Both were first to say first in one of my recent videos and both win this shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new drone, the zlrc sg906 max obstacle avoidance upgrade to the origi or the uh sg906 pro 2.. Now the sg906 is uh has gone through quite a few uh upgrades. Since the original sg906 beast um it’s gone, they had a uh, i guess two axis or they had originally um. No stabilization, then a two axis gimbal, then a three axis gimbal. Now they got a 3x cable with 4k, and now we have three axis giveaway 4k and obstacle void sensor that you can add on to this thing. Um keep in mind this obstacle. Avoidance sensor is optional. Okay, you can either purchase this with the sensor or without the sensor uh. Currently right now, uh, my sponsor who provided this to me uh. They are out of stock of the sensor, but they are taking orders for it because they expect to have us uh. That sensor come in stock soon and i’m going to go into detail on that a little bit later, but let’s talk about the drone first first off before we go too far. I want to mention this. Drone is a folding drone and it comes with a nice carrying case for portability. So you know a phone in case. The carrying case is included with the drum okay. Let’S.

Take a look at the drum the drone again, as mentioned it’s falling drum um it’s. Not a lightweight drone. This thing weighs about 586 grams, so it’s going to require registration in most countries. Folks, so keep that in mind. It has gps and glonass for automatic return to home capability on command, on loss of signal and on low voltage command. It also includes an optical flow sensor in the belly for which, if you wish to fly with hot gps, but still maintain uh hover automatic covering the sensor can’t provide it. What it does is it looks directly below the the drone at the ground and uses that view to maintain its position in space now it’s also, a brushless motor drone with 1806 17 000 kv motors for improved durability over a brushed drone. Other things about it. It has a comes with a 2s uh, 3 400 milliamp per hour battery. There we go 7.4 7.6 volts, uh l, i s l hv 3 400 milliamp per hour battery. Now this batteries supposedly gives it up to about well about 23 minutes of flight time. Based on you know, they really have not changed the airframe of the previous between this and the previous versions of the uh beast, so it runs around 23 minutes. If i, if that’s, what i remember correctly now one thing that they did upgrade the previous versions, we have a three axis: gimbal, okay, uh provided stabilization and up down right, left tilt and also right, left yaw.

Now the sg906 pro 2 that i reviewed previously had a bit of a problem with the right left: yaw, okay, it just did not seem to work uh, but this one here works properly folks, so they have corrected the problem with the sg906 pro twos uh yaw, Sticky yaw, at least with the one that i had but there’s one other thing that they added to this. In addition to the three axis stabilization, they also included electronic image, stables, electronic image stabilization to help improve the stabilized video even further, so that’s, the one of the bigger bigger upgrades over this uh for this over the previous uh pro 2 version of this. We now have electronic image stabilization. Also um let’s see the photos and videos from this camera are recorded to a micro sd card. Now my sponsor who’s providing this drone is currently having a sale and they are including this micro sd card with the drone. So you don’t need to purchase one separately from the ven, my vendor, the sponsor that provided this to me. So keep that in mind. If you’re. Looking if you don’t have a card you, the card is included with a version uh that i reviewed um, but let’s talk about the camera. The camera takes 4k photos at 4096 by 2000 or 3072 pixel that’s. Why they’re calling it 4k? However, the video is only 2048 by 1080p at 25 frames per second that’s 2k video, so this is being advertised 4k, but what they’re, turning referring to in the 4k is the photos that this actually takes.

Not the video the video is 2k okay. Okay, let’s see what else um fpv from this particular drone. This provides fpv to your phone via its app, but the fpv range of this is uh predicted to be up to 800 meters. Now i am not going to be able to test that at the flight test facility or flight test area. Where i fly folks, i can’t fly 800 meters uh legally um. However um i will fly it within about 200 meters and we’ll, see how the fpv looks at that at that’s. A reasonable range actually folks with what i fly at. But the control range of this, though, is up to 1200 meters, and that is double the control range of the original pro 2 and i’ll. Explain why and how they did it here shortly when we go over the controller. Now, as with most drones. These days, this particular fpga fpv drone requires use of 802.11 ac wi fi to use properly use the app. Not all phones have 802.11 ac wi fi. So before purchasing this drone, i strongly recommend that you first verify that your phone indeed can use 802.11 ac, wi fi and the way to do that is simply google, your phone’s name, along with the term 802.11 and the term specifications and then see if 802.11 ac Shows up in the search results. Now i mentioned the app the app that this uses is not the same as the pro 2.

