I know these unboxings are incredibly boring. Okay, but uh. I didnt think that i could squeeze the um the showing you of this thing uh in that short format. You know in that 60 seconds thing that im im doing that now, with most of my unboxings, is the 60 seconds, because i unboxings you know. I know they get a little bit. They get a little bit monotonous, so were just gon na. Do it this way, but im gon na make it as painless as possible, with the cuts and stuff like that. So lets get down here and get into this all right guys. The first thing were going to do is take a look at this controller, the zero zero blast off controller. It sounds pretty cool blast off. All right lets. Look at it all right there. It is right there, its really nice, and it feels real. It has a really nice feel to it and hey dji check this out. I like this design down here, where it just folds back from behind, and you pop the phone in right there in the front and then the gimbals store back here see just pop them off right there and right there. Yeah looks pretty good theres your charge. Ports right there theres your micro, usb or no your usbc and then your regular usb port for connecting the controller or firmwares or whatever it is. You need to do and then these just screw right in here and theyre, steel or aluminum milled theyre, not plastic or anything like that: theyre metal, okay, so yeah heres, your emergency stop button! Here.

Your return to home button here photo video, some dials, you know dial it in then your antennas come up here. Yeah real cool. All right lets get that v. Copter out. Oh excuse me: they give you a little neck, strap which can hear us that theres nowhere to hook it up. So maybe not using it all right. Let me give you a few specs on it: heres the quadcopter and the accessories itself. The quadcopter weighs in at 760 grams. It has a 4.3 mile transmission distance which to say im. Skeptical of that is the understatement of the century: okay, itll shoot 4k 30 or a and down to 720 60 and its got a 400 uh 4500 milliamp hour battery, which the battery is quite large in this thing, and so are the props. The props are pretty damn long right there, okay, theyre, pretty big okay, so inside the box there you get the charger. You know you get your complimentary screwdriver. You get the cord to plug the charger. In some. You know usb action heres the legs. It comes with a little stand. You can use it or you cannot its your preference, the spare props, and then you get that manual now im going to show you this. I took this sticker off already. So when i cracked this open, there was a caution sticker on here that i took off and all it was was to remind you to press the buttons in when youre releasing the uh arms okay.

So you take the quadcopter out of the box like that and theres these buttons and thats what the sticker was for. You to remind you to press those buttons in like that when youre gon na release the arms like to bring the arms up like that, okay, so you then you would pl press it in on the other side and bring it up like that. Also. So let me get this out of the way, so you would see it like that. Okay, so itll sit there like that. Then you spin the motors up in the air like this and open this up to launch and then what you also wanted to do is uh. When you went down here, you wanted to make sure the button popped out. So you would want to that. You hear that okay, so it just popped out all the way and then over here i would do the same thing and what you did it popped out a little bit right there, too heres the camera right here. The gimbal cover actually goes on and off pretty easily, which is nice compared to some of these other ones like the evo 2 and some of these other ones. So the battery is right here and then you just slide this down and pop that out right, like that theres some obstacle avoidance in the front right there and some sensors of some sort there and then theres our light in the back right there right here.

The light the batterys not charged uh im, not gon na turn it on right now, but uh im gon na get it charged up and get it outside flying as soon as humanly possible. Believe me, im dying to fly this thing and then here ill just go. Show you the app real, quick. The app right here is just called v copter its right there and when you turn the app on you have to register and all that mumbo jumbo. You know its real simple stuff. You know its its easy stuff. You just set up an account because it wont even let you use the app without logging into the account. So you have to go through all that stuff, but its its easy, its just boom boom. You know you know: theyll, you youll sit there and youll put the information in and then theyll send you a confirmation code. You just click on that and youre in so its real simple, but the battery yeah the battery is really beefy so yeah. It may get 50 minutes of flight time. Probably id be happy with 30, but lets go with the uh theyre claiming 50. and i actually seen a couple demonstrations of it. It went actually longer than that. So all right guys, there you go.