If that even makes any sense, theyre likely to drop their own token and with that could be nothing short of huge potential free gains for using a great free service, this isnt a sponsored video, this isnt, a shill im going to talk to you about something i Use every day in cryptocurrency and thats going to be zapper phi if youre, an incredible boss coin, subscriber youve already heard me talk about it, but weve never dedicated a full video to it. Just like weve, never dedicated a full video to the most deserving tales. Our resident sheba, anu doge, the most beautiful pup in the game she works here. She owns vosscoin shes, the owner of the vosscoin youtube channel. I work here make sure to stop that subscribe, but today were going to be reviewing zaprify its also going to serve us. A tutorial and a pitch on why you should be using it not only to become eligible for the free potential incoming airdrop, but also just to literally keep track of your stuff and try to maximize your gains. Have you ever wanted to get into bitcoin mining, but you dont know where to start well wed recommend our sponsor compass, who not only will connect you with mining farms and you can host bitcoin miners there, but now they also sell bitcoin miners that theyll ship directly To your house learn more about compass, with the link out in the video description below making money with crypto earning passive income and active income, thats kind of the name of the game.

Right you get into cryptocurrency because you love the tech or you get in the cryptocurrency to make money, or in my case, both right and im, not ashamed to admit that by any means i absolutely love cryptocurrency, its incredibly fun rewarding and uh lucrative. So not financial advice lets jump into todays. Video were going to be talking about zapper.file link it out in the video description below its, not a referral link, its just a short link, my friend, and so they have their quest part which im really excited to talk about. But zaprify is a d fire decentralized finance tool. I have one wallet that i use on multiple blockchains. It helps me just keep track of everything im doing. What do i have on ethereum avalanche phantom optimism, polygon finance, smart chain? What protocols am i invested in? How much money do i have in there and are my funds sitting in my wallet in vaults liquidity pools and they have many tools that help you earn more and its just its very its very interesting. But before i go further, lets just lead with something very powerful here. They just hit 1 million monthly active users, they surpassed 10 billion in total transaction volume and they have 100 000 followers on their bird app and spoiler by the way, really weird way to say it. In my opinion, the bird app means theyre excited that they surpassed 100k on twitter. They dont have another app called bird app or something crazy for this video im going to assume that you know what metamask is and you have it set up.

If you dont great news, we have video guides on exactly that. What is metamask, how to set it up and how to set it up with different blockchains? Not only do we have our original metamask tutorial guide, but we have a tutorial video on how to get started with the avalanche, blockchain, phantom matic and many others, but lets briefly look into the background of zaprify kind of where to come from whos associated. How do they get started? So per angel.co theyve raised 17 million dollars. They have a few co founders, several team members and a few advisors, one of the popular people associated with zapper and help push it. You know forward and just get it in front of a lot. More people was defy dad d5. Dad is kind of born out of the git coin ecosystem investor. He makes youtube videos and other content. Hes very active hes popular on twitter and basically hes been a really positive voice for zapper phi and, if youre unfamiliar with get coin, its. Basically, a kickstarter for cryptocurrency powered by cryptocurrency, most like specifically ethereum its eth focused and just a lot of ethereum core community members and projects all revolve around this git coin, airdropped their own token and git coin. Grants have been the biggest catalyst to lead people to get become more eligible for free crypto. Airdrops were really fortunate. Weve been able to refer 4 242 people to get coin, and so we dont really get anything other than these kudos nfts that arent really worth anything on their platform, but its really cool.

Just to see this number weve had our own grants on there as well, and so did zapper find thats how it got started until they really started taking off. Zapper is an asset management platform geared to making d5 as accessible as possible. Zapper is a merger between a d5 zap and defy snap to entirely self funded projects and theres several community members here and again d5 dad really kind of jumped on the microphone and tried to push this project forward. As it stands now, zapperfy has become an incredibly useful tool. It was useful, then, its more useful than ever now, but i want to pause it right there for a second and just remind you that the people associated with this project are born out of a community that pushed their projects forward with airdrops like the git coin. Airdrop was huge, made some people, six figures, the ens ethereum name service airdrop was huge. It made some people six figures, theres been many other incredibly interesting and lucrative airdrops like badger and bright id among many others, all basically born or you could have gotten access to them out of the git coin, grant ecosystem, which is why we always recommend participating in This system, but that alone makes this, in my opinion, a sure bet for this token, to drop – probably just simply the zap zapp token over the next year, if not much sooner. But how would you become eligible because airdrops are getting tighter and tighter to fight and push back against airdrop hunters? Well, its pretty simple quests and with quests you get rewards theres one time.

