Version 1 of the RC four wheel drive wheel loader. This is my fist, that is the loader itself you can see. There is a considerable size difference as this machine weighs in at approximately 20 pounds, with its bucket on the front, not the forks that weighs in at 26 pounds a very heavy machine, all hydraulic electric. This has two stage: transmission, locking and unlocking discs, and for the Keener's that watch the show you will see that I have installed two new Rams on the top and later on, I will demonstrate the two new lifting Rams as well for the main arm there. I was using this machine in a popular show. We created on YouTube called YouTube gold, maybe you've heard of it. It is a parody show of gold rush and other gold shows that are out there, where my buddies and I get together to mine gold with radio control, hobby machines it's an incredibly funny comedy, if you guys are into that kind of thing, it's, definitely something you Want to check out on our Channel plus we make loading Kings, which is during the winter time an RC game show where I was using this wheel, loader, but through so much use over the years and man we have a lot of hours on this metal machine. I actually wore the pump out the brushless outrunner pump for them the hydraulics wore it right out it wouldn't even turn anymore and finding a new pump with the right shaft size.

Everything such a challenge to do, including these leaking Rams that were leaking before now. Swapped out they're, absolutely beautiful, they came painted gray they're already pre painted I'll demonstrate that, for you, a little later on to stage transmission, unlocking and locking differentials are always great when you're out trying to climb an or get a nice heavy scoop full of sand or Pay dirt, or whatever you're digging through and, of course, the locking and unlocking diffs are very good for power. When you're moving this kind of machine, you always have to be aware of everything, because a lot of power moving a lot of dirt all at once means you can break things, but I got ta tell you, it's been pretty tough to date. Now, when I'm, talking about our C's, when we're looking over here check it out, you guys are noticing right away these beautiful red rams up top you can see, I had some hydraulic fluid actually running and having some issues, I tried to leave some of it on There just for the the actual scale, look of it, but I ended up swapping out the two arm Rams right there, one for the bucket and one for the the mast right here. Everything is beautiful. I'M gon na change out the to lifting Rams today. Look at this right here: these are how they come originally, these are the original ones that are on there. I'Ve had them for years, so many hours of work, but they start to leak.

And, yes, I could easily pull these apart and redo the seals. They are rebuildable, but after all this time I figured I might as well put in some new Rams, it's good entertainment, for you, guys plus then I'll be able to rebuild these properly and have an extra set for when they start to break down again, because you Know darn: well, we want to do some YouTube gold around here, but currently, if you're actually are a fan of my show, rcadventures and if you've been on my channel or see sparks studio for a little while you'll notice that we've actually been doing a lot of Mud videos around here and it's already mid april now. This is a not unusual where we see snow throughout the year because I live in northern noir or I live in Canada above above Montana, and we do see quite a bit of snow because I live near the Rocky Mountains. But I digress with all the water that's around here: you'll, even notice in the the Gold Rush shows and in those shows they actually have to stop running when it gets too muddy. It'S very sloppy around here right now and with all that water gets in these tracks and you know it just kind of wrecks the model so right now we're shut down. We also have the health crisis of 2020 going on right now, which is sending a huge ripple effect across the community. I know videos last four years, but memories don't, so I kind of want to just touch on that for a moment where everything is shut.

Production, wise, you know, there's a mandate in place where we're not supposed to be hanging out with people we're not allowed to be around other people other than our family right now, and I want to send a shout out to everybody that stuck at home that's watching This video, at the current time of when I'm posting this video – and I know that you guys, are all hanging in there and doing your part and it's tough right. We all got a little bit of cabin fever here, that's. Why I've been trying to do so? Many videos with me going outside because I've got a little bit of space here and as long as I can share that with you, I want to do that, but I digress. Let'S, go ahead, get switching out these rams right now and we'll just show you how easy it is okay. So if there's anybody here that is looking for the size of the Rams, because all three of them are different. Maybe you own this model already, even though it's been discontinued, you can still find them all over the place. This is the longest throw right here, it's 210. So this is the size you're going to need over here. This one here is the 180, and then these ones over here I believe, are 172, so that's, the the actual extension size now, just like full size, you're gon na, have to learn how to get dirty when you've got leaky, hydraulic fluid and dirt things get a Little bit grimy, but what we're looking at here, of course, is the the flow in and out like it's a rout it's, an in and out on either side.

