So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new sg906 pro 2.. This is the pro 2 version folks, the pro 2 is very similar to something i've already reviewed, which is the sd 906 pro very similar. Indeed, because there's not much different between the two, except for one important thing. We now have a three axis, gimbal included here: i'll show you the original sg906 pro again um. The frame airframe is the exact same nothing's changed um. There is a slightly larger battery. However, i want to i'll discuss the battery here shortly. You can use the old sg906 pro batteries with the sjo 906 pro 2. um they're just have a larger battery in inside the case. Okay, this one is only 28 milliamp, 2800 milliamp hours um. The new pro 2 uses 3 400 milliamp per hour, but it uses the same case, so you can interchange between the two but let's go over what's new and what's included with this particular drone uh again it is a folding drone, as you see here, it can Be fully very similar to like the mavic, the original mavic, one thing, though it weighs 557 grams. Now the original pro sg906 pro weighed 552 grams. You have an additional five grams for this um three axis gimbal that i haven't shown you up close yet folks, but there it is three axis it can go right and left up or down and tilt right and left two.

So that enables very steady video in all three axes: that's pretty good for this particular drone um. It does have brushless motors and the same brushless motors as the original pro. These are 1806 brushless motors um. It is able to take 4k photos, it's advertised with a 4k camera and and it can take 4k photos which is resolution of uh uh. I forgot what 4k is it's: 40 96 by 30, 70. 30, 30, 72, 3072 by 496, pixels that's 4k photos. However, its video is not 4k folks, its video is 2k video, which is 2048 by 1088 pixels at 25 feet per second now, that's, not bad. Okay, you know it's not 4k, but it is a reasonable um resolution for video and a reasonable frame rate to 25 frames per. Second, i personally would prefer 30, but 25 is fine. So keep that in mind. It'S video is not true. 4K. Okay, i mentioned three axis gimbal: it does have gps with glonass and optical flow sensor on the belly and there's the optical flow sensor. The combination – all three of these should help provide a very stable hover uh, particularly when you're uh low to the ground uh. If you want to, if you're taking uh, say your video and yourself speaking to the camera, like i often do, this should hold very steady, helping produce a steady video with that optical flow included, along with the gps with gps capability. This gives you also the capability of return automatic return to home and landing on loss of signal from the controller uh on command by press pressing a button on the controller which i believe i'll go into that later, it's that button arrow by the way.

So you can press that button, it will return to home and on low voltage, low voltage, uh return to home it. Actually, what it will do is on low voltage, it'll first bring itself within. I believe a 50 meter radius circle and allow you to fly around in that circle until the battery finally depletes and we'll do a final return to home and landing um now let's talk about that battery i mentioned earlier here is its battery. It is a 7.6 volt, 3400 milliamp per hour battery, but it is you know this provides is predicted to provide 28 minutes of flight time now. The original pro would give you 20 minutes of flight time. Let me get it battery out with its 2800 milliamp per hour battery. This would give you 20 minutes this new one's supposed to supposedly gives you 28 minutes, and i would actually believe that, because this one actually did exceed 20 minutes of flight time now again, these two batteries are the exact same shape slightly higher voltage, because this is La hv battery lihv, you can tell by the 7.6 volts instead of 7.4 volts, but that should not be a problem folks. What i'm saying is, you can either use either one of these two batteries interchangeably with the pro and the pro 2 and even the original sg906, and that means there should be plenty of batteries out there for you to use with your particular drone. Just as some of them will give you a lot more flight time than others, particularly the pro 2 battery, will give you a lot more flight time, because it's got 3 400 milliamp hour a lot more energy.

It can store inside okay let's put that battery back. In it, slides in the back, like so make sure the connectors match up with the connectors on the drone, and there is a little clip that you need to push down to finally seat it, and it has an on off switch right there and also it can Tell you the battery power on the drone remaining battery power in that battery okay. Now this is supposedly gives you 600 to 800 meters range uh. The original pro actually did give pretty good range folks, so i'm expecting to see a good range here too. However, the original pro had a problem with its h, fun app and what i've seen so far playing with this one with the h fun app is, i believe they have. Since i did the original review of the pro version, i think they've updated that h, fun app since then, because the original one, i would see a lot of lag, a lot of frame skipping frozen frames um. I didn't see that uh in the back, at least in the backyard flying i was doing with this particular drone, so i think they've improved the h1 pro app now with the h fun pro that gives you the capability of fpv to view video on your phone Uh real time, video from the drone on your phone, along with advanced flight control features of circle me follow me and waypoints. Now, since we're talking ranges of 600 to 800 meters, this does not use 2.

