Radiomaster ZORRO Review & How To Setup & Bind your FPV drone – Step by Step Instructions

Welcome to my channel in this episode were going to take a look at the radio master zorro, but its going to be a pretty cool video, because not only am i going to check out the radio master xero, but im also going to show you how to Set up your drone inside the […]


000, 20.000, pun, Ade, itu, yang, Lego, yang, tak, Murah Lego yang paling, mahal, kemudian, dia, demi, diem label, mileven Iya, hampir 1000 ke bawah, ataupun, 805, ratus 300 macam, itu kemudian, dia di level, yang bawah, Adrian biasa, biasa, dalam, bingung, Ringgit, Ade, Drone 60.000 iphone.hd sekarang Drone tapi yang bisa, kita, beli, untuk, […]

Drone720X review I Best Drone Review 2022 I HD Camera Drone I 4K Camera Drone I Dual Camera Drone

So i can show you that in a little bit so heres the ipad and if you im pointing the camera, you know straight, so you can kind of see the quality of it. So ill throw some images as well in here, but i just want to show you the lag times so pointing […]

DJI Mavic 3 Quick Transfer – New Feature

That feature was first announced alongside the launch of the mavic 3, but was only made recently available with the latest firmware update that came out yesterday. Now, quick transfer basically allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone directly to the drone without having to connect it to the remote first, and it allows […]

Holy Stone HS260 Drone for Kids Adults Review, Nice Sized Drone With Camera & Video Functions

. So this is actually a more beginner drone im going to go through and kind of explain what actually comes in the box and then ill actually do a bit of a demo. If i can, with the drone just to give you guys some idea, im still pretty new to using drones, but […]

Varla Pegasus Review: 28 MPH Electric Scooter with Full Suspension

Electric scooter lets check it out. Music ill start by saying that the varla pegasus is one of those in between scooters, as in it falls in between the annoyingly, slow commuter scooters and the nearly highway speed death defying scooters at the pegasuss top speed of 28 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per […]

Drone Kecil Canggih Review Hubsan Zino Mini Pro, Unboxing dan Setup Awal Sebelum Terbang

exe, ataupun, dengan, vemmy Mini itu ngomong, tapi ini, ada, yang menarik, nanti kita, lihat, yang membuat, menarik, Hai, Musik, HP, Oke, kita, lihat, isi, dalam kotaknya, Oh ya, motornya, cukup, solid Ya dan bagus terlihat premium lumayanlah mungkin, Oh ternyata, masih, ada, plastik, lagi, kita, ambil, tengah Ini, kotaknya, ingin, sadap, asik, lagi, nah, […]

4DRC Vinci V8 Mini Drone (Flight Test) Full Review!! (4DV8 drone)

Man. This thing has a lot of features guys a lot of features lets check it out. Music, like i said this thing, has crazy specs. Let me break them down to you, so it has obstacle avoidance. All right, 720p camera altitude hold um, wi, fi fpv does flips one key return. Headless mode. […]

DJI Mavic 3 Active Track – Is it Fully Functional Yet?

The drone with all these added features that make it well a complete drone and theres a few things that ive been waiting for. Personally. That im super excited about and were going to test it out in this video. One of those is active track, but the ability to shoot d log and also […]

a drone review this is not for children.

This is owned by me for one day, so the extra parts are hidden in my cover mode, and this thing that will not be needing a usbc charger and if you do plan to buy this, this nib works for any phone charger a modern day phone charger And a pamphlet who needs instructions. […]


You can record Bisa ngerekam suara tapi dari HP, bukan dari sini enggak ada mikrofonnya dan saya pesan sekali lagi kalian biarpun, turunnya, mungkin nggak, bisa di yang kayak, gini kecil, kecil, gini, nggak bisa dipakai untuk ujian sertifikasi tapi, saya, himbau, saya, sangat, sangat, sarankan, kadang, ikut, sertifikasi Pilot Drone ya Pinjem turunnya orang, […]

DJI Mini 2 – Why I got this drone?

Some of you might ask me why dont i fly my drones more in singapore. Well, truth is theres only so little places that you can fly your drones in singapore. What is up you guys, i hope, youre having a wonderful day now, im here at marina barrage. Apparently we can fly the drone […]