All you have to do is leave your twitter handle down in the comments section of this video and make sure to subscribe for your chance to win one of these Laughter look electronic aspects. Oh my goodness, they gave us socks. Ive never had a laptop on boxing. Like this before now so today, weve got a special unboxing, courtesy of rog. You can tell from the package that i have a laptop in front of me, but it is different, its a collaboration actually between rog and alan walker, the music producer and dj, and they came together to do what im told in advance. Here is quite a special unboxing experience front of the package: rog logo, alan walker logo. Do we have some specs 14 inch wqhd display four gigs of video memory? It has amd ryzen chip in it, one terabyte of pcie g3 ssd storage, its also got 16 gigs of ddr4 memory. I know the gpu inside is also rtx, its a 30 50.. What do they use ti its a 30 50 ti inside of here now? I dont know if theres other specifications available, but you can game on this thing. You can obviously make music on this thing and you can do everything you want to do on the laptop on this thing. Oh, i knew it was about to be elaborate, whoa all right. Look at this. This looks like a sleeve and heres the laptop, so yeah. You were wondering what about the laptop whats, the scale of the laptop, its 14 inches and its under four pounds.

So there is an emphasis on portability as well, and i i imagine when youre collabing, on a product, if a company like rog, comes to you and youre alan walker and theyre, like hey, whats, the optimal laptop for you, what are you doing? Youre producing music youre? Probably traveling so thats a major consideration, the weight and then obviously you want to play some games here and there join the walkers. So again we get an idea of the collaboration here plus. I think this blue color is about to be a whole theme with the entire setup up here republic of gamers x. Alan walker have the signature in that location. I am going to put this to the side for a moment, because there are some extra items here to start. This is a sleeve, and this gives you an idea of the form factor of the laptop. I mean this: its got some style to it. Its kind of got a almost like a cyberpunk thing going on with the font. I believe that this is going to pass through your luggage, if you want it to, but you also have this little hole here. You could clip it to something or clip something to it, uh its a soft kind of sleeve, but it has a little bit of firmness to it, and this exterior material seems to me that it would be relatively water resistant if you were just carrying it on Its own theres a zipper on the outside, so you have a pouch, oh and then theres another pocket on the inside as well so special edition sleeve for the special edition laptop, i think theres going to be some more special edition items inside this box as well.

Ooh cool all right special edition hat, i got rog. I got alan walker. I got this reflective material in the front on the back. We have a little color touch, so if you wear it backwards, sometimes i wear a hat backwards. You wear it backwards. You get the extra flare right there. Look at that check it out cool. Oh, my goodness. They gave us socks rog ex alan walker socks. I dont think i ever got socks with a laptop before join the walkers r, o g x, alan walker, on the main portion of the saw Music. This is where were gon na, find our power components as well. We have our power brick here, which is 180 watts. You have rtx, graphics, 180 watt power, brick extension, cable, theres, also, a usb type c cable, i think, were gon na figure that out in a moment i believe, theres, a reason this is in here. Okay, now lets move to the main attraction here. This is a very substantial package and you might be wondering its just housing, a laptop. Why would you have such a substantial package its because this actually has a secondary functionality, were going to discover it together, but it is a working aspect of this unboxing Applause, Music, all right so immediately. I recognize theres like a turntable aspect or some sort of production aspect here start stop speed. These almost look like drum pads, make some noise and then the other thing i noticed before.

I even lift this up. If i spin it around, that is a type c port. Is that what that extra type c cable is about, i presume, thats what it is so lets lift this up now. I think we can pull this part out. Remove before use look electronic aspects linked up to the top part of the box, Music, Music, all right so the g14 from rog, the zephyrus g14 – is already a popular laptop and theres been a couple different collaborations on it to customize it and offer up different versions. The last one i looked at was a collab with the design company acronym and they had their very own. Take. It was like this mysterious unboxing uh, now theyve taken it a step further one more time this this time with alan walker and theres gon na be some different customizations here its got a nice feel to it. It offers uh something you dont typically see on consumer electronics, which is a kind of a more organic texture down here where the badge is. This blue color is once again coming through and you can see as i sort of move it around. It reflects light and is either blue or black type of mirror finish with the allen. Walker signature there as well, and then it also goes down to the bottom here. Rog x, allen, walker on the side over here we have our power port, as well as a full size, hdmi port.

This is a type c, connector, obviously for usb purposes, but also you can charge this laptop up through usbc if you choose to, for whatever reason you have a an analog audio jack over there on the other side, another usb type c connector and then two usb A ports theres also a little lock option there. Now the entire lid of this, this thing lights up all these various dots light up, and this laptop has some functionality where these lights can actually respond to the music thats playing from the laptop were gon na test. That out in a moment, Music, all right lets open this up real quick now, one of the cool things about the zephyrus lineup is how this hinge works and it sort of elevates the bottom portion of the laptop. So obviously it gives you slightly better ventilation when it comes to cooling, but then it also puts this nice angle onto the deck when it when youre doing typing gaming, well, really anything its a pleasing angle to work at the other thing it does is since this Display has the frame at the bottom here as that lifts up into that section. It sort of covers up a portion of it. Now the keyboard is quite customized, its a lot different than the acronym version. I looked at last time here we have these blue accents. One more time on the escape key enter key and shift key. So we have the allen walker logo, on the a and w key, obviously thats the initials there.

So a nice little added touch and then theres. This kind of gradient happening across a variety of keys. Starting with black for the majority of the keys, but then having this sort of gun, metal, color and then like a lighter silver just to differentiate quickly between the keys and offer a little extra flare. And then i just noticed as well in the track pad. We have this kind of etched lining which looks a little bit futuristic of course, 5000 series, ryzen, 9 and geforce rtx built in as i mentioned earlier. So another special aspect of this edition is the boot up. Sequence got the alan walker logo and that kind of, like glitchy electronic, sound okay. Now what about this uh special unboxing experience, i think i got ta plug this in over usb type c, now were gon na plug in the dj remix thats. This has a name jack, just informed me and were gon na see what happens here on the laptop. Oh, i see it light up im just gon na flip these, so it launched me into an actual alan walker song, which is playing right now: Music, whoa, im. Getting the animation this this angle is picking it up. Well, i mean the specialized animation on the back and these uh dots lighting up here in that blue color Music – and this is now controller Music. Oh, its a its a dj controller look hold up, so this is like a filter, its gone underwater.

Here we go Music. What happens about speed, lets see Music Music check the screen out: Music Laughter, Music, okay, so this is ive, never had a laptop on boxing. Like this before now, this is typically just packaging. Youre like okay, i dont you know chuck it down on the floor, but they found a way to integrate an element exclusive for this collaboration. That makes sense for this collaboration and it gives the buyer the customer of this laptop. The opportunity to kind of i dont know dabble a little bit in what a dj controller or some level of dj control can feel like, but in a really simplified way, which is a little added novelty for purchasing. A special edition of the laptop, like i dont, know how many times youre gon na do this, but its certainly cool straight out the gate to have some sort of way of interacting with alan walkers music through the hardware and on the laptop that youre, presumably going To use in that fashion, as you get to know it and hook up a variety of other equipment to it, so ive never had a box. That was also a controller trigger, triggering anything that i can remember that is uh. That is fairly unique and it all its all powered over just one type c cable and it auto launches from the armory crate, which is right on the laptop Music beach, Music, Music, uh Music. So there you have it.

That is the rog zephyrus. G14. Alan walker edition hope you guys enjoyed the video and remember ive, got an extra one to give away to you so make sure to subscribe to the channel and then leave your twitter handle down in the comments for your chance to win.