4 gigahertz wi fi. This is using five gigahertz wi fi, also known as 802.11 ac wi fi do not confuse five gigahertz wi fi with 5g data networks. Phone data networks are entirely two different things. This is five gigahertz wi fi 802.11 ac wi fi. Now not everybody has 802.11 ac wi fi on their phone before you consider purchasing this drone first verify you that your phone indeed does have 802.11 ac wi fi, or you may be very disappointed when you get this drone and find that you can't view the video In real time on your phone, okay, now let's go over other things. You get with this uh drone, you get the controller. Now. The controller is the exact same as the pros controller, in fact just says pro, not pro 2 and what that means is you have this phone holder that comes up with? I believe these are fake antennas, as i do not see any wire going up inside of them. As you can see those holes there, you should see a wire that actually had antenna in it, but uh it has a nice phone holder and it holds my phone. My large phone rather nicely let's go over the buttons on this okay. The buttons on this this button here is for these buttons are for scrolling, the uh gimbal, pointing it up or down, and this would be up – and this would point the gimbal down. If you press that button there, this button here is for headless mode activating headless mode um, the drone does have headless mode uh hold on a second.

What this last one here is. Oh, this is important one. This one here is for takeoff and landing quick press and the drone will take off after its motors are started and another press and will land other buttons. On this. We have rates button which you activate by pressing this button here: i'm, bringing my other controller over it, because i have it labeled. But also, if you hold this button down, it enters into gyro calibration mode and that will calibrate the gyros of the drone and also calibrate your gimbal i'll level. Your gimbal out so before doing that, make sure the drone is on a flat level surface and leave it undisturbed until it completes that uh calibration with a beep. This button here is for return to home and landing press that and the drum will automatically fly back and land itself. This button here is for uh taking videos by a long press or a short press to take a photo. Oh no, i'm. Sorry, quick press to start and stop videos. This is your photo button here, quick press to take a photo now. A long press of this photo button will put the drone into compass calibration mode while it's on the ground. So if you do see toilet bowling, which means you need to do your compass calibration again, you can do such by landing the drone pressing this button and redoing the compass calibration. Another thing about this particular controller is turning it on.

It tells you the battery power remaining in the controller, along with telemetry information. I like having a controller with telemetry information in that, if you do lose fpv feed, you can use this telemetry information to help bring you back. You can see the distance from your position to the drone decreasing if it's drones coming toward you or increasing if it's going away from you and you turn it until it does come back toward you. It also tells you the number of satellites received uh the height of the drone distance of the drone mode of the drone mode, one being altitude hold mode without enough sufficiency, sufficient satellites for gps, and then, when you do have sufficient satellites, you have to have seven Or more, i believe this will enter automatically entering to mode two, which is not mode two controller mode. It just means that it's in gps mode, so that is the controller. Finally, let's go over the other things you get inside the box. You get a whole selection of instruction manuals in japanese, spanish, french, german, italian and english. Okay, you get just about most of the major language, mostly european languages and japanese. Also, you get a little instruction card telling you to protect your gimbal with this gimbal protection pad when you're transporting the drone. With that, you know once you're, on the ground, put put your gimbal protection cover back on to protect that gimbal. Other things you get in the package is a micro, usb cable and this micro, usb cable, is for charging this battery i'm.