Actions like setting an avatar theres weekly actions like adam, remove liquidity, exchange tokens and earn interest all from within their platform here and, of course, a daily check in so you can see. I have volts and you rack them up and then, whenever you feel like it, you can go ahead and merge them with your account and as they have here in the little note, happy introduced quest levels and xps rewards youll, be able to mint nfts. So nfts have their own like function and reward here. How much does it cost to merge your volts? Well, an average gas fee, and this is kind of what ive seen historically average, depending on when you do it or cost you like, 10 to 40 50 dollars, because ethereum gas fees are just atrocious, but its important to do this for numerous reasons, one just getting Access to your vaults, which you can use to mint different nfts and you commit numerous nfts and then combine them to get the silver version and the gold version, and then theres trophies in here and the trophies are basically as cool as it gets. Right. So lets say i wanted to get in on the action. Ive done these tasks and i have these nfts. So i could go ahead and minus aphrodite thats going to cost 1 000 volts. I sign the transaction and then, from there im, prompted to complete a transaction which is the actual contract interaction.

This is the actual minting of the nft, so for forty dollars i can mend an nft with the votes i earned from these rewards, but again like why. Well, non fungible tokens have their own inherent value and, as you can see pretty quickly, the mint went through i minted one zaphrodite or that nft, and then it will show up in my nfts on the ethereum blockchain. So i could navigate over to my openc account because again that you know thats where ethereum nfts are non fungible tokens are traded among many other places, itll pop up here shortly. You can see that i have a silver version of the ave ghost from this season. On here already has a value of 61. im not going to clear the gas fees on that right now, but the project could take off. The nfts could gain a lot of popularity in the future so to sort of round it out before i drone on and on – and i jump into just kind of how do you do all this stuff section with this youre leveling up by doing these quests the Higher level, the more likely you are to become eligible for the airdrop and then get a higher percentage of the airdrop. You also commit nfts with your votes that you reward thats. The only way to get these other than just simply buying them and nothing is cooler than minting them, and they may have some kind of reward multiplier built in for how many nfts you minted or if you had a gold one or whatever else, theres a lot Of ways to try to just reward that kind of core and key community, and that would revolve mainly out of minting, nfts and leveling.

Up so doing, those actions are what are is going to make you most likely to get the cryptocurrency airdrop and a higher percentage and what weve seen in this market lately. This could be a five figure: six figure cryptocurrency airdrop like, depending on your participation, obviously its not guaranteed. This may never even happen just just to be clear on that uh, but im very confident on this and im very excited. But how do you actually like use? The service here well first off lets, switch to a different block chain, so we dont just get obliterated in fees, so lets go to the matic main net, so im going to go ahead and turn two dollars into matic. I want to make a decentralized trade here. Zaprify is going to function as a decentralized exchange aggregator its supposed to crawl and find me the best deal but theyre going to charge me a fee for doing that. First, i have to allow their smart contract or decentralized application, their dap to be able to spend my token if they need access to it. Whatever token the just blockchain operates off of, for example, ethereum or bnb on the binance smart chain or matic on the polygon network right, you dont have to approve those, but if youre dealing with a token thats traded on top, you do, for example, im allowing them To spend my usdt here once that is allowed ill, be able to complete this trade.

They take a small cut of this right and with that small cut, they make money and if they find you a better deal, youre likely to give them a cut and still make more money. Ive had good experience with zaprify and their exchange function. Ive tested it head to head against the built in swap function with metamask and lets go ahead and do another test right now, so were going to go ahead and go ahead and swap to usdt from attic and im exchanging 2 usdt for 1.2829 matic. The same trait metamask said that the best deal that they can find us is 1.276 well go ahead and complete that swap just to make it real right. But that is a perfect quick example that metamask just takes a massive fee and and they absolutely suck yet. I still complete some swaps here and there with metamask, because they are also likely to go ahead and do a token air drop. So we are just living in a crazy time here, but thats how you complete a decentralized exchange with them crawling the different options for you lets say i wanted the quick swap token and i wanted to turn some usdt or whatever other token into that. Well, no surprise getting the quick token: the best route would be to go to quick swap, but if youre dealing with a bunch of different blockchains, you have to learn the best decentralized exchanges on all of them and then still some.

