Dji Air 2S drone Tagalog slight review on Obstacle [email protected]

Just be careful doing that not to use you know the side to side uh flight para, hindi, shimabunga okinawan is a really good drone Music and the best guys the mini tree came out but feature and problem indeed, Music. This drone is good for vlogging. If youre into taking a cinematic shots, video […]

Drone "DJI MINI 2" Review

ke, nyanyi, kalau, Hai, tidak, macam, Drone, Phoenix lama, yo nyanyi, kita, pusing, nih, Bosen; ah so baterai jika, beli yang sekali, dingo, tulis, pela2, O2 nah soniye, punya, trichaiya, istrinya, Berapa, Lama, tahan eh; oh, oh yes, oh gitu, belum, Oke, sukses love in the world. If Kyle tutup oke Hai uh seorang tanah, […]

SANROCK U52 Drone Review | WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters

Para el trae todo lo que se requiere para su cmara su cmara, full hd, 1080 y opera bajo un control ste es el este es el aparatito que va a servir para tomar, vdeos areos al tomar, vdeos para tomar, imgenes, desde, altura esto es lo que va A servir este lo que se […]

Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone #drone #dronereview #dronevideo

He gave this a 4 out of 5 star review and hes doing it on sunday, sunday, sunday, sunday, sunday, Applause in the last clip. You could tell why we gave it a four out of five stars. Now it could be operator. Error were just not sure it sliced my knee now, it wont […]

Behind The Scenes: Capturing the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 on a Drone | Top Gear Series 32

The first person in the world to drive it outside of ford, which is pretty amazing, so were going to see how he gets on, should be quite a good day. Music filming a rally car is one of the greatest things we can do on top gear. It just looks unbelievable all that spray […]

4K Camara Drone।। Drone Review।। Best Drone

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This is uh. This is where i do all my activities, my fun stuff, grilling out listening to some music drinking some beer just hanging out on my back, my back uh entertainment porch – is what they call it. Its got a its got a hook up for a tv, but i dont want […]

DJI Mini 3 Pro ND Filters – WHY I use them

Thats always been done. Its natural motion blur – and there are times when you dont, use ND filters so at night and if you have an artistic choice that youre trying to make so to make something very stuttery and jittery or to make something very blurry and dreamy sure, then you wont Need […]

Montei meu primeiro DRONE FPV inteiramente do AliExpress – Unboxing e Impressões

Ele me ajudou sim A questo aqui porque tu recomendou que eu me importasse. Do Aliexpress n que ele no Brasil dinheiro que faria do mar geralmente custa a o sol Drone geralmente a variao de preo vai ter uns r 1000, a diferena muita coisa s que tem um porm s, vezes esse tipo […]

Unbreakable Drone – Foxeer Foxwhoop HDzero cinewhoop

But if you think about it, it makes sense that a prop manufacturer could have the plastic manufacturing experience to make a stronger and better duct than anyone else out there, as they pretty much make plastic molds of varying thickness rigidities flexibilities every single day in and out And i can tell you that, […]

QuadAir Drone Reviews:(2022 Warning!) Untold Truth About QuadAir Drone Revealed

This and lasting, slow speaking fast, like a roast. I could gas think im. Okay last, but i dont know what that can erase all the past and the pettiness of reflection of the emptiness hilarious. You think youre with my time, youre delirious mysterious, because you are behind the fake, exterior inferior. You know […]

V-Coptr Falcon Drone. Unique Two Rotors Design (Zero Zero Robotics )

It has amazing, 50 minutes run time, and i have never used anything like this before the design is quite unique and looks, futuristic its amazing to see that the two rotors can do. The job of the four update is also supported on both the drone and the remote controller. The remote controller talks […]