Not sure if i showed you that or not, but it does have a charging port right there, micro, usb charging port make sure you use a wall charger with that cable, 2 amp wall charger. Otherwise, you might be waiting days to charge this large battery with the usb port on your computer. It just doesn't have the power to charge that battery other things in this packet. You get a little small phillips screwdriver for maintenance of the drone, along with a spare set of propellers and that's about it, folks, so that's. What comes in the package that's the pro 2. again, the big thing difference between the pro and the pro 2 is. We now have a 3 axis gimbal. We now have a 3400 milliamp hour battery, provides this longer flight time there's one other thing i haven't showed you, which is an option. This is a an option for you to purchase separately, but that is the megaphone that this cam can come with. Actually, you can use this megaphone with most drones, it's, just a strap on uh velcroed megaphone, and why would you use a megaphone? Well, you get a little walkie talkie speaker for it, and you get a little charging cable to charge these along with more velcro to help you put this on other feet or other gadgets besides this drum, but what this microphone does folks is. You can strap this around the belly of the drum using the velcro i'm, not going to do it right now, but then you turn it on by pressing this button here and then you turn on your little walkie talkie and it connects to this.

And now you wait, am i connected? Oh, you got ta press the talk button, there's a talk button here and then you fly your over your drone over to i'm gon na fly my drone over to my wife and say: hey that's, the thing about this it's loud, but you can't understand a word That thing is saying: let me try i'm gon na move it farther away from my mouth. Can you understand what i'm saying now yeah? It all depends how close you put the microphone into your mouth. If you press this and put it real, quick lots of distortion, move it away from your mouth and it becomes less distorted but less loud, so i don't know what how useful this is. But i am probably going to demonstrate this on the field just to see. If it works, okay, so that's the microphone, the optional microphone or megaphone. That they're, offering with this thing, um interesting but i'm, not sure. If it's going to work as as most people would think it would work. But let's take this whole system out into the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here on a beautiful day here at pleasant ridge park, uh it's a little bit breezy, though we got wind of about eight to Ten miles per hour, going through here but that'll, give us a good chance to demonstrate this three axis gimbal, whether it can uh stabilize in that wind stabilize our video in the wind, but let's get started, get in the air.

So, okay for this, we need to do the compass calibration and start up the drone first. So first thing we're going to do is press this button here until the lights light up my fingers in the way but they're lit up, and we hear the chirp that's the compass put that on the ground and let the gyros calibrate and the gimbal lens will Also self center – and next thing we need to do – is turn on the controller and i already got 13 satellites because i had previously set up here. But next thing i need to do is compass calibration, but i need to first connect the app to the drone. So hold on, while i do that folks, okay, this is the h fund, pro app available on google play and itunes and we need to hit calibrate now i did the gyro calibration at home before we came out here so we're going to skip that and hit Next, but we want to do this compass calibration and first thing: we're going to do and uh hit calibrate, and it says please start horizontal calibration right now. The lights are flashing rapidly on the drone orange lights, on top red lights, on the back and green lights. On the front and we're going to rotate horizontal until we hear a beep and then we're going to go vertical until we hear a second beep and then we check to make sure that the lights are now solid.

So calibration is complete. I'M, going to put the drone back on the pad and that's we are, should be good to go. We have 10 satellites, 10 9 satellites, we're going to hit, submit 11 satellites and uh yeah. We should be good to go okay. The first thing i'm going to do is start the video recording – and i am not seeing any indication that the camera is recording so hit the camera on the app there we go. This should be recording now and next thing. I'M, going to do is start the motors down and out and then automatic takeoff button. Is this button on the left hit that and check the stability of the drone one of a bit higher a little bit higher Music and see how stable it is see? A little bit of rotation, but we do have a wind okay, so first thing i want to do is: go up and show lake erie, so let's rotate toward lake erie away from the sun and going up higher higher higher higher checking stability as we go up And checking my view, view looks good: how high are we 23 meters and there's lake erie off in the distance and rotating to the right? Checking stability? Okay, everything looks good. There, we've got 15 satellites rotating further to the right. Actually, let me rotate to the left. I want to keep the sun away from the lens, so slow rotation to the left rotating to the left, showing you the trees and their colors, their fall colors until we're pointing that direction there toward the trees.

