Today we are checking out the zlrcz sg908. It is a foldable brushless motor 5g wi fi fpv remote tilt adjustable 4k camera 3 axis gimbal, gps, rc quadcopter ready to fly so let’s. Take a closer look at this thing here: it’s got the brushless motors at 1700. Kv looks like the 1806 motors as well. We’Ve got the floppy double bladed props, we have the foldable arms and we got landing gear and status led lights in the front arms. We got the landing pads and the status led lights on the rear, arms or legs. If you want to call it legs, we got the three axis gimbal up in the front: it has 45 degree roll, we got 110 degree pitch and 65 degree yaw. Hence the three axis gimbal: it takes 1080p videos to the micro sd card and also to the wi fi phone app. It takes 720p videos to the app in the sd mode as well, and 4k photos can be had to the app and to the micro sd card. A class 10 32 gigabyte micro sd card is recommended on the bottom. We have the optical flow sensor for horizontal position hold when flying indoors. Now the optical flow mode will be displayed as mode 1 on the remote controller and in the rear is the battery bay and the battery is a 7.6 volt 3400 milliamp size battery good for up to 28 minutes of flight time. Now the battery from the sg 906 max, although the same milliamp hours and voltage, will not fit so they are not compatible.

So it has four led lights to indicate the remaining charge of the battery and a power push button on and off switch short press to check the battery level, long press to turn on and off the battery. And that is exactly how the quadcopter will be powered. On and off slide it in and it will click into place. The remote controller is familiar and has the spring loaded phone holder built into the fold out antennas, but does not have the actual antenna wires running up the inside of each of these antennas. So these antennas are just for looks, but they do provide a nice stand when you place it on the table. The gimbal sticks are comfortable and we have the power push button on and off switch. We got some led light indicators, we got the lcd display, we have here the speed changing button with a short press and gyro and ptz, or the pan tilt and zoom calibration. With a long press. We have the return of home button. We have the video button short press to take a video, long press to change gps and non gps modes. We have the photo button short press for photo and long press for compass calibration both sticks to the bottom and in will arm and disarm the motors, as well as both sticks to the bottom and out in the back. We have the headless mode button and the one key to take off and lan button.

We have the camera tilt adjustable buttons up and down, and it will take four double a size batteries all right guys. So here we go with the flight test: the sg908, so let’s go ahead and power it on there you go and the remote control and automatically binds. We are in mode 1 by the way that means we are in the optical flow mode. So we are not in the gps mode, yet we have not acquired any gps satellites. So what we need to do now. We need to calibrate the compass, so let’s go ahead and long press the photo button. There you go and the lights are blinking on the quadcopter, so let’s go ahead and rotate it horizontally. You should hear a beep there. You go there’s a beep now with the nose down rotate it again until another beep there you go. One more beep is heard. Compass calibration is complete and now for the gyro calibration, as well as the pan tilt zoom calibration, so long pressing the speed button. There you go once the lights go solid and the gimbal has calibrated as well. There we go, gyro calibration is complete and you heard a long beep. That means we have acquired the necessary gps satellites. I show 15 and we have changed mode 2. So we know we are in gps mode, all right. So basically, we are all set so i’m going to go ahead and turn on my phone connect to the app and it is called the x i l x, i l pro app free downloadable app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out.

I’M. Gon na go into my wi fi and connect to the network. It’S called the xl pro 5g network and i’m connected already and i’m going to hit the app let it start there. You go i’m going gon na go ahead and screen record three oops hello screen record three two one and we are screen recording. Hopefully it continues to record so let’s go into the settings here and you can choose beginner mode or just leave it default. Is the non beginner mode and i’m gon na leave it on the non beginner mode and i’m gon na go ahead and hit start? Please pay attention to safety, blah blah blah three meters? Okay, we are in the wi fi interface and it is looking pretty good. So far, so let’s go ahead and take some photos i’m going to take some photos of the hard remote here. Okay, there you go shutter noise. There we go a little bit of a gloomy day. Okay, here we go i’m rolling the quadcopter, but the three axis gimbal is doing. Its job looks like pitching it up and down all right and yawing yeah, pretty good response. One more photo slightly delay reaction on the shutter there we go and final photo all right. So here we go i’m gon na go ahead and hit that video record button and we are starting to record a video. So now we are ready to go i’m gon na go ahead and arm.