Sometimes there are alternative ones that you dont normally use. They could find you a better deal. Also, you only expose yourself to the risk of approving tokens with zapper phi, as opposed to 10 different cryptocurrency exchanges. If something bad were to happen, its sort of like mitigating your risk, but its not necessarily that simple and there are some counterpoints you can put to that, but ill be happy to have that debate. If you want to come on the channel and talk about it so with that said, i click over to the pool function, provide being a liquidity provider, you earn fees. So what i can do is its pretty cool, so, instead of going out there and buying wrapmatic and ethereum, i can just take the matic in my wallet say: i want to dump one matic into this, and this is how much theyll be able to get me For a liquidity or lp or liquidity provider, tokens for this liquidity provider pairing but whats, really cool here i can just put that in and i can click confirm they handle everything else. For me, i dont have to go. Buy these other cryptocurrency tokens. I dont have to go to sushi, swap i dont have to put the tokens in. I take one token and the term used to be zapping. You zap right into it and huge shout out to grueso greer, the incredible guy period and from our community. You can meet him in our discord server.

He was the first one to show me this among many other incredible things and uh, if you havent already youre missing out on so much alpha. If you are not, in the vice coin, discord server and on the vos coin, talk forum thats a shameless plug show, if you want to say so, but the facts remain, that we have the best and smartest and most active community in the game. Hey guys, its miss vosk and im here to talk to you about deck sport dexport is a new played and earned decentralized. Crypto platform users can interact with sports, crypto and games. They even just hosted a contest for the dota 2 international 2021 event. Deck sport has its own token desu or d e s. U, which is hosted on the binance smart chain and is available for trading on pancake swap and kanga exchange. Their team is doxed, and users can get a thousand dollars in test money to try out their platform right now, thanks to dexport for sponsoring this video, you can learn more about them with the link out in the video description below matic is not the fastest blockchain, But the fees are incredibly cheaper than just say using ethereum, so this will like soon be added, the value will go up and and the quantity will go up there as well. But what they also offer is easy access to the save function, and so lets say see now that was just completed getting ahead of myself and boom.

It updates, and just like that now you provide liquidity which, by the way that would allow you to redeem this quest and the first exchange i did would allow you to redeem this quest and if i click over to save, i can now earn interest on my Crypto currencies so lets say i wanted to go ahead and earn seven percent on my usdt, which absolutely blows away any thing you could get in a normal bank account pretty astonishing. So again. First, i have to allow them to spend my usdt were doing a different kind of contract interaction here, and so it needs a different kind of approval. So i go ahead and approve that, and i say yeah you can spend my usdt and once that is completed ill, be able to enter it into the pool. So now, if i disappear for a second, you can see that that was approved and i can go ahead and confirm putting this into basically ave v2. And what what theyre doing here zappify is just routing me right along and its giving me easy access from one dashboard and their dashboard again is so simple right. So they show me the markets right here that are available on polygon and i quickly see theres only a couple, interesting ones at these current rates that are always subject to change by the way. So, if i wanted to do that, i could just click deposit. I dont even have to have the usdt lets say i want to throw just some of my matic at it.

I can put 10 in and theyre like okay. This is going to give you 15.5 usdt and its going to be put right into av2. Basically, theyre really just simplifying it and theyre doing so many things under the hood behind the scenes and just allowing you to operate with a simple and easier just less convoluted, just sit like scenario: makeup im, just im just dumping words at this point, but basically, instead Of going out there and buying usdt and navigating to ave v2 and then clicking on the polygon section, you can just come down here: click deposit and turn whatever coins into it and boom. Just like that youre earning interest on your cryptocurrencies and again once you complete that that also satisfies the earned interest function and you can earn rewards on that and so then youre leveling up youre getting uh youre completing these quests. You can redeem them for these rewards and, above all, youre just doing things that will help you make money while also becoming eligible for their airdrop. If it happens, you know again to be clear and then i can come back to my dashboard and see where all my stuff is on ethereum bsc and whatever else, and and we look at the protocols right on ave v2, we can see these are my tokens That i have on aveb2. Obviously these are just kind of test transactions. I only have 16 its not that interesting, but i have a claimable amount here that it reminds me of and thats really useful and what theyve some i recently added is just a straight claimable tab.

So if i click on claimable, i can see all of these different crypto currencies that i could claim and lets say. I want to claim this git coin. Well, get coins been doing pretty freaking good, even though its dipping down lately its been super cool to see where this coin is gone. You know trading pretty low for the last month and just off to the races. If you held the airdrop youre having an incredible time as always fortune favors the bold fortune, favors the bold and the longer you hold cryptocurrencies – that are good projects on average. Well, now you make money its not financial advice, but lets say with plenty of time to buy this token around eight dollars, and it goes all the way up to over twenty two dollars, with a ton of liquidity, backing that by the way, thats a pretty easy. 3X in retrospect, but again im getting off topic. The point here is that it helps you monitor where you have all your stuff, and you know how you can reap these rewards and thus compound your earnings like having 200 sitting there in fox tokens. If i could just compound that and put it back into uh, you know where im farming it thats it especially compared to my farm size there. I would be like doubling my interest earnings. The problem here, though, that youll face many many times, are just going to be ethereum gas fees, its so expensive to do all this stuff on ethereum, which, again, is why im showing you showing you this on polygon matic, and why i use binance smart chain.