. This now uses the zlrc app. I remember. The original pro 2h fund used the h fund pro app and the nh fund. Prohap had a lot of problems, so hopefully, hopefully those problems have been corrected through the new zlorc app. Now, with that new app um, you get the advanced flight control features of follow me circle me and wait points um with that particular app there’s. Also another thing: i’ll show you: when we get out there that app has now a little sensor at the bottom center of the screen. That shows your orientation with respect to the drone’s orientation and which way the drone is pointed and which way you’re pointed and the idea being, that should help you bring the drone back just using the app without hitting the return to home. So we’ll see if that actually works. When we go fly this um one of the things about let’s go into this the obstacle of one sensor now let’s mention you know i mentioned it. I didn’t let’s go into detail about it. Now this obstacle winding sensor on the top here: um again is optional and you can purchase it or you know, purchase it at the time the purchase of the drone by um either selecting it with the obstacle void sensor or if you don’t, want that absolute wind Sensor – and you just want the 4k – you can save yourself about 20 dollars less by selecting it without the obstacle volume sensor, but it comes in this little box here and to install it all.

You merely do is pry off the there’s a little cover on the top of this particular drone that you can pop off and then just stick it in and plug it in and it’s plug and play so uh. But how this works is this emits a little laser beam, okay and that laser beam bounces off any object in front of this drone and will be able to sense uh any object in front of this drone that is bouncing off of it. Bounces off and comes back and is received by the receiver screen there and then using that it’s able to measure the distance to that object and uses that to determine you know if it needs to stop to avoid bumping into that object. That only works while in low rate mode, if you go to high rate mode and fly fast, that turns off the obstacle avoidance feature. So keep that in mind. Folks, you need to be in low rate mode. Additionally, you have to be in gps mode. I tried this down in my basement, uh with flying an obstacle or flying with optical flow, and that is that also seems to turn this system’s capability off of detecting things. It needs the gps to do the calculations needed to determine how far the object is away. So keep that in mind, folks, you need to be in low rate and you need to be flying in gps mode for this obstacle avoidance sensor to work now.

This obstacle avoidance sensor will pan right and left right and left 120 degree scan between the two arms. Here and any object within that scan and it detects it, and it comes within 20 meters. The drone should slow down and stop to avoid that object. Uh we’re going to try that out in the field when we go flying and hopefully it will work as advertised. Okay, let’s see, i mentioned obstacle voice um, i think that’s about it. Let’S go over what you get in the box. Uh you get in the box, um instruction manuals. There’S you get one to six different instruction: manuals in english in french and japanese in german. In spanish and also in italian – and you get uh a little precautionary note about the pen zoom, you telling you to use your cover to protect it. When you’re transporting the drum you get an instruction manual for the sensor for the obstacle avoidance sensor. Um you get a spare set of propeller blades uh usb charging cable for the battery. Did i mention that this battery, this 3400 milliamp hour battery, is charged via a micro, usb port labeled right there. I recommend using a 2 amp wall charger with that usb cable to charge this otherwise try to try to charge it for 3 400 milliamp hour battery with your laptop you’re going to be waiting several days, if not more, to charge that battery you can get additional Batteries at the time of purchase, so this is available in one two and three battery bundles.

If you wish additional batteries and what else do you get, you get the controller now let’s talk about the controller. I haven’t gone into that. Yet this controller has been um somewhat upgraded from the original pro 2 controller it’s smaller um, about the same weight though, but now it has a nice or very large lcd screen. It has pull out handles on the bottom and the control these uh knobs on the top lift up, and you can insert your phone into such additionally. It has a real antenna. Now, the original pro pro 2 did not have a real antenna. There was no wires going up in the center of these antennas, but now we have a wire going up to make this a real antenna and that’s how you get that additional 600 meters of range. Now we have an external antenna to provide additional power or additional beaming of the uh signal. From the controller to the drone, i recommend keeping the flat portion of this antenna pointed toward the drone winner, wherever the drone’s using, and you can use the app to figure where the drone is in the sky. So you can point yourself in the right direction. Now let’s go over the buttons on the controller. You have an on off button on the right here. Okay, that turns on the controller and brings up the lcd screen. Now we have telemetry in this ldc lcd screen and the telemetry is we’ve, got the height and distance of the drone gps status of the drone uh, whether you’re in mode 1 or mode 2, mode, 1, being gps mode, 2 being optical flow, whether you’re in lower High rate and battery power of both the drone and battery power of the controller, along with signal strength of the drone and signal strength being received by the the the drone from the controller um, there are some other uh insignias come up regarding um stabilization, uh being Uh initialized on the drone and uh.

