Today we are taking a look at the zlrc or the zl sg906 max. It is a foldable 5g wi fi, fpv 4k hd camera 3 axis eis or electronic image stabilization and tie shake gimbal obstacle avoidance, brushless, motor gps, rc quadcopter ready to fly so taking a closer look. It is very similar in design to the original sg906 beast same foldable. Arms it’s got the same 1806 1700 kv motors it’s got the same. Props and it’s got the same landing legs in the front and landing pads under the rear motors. So it will stick that landing. The batteries are different. It now comes with a 7.6 volt, 3 400 milliamp size battery. It is said to be good for about 26 minutes of flight time. It is actually smaller than the 7.4 volt 2 800 milliamp size. Battery of the original quadcopter, so the original battery will not fit in the max, but the new battery from the max will fit into the original quadcopter. So a short press of the push button power on and off switch will display the remaining charge left in the battery a long press on the push button. Power on and off switch will power on the battery and another long press will power down the battery, and that is exactly how the quadcopter will be powered on and off charge it up via the micro usb port, with the provided charge, cable and hold down the Locking lever and release it when pushed all the way in and it will lock into place in the front – is the hd camera mounted on a three axis gimbal with a protective cover? It will provide 110 degree pitch 45 degree, roll 65 degrees in yaw.

It is also remotely tilt adjustable from slightly above zero degrees to about 90 degrees all the way down. It will record photos and videos. The micro sd card, as well as into the phone app. The micro sd card slot, is on the side of the quadcopter. It supports up to a class 10 or higher 32 gigabyte microsd card, and it will record 1080p videos and 4k photos to the micro sd card and 1080p or 720p videos and 4k photos to the phone app and thus into the camera roll of the device. That is used now. The videos are in 25 frames per second and the phone app is called zlrc phone app, a free downloadable app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out, and the wi fi distance is set to be about 800 meters. On the bottom is the optical flow sensor, camera for indoor, horizontal position, hole and an antenna, and on the top, is the obstacle avoidance. Laser module now simply remove the placeholder cover and insert the module. So the module has two ports, the transmit port and the receive port. So it sends out a laser pulse signal. Now the laser is harmful to the eyes. So don’t look directly at the laser emission port. It could cause eye injury now once it encounters an obstacle in the effective range of 20 meters and a scanning radius of 120 degrees. It will send out a stop command to achieve the effect of an obstacle avoidance, thereby preventing a head on collision.

Now it will work more effectively in the low speed mode than in the high speed mode, since the stopping distance is determined by the speed of the quadcopter approaching the obstacle now once stopped, you cannot go forward, but only to the sides reverse or go over the Obstacle now, during the return to home process, it will not avoid obstacles now. The build quality of this quadcopter is solid and it is very well made now it will come in at 574 grams with the battery, so it will need to be registered. The remote controller is similar to the original remote controller. With a slightly new angle, design. It has the same style fold out phone holder and antennas, but this time one of the antenna is a functioning antenna and it also has the flip out hand grips. It has a 500 milliamp built in rechargeable battery chargeable via the micro usb port on the bottom of the remote controller. There is the power sliding on and off switch on the side, and the lcd display is similar to the mjx brand lcd display. We have the speed changing button short press to change speeds from one and two long press to calibrate the gyros. We have the return home button, press it and the quadcopter will come back and land where it last took off from. We have a dedicated video button and we have a photo button short press to take a photo, long press to initiate the compass calibration.

We have the one key to take off. We have the gps on and off button and the headless mode button in the back is the remote camera tilt buttons on the right and the buttons on the left do not have any function. Both sticks to the bottom and in will arm and disarm the motors and both sticks to the bottom and out will arm and disarm the motors as well. The remote controller is said to have a control distance of 1, 200 meters, all right guys. So here we go with the test flight of the zlrc or the zl sg and 906 max. I have the battery fully charged and have a 32 gigabyte micro sd card inserted. So let’s go ahead and power. This baby up long press the power button there we go, that is the esc singing their song. Now turn on the remote control automatic bind so to fly. One of these gps, quadcopters you’re gon na, have to calibrate the compass every single time to be on the safe side, and in order to do so on this quadcopter, you can use the phone app or you can use the physical buttons there’s, no sequence for the Sticks so long pressing, the photo button will initiate the compass calibration there you go so what you want to do is rotate it horizontally, 360 degrees. Several times until a beep is heard. Clockwise there you go, a beep is heard now hold it with the nose down and rotate it clockwise again until another beep is heard there you go, another beep is heard, i’ll rotate it one more time and the lights have gone solid as well and looks like.

