The most important part of your FPV drone. Testing SO MANY 5" Props!

The prop has more of an effect on thrust power, prop wash handling and top speed than almost any other component. That youre going to pick on the drone and not only that its also one of the cheapest and easiest components to change to get very, very different flight performance. In this video im […]

Bike News Review – June 2022

The monthly series here on the channel, where i take a look back at whats, been going on in the world of motorcycles here in the uk this time the month of june 2022. Okay, so welcome back, as i say to another bite news, ive got uh one. Two three: six editions of mcn […]

CD1804 DRONE Unboxing Review || GOD OF WAR Drone Camera || Water Prices

I grew up in a place where they told you what to chase, told you how to run the race. Every move was on the page, but i didnt like their way had to fight and misbehave. I had to find a way to change. I had to leave to find my way caught up […]

Buy Your Own CHEAP BLACK HORNET SPY Drone 🚁 | Eachine E110 Review

Today on the bench we have the new eachine e110. Now this is uh based on the black hornet U.S military spy drone and, as you can see here, its a its a helicopter and weve got a camera on this one. This is a fairly new product from eachine, and it just arrived today, […]


Eu queria me desculpar por esses dias, no tem gravada, muitos vdeos porque, eu tenho, mexeu muito com, tudo, para fazer, n ou era, mostrando as minhas bebs da minha coleo ou era, fazendo batalhas, dela n, a esses dias estava pesquisando, no site da shoping e eu acabei Encontrando um drone eu alguma coisa […]

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone Review

Your turns your landing button take off. This will return to the uh to wherever the controller is and uh and land. These trim buttons are to help you. If the the drone is moving to the side side to side uh by itself, you can control that a little bit. However, im looking up […]

Review of the Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone

Viper Fury start room, this room is really nice and it has a lot on it and a cat, and it does really good flips and it and it and uh it has good LEDs bomb. But I dont think I have that much better to say about it. The the only thing is that […]


A ensear materiales necesarios que necesitas para poder realizarlo como tienes que grabarlo y lo ms importante de todo cmo lo vamos, a editar tanto en insta, a 360 estudio como en el mvil tener un dron es algo espectacular pero en muchas, situaciones ocurren cosas que bueno suceden Sin: ms no nos dejan, volar, […]


Second revision of one of the most popular alternatives and drones dg ai on the market. What changes? Well, I tell you immediately: they are not there, the anti collision sensors, but there are a couple of not bad news. Lets start with what doesnt change or the remote control, which remains the same as […]

DJI M30: Drone Technology in 2022!

What makes this drone so unique. Now we cant address this drone without first mentioning its striking resemblance to the matrice 300. The m300 has been our customers go to enterprise drone since releasing in 2020, its djis highest end enterprise drone, which is reflected in both its features and its price tag. Djis new […]

আমার দেখা সেরা Budget Camera Drone | Garuda 1080 Made In India Camera Drone🔥 | Unboxing & Review

I came to the game and i changed it to play how i like rearranged it to my own domain yeah. I got what it takes: hello, guys so guys: Music, specifications, Music, Music, Music, guys, Music, foreign Music, um, Music, Music, guys, Music, Music, wow, guys theyre good Music, as you fade away: Music […]

Review drone S31