Okay, i am going to push forward toward the trees. Let'S see which direction it goes here, rotating to the left, a bit showing the fall foliage uh. Well, unfortunately, i can't really demonstrate long distance flying here. Folks, so don't expect to see that today, okay i'm, going to come to the edge of the field there stop momentarily here and rotate to the right. Looking around and we'll just fly around the field here: okay, there we go and point pushing forward again. The wind is buffeting, it a bit quite quite a bit up there now let's try that gimbal, okay, um i'm gon na press the down button! Oh okay! So we get a big jump on the gimbal here. So let's go back up again right about there that's about a good altitude or good elevation of the gimbal that we can see. Lake erie yet see the rest of the area and let's fly it around. Looking good on my fpv screen here, i got ta say really: nice i'm gon na go toward the edge of the road there i'm, not gon na fly over the road, though folks turn it to the right. It'Ll slowly let's see how slow i can turn to the right there. We go continuing to turn there's the soybean field that they're harvesting right now turn to the right. Look at those trees really pretty today. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state folks, especially year round. I grew up here in pennsylvania, so i'm kind of biased toward it that's.

Why i returned here from california i just like pa i'm, sorry, but it looks good let's come back down now, folks, reducing throttle and we'll try out some of the advanced features of this drone as it comes over here, it looks really stable on my view. On my video coming down further and rotating now toward me there, i am let's, go where's that gimbal control down now yeah. The next thing you need to do is uh put a smooth, gimbal control, let's bring it in. So i show up same geomagnetic anomaly. Please leave the interference source, then recalibrate, the compass so we're going to do a compass calibration there's something around this area. Folks that interferes with drones. I don't know what it is. I think it's buried pipe, but you can see right now, it's starting to uh. Do a i'll start to stop the motors okay there's something buried around here, folks that really interferes with drones this this isn't the first time this has happened with one of my gps, drones: i'm – probably going to have to find another area to fly. Let'S! Stop that um recording and raise the compass back up again or raise the gimbal back up again right about there and i'm going to redo the compass calibration and i'll. Do that using the controller this time and i'll show you how folks in the right upper right corner here for the photos and videos hold down the photo button until it beeps okay, and that should put us in compass calibration and it is notice the compass uh.

The lights are flashing again, so we're gon na go clockwise three times again. Actually you hear first beep you hear a second beat. Then you go vertical until you hear the third beep and there we go compass should be recalibrated, so let's put it back on the pad and continuing on okay cup has been recalibrated uh. We have 12 satellites connected raising my pants back up again um pulling or starting the motors again going up into there. Checking that compass compass seems to be fine. I want to come down a bit here, because what i want to do folks is now i'm in the sun, so you're not seeing me good here. I haven't done something yet folks, and that is say i, like my shirt today, folks, okay, now i'm syncing up the cameras watch, see it going up and down because of the wind that's, the wind, hitting it folks, okay, i haven't tried follow me. So let me back off a bit and we'll go into the follow me mode i'm going to use gps. Follow me that's enough. Follow me this second button down is follow me and also uh recording. I did that company or i did that calibration. While i was not recording yet now, how do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, calibrating the one we have about a one second lag, so keep that in mind there's about one one to two second lag between the video and what i'm seeing on the screen.

But going back up again going up a bit higher and lowering the gimbal again, which is down here there. You can see me and then we're going to hit that uh bottom one on the left there that looks like a controller that's gps. Follow me let's see how it does see if it does follow me: okay, it's falling. If i go off to the right we're off in this direction here it's turning toward me, but i guess this would work better. Let'S come out of that i'm going to give it a little more distance. So let go follow me and rotating toward me again, giving it a bit more distance this time, okay, gps, follow me activate it yeah that wind is bouncing it around a bit, but it's working, ah just wants to go over to that side. How about this side? Will follow me this way it is how's our battery that's, 3 400 mega milliamp hour battery that's doing well too. Okay, so follow me: he's working let's go toward it when's it gon na notice that i'm walking toward it. It doesn't notice it well it's kind of doing what a spotlight is, what it's doing so i'm coming out of that folks. Let'S come down a bit and get within three meters and try to do optical. Follow me. Sorry that's, the top one there optical fog, there's about two meters, submit adapting to mobile phone. Here i am hitting that blue box.