I forgot what the others are. We’Ll get we’ll go over when we get in the field, but let’s talk about the buttons on this uh. This button in the upper left corner is for adjusting rates from low to high and back to low again, and if you hold it down for three seconds, it goes into gyro calibration mode along with calibration of the gimbal, be it make sure the drone’s on flat Level surface, when you do that, if you’re calibrating, uh the drone and the gimbal additionally, this button here is the return to home button. You can press that and activate automatic return to home and landing of the drone. This button here is for starting and stopping videos. This button here is for taking a photo, it shows the camera and it goes on and if you hold the button down for three seconds, it initializes compass, calibration mode of the drone and i’ll go over how to do the compass calibration when we go out to The field, additionally, you can start the start and stop the motors, i believe down inboard or down and out one of the two i can’t remember. I think it’s down an inboard from what i did down in the basement, along with automatic takeoff and automatic landing by pressing this button here. This button here puts the drone into headless mode. If you want to do panning shots with a drone, i recommend using headless mode, and you can turn the gps off by holding this button down here for three seconds three seconds and that puts the drone into optical flow mode.

Using the optical flow sensor. Only to fly the drone when you’re in optical flow mode, return to home and landing is non operative. Also notice note that you can’t return back to gps mode by holding this button down once you’re in optical flow mode, you’ve got to stay in optical flow mode. Throughout the entire flight, until you come back and land the drum so be careful using that i recommend using optical flow. If you ever encounter toilet bowling effect of the drone or or you have problems with the gps, while in flight it’s fly, it goes off. Flying back to china turn off the gps and manually bring the drone home to you, okay, that’s! What you get in the box with this particular drone and that’s, the sg906 max upgrade to the sg906 pro 2. let’s. Take it out in the field folks and see how it flies. So i hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter one here on a somewhat cold and slightly breezy day here at uh, somewhere near pennsylvania, actually fairview in gerard pennsylvania, with the uh sg906 max. Okay, to get this set up first off, i need to take off that guard always remember to take off your guard. Your gimbal guard before flying folks it’s very simple to forget that, but if you put that and put it in my pocket and to start this up, we just need to hold down this back button. Until we see the lights all turn on and hear the chirp of the esc’s and then put it on a flat level surface and turning on the controller and notice i am not.

Oh there we go we’re bound to the aircraft. Okay, first thing we need to do with this drone is a compass calibration and remember to do the compass calibration we got holding on this upper right. Uh photo button and hold it down for three seconds and then that activates the compass calibration, we should be flashing lights rapidly right now. Here we are in the back here, flashing rapidly red. So now we need to turn until we hear another beep horizontally by three turns and then we go vertically like so and turn in another three turns until we hear another beat and there we are compass calibration completed now. All i got to do now is connect. My phone’s wi fi to the drone’s wi fi and then open the app so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the zlrc app available on google play and itunes, and right now we have 12 satellites telling us. We have good satellite lock with that gps glow nas system that i just got on board and all i need to do now is hit start play like so and before we fly, let me make sure that i am recording. I always forget to do that sometime. So we are recording and now saying keeps three managers away, so i’ll back up a bit and hit submit and notice in the bottom corner there that uh uh bottom center that little icon there now the dot with the rays coming out of it is my direction Of pointing and the little diamond is the drone’s direction of pointing notice.

