So the funny looking obstacle avoidance camera here actually works. Im impressed a quick unboxing of what youre gon na get comes folded with a film as a protection. Bottom has a visual positioning lets unfold. It heres how it looks, pretty cool obstacle, avoidance camera with a 360 coverage. You get one set of blades notice, the a and b type screwdriver and usb cable as well. The remote looks pretty much like the dji maverick remote thats, very much a phone with a bottom extender to show what to help manuals in multiple languages. So to start read the manual that comes with it first touch the remote by plugging in the usb over here carries the drone battery by plugging in the usb here once both are fully charged turn on the remote with the switch over here long press, the drone To turn on the drone battery once they are connected, this mode will show mode one and once thats gps locked. Then we show mode two, so theres a bit. It means they are connected now: theyre, showing five gps: seven gps. Okay, once its uh theres a 3d gps lock, then you change the mode too its. Only when remote and the drone connected together then only youll be able to find the wi fi signal of that drone. Now plug in your phone look for the wi fi 12xil download the app called max. You can get it from a play, store or scan the qr code, thats provided in the manual its connected.

I can see the image now. If you write the manual for the first flight, long press the camera button for five seconds, then you perform a compass calibration once its satisfied. Then it will be deep once it beeps. That means the calibration is correct. Now you should place your drone on a flat surface, long, press, the speed button or leveling vibration. Im not gon na. Do this again, because theres not a flat surface, you should do it on a solid flat surface, now check that your surrounding is clear of people. Only five days on an open area to initiate the motor you just hold the stick inwards and down ive hacked this to become a mode one which is a right hand throttle instead of a mode two, which is a left hand throttle so im gon na initiate Take off now float inwards then throttle up. Yes, we are on gps hole mode and then, even though its outdoor, but when youre low on the ground, youll limit your control, you see theres very limited control, doesnt! Really let you go that far. So you have to gain hike and then it will go straight and all the direction. Normally, we are on low speed mode lets, go full forward. Low speed mode lets come back again. Once i press the speed button, then we can go faster forward and also reverse right, so thats a pretty good speed and, of course, banking, left and right as well with much more authority now, although youre on a high speed mode, if you just get down close To the ground, youll still continue to limit your forward, speed, see so its limited in the event that youre indoor and then theres gps.

It will not allow you to initiate like so. You have to press this hold this for five seconds to turn off the gps. Lock then, you can fly indoor and im gon na show you the obstacle avoidance, which is felt really impressive and youll see that will not allow me to go forward. Okay lets say: youre going forward so thats deep and then no matter how i push it will just not go forward. Okay, so thats, a really well working obstacle avoidance lets, say on the side. You bang to the side. You see so it blocks it. Doesnt. Allow you to go so reverse would work as well, because if you can spot the obstacle, avoidance camera actually points back so forward. So reverse we will not go all right. So were gon na go forward again and see thats the issue. It will sort of like wait before it can allow you to get out of uh obstacle avoidance, so lets try again now im not allowed to reverse. But if i go forward, it will not go forward and you sort of have to wait and then now i can go forward and so thats. The one thing that i dont like track time is quite long, so i think they quoted this for 26 minutes. So if i bang left and right, you see the camera actually turns to that direction. Lets say i want to reverse my camera, pointing me as well lets check out the gimbal.

It actually works, the gimbal is doing its job, so i think we got three axis. Your pitch and banking as well so now i start banking, the drone and then you can see the image is actually flat, see its working very well. The gimbal actually is superb man, now im gon na pitch damn this is this. Is this is very impressive? Camera quality wise im, gon na show you this video we shot recently at a drive so for mobile viewing. The photo quality is fine, but for well large viewing or for print its not really suitable because well, you cant expect too much from this really tiny camera sensor, because the camera head sensor is really small, its as small as like those fpv, a live feed, camera And then heres the uh video, so we do also okay, not bad and uh its very well stabilized. The only issue would be the well the tilt up and down is not linear its not smooth its. Like a button, you press a button. You just go up by step and in terms of flying, this is its a superb drone man, its its well tuned, see, if i throw it around, so it flies. It locks really well its like just like, with my my hand, and then your level itself very well hover at one spot, very, very stable, its almost as good as dji, so probably if they can put a better camera to it.

This can probably rival dji. So it hovers on the same spot. I think this is on visual positioning besides, it is so solid on one spot, its very impressive right so lets say we go up, should be on purely on gps and its hovering at the same spot. Its not moving at all lets go youre, going to youre pretty much on the same spot as well. When you want to land just throttle down and hold throttle down that will cue off the motor all right and lets say you have initiated a motor. You want to cancel it, you just pull it outwards to cancel it. There are a lot more features on the mobile like a waypoint and a gps. Follow im, not gon na show it in this video because its better to try all this larger, open area. So to power it off just long press and wait for all the lights and go off and always turn off the drone. First, before turning on the remote so thats the power video to get you flying and im really really impressed that the obstacle avoidance actually works.