Getting the blue box again. Well, i got hit submit first then blue box. There blue box is red. Let'S see if it actually follows me Laughter, no optical, follow these hardly ever work right, so i'll give it one more. Try, okay, clicking the blue box until it turns red i'm moving slowly over this direction here and it doesn't follow so optical. Follow me is iffy. This probably might work when you're controlling it through the controller but um, not so well, when you're, using it or controlling it through the phone, but not so well, when you're using the controller. Now let's try circle, position, circle, position and uh circle and do i have to start it? Well, i have to hit upload that button on the right. So there we go upload. Okay, it started here. It goes over here and it stops there. Then it rotates back toward where it was Music and then it starts rotating and there you go circle position boy! That winds pick it up a bit here, but it's doing okay in the wind, it's kind of a slow circle position. Do it? Can i increase the speed by the right, stick yeah or pushing to the left on my my right stick here and there it goes. You can pick up the speed of this thing, how about slowing it down that's way too fast, okay, that's about a good speed. There coming down a little bit lower it's, going up and down because of the wind folks going into the wind.

It descends going away from the wind it climbs. It should be descending here shortly because the wind's coming from that direction there a little faster yeah that's the end of circle position, folks, okay, so we're going to come out of that next thing is waypoints. Let'S go over here a bit closer, selecting waypoints, and here we are in the park i'm going to zoom. Try to zoom out also turn off these. I don't know how to turn those off there. We go turn them off. I want to zoom out to see where we are in the park: okay, there's, the softball field, so let's pick a point: uh, okay, again, i'm, going to select that we're going to select points and go here. Go here! Go here i'm keeping it close here. Just for this first run and okay let's just do that and then hit submit and it climbs up. Let'S see go to the first point. No battery going home come on. Now is that 30 minutes, okay, going up let's, see, do an automatic return to home an automatic low battery return to home we'll see how close it comes to that pad. Now, although it says low battery return to home, i think we got a lot more flight time left on this um. A lot of these will bring activate a um. What do you call that uh geofence when they go into low battery return to home mode, enabling you to fly until continue on flying, but within the geofence parameters, usually around 30 meters until um? The battery finally does fully deplete and then you can't fly anymore right.

Now, a little battery returned home. It doesn't seem to descend. I guess i i got more flight time here so we're going to come down lower i'm going to lower the manually lower it and we'll continue flying around with a manual flying just demonstrating that compass, okay, pushing forward there's the edge so that's about 30 meters looks Like a 30 meter, geofence let's fly back toward the other end. There right it'll fly until it hits the bumps into the geo fence there's. The center of the circle is my landing pad here, and it should bump into that geofence before i'm, pushing forward pushing forward, and there you go folks so that's as far as it's going to fly. However, since we got more time how much battery power do i got left? Well, it says it's pretty low, so i ain't gon na go up too high. Just fly around until it lands. Well, can we fly up to see at least lake erie one more time before we land going up one more time to show lake erie there's lake erie off in the distance and the maximum altitude lets you fly is 20 meters when the geofence is on? So keep that in mind folks, 30 meters let's go up on and see that again, um confirming this 20 no 20 meters up on 20 meters. Up so in low battery you can't fly farther away than 20 meters and can't fly decline. Can'T fly any uh or higher than 20 meters also.

So what are the advantages of this particular drone? Let'S bring it that closer and we'll i'll do a spiel here by closing spiel of our low battery, ending it put the sun in my face, closing it up and stopping the video once here and also i haven't, taken a photo yet let's try a photo. Okay, uh photo button, one more Music and one more and try one with this button here: okay and going back to video recording video recording started again syncing up so the advantages of the uh 906 pro 2.. We have a three axis gimbal now folks. Instead of the old two axis, and additionally uh, we have a larger battery. Okay and finally, it looks like they well it's i've, still seen quite a bit of lag on the h fun app, not as bad as it was in my review of the uh pro. The original pro and but it looks like they have updated the app a bit to speed it up a little so overall thoughts um, if you comparing this to the the pro and the pro between the 906 906, did not have any stabilization. 906 pro has a two axis gimbal, with a 2400 milliamp per hour. Battery gives you about 20 minutes flight time, and this 906 pro 2 um. Also now has three axis: gimbal three axis gimbal, with uh 3 400 milliamp per hour battery. That supposedly gives you 30 minutes of flight time.