So the RAM fills up it pushes it one way the RAM fills the other side, it pushes it. The other way so the way these are pinned in are they have these two small set screws these set screws have to come out before you can actually slide the pin out I'm, not even gon na, take them right out I'm, just gon na back them off Far enough that I know that they're not on that pin anymore and then I'm gon na start removing the roof, which means. Why would I be removing the roof? Well, I got to get into the floor area, so I can push out that secondary pin because the pin is butted up right against the cab. As you can see, and then I take out the support beams let's, take that chair right out could use a cleaning anyway, and then we have the final bracket that attaches this whole cage on so I'll undo. Those two, then you take your cable and string. It underneath and wrap it around so both the loops come together. Then you fire up the wheel, loader Music Applause and then make sure everybody stands back, because if one of these cables snaps you don't want someone losing an arm or leg or their head. Oh good, a little bit too high, but a little unpracticed as well. Okay, so here you can see that the cab is hanging it's, fine there. You can see those two beautiful Rams that are just been installed and then, of course, you have the main boom Ram that are down here that needed to be replaced as well, so it's good to go that can stay there.

I got to clean out all this hydraulic, fluid and whatnot, but the main reason I was here to begin with was just to push that pin right out of place there. It is. It was only that easy and full size. All right then use a special Jesus tool here to remove these Jesus clips. A lot of people know these as Jesus clips, because every time you have them fly off, you showed oh, yes, I just saw drip right there exactly why we are removing this ram for sure. Remember, you're, going to need a ton of sanitary pads to absorb everything. So make sure to lay it down before you take the the flat head to these because it's under pressure, you may need a few okay and then it's just straightforward back them off there's one there. It comes yep and then I'm just going to carefully slide it right off the top, not compressing it, because if you do it squirts out at the bottom, to all the girls I've loved before now on these small fittings, it is incredibly important not to get any Dirt inside those lines you don't want the dirt running through the pump whatsoever. So before you use an air compressor or anything, make sure to wipe up – and this is a good opportunity to get in there to clean the nether regions, make sure to cover it up. If you're, using a compressor now, fortunately, I am strong enough to lift these Rams on my own, the cylinder and as much as it.

It is a struggle to hold it in place. I will get the lines connected like so: okay, so I'm gon na get that top hydro line set. People have been asking if it's radio control hobby products can the guys just have fpv, like first person view goggles and cameras on the mine site. Now I'll tell you that's a it's, a heck of an idea. I wish that radio technology actually worked that well, but not at the price point I can get into it at speaking at price point. A lot of people ask me about the cost of these models. The one I'm working on right now has come down drastically in price over the years I don't sell them, I don't distribute for them or anything like that about 1600 bucks. U.S., if you find one of these, although I have changed out the motor and a lot like the pump and stuff in here, it's a great base model. This is actually larger than the the the Cobell co or or, however, you want to say it wherever you're from the one that I built from lessee, which was the actual Komatsu 360 line. I think 380 I can't remember which line, but I painted it. The aqua blue so it's actually a little bit smaller than this one right here. So if you're familiar with that build video series, you would know, if not, you can check it out up in the video info bubble.

There I'll link that playlist, so you can see it. Okay, let's get these Rams extended, so I can hook it up to the top pin. Okay, I've got my pump mixed into my radio, so it only turns on when I call for the Rams to operate so right. Now, beautiful, Oh got one almost at the pin someone's happy to see me Oh slide that in almost little too high there we go. I just got a snap these Jesus clips back on can't. Do it with my fingers, even though I do play a little you little son of now remember when, and only when, do you put the cab on and make sure all of the hard work is done before you test it? Otherwise, you may miss out on the exhilaration of the failure feeling that you get and the excitement of getting to do all the work that you just did over again. So if you want to do that, go ahead, if not follow my advice, let's go ahead and check this out. Okay, lifting! Oh! I like this very much. Oh, oh it's! Turning! I should know my own machine. Yes, excellent, that's! Quite a reach, hello, money tree! Yes, it's a Guyana chestnut Guyana, YouTube gold. Is it a coincidence? Yes, there they are no leaks, no issues ready to rock and roll everything is generally tidied up, except for a little bit of scaled dirt and grime, which there should be, in my opinion and beautiful everything is ready to go now.

We just have to hope for the best and everybody gets better quick enough, so we can meet up and hopefully see some YouTube gold later on this summer, yeah guys leave a like click. If you've left a comment, hopefully you've, let me know, have you seen YouTube gold? Are you a fan of that show and maybe we'll see in the next episode of rcadventures? Now, if you can't, go outside, go and check out rcadventures, because i got like 12 years of stuff on there and 1500 films and if you haven't, seen the tracks, the summit running video type in rcadventures tracks. A summit running video for a good laugh bye.