Oh I didn't realize I got not anymore. Alright, gentlemen, it's gon na be a big day today. We'Re gon na be here to get gold Comedy Golden Grahams today, Phil yeah right, I hope so I hope so. We haven't we have a good opportunity – gold in the goddamn pan, thanks to all my friends for coming out today to help us catch up on our late season. As you know, thank you for all standing six feet apart that we all that we started late in the season. These guys want to see YouTube gold reach the season goal, which we haven't even set yet right. Who knows how long we're able to do this? Under current world circumstances, so I say Joe fire up the generator I like that, I didn't have to jump it today. Everybody watch out for the generator there's a flag and a pylon on either side crazy, Joe everyone's on site it's busy around here, but there's. A ton of people here, I'm gon na get you to monitor what's going on in the funnel mine. If you can handle what's going on okay guys, I can yell out at once. Okay what's, going on what's going on better this doesn't. It that's not what's wrong with the Johnson goes down, but it won't nothing. Okay, let's check the ESC on the side. Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in that's, first step guys come on. You should know that you learned that an excavator we had school did that work see it's an ID 10t from hey huh.

What do you got there? Beer? Is it cold yeah? You got the first one with the cozy on it: smart that's, why you got a supervisor hat. I know original drought, Music, one truck is full Music Music yeah. We got a full truck. You hold on I'll, bring you Chaco, well good, buddy, rolling along crazy Bob good good yeah. Take it out. We don't need like that, throw it away blues rock Steve now checking the level of the sluice boxes got great flow off of them. Now, with these new Nautilus batteries, one of them running two of those pumps right now on a 12 volt and then the shaker plant running into the final recovery sluice right here. These guys finally load and pay well that's what we get when we run small gravel. We just try to keep an eye on as the gravel at least we have the reverse switch, where we can just back it off such a small area to be working in, although comparatively this mine site is absolutely enormous, trying to figure out how to get out There yeah well, I can see it is we got to get that pay moving boys deeper and deeper, so everyone tells us that we should be piling these trucks all the way up, so it's spilling off the edges, but we're not going to waste any of that. Peter we work hard to get it not just to drop it along the way.

This dough's are weighing 63 pounds pure hydraulic power. Everything mixed together, so the pumped for the hydraulics is only on when it's being requested it's like a 45 minute round yeah. But you know how many complaints have had from YouTube viewers: it's got to be as safe as possible. Apparently well, so you got a driveway down there. I got tons of calls from MSHA warning mean you should've heard them when I told them yeah, I know that's. I know so I'm just saying that he's feeling pretty good I'm confident on the excavator, no yeah, something we should get him off, that onto another machine. Good idea, maybe get Tyler in there him right up all right, switch it up. Good everyone's got to be efficient on every piece of machine. Absolutely I thought I was going to be forming by now. We talked about it what's going on like seriously. This is annoying like I've been here longer than mostly what the do you want. I need new tires for my truck. I keep telling you this, maybe if you were to work more and stop begging for money, you'd make more money ever think about that you're, not a foreman, so shut up Music, Music Music. So let me let me tell you drop the driveshaft, so a lot of people question my methodology behind the orange Gorilla Tape on the hopper, hey, making it a smaller hole. I like the challenge there. It is right it's, all about having a good time, heck yeah.

Okay, shut her down. Applause. Okay shut her down for a second, so we can have a look at this yeah. I think it just popped the setscrew off of there, so yeah yeah, oh okay, cool! We can good good input on you just coming up. Yeah we shut her down, so we got the loader fixed, like we shown simple set screws into the drive shaft if it was only that easy to fix and pull sighs. This is why a lot of people say why don't you bring in the full size machines and if I did, can you imagine the expense, so that would be instead, I can do it at one. Quart or 114 scale still get massive amounts of gold cost me. A fraction a lot in batteries, though dad mechanic doesn't, show up be right. The one time we have all these breakdowns good thing, I've been doing all the maintenance during the week, but there's no way I could have seen that drop in the setscrew beer break. Listen! Greenhorns come on over, you can just sit on the corner face away from each other I'm, not kidding you Joe. We got special regard. We got new guy yep new guy. Here. You can hear all right face away from each other. You will open that for me. Hold on, I don't want to be rude yeah. I know you're hungry down, that's that's, that's prison rules right there, all right you got to protect.