If i turn to the left, the drone is now on my right. So if i turn to the right, the drone’s now on my left, so you know it’s it’s, a cool way of actually uh, maintaining orientation on the drone. So remember that folks, it’s a neat thing. Okay, now i want to start the video camera and the video recording. I start by pressing this button here. Video should be recording and we’ll start the motors by down and out there’s a down and in down, and in starts the motors and uh. This does have automatic takeoff, so automatic takeoff and we’ll check its stability. Going up a bit higher got hit with a bit of wind there now i’m gon na now let’s get to the side of it and i’m gon na show you that scanner. Look at that scanner, let me get on the other side with the sun at my back, but see the scanning going on with that laser pointer. Now, what if i get in front of it what’s it gon na, do well it’s, not doing anything, maybe it’s! Okay. I’M, not sure why it’s not detected me it should be, but but if i get closer i am in low rate, i think yep i’m in low rate well before we lose any more power on this battery. Let’S. Try it out fly it we’ll, go up and see lake erie on this beautiful day with snow i’ll head toward the road i’m, not sure why that didn’t protect me, maybe it doesn’t work as well in bright sunlight.

So how am i at 25 meters i like to only go about 25 meters folks for safety purposes and 60 meters out we’ll, go down to the road and then we’re going to slowly turn. I want to see how that third axis gimbal works out slowly. Turning turning around showing you the area and there i am off in the distance i’m adjusting my antenna here and i’m. Looking at that diamond and i’m, not gon na just do a return home i’m gon na try to return to home by um it’s, pointing toward me so i’m, just gon na push forward and try to fly at home using that bottom center um icon, to bring It back toward me. I think i need to turn to the right a bit according to that icon. I’M, not looking at my self on the ground i’m. Looking at the icon there, okay, it should be coming back toward me, so that orientation thing is the coolest thing i’ve seen added to a drone. Yet to these uh um. What do you call it? Apps? Okay, there i am or there’s the drone. You know that’s a cool way, really cool way to maintaining orientation on the drone. Okay, with that mind now from that position here, let’s just finish the rest of the way, with a return to home and landing pressing return to home and landing. I want to see how close it gets to the pad moving away from the pad i’m going to stop the return to home before it actually settles down, but uh yeah.

I think that icon is awesome that should be on all apps to help maintain orientation, especially if you’re flying outside of line of sight, which you shouldn’t do folks, obviously, but sometimes it’s. You lose sight of the drone and that’s a good way to maintain orientation on the drone and bring it back home without pressing that return to home button. Although i’m testing this return room right now see if i can stop it, it’s almost right on the pad, but i don’t want to hit the snow so yeah we’re only about a half meter off, which is pretty cool. Now let me come a little lower we’re going to try that scanner again i’m gon na fly toward me slowly, let’s go out past 20 meters, maybe that’s why it was closer than 20 meters and coming around and seeing if it protects me yeah, it’s. Okay, you have to be outside of 20 meters i’m, going to keep push forward and see if it’ll stop there you go and it stops itself so yeah it works. You just have to be outside. I was inside of 20 meters when it detected me let’s turn it around again. Okay, try it one more time coming around see if it protects me pushing forward it senses me: it senses me i’m gon na walk in front of it and there it goes. It stops so yeah. This is cool. It works. That sensor is a neat thing, so the max got some neat stuff added to it.

Okay, i got real close to it. It still was detecting me, okay um. While we got battery power, let’s try these other advanced features out. First off. Let me stop the video recording once and restarting it and this time let me sync up the cameras. I forgot to do that and going up a bit higher and let’s. Try follow me. First folks, so follow me and gps follow me, which is the bottom one. Is it going to follow and the snow here will let go it’s activated it’s staying on me, but is it following me i’m going away walking away yeah it’s falling? I can see that how about when is it going to detect that i’m walking toward it? Oh that beeper’s detected me there. We go falling away, moving away, sliding away it’s a dji style of follow me. It slides around so far i’m liking. What i’m? Seeing with this max okay, now, what was it doing? It pointed away from me: we still unfold. Okay, it broke out of follow me. I don’t know why i did that, but it did um next thing. Circle position: let’s go up a bit higher circle, selecting circle position and hitting submit. It goes up that’s the initial position. It was at i’m gon na go under it and let’s lower that gimbal so see me. Lowering the altitude okay hit circle position submit sending data. Please wait. I hit the i shouldn’t hit the pitch roll stick.

