking off landing, fixed point hovering in the air, gps, positioning system, Music and one key auto return. T25 can automatically return and land. Precisely. However, our t25 is more than that t25 […]

Sony a7RIV / A7RIVa Review 2 years later | Mixed Feelings

Camera announcements i have ever witnessed even more surprising, was my initial reaction, which seemed to land somewhere between perplexed and completely overjoyed yeah. I mean it was completely unexpected right. We thought just about any other camera, except for this, but here it is and theres actually a lot more new than i first […]

DJI Air 2S Drone Review – This thing is RAD!

How are they any different? Why should i buy this one or the other one well answer that and more in this review of the dji air 2s. Music, chris, here from videomaker in this review of the dji air 2s, were going to be talking about the differences between it and the air 2, […]

Short review of FIMI x8 Mini drone. Flight and shooting characteristics.

You will also be pleasantly surprised by the flight characteristics of the quadcopter. The range and duration of the flight, the femi x8 mini, is easy to carry while traveling and easy to use for both experienced and novice pilots. A wide range of drone capabilities will allow you to be creative and get great […]


com and it came in this box all right all right, so we are ready and it comes well packaged. Hopson xeno mini pro. It is a drone that i think many of us have been waiting for, and my question is: is it possibly the killer to dji mini 2, or at least you […]


Deixa seu, like Beleza, a gente galera hoje eu t com, super vdeo, para vocs, como, vocs, j, podem, ver, aqui uma, encomenda, recebida, esse, aqui um, drone l900 que eu fiz a compra, a no AliExpress Demorou 25 dias, para chegar, no fui, taxado nenhuma das taxas do Correio nem os 15 reais e […]

Finally, a micro quadcopter with decent range. BetaFPV HX115 LR with built in ExpressLRS receiver!

Is it a toothpick were going to compare this toothpick to what is probably the best performing example of the category? The fpv cycle baby tooth im, joshua bardwell youre, going to learn something today: Music, the beta fbv hx115lr, that youre seeing me review in this video was sent to me by beta fpv. […]

BBB Episode 87- The Drone Has Cut my LIP and Duke is Back with a New WHIP! -Mazda MX5 / Miata Review

Now today. Are you a third grader? Are you 13 today yeah youre, a teenager today? No wonder youre, so moody, today triple b dreams. Now pat riley, my neighbor Music. So my friends, hello, and welcome to the birthday special episode of triple b, where we have presents, rides and accidents Music. Oh, even […]

Eachine E19 Drone Helikopter Aneh Gak Jelas Keberatan Bodi

Thank you: pada kita dapat user manual, 19 nya ini, mau saya, baca, baca dulu, oh betul, ada, ada, aplikasi, buat, ke, kamera, yah bonus, banget, saya, enggak, nyangka, dapet, ada, kameranya, gitu, karena, saya, kemarin, waktu, beli, enggak, memperhitungkan, diadakan, er, atau, enggak, cuman, saya, lebih, Uh, Uh, Mantap cuman saya lebih penasaran, sama, […]

DJI FPV im langzeit Review: Eine Renndrohne die den Markt verfehlt!

Mich eigentlich nur die kollision sensoren, fr vorne, als auch, fr unten die aussehen, als, htte man sie in der entwicklung einfach nachtrglich ist ein bisschen dran gebracht und zum, beispiel verdeckt, dieses, modul hier, dann auch, so ein bisschen die abdeckung von dem micro, sd, als auch usb Anschluss dennoch wirkt die, drohne, auf, […]

iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

We of course had apples expected anticipated september 2021 event. This is where they announced the new iphone lineup, the new iphone 13s and a couple other small things as well heres. The thing this is a pretty small update overall, but you know apples events are always these huge grandiose things they had tons […]