You protect your food fire. It up everybody's feeling a little more arrested out crazy, Joe you're, hoping for something big in the glory hole just doing a little bit of reclaim well, we got so many guys up there working right, that's, exactly it we're done well, you can see up in our Old pit it's actually grasped in quite a bit up there I'm glad to see that so beautiful, Tobias breaker bucket on here, painted it up six feet apart, Music Music. Have you had have you had the mandatory amount of year to be on site? Yet you better? We do a test test here if your keep yeah, if you a patent, if you found clean and basically do you not invite it back, Music see now look at this now, the funnel the funnel mine makes sense to you, donut who's, running this without without an Operator a smile, were you running that? No who was just operating this? He was you was it. I have not driven the truck yet today, apparently you've had too much Sun, sir sweep the road. Yes go down there to the end and start sweeping. Obviously you do that I'll do this. Oh you put this on the table. First, you know the rules. First, no leave it right, never runs away. That was the way they can bitch and complain all day. See a lot of people laugh at the fact that we covered this up. They don't understand I've been treating greenhorns here.

Since I don't know three years now faster you don't wan na okay switch. He doesn't want a little pay faster, yes, good job. You got a new guy to sweep the road switch off I'm, not going to get you to sweep the road. I think that there's another job for you. I think these guys are smart, hey making up rules on their own, they don't understand discipline, hey shut it down. What do you need? Boss? Cam thought it was a good idea just to shrug his shoulders. He doesn't really take this seriously, and so I figured now would be the best time to do a seismic test to make sure we can feel that you're digging in the right spot. Would you agree absolutely. Thank you it's a little known fact in mining that you can tell the density of the ground all of it laughs. Thank you. Somebody get me the sledge Steve you go on. Noob fudge circle. Okay, what I need you to do is stand in the center over there. Please. I need you to hit each dot with the sledgehammer and it'll register over here. The density go ahead. Yeah, faster Applause, Music, faster, faster, oh you got to start all over hold on. Are you ready? Are you ready? Okay, go harder, faster back to work fire it up? Music, okay, so what I need you to do is grab a bulldozer and start filling in all the holes. Okay.

Thank you excellent test. Thank you. This is the best job ever I don't know what whoa whoa whoa settle down. I, like your enthusiasm, settle. Tell me what you like about the job. You said your dog was a girl hello. What are you doing down here? Oh you bring food. Can I see? Yes, nice boys shut it down lunch time, nice job. Thank you, my love. I appreciate you mmm everybody, nice, pickles, nice and more meat. Hey looks good, looks good. I get my stupid gluten. Free, dairy, free, yeah, yeah what's the deal with that rookie. Oh he's, not here, hey blue heck. I go grab six dear faster, yes, another day on the rich Alberta, Gold prairies, you don't think this lunch is free right. This is part of the RC sparks to do YouTube. Gold experience variant. Every one of these guides all signed a contract today that said they're paying for this experience, I didn't read the contract and I just signed it and a full cavity search at the end to make sure you're not supplying gold. What Jim cavity searches? Oh you're on cavity search duty, six feet apart. Gentlemen. You know how hard this is to keep everybody six feet apart. We got the Cobell go out here. Digging away new operator on the excavator costs a lot for me to train these guys, but overall, to bring it lift it up, but when they are trained it makes it a lot easier.

We'Ll have a nice smooth, running team, good yeah! You do me a small favor. What is that Tyler asked me for ten bucks? I don't have ten bucks. Do you got 20 bucks watch out watch out can't be standing right in the way in your sandals in your sandals bro dude, who knocked over the sign. There'S, a safety sign right here round and round. She goes knock out these trees, beautiful west, using the loader very small target, but I find makes training a lot whoa beautiful. I meant to do that. Let'S get all this here, wash and move it. Oh great! Music shut it down what we're never going to make any money. Okay number one, the hood of that is going to be priority one. What are you standing here for we're trying to him that's somebody sabotaging the equipment here I got another broken excavator over herb brought the motor over so broken. I don't even know what it is anymore: hey Joe Applause, who's driving the rock truck turn into Italy. They say going rakesh a and not the little one. The big one let's worry about the truck first don't blow a tire Music Wow drive forward Music, hey what's, going on. I noticed you have several brewskis for the boys aren't the boys. These are my beers, Music it's, a nice pile so essential to have multiple loaders on site. Bob actually suggested at last season that we also got an extra Rock truck such a nice little excavator.