Let it do its thing. I don’t know what it’s doing i’m under it. Let’S hit send data again, i’m, not sure what it’s doing with the circle position. So there are some issues there with circle position: oh there we go something’s happening i’m, letting it move on its own. Here, i’m gon na raise up the gimbal too. Okay it’s all the way down. Uh yeah it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything, folks so i’m. Coming out of circle position i’m, not sure why that’s not working so coming around next thing is waypoints let’s, try the waypoints now the thing about waypoints is this: does not use google maps, it uses a chinese version of the websites and the app is crashed. So let’s, let me restart the app hold on okay, three, two one. I restarted the app let’s try, those waypoints one more time. Well, there is no waypoints showing up on my screen close that so there’s some issues with the waypoints on this folks. Let me go zlrc app three two one. I opened the zlrc app start play while it’s in flight submit okay. So what i’m? Seeing on the screen i’m, not seeing the option for doing the weight point? Oh wait! Upper right corner hitting that i’m. Sorry that’s! My problem hitting the bottom one and it’s dropped again so um with waypoints. The app seems to keep crashing. So with that in mind, i’m, not going to work waypoints anymore i’m, just going to start up the app one.

More time start play and hit submit and i’m, not sure if it’s recording or not now, folks, i’m gon na hit rook. Oh i’m gon na hit record record okay. We should be recording now it’s out of sync, with the uh, the app i’m pretty sure it’s recording. Now let me hit stop okay, we should be recording now both are in sync. Now. What i’m going to do? Folks is try to fly over to my my uh car off in the distance here and see if it detects it flying fpv to the car, went to the car and it’s picking it up already and getting closer closer to the car going up a little higher. I want to hit the ground and it doesn’t seem to be detecting the car over here. I’M. Not sure why so turn it around back toward me using the icon to fly it back toward me. The icon is so cool. I like that icon flying it back. Well, i don’t know why it didn’t protect the car protected me, but not the car. So coming back coming back and well, there it’s protecting me. So sometimes it works getting closer. There we go and now it’s detected me and stopped itself. Okay, while we got battery power which let’s turn it this way now let’s stop the video recording video recording stop, because i want to take a photo get a little closer, just letting me that’s a photo another photo coming down a little lower.

Oh one more photo just to show the photos that this thing could take and one more just to make sure i got them all there. We go. Okay, give it some time to download those photos too. Okay, finally, let’s what’s going oh that’s protected. I got to get outside of the range i tried to go forward. It was detected, let’s, go forward again and up and one more time see: lake erie, oh starting, the video camera. First, video camera recording going up and seeing lake erie one more time on this cold day notice. All the snow folks here in here here, he’s famous for its snow it’s over 100 inches a year, and we got another snowstorm coming in tonight, supposedly going to give us uh another foot of snow, just what we need here, huh you know uh in the winter. My chances of flying here are few and far between okay 30 meters. You should yeah, i see lake erie off there not close to the road and then again using that icon to bring bring it back. So i need to turn the left to point that arrow toward me toward the circle, with the array point where num and you can tell which, where the drone is by uh the icon there, so you can aim the antenna toward the drone. Let me try to fly it right over ahead of me without me. Looking up at it just using that icon where’s the uh, let me lower the gimbal and try to bring it right back to where me lowering the throttle to bring it down.

I need to turn to the right according to that icon, that is so cool. I like that good job zlrc with that icon thing, i like it: okay and there’s our drone. Okay, while we still have power let’s, try some some things like rocket, lowering the gimbal. All the way and i’m under it and give it a throttle up up up and away rock it and then come back down again. Next thing i want to try is this: that was a rocket that’s. True, true up and away by raising the kabul, you block and let’s get my face in the sun here and bringing it over here. Okay point it toward me: i want to go down a little bit with a gimbal just a little bit downward that’s good enough. I guess and push pulling back and up up and away like an easy rider, the ending of easy rider. I always say that that helicopter shot at the very end of easy rider. Folks, i don’t know i don’t know how many of the old fogies remember that okay i’m trying to push forward. I think it thinks i’m still in front of it my low battery right right now. Yes, i am it’s, not letting me fly outside of the uh. It’S got a geofence, so i got ta turn down and come back down again so there’s a 20 meter geofence on this thing. Right: seven point: one votes: i guess it’s going to land it or restrict its flight let’s try to go over in this direction.

