What is the cut? Well, the con is a new gps drone, a new camera drum it’s, actually quite a nice camera drone, but it seems to be an upgrade to the previous s. Zl sg906, pro okay, very similar drone to the pro, but with a slightly different, somewhat different shape. Different shaped batteries, one other improvement i’ll talk about when we get to uh, get to it, but uh. Well, i’ll mention it now. It seems to have improvements over its third axis gimbal. Now the problem is, i i like the sg906 pro okay, but there was a problem in that it’s it’s. It also is a 3x stabilized gimbal on this particular drone, but that third axis was kind of stiff on this drum. You know you try to make too rapid of a yaw turn and more or less. I did not see any stabilization on that third axis with the original 906.. However, this new 908 pro yeah i’m seeing it you know, i’ve, been taking it around the house, giving you hard yaws and everything and i’m seeing you know that you know um some stabilization in that third axis, which i did not see in the fcg 906 as Much okay: you know it is stabilized 906, but it was kind of stiff in that y or that z axis up down axis there. Okay, but let’s talk about the drone. Now let’s focus on the 908 uh. It is a folding drone as the 906 um for portability.

It does come with a very nice carrying case at the other zl drones here’s its carrying case for the drone and its accessories um. It is not a lightweight drone, it is, it weighs 5′ grams. So you are going to require registration of this drone in most countries. Keep that in mind. If you do consider purchasing this now, it is a brushless motor, drum um, as you can see here, these are all brushed brushless motors for improved uh durability, longevity and power from these motors to power and lift this heavy drone. Okay, this 5′ gram drone um. It does have gps i’m, pretty sure, it’s dual gps, because it is rather rapid, lock on um. Even you know the first time you you turn it on this locks on to the gps signals fairly rapidly, so that’s telling me this is probably gps and glonass. Together. Now, with that gps capability, you do have automatic return to home and landing on command, on loss of signal and on low voltage. Now the drone also does have optical flow capability, and it does have an optical flow sensor in the belly here, and you can turn the gps on and off and you can fly either in gps or optical flow mode. Using this little uh sensor, which looks down from the belly of the drone, looks directly beneath the drone and maintain automatically maintains a hover position uh by looking at the ground. Okay, so you do not need the gps to hover, although you will need the gps to return to home and land that is important for return to home and land capability, but you don’t need it for hovering.

Um let’s see other things with this. It does have a 7.6 volt, 3 400 milliamp hour battery, which is supposedly gives it up to 28 minutes of flight time. Now it is similar to the battery of the sg 906, but not quite okay. There is this battery is a little more chunkier, a little more wider than the batteries that were made for the sg, the beast series of drones. So these will not the b series drone batteries will not work with this particular drone is what i’m trying to say to you folks. So keep that in mind. Okay, um other things about it. It does it’s predicted to have 800 meters. Fpv range 1200 meters control range. I believe the control range is probably true, but this does not have a relay in its transmitter, so uh that fpv range is kind of iffy dependent and it is really dependent on your particular phone that you’re using to receive that fpv video with uh the receiver Antenna in your particular phone, your wi fi receiver antenna – some phones – phones may get out to that range, but most phones keep in mind. Folks. Most phones will see about 200 to 300 meter. Fpv range, so keep that in mind. That’S more realistic, 200. 300 meter fpv um, i mentioned it – does have a three axis stabilized gimbal, along with electronic image stabilization, so you should have very sharp looking particularly pictures photos if you’re going to take photos, you should have particularly sharp looking photos with that electronic image stabilization.

On top of the stabilization of the three axis, then, the three axis comes in play with the video, so you’ll have stable, uh nice stabilized video, the video that it does take is 2k, not 4k folks, it’s 2k video at 2048 by 1080 pixel resolution at 25 Frames per second and those photos and videos are recorded to an onboard micro sd card. You are going to need to provide your own card. I recommend a good class, 10 or above card to record that video in photos on this particular drone. Don’T go with uh lower than class 10 because you might run into issues with uh frame, dropping and skipping of video at lower resolution or lower uh speed, write speed to cards. Okay, i mentioned the 4k photos. It takes 4k photos at 4096 by 3072 pixels and records them to that micro sd card. So i want your sharp photos. You should be able to record with this particular drone um, and i mentioned recorded to an on board sd card now. Let’S talk about what you get in the package you get in the package, quite an assortment of uh manuals. You got german, you got french, you got italian, spanish, english and japanese okay, each one of those is actually really nice manuals. I do recommend you read them in their entirety, so that you get all the good points. What you should need to know other than my video here um those um manuals do come into play.