I i don't know about 30 minutes, but we'll see in post production here, okay, so that's it um, we're gon na fly this until it drops so let's finish out the flight with a flight around the area. At 20 meters tried to keep it in within the 30 meter circle. Oh, you know what i haven't done yet i have not done a uh rocket, so let's lower the gimbal lower the gimbal down and going straight up. Is it recording no it's not recording? Coming back down Laughter, we're gon na do that we're gon na turn on the recorder yeah starting the video camera syncing up the camera and away we go up to 20 meters at least 20 meters and then coming back down again so that's rocket manual rocket uh. One other thing we could do here: while we still got some battery powers to raise up the gimbal a bit and uh. What i'm going to do next folks is raise up the gimbal up up right about there right about there and active earth turn it toward me this way and get in the seat and activate uh headless mode. Have this about to activate it and push it up and away into the sun until it hits the gibble or 20 meters, and there we go okay, bringing it back descending and pulling the stick toward me. That was into the sun folks. But i hope this video's recording so and let's raise that gimbal back up again, although it says low battery, it flies for quite a bit.

So you know another okay to turn off edgeless mode and this mode button is off. So you know this is a a lot bigger battery. They have not updated the app, i guess to account for this lot. Bigger battery. That supposedly gives you a lot more flight time, and it does so. I don't think it lets you do headless or follow me or the other features. Uh advanced features, while it's in low battery state. Although the batteries battery's on one one bar right now so it it thinks it's low low battery, it might actually be low battery, but let's get up here, show you that gimbal there let's push away. Oh there we go final low battery and the video recording has stopped. Can i do another? Recording, okay, let's, see it do its final? What does it do and find a low battery it's climbing again going up to about 20 meters i'm guessing at 20 meters, and it turns toward its takeoff pad and then what's it do? Does it stay up there at 22 meters? Is it going to descend it's descending it's coming down and watch it landing it's going to be off by about a meter, or so a little bit slanting patch about a meter? Okay, so that is the 906 pro um. Let me turn it off. So final thoughts. Again, this is the exact same it's, the 906 pro. Let me turn this off too. The pro 2 is, with the exception that we now i have again.

Let me turn. Okay, that bp is coming from yeah. We now have a three axis: gimbal and a 3 400 milliamp hour battery, so that's the differences. So i hope you enjoyed this flight. This quadcopter 101 signing out you didn't, think i forgot about the mr micro drone. Did you uh? We are ready to go there. Let me let me turn on my speaker. First to uh my transmitter make sure that's working too and hello, hello. Okay, we are ready to go okay, uh starting the motors and what i'm going to do folks get into the air checking stability and then pointing it over in that direction, because my wife is over there recording. Let me get over to order we're going to see if we can actually understand this thing, while it's flying flying toward my wife pushing forward getting closer slowly trying to bump it to the right pushing forward getting closer up a bit higher too. I don't want to hit her she'll get mad, so we're, almost there getting closer and right about there that's about, as close as i want to get let's turn it to the right, a bit and i'm going to lower the gimbal down, and here we go. So. Mr micro drone, hey good, looking i'll be back to pick you up later. Can you hear me, do you understand what i'm saying one more time? Can you hear me if you understand what i'm saying, if you understand what i'm saying raise your right arm? Do you understand what i'm saying raise your right arm raise your right arm? Oh, she can okay.

She heard that keep recording, keep recording, just don't, stop! Recording! Okay, let me get a little closer okay here we go again up close hello there. Can you understand what i'm saying she's waving her arm? I don't know if she understands me or not, but okay well, we're gon na bring it back from there. Okay, thanks love. You can turn it off now: wait: okay, i'm, gon na do a return to home and landing from there automatic return to home so pressing the return to home. So as mr micro drone comes back i'm gon na be talking to myself, can i understand this? Can i hear it from there hello, hello, hello, mr microdrone is doing its return flight. The old fogies know what i was talking about when i say: hey, good, looking i'll be back to pick you up later, but the younger folks. Ah, they have no idea that one right over them yeah ron, popeil anybody – remember ron papil, the most prolific inventor of all times, i believe so. Okay is it going to drop? Is it going to descend as it's descending i'm going to be talking and recording hello? Hello, hello, can you hear me? I can't hear that speaker yet hello, hello, hello, okay, i'm, starting to hear it now i'm hearing it now it's very distorted. Well. This is just a g whiz thing folks, i don't know, but there that is, that is the demonstration of the mr micro drone, okay.

So so i hope you enjoyed that demonstration. This is quadcopter 101, wait a minute. Let me put that down. This is quadcopter101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make Sure to click that bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.