I got zero satellite, so i’m gon na have to wait until i acquire all of the necessary gps satellites to have gps functionality. So in the meantime, let’s go ahead and turn on our app and going to the settings and connecting to the xl pro 5g wi fi network and the phone app is called the zlrc app. It is a free downloadable, app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out and clicking on. It will get me into the interface, and that is how it looks like. Let me go ahead and start my screen record and that beep is to indicate that i have acquired all of the necessary gps, and i have nine so far. It beeped as soon as it got eight. So starting the screen record and there we go and screen is recording i’m going to go directly into the interface. Take care of safety confirm and there you go. I got wi fi fpv, oh yeah, looking pretty nice. Okay, what you want to do is before you take off. You want to go ahead and calibrate the gyros of the quadcopter and on this one it also calibrates the the three axis gimbal, so long press the speeds button. Let’S, take a look at the camera as well and i believe it is calibrating – and i guess the camera was nice and horizon and it just moved a little bit and the lights now have gone solid.

So we are good to take off so first things. First let’s take a photo and see how the photo works a little bit of a delay. There you go. I saw a little flash, okay and there’s a progress bar as well, and somebody over there doing donuts. And if you can see that car doing donuts yeah. It snowed overnight a little bit, blanketed, okay and one over there. And it is a little bit slow to react, and i believe that is because of the three axis gimbal. It also has the yaw factor in it. Okay, all right take a photo of the landing pad and it doesn’t want to go down because of the three axis gimbal the pitch factor. Okay, another photo there so take a look and check it out here: i’m rolling, the quadcopter and it’s pretty level and i’m pitching the quadcopter up and down and it’s pretty level yawing and it does move but it’s supposed to help smooth the yaw as well. So i don’t know if i really like the yaw factory on the three axis gimbal on this one, all right so taking some photos there now let’s go ahead and take some videos, and i guess it just reacquired the necessary gps i’m going to go ahead and Hit the video icon or video button, the physical video button and there you go a counter showed up and it is recording as well. So let me just double check to make sure i got my screen record on yes, screen is still recording all right, so let’s go ahead and arm the quadcopter and take off so both sticks at the bottom and in arms.

The motors and disarms the motors and out arms, the motors and disarms the motors as well all right, so you need to arm the motors first and then hit the one key to take off and check it out. You guys see the obstacle avoidance module scanning. That is so cool and look at the position hold here. Wow there’s, no breeze, so that’s helping out so let’s go forward a little bit go up in altitude. Just a little bit here and check out the position hold, get it angry and whoa. It didn’t go directly back to its spot. It did a little toilet bowl activity first, but it did go back and it is holding position all right. So let’s go ahead and check it out here. Okay, what speed am i in okay speed number one? Okay, that is a full pitch and a full yaw in speed number one. So you want to take some nice videos. You want to fly this thing in speed. Number one: oh, i got some kind of prompt. Okay do i have wi fi fpv. I believe i do let’s go ahead and tilt the camera down here. I can’t see very well and there we go tilting the camera down all the way down to 90 degrees and tilting the camera up. Oh and it goes all the way up beyond the zero degrees. So let me just go ahead and hold it. Oh and it’s super fast.

It is not a controllable tilt. I’M. Just gon na go slightly up, and just like that and pitch and and the wi fi is very slow to react. No, it it is not it’s just it is very smooth wow. The three axis gimbal is a working okay, keep it right, there drop it down and let me go ahead and yaw back and forth, and roll back and forth and pitch forward and backward. Oh man, that is pretty nice all right, so let’s go ahead and check out let’s, see headless mode here, sending out a beep and check it out, i’m yawing and pushing it, and it is yawing. But it is going straight in a spin going to the right going to the left wall in a spin, so headless mode is working perfect, so let’s get out and let’s go to speed number two and check it out here. Speed number two full pitch and full yaw. Oh, i think what it is is the obstacle avoidance senses the ground because it’s pitching so it sent out some beeps, but the detection wasn’t imminent, so it still flew. Okay, all right so far, so good, okay, let’s go and check out the one key to land here and i got another prompt, uh. The obstacle avoidance, prompt, okay, let’s, go ahead and hit the one key to land and you can still redirect this path so i’m. Going to try and land on my landing pad here awesome, so wherever you take off from, is going to become your new home point, and this is going to be my new home point.