So please read them folks, you get the drone you get with its battery. You get a charging cable, and i forgot to mention this about the battery. The battery is charged by a micro, sd port in the side of the battery right located right there. I don’t know if it’s, focusing here, that’s focusing and you get this cable to go with that now. I do not recommend that you charge this large battery in using the usb port in your computer. Your computer really doesn’t have the output power through its usb ports to charge this in a reasonable, reasonable amount of time. I would recommend that you consider using a phone wall charger about 2 amps or larger in capacity 2, amp or high or well 2 amp, 2 amp would work fine with this particular one. You could go up to four amp or such a thing. I had never seen a four amp or wall charger, but uh. I would recommend uh two amp wall charger to charge this battery in a reasonable amount of time. So just mentioning that folks let’s put that back in um other things you get in there. You get the this is a little guard for the um gimbal recommend installing that, but always remember to remove that before you go flying or you may damage the drone. If you move it around with that installed, you might damage the gimbal. You get a full bare set of propellers to replace them if you damage these propellers along with a screwdriver to help remove these propellers, you get full set of micro screws here to attach those propellers in case you lose the original screws and you get the controller Let’S talk about the controller first off let’s start with the phone holder on this controller.

You know most controllers that i’ve used for drones do not work with my particular phone. Normally, my phone will not fit in the phone holder of the controllers. This is what it does fits very nicely nice and snug, so i don’t need to wrap a normally. I need to wrap a rubber band around the thing to hold it hold my phone in here, but this will hold larger size phones. So, for those of you folks out there that have larger size, phones, chunkier phones – like me, this one will hold it um, but let’s talk about the attendance that are attached to the phone holder. Now these antennas do not have any wires running up inside them, so they are more or less fake. So don’t worry about these antennas, although i’m not sure if there’s anything inside the phone holder but uh, the antennas themselves are fake, but uh let’s talk about uh. The batteries uh the batteries in this are uh double a uses. Four double a batteries let’s talk about the buttons on this particular controller. Uh we have this button here is for adjusting rates. If you want to fly faster, you can do a quick press of that and you can fly faster and if you hold this button down for three seconds, while the drone is on a flat level surface, it will calibrate the gyros on the drone. This button here is for automatic return to home. You want the drone to return to home and land.

You press that button, or it will do such this button here, is for starting video and stopping video, and also this button here is for taking photos. And if you hold this button, the video button down for three seconds, it will turn the gps system off and will enter into optical flow mode. Why would you want to do that? Just in case you enter into toiletable, state and drone starts to become hard to control. You know if you have, if you need a compass calibration in where, in other words, um and you’re in the air, and you don’t want to crash that room. I recommend turning the gps off in that case and holding it this time for three seconds and then it will enter into optical flow mode, and then you can fly the drone home manually in that case and this button here the photo button, if you hold it Down for three seconds, it does a compass calibration and i’m using the compass calibration to avoid that toilet pulling and to do a compass calibration i’ll demonstrate that out in the field, when we go flying um other buttons on the back, we do have up or down Movement, control of the gimbal. You can use these buttons here on the left side of the controller for this one’s for up movement, and this one is for down movement, uh tilt of the uh lens on the camera, and the drone does have headless mode capability which you activate by pressing this Button here – and it also has automatic takeoff and automatic lane capability, which you activate by pressing this button here, and i believe you have to do that for automatic takeoff.

