⭐Top 5 MELHORES DRONES custo beneficio – Drone Bom e Barato

Most of them have GPS brushless motors 4K. Camera has some flight modes that are tough highly recommendable for those who want to start without spend a lot So guys lets see now, which are the 5 best drones for beginners and ranking number 5. We can highlight the Drone sg907 Max is a highly […]


A nos comentrios que que t acontecendo Muita gente me mandou essa notcia que hoje escolta com drones, para bolsonaro, vai, custar 646, mil reais e, o Grande Lance pessoal que so apenas dois drones, Ser que s faz sentido essa pontinha que a gente vai fazer, no vdeo De hoje tem muita coisa interessante […]

China FH-97 Armed Drone Can Match US XQ-58A, as Advanced Fighter Jets but More Cost-Effective

s kratos at the air show in zhuhai wednesday september 29, 2021. A number of developed countries are racing to develop loyal wingman drones to save on more expensive, manned fighter jets. The chinese fh 97 long range drone can carry various types of weapons and has both conventional attack and electronic warfare capabilities said […]

DJI RONIN 4D | 8K CINEMA CAMERA 🤯 Is this the future of filmmaking?

Four axis stabilization cinema camera rig. Now at a glance, we got raw video capabilities, a wireless focus system built in nds, lidar, focusing capabilities, long range, video transmission, a wireless transmission and control system. You can break it down to a smaller rig. It has audio jacks comes in 6k and will be available […]

DJI On The FCC Covered List What Does It Mean To Drone Hobbyists

This is going to be kind of an unusual video for me something a little different there. We had some got some news yesterday that could potentially affect all of us and thats uh. With regard to the fcc potentially putting dji and what they call the covered list and that could affect our hobby […]


You know its rush to discover bus, so we are still in new kingston were on argyle avenue, and this is another apartment construction update and this one is literally behind the cambridge. So if youre new to the channel remember to subscribe, subscribing is completely free, remember to like remember, to comment and remember […]

WAVESHARK REVIEW 🦈 New Jetboard and Efoil

Welcome back to our show. Today we are closing another season of jetboar testing tour and we have another special episode for you. The guys from wave shark are going to introduce the new jet board and efoil welcome to the show guys. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome, please richard introduce your team hi hello, […]

Rotor Talk Live Season 4 Episode 43 X-Dynamics Evolve 2 DJI Mavic 3 Pro New Updates

Pro new updates hope everyone is doing well and people guys. We got a lot to talk about tonight. You may think theres not a lot. There is a lot okay and were going to be spending most of our time talking about the mavic 3, because theres just a ton of information im going […]

Unboxing e Review DJI Phantom 1: Ficou NA CAIXA por 9 ANOS e VOOU HOJE

Oficial do DJ AIDS e o seguinte eu j, tenho Nossa soluo tudo em um quadricptero pronto, para voar, Phantom o compacto do Phantom torna mais fcil colocar ele na sua mochila sempre que voc saiu uma viagem olha s a boa vontade da poca n tanto numa mochila Mas se, comparasse com, o resto […]

You need this drone! – HS420 Mini Drone Review

Beta fpv status, so when honeystone reached out theyre a pretty reputable brand in the drone space and they said to me, do you want to try out our latest mini drone? You know i just could not resist so today were going to be reviewing the hs 420 by hollystone lets go Music. The […]

Holy Stone HS720E Unboxing and Full Flight Review

Hey ive got my drone seeker shirt on a shout out to all my friends at the drone seekers. I do have a drone review for you today. I have the holy stone hs 720e. Now this is one of those brands thats widely available on amazon and in fact they may just exclusively sell […]

NEW Cooau FX-9P 4K Camera Drone Review – Spunky!

Today it is a cool wow drone. If you dont know what that is well. Youre gon na have to stay tuned and find out lets go me Applause, Music. So today we got the kuwau fx. 9P. Drone, its a nice little small drone kind of a unique design were going to take it […]