Wait let's, wait school. I hope I pronounced that correct. Lucas was first to say first of all, my recent videos – Oh actually, I'm. Probably one of my videos. Probably a couple months ago, I didn't forget you, though, but congratulations good morning quite come to one, oh one here with a review of the new C 53 Cessna. What is the Z 53 Cessna? Well, as you look at it, you can see here that this is probably telling you. This is one of those two channel pusher planes or two Channel differential thrust planes and that's. Indeed, what it is now, why am i interested in reviewing it? Well, originally, this was listed as a three channel plane and on the site that I got this from. Unfortunately, I think they made an error. This is not a three channel plane. Folks, the the listing the original listing of this is wrong and I'm going to ask the sponsor to correct that. This is really just a two channel plane. There is no elevator control on this okay, so this is not three channel 2 channel. Only which means control is strictly through these motors here, pushing it right or left to turn it right or left. But what let's talk a little more about it, though it is gyro stabilized, ok, so that eases control of the airplane, to keep it from pitching over or or looping over. You know going forward or back or right or left or left right to prevent it from flipping over in an ineffective, a kit easier for big enterprise.

However, it's not really automatic, ok, if you do get into problem, you know you start getting into these rollercoaster. Fugue lloyd oscillations cut off the throttle, and then that is when the gyro kicks in when this aircraft supposedly that's in the instructions folks so cut off the throttle and that will automatically level the aircraft and bring it back to smooth flight. Ok, other things about it: it's only 31 Garant grams with the battery included, so in most countries this will not require registration. Ok, so that registration or licensing or whatever your particular country, has this particular aircraft in most countries. You should not have a problem flying this we're running into problems with the authorities, and I doubt that anybody's going to really complain about this anyways. As this is a toy aircraft. The toy beginners learn to fly aircraft that's. What it's intended for it does have a transmitter that supposedly gives you 200 meter range. However, I find it hard to believe with this little toys. Transmitter can actually give you to our meter range let's go over the transmitter, real quick. You guys throttle. There is no left or right movement on on this stick, so this is throttle only the increased throttle. The aircraft will climb and go up. You decrease the throttle. The aircraft will descend and come down. If you want to turn left or right. You move this. Stick here left or right and the aircraft will go left right.

It doesn't the stick does not go up or down so again. This does not have any elevator control on the aircraft as it was originally advertised. It also has a high low rates, which would you press here for a higher rate or quicker turns shorter room diameter turns you activate that it should do that. These two buttons up here does have a trim for yaw. So if your aircraft is drifting left or right, you can counter that by repeatedly pressing these one of these buttons in the opposite direction until the aircraft stops. Turning in uncommanded terms now other things about mention it, it does have a PP phone it's, constructive, EEP, EEP, EEP EEP EEP EEP EEP um, so it should be pretty resistant to impact with the ground. If you do crash it again, I mentioned it is a two channel aircraft is strictly controlled by the motors. Increased power on the motors aircraft goes up decrease power by you're lowering throttle the aircraft comes down. If you want to turn right or left, one of these motors will turn faster than the other to push it or right or left, and give you that's how you get the turn command with this aircraft. Oh let's see I've mentioned what you comes with one thing. I want to show you real quick before we go into, that is this door, the bottom door of the the battery door for the aircraft is where you put the battery in there, you insert the battery in there and connect it to the flight control board, and This flight control board is both your receipt and he's also contains the gyros for this particular aircraft, but you plug it in right there and if you notice, it is a little jst, 1.

25 plug so it's kind of an unusual plug for this particular battery. The battery that you get with it again, it has the jst 1.25 plug on it. Micro jst also known as MC X plug, but it is a three point: seven volt three hundred milli ampere hour battery, that is with dimensions of 75 2035 written on it, and that means 7.5 millimeters, thickness, 20 millimeters width and 35 millimeters length. So if you want to look for replacement batteries, you'll find plenty of 75. 20 35 is out there. However, you're gon na might have a hard time finding this, but one of those 70 20 35 s with this MC X plug is micro, jst 1.25. So you might have to put your own plug on. There is what I'm saying, but what else do you get in this box? You get the battery, you get its charger for that particular type of connector and you plug into a micro or into a USB port. Either on your computer or on a wall charger, this little battery could be charged on your computer because it's under 500 milliamp per hour, and that should be chargeable by just plugging into the USB port of your computer. Other things you get with, it is a spare set of propellers, which I'm I want to talk about those propellers, real, quick and a prop puller, and you use this prop lures. If you notice it has a little wedge on it, you know to get to the prop off.