I think you need to start the motors first by moving both sticks down and not to bring the drone to idle first before you do that. So this is the again the sg 908 pro kun gun, so let’s. Take it out in the field folks and see how flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here and it’s a beautiful morning to go flying here at pleasant ridge park with the sg, 608 or cotton. I don’t know how to pronounce it folks. Okay to get this started, we need to first start it up and to do that, we are going to press this button in the back and hold it down until we hear the trips of the esc’s and put it on a flat level surface immediately and then Connect it to the controller by turning on the controller and we verify we’re connected as we can see the receiver battery power, so we’re we’re set to go with control or connecting to the controller. But before we fly, we need to do that compass calibration folks and to do the compass calibration to activate it. We press and hold the photo button down for three seconds until we hear the chirp and looking at the drone, the lights are flashing rapidly. All of them going one two, three one, two three one, two three, so we rotate until we hear a beep and those lights will change to blinking four times right now, we’re blinking three times rapidly keep rotating.

We heard that beep and then we go vertically and continue rotating until we hear another beat again. These lights are now flashing four times or one two or three times i get mixed up: okay and that second beep, we have compass calibration completed. Okay, the next thing we need to do is connect the uh wi fi of my uh, the drone’s wi fi to my phone so hold on. While i do that, then we’ll open the app okay. This is the xil app available in google play and itunes, and we are connected, as you can see there. What i want to do now is start the video recording by pressing this button here and confirming that recording has started and i’m looking on the screen and it’s counting down so recording has started and right now we have 15 satellites, as you can see, on the Lcd screen and confirming, and also on the app screen so and we also have uh low um interference, geomagnetic interference because we got a green there on the stars, so we’re ready to take off and recording so i’m gon na start the motors by down and out And i’m gon na give it a little throttle for takeoff going up a bit higher and checking stability. Am i looking i’m looking for toilet bowl effect, it’s drifting, a little but no toilet bowl effect so i’m? Happy with that, okay! I’Ll get into the camera’s view of the camera, and right now i want to lower the um gimbal just a bit and then move these out of the way pressing that that’s automatic landing.

I got it mixed up hold on okay, these ones on the right here are for automatic landing and headless mode, and i activated headless mode, i think, and these ones on the right are for up and down on the controller. So i had it mixed up in the description on the video folks, so i apologize for that. So let’s put it back on the pad again and i am still recording starting the motors one more time and take it to the air setting it there again. This is up down on the right for the uh gimbal, so getting back into the picture again and lowering uh that’s upper lowering the gimbal right about there, one more yeah, that’s good right there so and sticking up the cameras. So how do you like my uh sweatshirt today, folks uh sooner it’ll, be uh tie dye weather, but this thing thought i wanted to take a picture. I don’t know why? Probably because i moved my arms out, but it took a picture there, but it’s still recording video, so we’re good there, so let’s set it up and away nice and stable, looks good, so let’s push it out outward and upward let’s try out that camera. I want to go up high enough so that we can see lake erie trying to rotate to the left going off in that direction. There going up higher and plopping it right there at an altitude of 20 meters and 46 meters out, and i think we can see like here – let’s go up a little bit higher to about 30 meters.

Okay, i’m gon na head toward the pump house over there or whatever that house is i’m, not sure what that thing is. It looks like some sort of pump house. I could be wrong, but let’s go toward it and, from there i’m going to plop it there at about a distance of 120 meters and i’m. Looking at the fpv video, the fpv video looks fine on this drill. Let’S let’s rotate it from there to the left. Here, rotate to the left, give it a more more yaw. I got to give it there’s a lot of dead space. On this stick, i got to say that there’s, the ah and now i’m gon na point back toward me toward the sun and not too bad. So it looks good okay from that position. There let’s do a return to home let’s check out its return to home ability pressing the button now i’m going to step back from the pad, as it flies back toward me with 16 satellites. So we do definitely have gps glonass on this system. Okay, it’s slowing down as it approaches and i’m not going to let it touch down in the grass like i did before here. I want to minimize that, because that grass might be a little wet. We actually had snow here two days ago so and that snow melted rapidly. So the grass is still a little wet okay, it’s rotating, pointing back to where it’s original direction at takeoff and coming down now again i’m going to stop that before it hits the ground.

