2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review – The Susegad Bike! | Sagar Sheldekar Official | 4K

This is paradise, a place which greets you with its arms, wide open hands. You a cold brew and urges you to sit back and let life happen in konkani, its called su segar, which roughly translates to living your life to the fullest, a philosophy designed to free you from the tentacles of time […]

DJI Mini 3 Vs DJI Air 2S Camera Test Comparison & Review

Applause, Music, it is Music Music. Music is Music. Is Music? Is Music Applause, Music? On the surface Music Applause? Music? Oh Music! Do you feel its right? You know Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp_jIyOkqGg

✅ Top 5:🏆 BEST Drone Under $300 In 2022 [ Best Drone For The Money ]

We are going to be checking out the best 5 drone under 300.. We made this list based on our personal opinion and hours of research, and we have listed them based on the type of features and price. We have included options for every type of user, so whether you are looking for the […]


Uav frequency and gimbal calibration put the drone on the horizontal ground and turn on the power at this time. The lights on the aircraft flashes quickly then push up the left. Joystick of the remote control and pull down the front and back lights on the uav will change from slow flashing. Before and […]

Penghobi FPV Drone Wajib Punya Game Ini ! 👍

The dog nanti digedok ini, ada, ada, yang lagi, pada ngedrip gitu, Guys kita langsung coba, Follow ya adalah malah kelamaan in flash untuk tampilannya kayak gini, saya, pakai, spec low rendah 12870 Oke, Guys Ini, kita, lagi, lihat, nih, ada mobil biru, sama mobil merah, lagi, balap, balapan, Ayesha Jadi ceritanya gimana nih kalau […]

Best DJI Drone 2022: Mini 2, Air 2, Air 2S & Mavic 2 Pro (Rap Battle)

. Now a lot of people have kinda already done this, though so, instead of me just reviewing and comparing these drones, why dont I let the drones speak for themselves. Yeah, okay, Sound good drones! All right, I think thats, the plan. Mini 2 start us. Off. Lets go: Hey, yall, Im, the second […]

Review on Application of Drone in Spraying Pesticides and Fertilizers

One of the emerging technologies is pesticide spraying using drones. Manual pesticide spraying has a number of negative consequences for the people who are involved in the spraying. Operation, the result of exposure symptoms can include minor, skin inflammation and birth abnormalities, tumors genetic modifications, nerve and blood diseases, endocrinal interference, coma or death. However, […]

Brushed vs. Brushless motors – Top 8 reasons why brushless

You eight reasons why you should use them for rc cars, fast cars and crawlers, and im going to give you two reasons why you shouldnt use them curious. Okay, what we have here is a brushed motor in 540 size and a brushless motor in 540 size as well, and first im going to […]

Skydio 2+ Indepth Review 2022 | Skydio 2+ New Features, Price, Battery, Flight Time, Specifications

Skydiocopters are all about the fully autonomous operation. The company is back with a modest but welcome update to the skydio2, replacing the old drone with the skydio2 plus the 2 plus retains all the basic features of its predecessor. It has the same all around obstacle avoidance system, one that makes it practically crash […]

Viltrox 50mm f/1.8 Z (Nikon version) lens review with samples

Well now, thats all changed with the new filtrox 50 millimeter af, f, 1.8. Zed its been available just for sonys, mirrorless e, mount cameras, full frame or aps c for a few months now, but now its made its way over to nikon zed mount, and i was curious to see how well the […]

DJI MINI 2 REVIEW!!!! | Epic Drone

If you dont know what that is its a really nice drone, and you know i have gotten a drone before but lets just say the camera quality isnt super great, but it also is pretty cheap. So lets unbox this, and also i got just the drone itself. You can also get the fly […]

OMPHOBBY ZMO VTOL – First Look & Unboxing

Well, this is going to be an unboxing video of the zemo, or is it called the zed mo? How do you pronounce the letter z? Is it z or z, when you put it in a word like this im gon na call it the zemo, i dont, know omp hobby sent this to […]