Here. How do you find operating a Terran yeah? I keep the control setup as John Deere controls. People find people find that incredibly yeah well it's a it's RC its whatever my imagination says it's going to be. You know doesn't this, make you a more well rounded operator, because now you can operate everything you need more pay, more pay faster dude. I would expect you to speak up and say something at least. I know that it might not seem to be like a glamorous job but I'm going to need you to start doing dust control. We'Ve got a little bit more wind out here, all the roads, fine, it keeps everybody's respiratory systems. You know clear respiratory systems, yes, yes, breathing! So here we go. A lot of a lot of people said I should have where'd you go what what? Oh, a lot of people said that I should have a water truck, but I think this is more effective and you can cover more area quickly to have to make sound effects. I would like that. Actually, I think the viewers with you can you give me an example of what a water truck sounds like that sucks excellent job. I, like your dedication and commitment, crazy, Joe hey, that's, a big Johnson right over the cab dude. You got to be worried about the cab operator. No, why that's a good point file well and there's, no one inside well, it would look stupid if they're, just empty dust control, excellent, excellent job the whole funnel road.

Please try to straighten out your back. It'Ll hurt your lower back otherwise I'm required to tell you that good job Music just for safety, so he didn't have too many trucks driving around the site at the same time, get ahead of him with dust control. There we go. How do you find the pump on this excavator yeah it's, very meticulous? I like to use this with people that are learning lots of power, and I keep it nice and slow. Of course he doesn't have any teeth on that bucket Music, such a beautiful bucket eh. I painted it up keV. What do you think it's a great great bucket look at that see? He has no issues if there is wind we're, not getting any loss, and we usually have a lot of wind out here on the Prairie we've seen lots of paint blow away hey that helps prevent it. You can see running at 67 on the speed dial here. Everything heavy this comes on down here, all the tailings beautiful, whoo, crazy Joe. He walked in one day and said I'm going to be a part of this a truck please, he hasn't been able to keep his hands off my Johnson all day. What are you insinuating? I have been made entertaining my equipment. No, we just slow leak, so it's always copy maintained. You know I got ta tell you. I don't know of a piece of hydraulic equipment that doesn't weep when it's 30 degrees outside damn straight it's, like I'm.

Never gon na make any money around. I know every time I go one fired at me pretty I have to shut it down for some reason. I got like the most guys here. Just a lot of beer you got any pay left then run the pay and that's all you get. How many loaders are down, so we got one loader start bringing the gear in towards the center. No, let him run that he's got one thing: well, yeah! No cab never mind just scoop it up, shut her down working on this mine site as well. I got this guy over here Steve, who says: he's knows what he's doing he's got no fun crazy, Joe he's just yelling at everybody, just for the sake of yelling and everybody, and then all these other new guys. I don't know what the they're doing. I don't mind going back to prison if I have to shut it down Applause everything come to listen to that no sound at all. Doesn'T sound like a goldmine. Without that running the man, a few words, the golden helmet that's, perfect attendance, no one else has been wearing the golden helmet new guys. I want this to be an example to you what you can get if you have attendance every day, the golden helmet it's, not my helmet – that you grabbed for me this morning, that's. Why I'm, the golden helmet, the golden helmet, you know what will pay will pay for the helmet you're forfeiting your foot.