But we’ll get an estimate of how close it is to the pad coming down, appears to be about about a meter off and stopping it right there, okay, so the next thing let’s try that follow me for that we’re going to use the app going up a Bit higher getting in the picture and then in the uh second, one on the right. Second, one down from the right is the follow me, the one that looks like a controller and press that and select the bottom one that is gps. Follow me, the other two are optical, follow me and only work while you’re in optical flow mode, so pressing gps follow me. It is activated i’m just standing here. I want to see obviously it’s off from where it thinks i am so i’m going to have to go out a little bit further folks, stopping that follow me. I’M gon na walk out a bit farther uh, where my phone says i am and where the drone thinks i am or two different things and to decrease that error. You need to move out a bit. Okay, activating follow me again, that’s a little better let’s see if it knows i’m turning over in this direction, that’s still off quite a bit. What, if i walk over in this direction, walk him back into the picture, walk toward it? Is it gon na know that i’m walking toward it no well it’s pointing toward me i’m back in the picture, so it knows.

Okay, the follow me doesn’t work when you walk toward it, but it seems to work when you’re walking away from it. Let’S speed up the uh movement, is it falling? Yes, it sure is it’s just that there’s some error between where it thinks i am and where i really am or where my phone thinks i am so turning off. Follow me next, one we’ll try is circle position and we’re a bit, and you got ta hit that arrow to activate it and it’s going there and i’m underneath i’m gon na give it some time to do so, move to from where it was at i’m. Gon na see, if i can lower it coming down and there’s the orbit, can i increase the radius using the right. Stick let’s see pushing forward. If you push forward yeah, you can increase the radius of rotation, but it slows it down quite a bit to go with that which is fine. I guess, while we’re doing this let’s sync it up so fault or circle position is working. Fine next thing: we’ll! Try, of course, is waypoints. Let me do one rotation with it. Camera looks good, i hope that’s recording well, okay, that is circle position, we’re, going to stop it. Okay, it’s getting some geomagnetic interference over here and i’m, going to stop that circle position and we’re going to fly back over okay that stopped whatever that was okay, upper right corner there, the one two squares or rectangles and we’re gon na try waypoints now i’m gon Na go a bit higher because i don’t want to punch into anything or smash into anything and then i’m going to select the waypoints and on the screen there i’m going to zoom out a bit or maybe i need to zoom in okay, pleasant ridge park i’m.

Looking for the softball diamonds and there we go there’s one two and three so i’m gon na need to zoom in a bit i’m gon na click on that softball field, make it one and then the second softball field is there two. It should be a third one, but i’m just gon na. Have it come home there? You know. Let me let me just have it come home for the third one or somewhere near me, three okay and then we’re gon na hit submit see it. Do its thing. Go to the two softball fields, hopefully it’s climbing, apparently when it does these waypoints it climbs to an altitude i’m gon na guess it by 20 meters we’ll see and the idea is to avoid trees while it’s doing that, which is a good idea. Keep that in mind folks it’s, climbing 30 meters. That is a good altitude to avoid trees so that’s, why it climbs folks, during its uh waypoint mission, it’s, avoiding it’s, to avoid obstacles? I’M, not sure, but i bet you can set it somewhere in the uh settings to uh reduce that altitude. If you wish okay i’m gon na zoom out on the screen here, it’s at way point one. Is that baseball diamond in front of me right now now it’s rotating it should be getting ready to go to waypoint 2, which would be the other baseball field there. It goes slowly. It does really slow turns um during these waypoint missions and it flies very slowly too.

