Today will not be the video that youre expecting were going to be using a drone called the zoo, t4 drone and were going to show clips and enjoy the video, and the link will be in in the description to buy. The drone here are some clips of the drones: camera Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music. So guys, as you can see, this drone has a fairly good camera, pretty good quality and it can do really cool 3d flips. It has a really good, led lights on the front and the back a great, a great control troller to control a drone, and if you can on the controller, you can put your iphone or whatever phone you have on the top. So you can like you, can put your phone and watch the drone and you could like reposition the camera to like face it down. If you want to see like your landscape or you could see like straight it forward. I personally like straightforward, though, and and the again like we said in the beginning of the video, the link will be in the description and its about 60 dollars and its a little hard to fly, but once you get the hang of it, its really really fun And easy and theres a really cool app that you use so to watch it its called the h, fun, yeah and you can download it and and then also really good, easy extra instructions and its really fun toy to use.

This is the all right. This is guys, this is how you start the app, so you press, calibrate and then start, and then it does this and then you can see the drone all right. Thank you.