I thought i’d order, it so i’m gon na do a quick, unboxing, real, quick and all right now, here’s. What it’s all got on it? It’S got follow me mode. Gesture control gesture photo just a recording, unlocked electronic cloud platform 50 times zooming foldable design, beauty, camera, music, mv, editor and trajectory flight it’s got altitude, hold three speed rates. Uh. Let me unbox it real, quick here, because i’m really anxious to take it out for a flight. I haven’t messed with this i’ve had for about a month. Now it comes with your quad foldable quad holdable quad. I don’t like it because the arms don’t lock in that’s the only thing i don’t like about it it’s got a camera. Wi fi, like i said, the arms don’t lock in that’s a bad thing about it. It comes with a usb charging cable. It comes with one battery, i believe, it’s, a 3.7 1200 milliamp battery rechargeable prop guards, here’s the controller and the antennas are fake. You know that here’s how you do it. You got your phone holder here. You got a one key. Take off! Stop camera video! You got your speed rate return to home, headless mode and 3d rows, but when you pull down this right handle it it kicks on the drum kicks on the controller and the drone and, like i said it comes with prop guards here: basic stuff: extra props screwdriver, Your manual basic stuff, you guys i just want to do a short unboxing, so i can take it out and do a flight i’ll see you guys outside i’ll i’m, getting ready to take it out for a flight i’ll, see you guys there.

Thank you see you in a few. Welcome back you guys, i’m, outside i’m gon na, do a real short flight review of it and see how she flies and then i’ll check out the camera later date, all right, she’s on hope. You guys enjoy the flight here. We go, one can take off. We got wind out here today, so let me try to trim her up a little bit there. She is you guys pretty steady let’s. Do it for that. What do you say you guys front? Flip let’s, try backflip, we got ta, say backflip how about five flips there’s, one type flip? How about the other one we’re gon na say got three rates to it. I’M, in second rate right now, try to get her trimmed up. I believe it’s, the wind wind that’s, messing with me, like i said, it’s got a camera one key take off and landing see what y’all look like: that’s secret, y’all, third rate third rate y’all. Oh yeah that’s crazy. You guys, i don’t know what the distance on it, but i really don’t want to try to check it out. She flies great. I have no complaints. I, like the little thing i got about four or five mile an hour wind out here today. I don’t want to take it up too high, but she flies great she’s, pretty stable right there look at her. I just wanted to bring it out to a short flight.

I’Ve had this for a month now, and i haven’t did nothing with it. I haven’t even flown it. This is the first time he’s taking it out for a flight. I think she flies great there. She is sitting up here, hovering guys, let’s, try one one keeps landing and see if i can hand catch it, we got ta say there, we go you guys. That was perfect. I think supplies great i’ll, bring it out next time and try to get the camera to work on it, see how it does. I appreciate you guys stopping by and checking out my channel. I really do i appreciate it.