You just slide this in there and push it in and it should pry it off. In effect, now the propellers again, these propellers are the only ones that are powered. If you notice they're, the only ones that have a motor, this propeller here is just for decoration. It doesn't, I don't, think it'll spin in the wind it's. It does turn, but I blow I blow an air on it and it doesn't spin, at least for mine we'll, see when we take it out and fly it, but you don't really want it to spin in effect Vogue's. If it does spin that increases the drag of the aircraft and will slow it down so really it should not be allowed to wood mill in the air. If you can prevent it from doing such. If yours does spin, I recommend probably putting a piece of glue on it to reduce that spin, because that does increase drag if that become, does an autogyro effect like spitting in the wind. I think I've mentioned everything about this particular craft and one thing about the controller powered by three Triple A batteries. I forgot to mention that, but other than that, we should be ready to go so let's. Take this thing out into the field and give it a flight and see elf, and I so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here out in a beautiful day out here in the desert, with a Z 53, I hope everybody's practicing good social distancing.

These days yeah, I know I am normally. I would fly this at the park folks, but I don't know how hyper the local authorities are over there, so I play it safe. I came out here in the desert to do this. Fine. This is also where I go taking my dog for a walk in the morning, so it's a good place to fly to so that's. Why I'm flying this tiny little airplane in this huge open space? So just let you know okay to turn this on. It does have an onoff switch that's. One of the things I forgot to tell you, but there is a switch on the bottom, the batteries already plugged in, and you turn it on throw that switch. If I can see it there, it is, and you get a blinking right red light, put it on the ground, leave it undisturbed on the ground and then turn on your transmitter and then move the left, stick up and then down to bind the controller to the Airplane, so we should be ready to fly okay, so holding it in my right hand, where you are going to hand toss it today check out the motors, and here we go just beam up, reducing throttle bit. Turning to the left, does it need to be bumped? No nice proportional tuning, so what does that tell me? Normally these little uh channel Flyers that turns really nice producing throttle really what's the climb these normally these little to channel Flyers require bumped.

Turning this one doesn't that and the reason being that gyro the gyro assist on this eliminates the need for the buck. Turning now, this thing flies very nice, very slow and let me bring it down and I should be that high. You should be able to fly this one in a gym. Does it turn radius on? This is very, very sharp trying to forget it a little closer turning the other way now let's go to high rate turn. Radius becomes really sharp, increasing, throttle increasing the throttle, then Inlet gun stick see. If I get a loop, it no that's a trick. You can do with these some of these two cycle, not two cycle but to channel planes. The spring is down lower. I am not really far away folks I'm, only about 30 40 feet away, but I know this camera is gon na make this look like it's. A hundred miles away so cutting the throttle back real big time, bringing it down it likes the thermal up. There zipping it back forth, trying to bring it in okay enough of that to the left going back to wall right, that's, too sharp of turn. Now wind is picking up in my back here it's going into the wind going downwind now coming back into the wind. This is very easy. Flyer turn it around. Now it has 200. I can't believe it 200 meter range down. I really sincerely dot this as 200 meter range, but if it did there's no way, you're gon na see this greater than about 80 meters away.

It'S gon na disappear through this tiny little airplane. So there's no way you can fly this 200 meters, maybe with binoculars it's gon na try to keep it closer to be dry by best to keep it close. Let'S go awry me turning turning turning turn it harder, yeah, very good, little beginners plane. It is not 3 channel. I don't know why they were advertising. This is 3 it's. Obviously, a two channel plane easy to fly to channel plane. Just show you what I'm going little little turn I'm pretty sure most people could be able to fly this thing. A little harder now again as per the instruction manual, if you go into few, go ahead, just cut back the throttle you don't have to cut it out all the way back, just lower the throttle, in other words right now, I'm at 50, 50 and it's, climbing. So let me reduce it a little bit more about there enough to just keep it in the air. Now that front propeller is not spinning, nor should it get, as I mentioned, if you think, if it is spinning better increase the throttle here do the turn. If it is spinning that would create a lot of drag so that front propeller on this is stationary and hopefully so do some throttle bringing it back down lower. I try to bring it in closer. So did everybody miss me the past couple of months it's. Just nothing was nothing becoming new that because of rotavirus, this is the first thing they hit there that I've received past two months.