I guess that’s for the cinema effect we’re heading to way point two, which is that baseball field way over there, i’m gon na keep an eye on it and that’s going toward the sun, so i’m gon na go over here. So i can see the drone outside of the sunlight getting close to waypoint. Two okay should be at waypoint2 right about now, and then it should rotate to go to waypoint three. Do a slow, rotate it’s got a lot of interference over there i’m, noting electrical interference. Okay, that went away geomagnetic interference um by the way, if you look on the screen on the bottom center of the screen, you’ll notice that little arc that shows your position looking toward the drone and uh the drones direction of that it is pointing it’s a little Bit off from what i’m seeing here, that’s, probably because of the inaccuracy of my uh, either my gps or the drone’s gps, but to point yourself toward the drone you just rotate until the drone is in the center of that arc: okay and now it’s at that. Third uh waypoint i’ve moved since i flew over there. Okay, we’re coming out of waypoints, now i’m gon na turn that off exit way points and then we’re going to go forward again and i’m going to rotate and come down i’m going to spiral down toward us again from way up there at 30 meters, oh it’s, Flying nicely, this is a very nice flying drone folks, i hope that video is coming out.

Nice too. I hope it is we’ll, find that so i’m going to bring it down close, so waypoints worked. Circle position worked, follow me kind of worked and bringing it up close and uh going back to the normal view. Okay, i am going to sync up the camera one time and then i’m going to stop video recording and stop start it again later, because i want to take some photos so let’s take a photo. I think that recorded take another one i’m going to stand here until i hear that click okay i’m, assuming that and one more photo okay, it’s working, so all in all, not a bad drone. Okay, not a bad drone at all, especially for the price. So let me get some thumbnails here showing you this, so i can put a thumbnail with my video showing the stability okay next thing: we’re gon na try is headless mode and remember. Uh, headless boat is on this one here: okay, headless smoke should be activated. Okay, okay, what i want to do is push forward which ways forward on this that way: okay, we’re gon na do a up and away and up and away that’s. What he’s had this mode for folks and turning off headless mode? Headless mode is off so coming back toward us and saying geomagnetic anomaly: okay, that stopped whatever that was now. This is very fast drone. It can be a very fast drone and you know what i didn’t start recording.

Did i so we’re going to do that? One more time coming back toward me, because i want to record that video, okay um this time let’s go toward the sun, so the picture should be a little bit better and getting in the camera and starting the video camera syncing up the camera camera. One more time: camera’s, sunk, stunk, sucked, sinked up pressing headless boat and this time i’m gon na pull back on this stick while giving it throttle and up and away pretty cool huh dang that thing’s a fast drum i’m way down there. Okay, let’s try to head this boat off and this mode’s off pushing forward again: okay um. Whatever we demonstrate, i think we demonstrated most everything so for the remainder of the flight. Let’S just show the camera we’ll go around the area. I want to raise up that. Gimbal just a little bit, though uh let’s see up. No, that seems to be fine. Okay, pushing forward again and i’m. Just gon na fly fpv around the area show the camera nice nice drone. There is a little bit of a dead spot, though in the uh control for yaw. I got ta say that i’m gon na go up a bit higher because i want to avoid these trees. I wan na make sure i don’t hit any of these trees going up to about 35 meters and then coming around nice flying drone. I got ta say that folks doing a good job today runs into these magnetic anomalies every once in a while on the with the app i’m, not sure what that is, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the flight of the drone.

Any seems to be doing a good job, so what i got to say about this drone yeah, i like it. I like it a lot. I hope the video comes out well, how’s our battery power was 7.27. Volts, got a lot of battery power to continue flying. So it is a long flyer, it’s advertised it is kind of loud, though i got to give you that i could hear it up there and that’s, because it’s such a big drone, okay, i’m gon na come down from up there rotate rotate i’m gon na. Do a high speed pass by us so get closer to the road coming down, lower rotating and coming toward us high speed pass yeah there’s quite a bit of dead space on the uh to get it, but there it is going by us, go to the other End of the field here then rotate and there we go low battery power from that high speed pass and we’re gon na come down. It comes back to where we’re at it comes back to where it was originally at, and then it does a descent. Now let’s say 7.16 says low power alarm. Is it going to actually let us fly any further we’ll find out? Are we stuck in a geofence circle? Okay, i’m. Trying to turn it coming down coming down? Can we fly for it longer than this going forward? Let’S let’s see if we run into geofence yep there’s a geofence there – 20 meters 20 meter geofence, so for the remainder of the battery power it’s not going to let us fly greater than 20 meters from our takeoff point.