All the time and why ive been having more fun with avalanche and phantom and so forth. All these alternative blockchains, because you know ethereum, is just too clogged up and expensive to use. If youre looking for something a little bit crazier than zapper5, then you might want to check out todays video sponsor hector down just to be clear, this is not investment advice. Whatever you do with your money. Is your decision and your decision alone, so hector dao is ranked 2807 by market cap by coin market cap, so hector dao is a ohm fork. That means hector. Dial is a decentralized protocol, its kind of like a smart contract or a dap, a decentralized application, its based on heck or the heck token, which is collateralized and backed by the hector dao. If you dont know, dao stands for decentralized autonomous organization and again they are a fork of own ohm, built on the phantom network. Many times, weve watched people bring popular projects from one blockchain to another blockchain and find great success. A perfect example of this will be pancake, swap bringing decentralized exchange technology two, the buying at smart chain and then achieving massive success being worth billions of dollars. Hector aims to maintain price stability, its an algorithmic reserve currency algorithm. That means that its a rebasing token and you better understand what a rebasing token is and how your tokens are going to change before you ever jump into a rebasing token and then be like what are the amount of coins i have changed.

They also have other things: liquidity pool fees as well as bond sales increase the hectares treasury revenue they also lock in liquidity and help control the hex supply bonds allow investors to purchase their heck tokens at a discount. The trade off for that is that the heck tokens bought will be claimable over a period of five days like all owned. Forks theyre focused on their treasury treasury inflow is increasing the treasury balance and backs the outstanding heck tokens and regulates the staking apy or interest rate which, if you dont know interest rates on these own forks, are kind of crazy. The good news is theres. Another way you can earn heck tokens with your head tokens right, so you can stake them and basically staking coins earn an interest on them. You stake them up into the treasury and you earn interest based on how many coins are staking and the variable interest rate right now, its in the hundred thousands of percents. But how safe is this because doesnt matter, if you make money, if you lose it yeah? Oh newsflash welcome to class. Well, the good news is theyve changed the original wording from their website where they said has hectorman audited and they said theres no need for hector to be audited because its just a fork, but if its just a fork – and they changed absolutely nothing – you could sort Of make that argument, but they have modified things in the code, even if its just minor now per their doc section, they are having an audit completed by sir tick.

If hector dao is interesting to you, learn more about it with the link out in the video description below another thing that i want to note is you: can click on zaprify and navigate between different addresses and you can perform all of these tasks on different cryptocurrency Addresses they even make it so easy that you can bundle them together, but im skeptical that if youre, you know really trying hard to farm this, you bundle the addresses together. You do these transactions back to back to back that theyre, going to find a way to box you out from getting a huge airdrop and just kind of reward you as just being one user and really from their point of view. It makes sense, because you know theres got to be some sort of cap at one. Two three addresses i can understand operating under a couple. Different addresses, thats, okay, and i respect that. But theres no reason someone should be using 10, 20, 100 addresses and then getting an airdrop for that, finding a way to reward the heavy users that are doing these things well, thats going to be a key component with their airdrop. If its going to be a smart airdrop and that will lead to a more lucrative air drop if youre able to meet their parameters, so i dont want to go on and on today. Zapper5 is really cool. I honestly use it. They didnt pay for this video because for some reason, once you get over 100 000 subscribers people think that every video you do you just sold out for like a million dollars, and you just chill i i dont know its its a little exhausting to always feel Like you have to defend yourself in this space, but i also understand like the skepticism, because there are so many hidden ads from different content creators and people that especially they call themselves an influencer, thats telltale sign im, not an influencer im, a content creator and i Firmly believe that and its shaped by the way that i try to operate and make content, and so anyway getting off topic.

Yet again, my friends im done. I hope you enjoyed todays video. I hope that by the end of this video, you now understand what zaprify is a little bit of the background, a little bit of the excitement with this potential airdrop how to participate not only to hunt that airdrop right, but also with just using their platform, making Exchanges, saving or earning interest on your cryptocurrencies lending them out and providing liquidity, which provides you returns as a liquidity provider. You get a small percent fee of every trade that happens as always, nothings guaranteed but year over year. I make more money in cryptocurrency and i hope that you do too its not financial advice, but i will advise you to slap that subscribe button hit the thumbs up. Leave a comment below i will see you tomorrow were uploading daily, please be advised. There are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I dont want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes. Only.