I took off from the table so when i do the return home, i wanted to come back and land on the landing pad and not on the table, all right, so we’re going to go ahead and take off one more time. I’M in the motors and this time i’m going to just manually, take off there you go. What i also wanted to do was check out one more thing here: all right: the camera tilt up i’m going to tilt it down a little bit and by pinching i am able to pinch to zoom here and i can move it around yeah there you go There’S a pinch to zoom i’m, not sure if it’s going to come out on the dvr, but on the app it comes out all right. So we took off from this spot. So now we are able to check out the return of home. So what i’m going to do right now is i’m going to go ahead and hit the return home button. Once i get myself out there very slow y’all, let me okay, even in speed number two, the yaw speed is pretty slow, so i’m gon na push it out right over here and i’m, going to go ahead and hit the return home, and it gave me another Warning prompt, okay, let me hit the return home and it is rising up in altitude. Beeps are emitted on the transmitter and it is heading its way back or is it still going up, it’s still rising up in altitude and it is turning around and it is heading back nice not too fast, nice and gentle, and it comes to a hover right.

Above the takeoff point, just about hovers there for a while and beeps are still being emitted, and it turns around oh it’s taking quite a long time and it starts to descend kind of catches itself slows down. Does it slow down a little bit more? Yes, it does. It slows down a little bit more and it’s going to miss the landing pad just by a little bit and there you go the motors turn off all right. So let’s put it back on the landing pad here and check out something else. Oh, what happened there something recorded and it stopped yeah something recorded and stopped. So let me go ahead and stop the video recording, okay and then restart the video recording. So i have that segment saved and let me check my screen record i’m gon na stop. My screen record okay and then i’m gon na go ahead and restart the screen record so that segment of the screen record is saved as well just being cautious here, alright, so there you go. That was a return home, so let’s go ahead and check out the fail, safe return to home manually, taking off and pushing it out and let’s see. Now you can also fly this quadcopter with the phone app as well so i’m. Not sure if this return home is going to work, the fail safe, i’m going to go up in the tilt angle here, a little bit all right, so let’s go ahead and turn off the remote control and see if the failsafe return home kicks in.

Turning off the remote control, i’m still recording so that’s, good and let’s see what happens here. It should rise up already and start heading back, so there is no fail. Safe return of home with just the hard remote turned off or disconnected because we still have the phone app turned on and it is still connected. I have a hint of that explanation in the user manual, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to hit the virtual sticks and see if i can fly this thing with the virtual sticks. Oh yeah, i can fly this thing with the virtual sticks, so we are still connected in a way. So it is not coming home all right, so i am able to fly this thing with the virtual sticks, all right. So here we go. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to turn off the um wi fi phone app i’m going to kill the wi fi phone app so i’m going to go ahead and stop the recording save that i’m going to keep the on screen recording on and i’m Going to go ahead and kill the app and see what happens here: okay, killing the app so i’m, not connected anymore. So let’s see what happens there. You go fail, safe, return, home kicking in all right before it lands i’m going to go ahead and see. If i can re connect with the hard remote, so turning on the hard, remote and looks like i have reconnected, because the quadcopter is not heading back and i am able to fly the quadcopter all right.

So i have re taken control of the quadcopter with the hard remote, so you need both of the devices to be off for the return home to work all right, so let’s see where i am now. Let me go ahead and see if i’m still connected to the wi fi network, and i am let me hit the app once again and go into the interface and do i have video. Do i have wi fi? Yes, i have wi fi fpv, nice, all right. So i’m going to go ahead and start the recording once again and there you go so we have fail safe return home and we have regular return to home. But on the fail, safe return home, you need both of the devices to be turned off all right and let’s just go and cruise around and do some fpv here go in the shade. Okay, one thing i want to mention is that this is the antenna that actually has the antenna wire running up it. So if you fly like this and look at the video on your phone, your antenna is actually sticking straight up forward. So uh the weakest part of this antenna is parallel to the antenna. So it is not a good idea to fly like this, because you’re pointing directly at the weakest area to the quadcopter. So what you want to do is point it towards the ground and perpendicular to this antenna is the strongest signal area.

So, by pointing it to the ground, you will cover the entire 360 degree radius because it cannot go up so i’m gon na point it down and check it out. This way there we go okay, pitching forward and yawing. Oh it’s, nice and smooth with the three axis gimbal. I think it is too smooth all right. It does stutter a little bit and there i am right here: okay, going to the left and turning around nice and slow, oh yeah it’s, very nice letting go of the yaw stick, but it continues a little bit because of the three axis gimbal. Okay, let me go away from myself straight ahead and turn around so it’s kind of hard to fpv, because there’s the yaw factor in the three axis gimbal there you go, i turned and i let go and now it is focusing on me so there’s a delay. So i don’t know if i really like that yaw factor in the three axis gimbal, but the pitch and the roll seems to be working very nice, okay, going right over me and turning around so quadcopter already turned around. But my video didn’t yeah so there’s a little bit of a delay all right, so let’s see how far this thing can go here, but it should have a nice smooth video because of the three axis gimbal. Now i could turn off the gps position: hold the gps on off button and fly smoother, but basically, when you turn off the gps, that means you’re flying with optical flow sensor and let’s go ahead and check out.