So with that in mind, let’s bring it back closer again and give you my final thoughts, i’m going to stop the video coming back i’m gon na stand here until i get the side of my face. Sync up: there’s the sun in my face. So overall um. This is a good drone seems to be a good drone. The uh gimbals work. The only thing i don’t like about it is: there is some dead space on the ah notice, as i give it more and more how long it takes before. That thing actually starts to turn let’s. Do that again on going to the right there’s, a quite a bit of dead space with the yaw. So just let you know that now it’s taking another picture starting the video camera one more time. I wanted to show that make sure you see that okay let’s, give it some yaw see see how long it took before that actually started to move so that’s the dead space i’m. Talking about what i mean but that’s about the only thing. I see that i, you know i’m seeing problems with this other than that everything’s working. Fine. Let me sync up the cameras. Everything’S working very well with this particular drone, i kind of like it so um. The other issue i saw with this was the uh difference in where it thought i was and where my phone thought it was. That could be my phone folks.

It might not be the drone itself or it could be. The drill one of the gps’s are slightly off is: is the issue so that’s why there was that much of a difference in follow me uh, but other than that? The follow me did. Work waypoints worked. Uh circle position work. You can adjust the circle position again by moving the right or the right picture, stick inward or outward to adjust to the radius of the circle position. But everything else works. It seems to be taking photos and seems to be taking video we’ll see how well that video is in post editing. Oh no, a good drone at a good price. Now, i’m. Guessing you know it’s showing 7.13 volts here i’m guessing once we get to 7.0 volts that’s when it’s going to do its final return to home and landing that’s. What most uh drones do: they’re they’re looking for 3.5 volts per bit per cell. This is a two cell battery it’s, seven, seven point: zero 3.5 volts per cell is 7.0 volts and in the upper left corner there it’s, where it’s 7.12 volts so we’re going to burn out the remainder remainder of this battery by doing high speed runs around this 20 meter 20 meter circuit 20 meter circle, uh geo fence that we’re stuck with right now because of low battery, so let’s do that let’s! Do a reverse a reverse circle position. An outward wind outward facing circle position i’m doing this by giving it full left pitch and a little bit of yaw just to match the circling so i’m doing this manually.

Can i do a manual circle position? I think i can, if i can do, that, i can do this. This is a manual circle position i’m, giving it right pitch and left yaw a little bit of left yaw to circle me, so you can do it manually and it’s working all at all, not too bad nice little drone, a nice big drone. Actually, the other thing. I’M noticing there is some error between my compass on the bottom center there you know right now. I should be pointing directly at the drone, but the drones appearing off to the left and again that’s error between my phone and the drone drones gps. You can see we’re off about 45 degrees if i walk further away from it. That should that air should go away, and i should be able to point more toward the drone, but i ain’t gon na mess around with that anymore. Okay, i i think i’ve did everything that i could demonstrate with this drone. So one more time, let me sync up the cameras to make sure i’m sure i got the camera synced up and we’re just waiting to go down to that final 7.0 volts and see what it does: okay, there’s, our landing pad there we are and there we Go 7.0 volts. What did i tell you folks, what’s it going to do? Is they’re going to go up to 30 meters and do a return to them? Is it going to go up to 30 meters or 20 meters for its final return to home and landing we’ll find out here shortly? Well, it goes up to 20 meters for that final return to home, and it should be coming down 6.

8 volts. 6.79. 6.8. Now they pick 3.5 volts because that’s conservative, but when you get closer to three volts per selling or six volts total that voltage drops rapidly so that’s. Why they do that folks and it’s going to be off by about a meter and it’s going to land in the grass so more time, sticking up and that’s it’s flight time. Folks, let me stop that video recording video has stopped. So let me give you my final thoughts, not a bad drone. Sg608 works very well uh, similar to its uh 607 uh brother, a little bro big brother or same size, brother just a different shape, but i hope that yah was working more properly for the third axis gimbal notice that folks notice the gimbal as i tilt it. Everything’S working that third third axis is also yawning or dampening it, so everything seems to work with this so hope you enjoyed this flight, this quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out, so give it a try.