It should hit. He had a wall in the sky at about 20 meters and there it is yeah. How many meters is that yeah 20 meters, so i got to stay within a circle of 20 meters until the battery’s dead, so we’re gon na fly the rest of this, bringing it up close again and give me my thoughts first off and i want to i Don’T want to be between it and the landing pad because it might fly straight back to it. So my thoughts, the new s9 sg906 pro, actually looks pretty cool. What it can do. Okay, um that um obstacle avoidance feature works well as long as it detects you outside of 20 meters. If you walk in front of it like i just did right now, uh within that’s, 20 meters space, it doesn’t, detect you. It misses you. I am not seeing any laser coming out of that, but i guess it’s a low level laser so it’s. You know it says devoid eye contact with it, but i’m i’m trying not to look at it, but looking downward um. What else uh the camera looks good. The gimbal operation seems to be working fine, so uh. The three axis gimbal has, i hope, it’s been corrected from the problem. That of the previous sg906 pro is that third axis did not work properly, it would uh. Let me think this up it would. It was very stiff. Okay, if you turn right or left let’s.

Try it see, let’s, try it turn. Well, maybe this one i see, it’s working it’s got a delay, so it’s working um other things. The flight time is going to be kind of short today, because it’s cold day my fingers are freezing, so don’t do not keep you know the flight time that this is getting today is, you know generally unrealistic because well because the cold is cooling down that battery Okay and what to just say, i’m, going to save the video real quick coming down one more time, sticking up over time, so final thoughts, again good new drone, um update of the beast. I like it, i like that center feature. I wonder if this app actually works with the older versions of the beast. That would be cool if it does uh being able to give you this type of information um. So okay, we’re at 7.1, volts it’s continuing to fly so let’s go back up again. Let’S see if there’s a ceiling on this yeah, 20 meters height and 20 meters distance it’s, the max you can do so from up there. Let’S just do a rotate okay, say low battery let’s do a rotate while we’re in low battery of the area. You know when’s it going to do a return to home here’s the question i’m going to get out from under it folks in case it does do a low battery return to home and return to home on the ground by a quick drop where’s.

My takeoff pad. I don’t know i can’t find it oh there. It is. I better get out of the way of this, so um it’s behind me, 20 meters from it so i’m gon na go back to the pad we’re just gon na. Let it hover there and see what it does i’m hoping it. It will do a return to home once it goes below 20 volts, i’m hearing a beeping beep beep beep. You know it’s telling me that that the battery is low, so we’ll just fly it around until the battery does finally do something with it. Okay, i did just i just heard a beep i’m, not sure what that beep was still saying, low battery trying to go forward hit the wall in the sky. Just rotating around i don’t know what the beep beep beep was we’re gon na see here we’re still at 7.0 volts. I got a feeling it’s going to go once it goes below 7.0 is going to do the return to home and landing. Does it detect me from over there pulling back again, let me get behind 20 meters pull them backward until it hits that okay, it just hit it now it’s going upward slowly. I think it’s doing yeah it’s doing a return to home coming home, so that’s what it does on low battery it climbs. How high does it climb – probably 20 meters i’m guessing and does its return to home this time i’m going to let it land in the snow, because i don’t want to grab that folks.

You do not want to grab a brushless motor drone with your hands. You see people doing that all the time on youtube and that do not do that if you value your fingers. Okay, that is wrong, especially with you know. The gyro stabilization is going to take over sometimes and it’ll slip out of your hands and you’re going to lose a finger. So do not do that folks that that’s just dumb, i see people do that all the time, especially with dji, try to grab it with her hand. Why why why okay we’re off this time about two and a half meters but i’m gon na, let it land in the snow there we go nice and flat landing in the snow and stopping the video recording now and checking one time by pressing video recording once And off make sure it’s off. So let me turn off the drone turn off the app and give you my final thought here: well, while it’s recording, so all in all, i think it’s a cool drone, sg906 pro or sg906 max a nice drone. I hope the video came that nice on this we’ll find out when in post production, but that uh uh everything about it. I kind of like so it’s quadcopter 101, holding it up quiet to 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey, if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right.

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