Marvel What If Episode 6 Iron Man Killmonger TOP 10 Breakdown, Easter Eggs and Ending Explained

This is my full marvel. What, if episode 6 video, what, if Killmonger rescued Tony Stark theres a whole bunch of Easter eggs., They finally started to tease the big multiverse crossover so Ill. Explain how thats going to work too. If youre brand new to the channel be sure to subscribe, to get all […]

Xiaomi 11T Pro INSANE Charge Speed…

Yes, yes, Applause, Music. We have a special package today it is the latest from xiaomi. It is the 11t pro the latest flagship competitor from them and the killer feature here is absolutely ridiculous. Bananas watt fast charging 108 megapixel ultra clear camera, sound by harman kardon. Of course you have 5g connectivity, Music, […]

MONTESSORI AT HOME: Monti Kids Review // Unboxing the *NEW* Montessori Kits!

I have a four year old, named kylie, and i also have a two year old named mia. Now lets take a moment to just be honest for a second okay. Parenting can be really difficult at times and, while doing montessori at home with your children can go a long way to making things […]

REVIEW | Taxi Drone EHang, Review Singkat Moda Transportasi Masa Depan

Menit begitu berarti memang, untuk ini, ya, flight ya, Iya Jadi, sebenarnya, sih, bisa, disebut, er, taksi, er, tak, situ, taksi, itu ada, taksi, darat, seperti, yang kita, ketahui, banyak, Bluebird, lah, ya, Taksi, darat, ada, taksi, udara, ada, juga, taksi, laut, taksir, laut, ya, perahu, perahu, kecil, mulai, Dari beras kecil sampai Perry, istilahnya, […]

Rambo Prowler review: EXTREME HUNTING, BACKWOODS electric mountain bike

I hope you are having an awesome day and we are happy to have you here today. We are reviewing the rambo prowler electric bike. Im, just gon na tell you right now. If you are a hunter, if you are a bike packer or if you just love camo, you are going to love […]

Best Budget Drone for Real Estate Photography

Now my favorite budget drone for real estate. Photography is the dji mini 2.. Now, when i say budget im talking about a budget of 500 or less – and this is an excellent drone, i actually would compare the quality to the original mavic pro for as small of a sensor as it has. […]

Space Engineers – Colony ALLIANCES! – Ep #14 – DRONE Resurgence!

Mr collier take point: okay, going in going left, left click, uh ive got doorway far left side right. We might be able to access the access corridors and make our way to the bridge is to read anything on com still or is it still blank? No nothing here, bounce of static, again, nothing, […]


So, as you can see just to give you a brief uh information about the topic that were going or the product item that were going to unbox, okay again, this is the 2021 run. Five. Okay, basically hindi sikat. But if you are a drone, racer, okay, if you are a drone, racer, okay, […]

My drone collection review!

0 or 2.0. This drone was a really great drone to me because its portable uh, you can uh, carry it around, but flight time is only eight minutes and its not stable. So when you go outside it kind of like moves around, but its still a good drone. If you want those kids […]

The new Waterproof Drone – SplashDrone 4 Landing in Water (PART 4)

I came out to the beach and it was sunny, but look at its just fog fog has rolled in and its blocking the sun. This is the weirdest thing i have seen in a while. So i brought the splash drone 4 right here out with me because im going to plunk it in […]

GoPro Hero 10 Massive Footage Comparison // Hero 9, Insta360 One R, DJI OSMO Action

com here and today ive got a complete footage extravaganza from the hero 10 compared to the hero 9, the insta 360 1r and the dji osmo action, as well as the dji fpv drone. Now all this footage is straight out of the camera. So it is, as is, i didnt, modify in any […]

Pentagon Reverses Itself, Calls Deadly Kabul Drone Strike an Error

Moreover, we now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with isis k or were a direct threat to u.s forces. I offer my profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed. This strike was taken in the earnest belief that it would prevent […]