I have a lot of things promised on the way, but obviously they're, not shipping anything. I guess this is the first one to shipped, so we should start to be seeing more things coming out for the summer. I hope things calmed on stressful time for a lot of people. I understand that, but if your local area lets you go out and play, this would be something nice to go out and play with. I read in the news yesterday or today that day there was a surfer or a paddleboard, or I can. I don't know if it was a surfer or a paddle boarder arrested in Malibu for breaking the stay in place, orders but anyways, nothing Lubin doom, let's! Just talk about flying planes yeah this one's flying nicely. If she could see folks very easy to fly, it I'm, just turning it right, I'm. Turning it left another. It is a good park. Flyer backyard, fire too. I guess this tiny little thing. If you had a big backyard, that is about the size of this area here I'm bringing it down it climbs when it going straight, but if I turn it that will bring it back down lower so I'm, turning it to bring it down, then, when it gets Time to add altitude, I like let go of the stick it's getting hard to hold my arm up to show you this let's try to do a low pass cut and throttle to increasing throttle that was too low or throttle.

Turn turn turn that's a good throttle position right. There turn to the right, there's a little three mile per hour breeze and my back, and it feels it so you know I having if there was heavy wind. This would not be a good fire. I would not recommend flying in heavy winds, but no light breeze, it's flying okay, that's crabbing in the wind right now it's. If I can do that, the other direction grab it no wind another direction, crabbing back I'm doing is flying in hand. I go into the wind it's flying sideways, it's 2i again let's bring it back down, reducing throttle, put it in a glide, actually the throttles off right now, it's just gliding, Oh there's, very little throttle and I can hear the motors now. I guess I'm slope soaring. This little pile of dirt, okay, Casey throttle so long flyer for that little three under eating the lamp of our battery. Okay, coming back there's just piled dirt here in its slope, soaring off of it I'm gon na try to do that sees Paul dirt lined up here. Folks, people drop some topsoil off here. I don't know I guess for other people if they wanted to use it more sand and soil but I'm trying to slump so off of it actually it's working the wind is hitting it knocking it up in the air and it's putting my plane up in there Too, as you can see, there it's doing a real good job lets cut that throttle back a lot more slope soaring off this pile of dirt.

These piles of dirt off of that look at still stick in there with no throttle slopes or hitting that wind goes up and hits the airplane and keeps it up just hardly any throttle at all and that just for steering okay. Now I got to give it throttle because we've gone past that we'll turn it the other direction. Okay, there goes up. Do that again, turn the other way. My other left Oh getting hit by that thermal right now and there's no way you can see this under the camera, but it's climbing it's, climbing big time off of that pile there let's see if I can bring it closer, so you can see it. Okay, let's forget Don now just keep it close captain throttle completely when you do it startles off completely, but when you give it stick, you could hear one of the motors running to turn it not coming down folks. It is in a real thermal and I could feel the wind blowing in from the thermal throttle is off completely here's, where we're gon na see, if that 200 meters comes in to rain and to player. But I am stuck at a thermal right there. Okay, now it's out of it now it's coming down, so increase the throttle. Okay, I'm, giving it about 34 throttle right now, so this motor is starting to get tired or the battery is starting to get tired, so we're gon na land it right now.

Bot now see you put a little more throttle that I we need. It lets loose that soon, we're gon na be landing so let's bring it closer, littles e53 that wind's pick it up big time. I need to give it more and more throttle going downwind air. Turning back into the wind it's bumping into the ride, going back down wind turning back into the wind, so we're gon na land, it here yeah Alma I'm, increasing the throttle big time now, you're gon na have to land it let's see I'm gon na try to Catch it actually hit see if I can catch it back into the word ah, never mind I bumped into a bush there. Okay, so that's the Z, 53 Cessna, no fire at all flies very nicely um and I was actually doing so sorry. I didn't show you this let's show you what I was using here, these mounds of dirt people. Somebody dropped this off a few years back this topsoil, one yeah yeah shut on it's, actually not touchable there's a lot of rocks in it. I just dumped it out here in the desert, lined it up, but I was slope soaring off of that, because the wind was hitting it going upward and keeping airplane in the air. So that was pretty so I hope you enjoyed this flight of the z51 or water one setting up high quadcopter 101 here again, hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real Simple just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right next to the subscribe button.

That way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot out so give it a try.