How far i can go here looks like 170 meters, 200 meters and 270 meters still going 15 meter in altitude, so i’m gon na raise it up. I can see it over there and it is still going. I still got video, so it’s got pretty decent video and i see that my battery level indicator is yellow, but it is not performing the return of home and i’m press keep pressing it pitching it forward and it is continuing to go and i’m at 650, almost 700 meters – and i still have video oh yeah – that is nice and i think the video has finally frozen, but it is not coming home yeah and i have two bars remaining on the battery life indicator, so i’m going to go ahead and bring it home. I don’t want to be out that far i’m going to go ahead and pull the sticks and looks like. I still have two bars remaining on the battery life indicator and i can see a small dot way over there and some birds. The birds are actually looking bigger than the quad and is it coming back? I am pulling the stick back, looks like it’s coming back i’m, not using the return of home button to return home and the birds are checking out the drone, and i see that it is coming back. Okay, so don’t hit the drone guys: okay, okay, my video is still frozen in time. I haven’t gotten it back and i see the drone right there, there’s a couple of birds and there we go okay, so return home hasn’t kicked in yet so i’m still good.

So it does have pretty good battery life, so i’m, coming down here and let’s, see. If i can reconnect with the wi fi, the wi fi is still frozen and the lights are still solid, doesn’t, look like it’s blinking or anything. Oh, the lights in the back are blinking red, but my video is frozen in time. Oh that’s, not good, okay. So what i’m going to do now is see if there’s, a geo, fencing it’s supposed to have a 20 meter geo fencing and there you go that’s. The geo fencing, so let me go ahead and bring it back and check it out and go this way. Okay, so battery is on the low side. So there is a geo fencing a 20 meter geo, fencing so let’s see. Okay, so there’s the geo, fencing let’s check out the obstacle avoidance real quick here before we run out of battery so here’s the car and let’s go directly towards the car and i am unable to go towards the car. So there we go there, you go. It froze i can either go to the right or go to the left or go above and continue, but i am unable to go forward once an obstacle has been detected so let’s. Try that one more time going towards the car yeah it won’t go any forward. One more time, let’s start from a little bit further back and go forward. There you go it stops, it won’t go any more forward, it takes a little while for it to sense it – and i am in speed number two and they re recommend that you do this in speed number one.

So yeah it does work. The obstacle avoidance does work so one more time there we go going towards. Oh it doesn’t even want to go from here. Okay, let’s go further back and go forward. Oh it doesn’t want to do that either. Okay, one more time nope. It does not want to go there, we go there, you go it stopped, it won’t go any more forward. There you go. My pitch. Stick is all the way forward and it won’t go. So you can either back up, go to the left, go to the right or go above the object and continue your flight. Ah, nice yeah and i got my wi fi back and looks like it – is telling me low, voltage and low battery, but we are still in phase one of low voltage, so it is a pretty long first phase of low voltage as well. This one okay geo, fencing boom there you go hit the geo fencing, so you are not able to go beyond the 20 meters and what is that? Okay, it’s telling me battery, is very low. I think, and the battery life indicator is just blinking away, so we shall just wait and see at this time. You should bring your quadcopter in and land your quadcopter, so you don’t deplete the battery all the way, but this is a test so i’m going to see what happens to the quadcopter once the battery is completely dry. Does it have a critical low voltage, return home and comes back home and lands itself so we’ll test and see if that occurs pretty nice quadcopter so far, and i love the build quality.

I love the design they’re all starting to look just like this, but this one actually has a kind of a different design. Instead of a stretched out design very similar to the original sg906 beast that one is was colorful. This one is just dark gray. So very nice and look at that. The optica optical avoidance module is just scanning away, so that is pretty cool. Okay on the bottom center of the screen, you also see like oh, the bird just, came and checked out my quadcopter look at this guy hello. You will get a prop strike if you do. Oh look, it’s rising up in altitude like i was saying, there’s kind of like a compass, a half, a moon compass on the bottom center of the uh display screen. It is going up and it is turning, and it is coming back not much farther to go right here. So it does have a critical low voltage return to home, which is just fantastic, so carefree. Flying guys, you don’t have to worry, it’ll come back home, no matter what and it has pretty good wi fi distance on this one. So really really nice go to the doctors tomorrow, my kid so there you go, slows down. It’S gon na miss the landing pad by a little bit, but that is still pretty good, looks like it’s gon na land right on the dirt area. There there you go nice little landing and the motors turn off very nice all right guys.

So that’ll conclude my video uh, the review video and the flight test, video of the zlrc or the zl sg906 max.