The motors bolt sticks to the bottom and in and do that again, we’ll disarm the motors and both sticks to the bottom and out will arm and disarm the motors as well and let’s, see here in the rear. We have the one key to take off and one kilo line let’s see if it works nope. We need to arm the motors first, so let’s go ahead and arm the motors and then hit the one key to take off there we go. It is up and it’s going down in altitude i’m gon na raise it back up manually and it’s still kind of going down a little bit there. We go holding position all right, so we are in mode two. That means we are in gps mode, as well as the optical flow sensor mode combined, both together, so let’s go ahead and check it out here, get it angry and let go that is not good. Guys did uh big old toilet bowl activity warning. Do not do that near people only do that in an open field and by yourself and get ready to duck all right, so let’s go and check it out here, one more time that wasn’t very good so i’m gon na go ahead and do that again. Let’S go ahead and check out the position hold here. Let go okay, i didn’t pull it that much, but it does go back to its position that it was holding all right so i’m curious mode.

Two. I want to change over to mode one but as i tried it at home at night, it did not work for me, so maybe, while i’m in the air, it will work so i’m gon na long press the video button to change back to mode one five Seconds and as you can see i’m still in mode two, so i am unable to go back to mode one. That means i am unable to get out of the gps position mode and fly only in the optical flow sensor mode, so holding it again, yeah. Nothing! So that part for me does not work. Let’S see how the camera angle tilt is i’m, going to go ahead and up it and point it all the way down 90 degrees, wow. That seems to be working pretty good. I mean it’s pretty fast too, all right. So let’s go ahead and check it out here. Let’S see what speed we are in. Okay, let’s start off in speed number one breeze is kicking in a little bit and check it out i’m, pitching all the way and i’m at a full yaw, and that is the speed and the turning ability in speed number one pretty wide turns and not much Of a pitch good for taking videos – and hopefully we got some good videos going yeah so far it looks like it’s, really nice, okay, coming straight towards me, sort of – and here i am i’m gon na – do the uh camera tilt again can go all the way Up and all the way down, let’s do one click at a time there you go not bad all right.

We also have a pinch to zoom. I don’t know if that’s going to show up in the sd card, or is it just in the app? So you can view it okay, coming straight and going over me. Okay, so speed number two there we go slightly more pitch and now full yaw seems like it’s turning a little bit faster. Now there you go picked up a little bit of speed and wait a minute kind of made a wide turn and now it’s, making a tighter turn look at. That makes a wide turn and a little bit tighter turn. Okay, so be careful with that. It doesn’t make a complete round 360 degree circle with speed, number two’s, yaw. Okay, i’m, not moving my fingers at all and see how it kind of veers off like that, and it starts to turn again. That is the behavior of this sg908 supposed to have 28 minutes of flight time, so we should have tons of flight time here. All right! Look at that let’s do the uh gimbal test do a little yaw. Let me go down in altitude a little bit here. All right, let me do some roll back and forth see how that comes out on video kind of hard for me to see what’s on my screen here on the fpv, because it’s kind of a gloomy day there we go, looks pretty good i’m gon na back Up and i’m gon na go forward yeah, it looks pretty good all right, so let’s do one of those away things there.

You go a small one, all right. So what is next here on our agenda? Let’S see this thing does have headless mode as well. So let’s go and check out the headless mode, and that should be this button right here. Okay and it does send out a continuous beep. So there you go doesn’t matter which way the quadcopter is facing, push it and it’ll go forward, pull it it’ll, come back to you, see that it’s coming back sideways, so headless mode works, fine i’m, going to put it in a spin and there you go it’s. Coming back and forth in a spin and left and right as well in a spin, yeah ls mode works great. There we go and it tells you you are in headless mode, so i’m going to go ahead and exit the headless mode. Okay, so let’s see now speeds one two and the headless mode, and i am unable to get into the optical flow sensor mode. Only so let’s go ahead and land it and establish our new home point, which i want it to be, the landing pad there. We go and the motor shut off by himself and place it right in the middle of the landing pad and one key to take off let’s see how high it goes from the ground. Whoa look at that. It goes back down and it kind of bobs up and down right there, okay, i’m, going to manually, lift it up and push it out a little ways right about there and let’s check out the return of home.

