Review of Drone Command Live Virtual – Curtis Titus

I have been here for three days learning about this upcoming industry of the drone and the applications of this tool, my goodness the opportunities and the preparation that i have had during my life. As a technician, this is luck. Luck equals opportunity, plus preparedness, so everybody who can join this uh um dome […]

Review of Drone Command Live Virtual – Bryan Buchovecky

The virtual command live um web session from Dallas Texas, where its about over 100 degrees, um, so Ive been in this call for about three and a half hours. What I love about it so far is just the motivational aspect of it.

The Bubito – High Performance Micro Freestyle Drone – BUILD

I designed this drone for indoor freestyle and guys this drone can do any trick. You can name trippy spins mighty flips. It can do it all and im super happy to be bringing this to you guys. So to start, i want to go over to the tools, because this drone is very small, […]

Tes Jarak Aplikasi Sjrc Versi 225 Drone Review

00, 10.00 12.00 repok ingin mengajak, teman, teman, terbang, bersama, ground SJ, rtv 7 SW tapi di sini, aplikasinya Syuhada v7 Kenapa karena saya mau mencoba, aplikasi 2.2.5 Oke Langsung aja Di sini kita masuk ke ininya tapi kakinya, sudah, masuk, akal, juga, sih, Kompas, sudah dan kita, sekarang, kalibrasi, giro, Hai, ah Oke buat, […]

Review of the Holy Stone mini 450 drone part 2

If i can, you know, lift off this guy and sure it works. You know yeah so its on right now. So this is this. Is our sensor obstacle sensor and this would be the on and off button yeah, you know, got the remote on press on this. Would be the this is the […]

4K HD WIFI $50 Ebay Drone Review – Should you buy? Unboxing Flying and Camera Test – P8 Drone

The Drone, because I cant fly drones, Ive, never flown a drone ever so I didnt want to buy an expensive one and then just crash into everything, so thats, just how it came out of the package, get a little bag and everything. This was 50 bucks alrighty. Here we go: oh my gosh, […]

Review Drone KUN SG808MAX

Se, eu pego ele mesmo mas talvez eu pego, um outro modelo isso aqui, o o FC 908 Max Max porque ele tem esse controle aqui que tem um repetidor de interno, n e e Teoricamente tenha hora icamente ele estenderia, o seu final n Fala, a aqui o Filme abre aqui, o vdeozinho nada, […]

drone review amader grame,Rampur malipara

Thank you, foreign Music, Music, Music. Thank you, Music.

BIG POWER TINY SIZE! – SpeedyBee FLEX25 Cinewhoop Review

Today i have a new review for you today. We have something brand new from a company that i havent seen a lot of quads from so im very excited to get a message from speedy bee and they asked me if i wanted to review their upcoming cinewoop release and im like uh yeah. […]

My Most Awkward Review Video, Ruko F11 Gim 2 Drone!

This video is a little bit different in this video ill, be talking about a gift that i have received from roko before i start talking about the gift. I really want to. Thank you guys without you guys. I would never get an opportunity like this. Thank you thank you. So this is the […]

NEW DJI Fly App Update 1.6.9 – REVIEW & Flight Safety Test

This is version 1.6.9, and this has been launched for both ios devices and android devices and in true dji style. The release notes are pretty vague, just saying it is offering uh certain fixes uh to some bugs that need splatting. Now i have been out flying a couple of djis finest, the dji […]

They tried to SHOOT DOWN his drone. – But the drone SHOOTS BACK!

Anybody that hits the drone brings. It down gets a prize Music. All right here we go ill. Tell you, when im clear, go Music Applause, Laughter, thats, the most amazing thing, ive ever seen, Laughter yall got nothing nothing: Music, Music, that was freaking astounding. That was amazing. You just blasted phillip. You got […]