So this is a nice casual drone had the predecessor the pulse um to this earlier on, but unfortunately im a terrible drone pilot. But apparently this has one button. Take off and land im excited to see this hopefully results in me, not just breaking it. First time i take it out, see the risk of the kids ganking this out of jv hot fire is quite real, all right all right. She gets a little well and a looks like this is where you open it from so capture this guy. So theyve done a really good job on this box, as you can tell so far, um everything looks really nice, so i was gifted this one brother, its really cool um, so theres, the actual manual thats, the receipt um weve got, looks like a little cable and Four sets of propellers spare propellers, which is great um a little screwdriver as well. Uh micro usb well, look to it nice little wall charger, not too bad at all. This is the actual drone itself very, very light, very, very light and some propeller protectors – and this is quite nice – actually um nice little trigger buttons on it, its quite cool. You can kind of see what theyre going for like a little bit of that xbox vibe, which would make sense, somethings broke dont fix it. I try and reinvent the wheel. You dont have to um its got nice little grips on. It makes it feel a lot more like substantial and youve got these little little protective things.

I wonder what the emergency is for. Does it just stop it anyway ill read through the manual charge, everything up and then well take her out. The whole thing is out of focus Music, all right, guys, im just going to show you something real, quick um. So it looks like this is where the slot used to go on these and not anymore, so it looks like they may have discontinued. The memory card function because when we have a look inside theres nothing in there, so what it looks like ive seen another review of this drone about eight months old and in the in the review. He said that um, you cant control it from an app um and you need to use the memory card. So what they might have done is designed an app and then foregoing having to put a memory card slot in there um, which is cool, because at least we can view it on the phone in real time or control it from the phone or whatever um. So ive downloaded the app and well see how we go with that batteries. Charge lets see how we go. Okay, guys its the first bit of footage from the actual drone itself. Um lets. Take it straight out of the box start goofing around, so you can actually um control the drone on the app as well. So you can make it take flight on the app theres a little button that you got ta press that the controls come up um, so youve got a big dead, pixel spot in your phone like mine.

I just had to guess where it was um, which was where the dead dead pixel zone was but yeah. Now it takes some fairly decent uh video um. It does its advertising 720p on the box, um to be honest, uh, my s10 has taken a few hits. So it looks about as good as anything that ive got at the moment uh. So here we start taking flight and yeah. I wasnt kidding about being a terrible drone pilot um ill, probably go for another test drive. Oh look! How good that footage is bang into a tree were just using the remote as the remote, but for the purpose of this video i wanted to use the phone app um just so i can get some live footage. So, as you can see, it looks a little bit uh drawn out like the color, but i think overall it looks really nice uh, especially for the price you pay im, just going to learn how to drive it properly. Um it does get carried around in the wind quite easily, so i could feel like a bit of a strong breeze on my back and then uh the bushes were facing my back. So, every time i flew this drone, it just wanted to go straight back straight back to the um to the bushes, but you know overall, you know, i think its pretty good drone um, especially if the price you pay. You just got to find a nice place on a nice day to take it out where theres not much wind um, whereas we got a lot of uh summer wind today.

Take it up again get a bit higher and im just trying to steer backwards, but yeah.