This will be the return of home button, so press it and oh, it reacts right away and there’s a beep coming up for the remote control it’s rising up in altitude. Waste wasted no time so that is good. Rising up to the designated altitude turns around and heads back nice, so this quadcopter says it’s a 4k quadcopter, but it only takes 4k photos and only 1080p videos either to the sd card or to the phone app and on the phone app. You can either change from sd to hd as well, but to the sd card. It will only record 1080p, so within the app it is recording sd, because i think it is set to sd by default. Okay, coming down rather quickly and slows down and looks like i’m gon na miss the landing pad by a little bit, but that is still very good, all right all automatic there you go oh and the beep stopped. It has finished this landing process and the return of home process, so that is good. Okay, still recording video that’s great everything is going good. I’M gon na just manually take off this time full throttle manual takeoff and let’s, send it to somebody driving nz desert. Taking a shortcut okay, now, what i want to check out is the ability for it to do fail, safe return to home. Now, in the instruction manual it says it needs the remote control to lose connection and the phone app to lose connection, so let’s go ahead and check it out and see if that is true, so i’m gon na turn off the remote control.

First, you know what i’m gon na go ahead and stop the video recording just in case okay. I have stopped the video recording i’m going to start it on again to save the previous clip now i’m going to go ahead and turn off the remote there. You go remote has been turned off, let’s see if it does anything, yeah looks like it’s not doing anything at all, so it needs the app to be turned off as well, and then it’ll do its fail, safe return of home. So let me take a look at the app here very hard to see this app here out in the sun and gloomy conditions. Yeah, my brightness level is all the way up still screen, recording and let’s see. Here i got virtual stick, so you can fly this thing with the virtual sticks. Yeah. It looks like it yep. I am flying it with the virtual sticks, and that is the reason why it will not come back home. It is still connected so to speak. Okay, so i’m gon na go ahead and check out the fail safe by killing the phone app. Hopefully it continues to record video, so let’s go ahead and kill the phone app. Okay, hello, okay, kill the phone app and immediately it is rising up in altitude and it’s gon na do its fail, safe return, home, okay, i’m gon na go ahead and hit the uh power button on the remote control as soon as it starts to turn around And come back, oh it’s, not gon na turn around okay.

Look at that. I have stopped the fail safe return home dead on its track by reconnecting with the hard remote and i have taken over controls with the hard remote okay, so failsafe only works when both devices lose connection, which i’m not a fan of. I would rather, it does a return to home when just the remote control gets disconnected and the app is still turned on so let’s see here, i’m going to go into the settings and the reconnect and i’m still connected to the xl pro. I want to go into the app man it’s hard to see out here: okay, xl, pro i’m gon na hit start and same three meters and looks like i’m kind of crooked. Here with the gimbal. Do i still have connection yeah? I got video. I got video back, it is not showing that it is recording, however, so and the gimbal looks kind of crooked. For some reason. Okay, let me do some roll to readjust all right so i’m, not sure if it is taking a video, so maybe it stopped taking a video, so i’m gon na go ahead and hit the video button and looks like now. It is taking a video all right. So be careful when you lose connection, you might lose video i’m, not sure. If i got that recorded and it’s a good thing. I stopped my first session and saved it. Okay, so now i’m back but looks like i’m in speed number one, all right: okay, let’s! So let’s do some cruising here: i’m gon na go in the shade, see if i can see this thing a little bit better lots of reflection here: okay, i’m gon na tilt up the camera just slight bit there we go and pitch forward yeah.

It looks like i got pretty good video this thing’s supposed to have 800 meters of wi fi distance and 1200 meters of control, distance and it’s going way over. There looks to be pretty smooth, there’s those mountains and turn around yeah, not bad i’m liking it. Okay. Okay, coming over me, there you go and i am pushing it, and the battery level is starting to show that it’s only got a little bit of juice left here, maybe like quarter tank. So we have a low voltage return home in which it will come back and you are still able to control it within a 20 meter geo, fencing so i’m. Just zigzagging my way around and looks like it’s doing pretty good, all right i’m gon na tilt the camera down. Where am i, i lost myself: okay, i’m gon na tilt the camera down a little bit there you go and center my position and come straight towards myself, okay and turn around a little bit more a little bit more and there we go come towards myself again And pass over me and there you go yep, not bad at all. So far, so good with this one, everything seems to be working good and we should be hitting the low voltage very soon because it is showing only one bar remaining in the battery life indicator. Oh they’re frozen in time for a little bit behind the opposite side of a car, so there you go zlsg 908, pretty decent gps quad.

