DJI Mini 2 vs Hubsan Zino Mini Pro vs Fimi Mini vs Mini SE | What is the BEST mini drone?

This is the hubsan xeno mini pro, and it is the first mini drone with obstacle avoidance thats right. This thing is less than 250 grams, which means you dont have to register with the faa, if youre in the us and if youre in other countries, there are other benefits as well. Now, chris […]

Rekon 7 Pro // Chimera7 KILLER?? 🤔

So this is the seven inch uh design from dave cfpb, its kind of a you know, blown up version of their the four inch micro, long range uh, pretty classic frame design. Here dead cat with your front arms, uh sort of further apart here and then the back arms uh further back and […]

Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See #2

One drone captures what no one was supposed to see part two im gon na look at the camera and not add it is that okay number 15 getting up close to fireworks, shot in the middle of a fireworks display. This video was captured with the dji phantom 2 quadcopter drone and, frankly, you […]

SpaceX Starship updates and FAA Draft Environmental Review, Inspiration 4, Starlink Lasers

.., 6, 10, Aaannyyway, 100, 150, FAA, Starbase., FAA, Superheavy, 37, Raptor, 74, Elon, 33, 75, 5, SpaceX, 20, Ship 20, Booster 4 B. Booster 4, Booster, 4, Elon Musk, Booster 5 Thrust Dome: Booster 5 NASASpaceFlight BocaChicaGal, 16 Booster, 4, 5. Booster, 6, 20, Starship 22. SpaceX Elon, Starship, SpaceX, SpaceX, QD, QD, GSE, […]


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US admits Afghanistan drone strike killed 10 civilians and no militants | DW News

. The attack was one of its final military operations before entirely pulling out of afghanistan. After 20 years. Initially, the pentagon defended the strike saying it hit an islamic state militant. But now, after investigating the incident its owning up to the error, the pentagon trying to right a wrong in a written statement, […]

review on hs170 holy Stone drone

Hs170 predator mini drone, so stay tuned were gon na go into previews and i will Music, okay, Music. Welcome back and im gon na give you some simple details that are off the box. This is the holy stone, uh hs 170 predator um, its a four channel drone 360 degree rotation, which is […]

I Used Drones to Make a Nightmare Factory Even Worse – Satisfactory

Oh boy lets play some satisfactory today. We love this game around here, where there are endless ways to shatter your bones. Oh, but im getting ahead of myself lets catch. You up on whats happened so far. First, we built a wonderful normal working factory for like a second, then it turned into this […]

Unboxing Drone, Snaptin Era, review.

I am going to unbox a drone and i will show how the drone works and i will operate the pro and i will say some advantage and disadvantage of the drone, and i will say many things about the drone lets get started: Music Music. The drone did not came with this box, but […]


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Now the scout hds are the first goggles from fat shark to have their sharkbite digital fpv system built in as standard. If you dont know what sharkbite is, it is a digital fpv system based on hd0 technology from divi math, and it allows you to get up to 720p 60 frames. A second […]

Cómo volar un drone primera vez – RUKO-GPS-U11

Al piso ya, quererlo volar y, no queremos leer el manual as que en este caso pues le todo el manual bien en ingls. Lo que pude yo entender es lo ms bsico de cmo, volar un dron y hacer que el dron regrese al punto de partida, o sea el punto donde t levantas […]