Rode Wireless Go II Review | Incredible Wireless Mic/Lavalier! …But not quite Perfect

, pretty excited about this. I have the original one, its nice, because its simple its super compact, but with the 2 we have two transmitters, so i could be wearing a microphone and then Dylan could be wearing a microphone even though hes all the way over there. We could have a conversation and […]


Yet today were talking about the hearthstone vnd xmiss, two pack filter series from the good folks at freewill. So this creates a cinebloom style feel on your mavic 2. Pro and im totally stoked to try this out today in downtown toronto lets pop these on the bird, give it a test and see […]

Holy Stone HS-450 Mini Drone Reviews

I like it because the the last time i review this one when i apply it outside when i was in chicago, so i played the the drone a little bit. I show how its landing you know ill show the outline. Now i show you how this one is. Look when you know before […]

PIX4Dfields – How to calibrate drone cameras for mapping crops (in-field tutorial)

Today. One thing to note is that each one of these are different and each one of these calibration panels typically has a sample target it. Normally it could have a compass or level bubble, but it has these qr codes that convey some sort of information back to our system that automatically enters the […]

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro – Can it Really Fly for 40 Minutes?

Todays video will be the first in a series of clips that ill be posting about the brand new hubsan xeno mini pro. Now, a few weeks ago, i posted a clip where i did an unboxing and overview of the drone, and then i followed that up with a first flight video where i […]


, Execute com, a cmera do Drone galera exatamente J, estou aqui com, meu comandante que est aqui em cima de mim n que o canal dele esse t passando a minha tela t bom udio Word: Ento a gente vai. L velho vamos l, vamos, dar o para peito, eu tenho uma uma, construo, […]

Top 5 Best Mini Drone On Aliexpress In 2021 – Under $20

I stark a veces, a veces el inters de smartphones, en the dream of all. There will be for features riders speed between you enjoy hay, diferente mritos en vic intereses iguales sports, el examen de juicio smartphone enviar clases en el joint erbol bisbol clarn estn entre. The experience inexperiencia first person livestream en […]

MOSTRAMOS TODOS OS NOSSOS EQUIPAMENTOS | Drone | Câmera | Microfone Lark 150 | Paz, Amor e Viagem

Para produzir os nossos, vdeos e Calma se voc no entende nada de equipamento, a gente pode falar cada uma dessas, coisas aqui explicar por que que a gente utiliza e voc vai descobrir que no Sinceramente voc precisa de tudo isso para comear, um canal, para, comear, a Produzir vdeo Mas voc, vai descobrir […]

Heavy Bolter Drone.exe

Okay, it did not like that. So what if we manual fire excellent? Ah the things i do for love, hey, dane whatever you do. Dont try this at home. He cant hear me because im our seed one. Second, hey dane dont, try this at home; okay, oh also, it has infinite ammo, because […]

Barstool Pizza Review – Battle Hill Tavern (Brooklyn, NY)

9, but everyone in this area is being like, oh my god, its so good theyre. Talking about having a grandfathered um oven that you cant build right now, it goes to the scotch were like one of the only two actual brick oven pizzas, where the chimney goes all the way to the top […]

Hubsan ZINO MINI PRO, o MELHOR DRONE sub 250g?

Para mim o Hulk seus viram Mini Pro e eu pergunto pra, vocs um grande trabalho que eu falei isso eu jogasse aqui tirar saindo de dentro da caixa fosse ali pra, frente para ver, se ele vai, vai, direito ou, no sabendo que algumas pessoas tiveram alguns problemas E simplesmente participou tudo, nada e, […]

SplashDrone 4 | ADVANCED WATERPROOF DRONE | Swellpro UK at Southampton International Boat Show 2021

Rc related ive met dan of uh swell pro dan of these uh drones that youve got on display here. Can you tell me a bit about them? How you differentiate them from other drones that are on the market? Well, first and foremost, theyre completely washed, with drones of ip67 rated, so they operate […]