So far, the only thing that i don’t like is that the fail safe, doesn’t kick in until both devices are disconnected not a fan of that i’m. Just gon na push it out, there’s some birds flying over there and let’s see which buttons can i press here? Okay, go up in view and i’m continuing to push it and it is continuing to go, and i still got great video i’m, not sure how far i am. I can’t read those small numbers: wow it’s got great distance. Even video distance, okay, i’m running low on battery so i’m gon na go ahead and turn around okay. I think there’s some red letters showing up in the middle of the screen, low power. It says and looks like it might be heading its way back yep. I have a feeling it is doing a return home here and that would be the low voltage return home and i do see it small spec of dot. I believe it’s going up in altitude. Hopefully it’s got enough battery power to make it back home here. Okay – and i hear some beeps coming off either from the phone app or the remote control there you go, and here it comes so this will be the low voltage return home let’s see if it makes it all the way back and has enough battery power. Yeah and it comes forward facing too and look at that, the takeoff spot was there and it is still yeah.

It is still kind of positioning itself over it. So i wonder if it’s going to come down, oh, is it just gon na hover there and allow me to fly around oh it’s sort of turned around? Is it coming down, though i don’t know if it’s coming down? Okay, am i screen recording? Ah, maybe my screen recording has ceased, ah i’m still screen recording, so it is still working yeah. It is not coming down, so we are in the first phase of low voltage. I am manually bringing it down right now, so it just hovers up there. So you are able to still fly about as you see fit, and this will be a good time to just go ahead and land it to save battery power and not to deplete the battery all the way. If you are flying it and if you have this quadcopter or any other quadcopter for that matter, so you don’t want to deplete the battery all the way down. It is not a good thing to do for the life expectancy of the battery, but this is a test so i’m going to go ahead and fly about and see what it does when it hits the critical low voltage. Oh, it had a little jerky movement right. There and see what happens? Does it return home or does it just land in its place? So let’s push it out. Oh there’s, oh there’s, that geo fencing that 20 meter geo fencing that’s what it was doing.

Okay, let’s see here i’m gon na go sideways. So you guys can see 20 meter geo fencing boom hits the geo fencing so i’m not able to go beyond that geo fencing guys. So i do like the geo fencing feature of gps quads, but sometimes the geo fencing limits. The ability for you to you know, fly and utilize your battery life, and if the low voltage between low voltage and critical voltage phase is a very long period, then you are wasting a lot of battery. It would be nice to have quadcopter makers. Uh put a feature in there, so you can decide when the low voltage kicks in. But then again you know these are for the masses and just in case you are flying kind of far away and low voltage kicks in. You do want enough battery life to make it back home. It seems like i have more than enough battery life to make it back home and then some so it will be nice to set your own parameters depending on how you like to fly. If you like to fly nearby and finish up more videos, it would be nice if i can still fly around. Maybe 50 meters away. Let’S say you know and still finish up. My video recording and i’m not limited to just 20 meter radius so seems like the low voltage phase is pretty long within this 20 meter radius. Yeah, nice, nice, video. So far, y’all pitch forward pull back oh what’s, going on now i see some red letters and it is rising up in altitude.

So i believe we have entered the critical phase of the low voltage return home and at which time it is rising up in altitude to the designated height, and it is just gon na meander its way towards the position above the takeoff point. And hopefully it slowly descends by itself, oh and it kind of turns around too, and it is descending there. You go very nice. No complaints here on this quadcopter, the zl sg908, not bad at all, go home and check out the video and see how good the video came out and there you go making a landing kind of a little away from the takeoff spot. But that is still very, very good, all right guys. So there you go my review and test of the zl rc’s sg908. The thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and we’ll see you again next time, not bad. Okay.