The book of boba fett breakdown today were gon na, be breaking down episode. Four, and might i say this was probably my second favorite episode after episode two, there was so much that happened in this one and so many little easter eggs that a lot of you might not have noticed and if […]

The DJI MAVIC 3 Wide Angle Lens for Photographers

5 millimeter, equivalent wide angle lens that was announced at the dji mavic 3 launch event its supposed to give you super wide angle, cinematic. Looking video well, that sounded simply amazing. I had to have it so i went on the dji store and i ordered it for 14 – us, oh sorry, thats […]

PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-to-Play 2022 Review

Battlegrounds first appeared on steam in march of 2017 and introduced us to the idea of pitting 100 players against each other in a struggle for dear life until only the best or last among them survives. Since then, the original battle royale has been locked in a battle for relevance against the many games […]

DJI Air 2S & Mavic 3 – Five Very Different Cases Reviewed including THAT Mavic 3 case

It can even damage your kit today im looking at a few different options, using the two biggest models that dji have in their folding drone lineup, the a2s and the mavic 3. Music. Now cases are very subjective, whats great some people appears to be rubbish to others. To be honest and thats demonstrated […]

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Review Drone Murah Kamera Bagus //SJRC F11s 4k Pro

Ini kotanya seperti ini, Halo, Haido, mudah 4K kameranya mu2 gimbal Axis via bisa terbang kalau baterai dicharge, full itu bisa, maksimal, sekitar 25 menit lah tuh ini, letaknya, Hai, barangnya, 10 kita buka, seperti, apa, bentuknya dan sekedar, mengingatkan, buat, rekan, rekan yang belum, subscribe silahkan subscribe like Komen dan share agar channel ini, […]

Finalmente è Arrivato IL DRONE più ECONOMICO di DJI | PERFETTO per INIZIARE? Test e Recensione

In pi apriamo lo di jbs, confezione classica dj al sigillo di garanzia, ed eccolo in tutto, il suo splendore dj, mini s e radiocomando manuali di istruzioni, usb di tipo, a a usb di tipo c per ricaricare. Il drone due eliche di ricambio adattatori usb di tipici e micro usb per collegare, il […]

DJI Mavic Mini 2 Review in 2022: Still the Go-to Drone for Beginner Filmmakers and Photographers.

My name is heichi, and this is the review of the dji mavic mini 2.. Alright, so lets jump right in and first of all, this isnt, my drone, i met up with my friend to shoot beerul for this video and it was a fun time so, first up the exterior its all plastic, […]

Love, Hate and Mavic 3 💔 | ATC

Battery battery cost battery back up take a longer flight time later common core current, a hazard l2d20c camera jacked, a 4×3 cmos sensor, linster 24 millimeter equivalent our field of view. 84 degree motor field of view come on whatever, in fact our wide angle, lens mode position, wider field of view, resolution maximum […]

BWINE F7 GB2 GPS Drone Complete Unboxing, Setup and Test Flight Review #bwine #drones #fly #fun

I got a good one for you today guys. I am super excited about. This. Drone were going to check out today its from b wine theyre, more known for their toy drones, but theyve upped their game a little bit here and they have stepped into the gps drone market with their first ever […]

Autel EVO Lite+ (Plus) – Full Review

You know what time it is lets talk about it, Music, Music Applause. So what i got in my hand here is the autel lite plus model. This is the premium bundle that includes the three batteries the charging hub, the nd filters and the premium case im sure. Already by now you guys already […]

What's the point of FPV with a headtracker? And why it's so cool.

This is the timber turbo evolution from horizon hobby overall, its stock, except for i have crossfire, and then i have a vtx set up on here for the digital fpv. So what this setups and allows us is not only to have a video transmitter, but also a pan and tilt, so we can […]