That is your reward for today. Dude, you just stole from a guy that has no arms and no legs and can't speak. So I don't know what to say: having all this help on the mine site makes cleanup a breeze Steve. You saved it. Oh thought you were dribbling in the pond party foul today. Do you drink beer? No, oh! You don't because he was protecting it from the Sun. I was getting the sluice boxes out. You better get me another beer before this one sees the table where you're gon na be fired, so here's a good piece from little red. Look at that people always ask: is it real gold? My my answer to you would be well then, how the heck did the sluice boxes actually catch it if it wasn't, look at that piece over there it's just floating right on top of the carpet Music. Perfect! These gold hog mats hold tons of gold. Can we look at you finals? Normally we keep this under lock and key well they're, pretty nonchalant dumping, some of the excavator work into the rock trucks, and I told them to take it easy, that's, actual real gold or like really yeah man. You guys should drive our C trucks to the mine site, like we're playing, make believe crazy right, well, minor action figures if they're in construction equipment, it's there's a piece of gold in my hand, you got a lot of pockets to check today too, before everybody leaves Yeah I got a full box for rubber gloves doing Luke no, never lose mining dude it's pretty hard.

I imagine you're pretty swampy right now, mandatory Duncan in the deadly pond. Well, we're gon na pick a face to put on camera just rub in my miner's moss hands in the rock then again and real wet yeah I'm real wet open for some gold open for some gold, I'm real wet there rocks that's, not gold holies. My hands are: freezing where's. This water come from hey whoa whoa hold on a too long. You hurt your arm. Man, Lyle. Everybody gets one squirt till one mask you're in compliance six feet away. Goldie, here, okay boy wash wash wash and see how much gold we go go go go, go, go you're, using nonono right away. Your reason grab the shovel you're using a spoon. I don't want. No, we should be using a shovel, not a spoon. Oh well. He decided not to come here. I think it's, just better luck to use the shovel yeah boys wearing your man, hard hats and your hive, is it doesn't get much safer than this? Oh, that is a nice piece. Oh careful, Oh, you almost dropped. It I'm loving that Cole that's a huge piece KJ. It looks like a boot great yeah there's, another piece right: bigger team, bigger goals off every Big John's that's that it's exactly right, hey, it's! Moving a lot: okay, really just your big Johnson! Thank you! Well it's, teammate, Larry Johnson. You guys put that little bit of extra into extraordinary today appreciate that you keep gold baby.

There is it's hidden in the hustle hey. Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here good job Jim? Here you go tiny holes. Everyone always asked why we keep getting the big gold and I keep that's a beautiful that's like three thanks again looks like in his truck like a week's worth dude your math get flipped off. There is a ton of sand in the final like we'll just run. It through the wheel now that we got the 24 inch wheel. It is so much better doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor Applause that's, a piece of gold right there are you talking about. It was just too dry. Anybody got a blowtorch loose. I can barely breathe in this thing. Oh fly low. I couldn't even tell with all these masks on starting the wheel. Oh there's, the first chunk night, another one rolling around in here. Oh I do. I saw it there cause there cause there. It is. I see it that's the car now there's a catch there. It is yep just takes it right up to the center clinking on the flow at the half flow Music, just rinsing it down into the final bowl. All the Gold's made its way through here. There is some gold in there look at this right right here: there's a piece: okay, there's, a piece of gold right there. Oh yes, the finest of the fine right there. Yes watch it go into the wheel.

Look I'm! Bob Marley here he's not worried about no electricity hazard that's a typical hole operator. They try to get away with everything dunk it in there replace the bucket. Before we turn on the wheel. Oh, that looked nice hold on a little more make sure we got it all. Oh a couple, little stragglers in there get in the bucket it go train. Let me make an adjustment here hold on that's a ton of gold. There we go we'll bring it back. So that blacks and creeps up almost to the top, this much let's go let's see it. We all worked hard for this today. Nice look at that. There are some nice pieces in there. Jesus look at that that looks great that's, a pile of gold dude right on. We need to dry this up here. Well with no worky here. You'Re gon na have to take I'm surprised. I'M surprised. Can you hold this for a second? You know all that water suck that water yeah look at all that hey that's insane that's beautiful with some good Pickers in there to put a piece of shot in there. Yeah could be shot round it. Birdshot did you get him says grams? Oh, yes, we're very sure. Yeah let's go seven. Eight, seven point: nine, seven point: nine grams right off the bat! Oh, what I said: 99.7 a little piece went under the scale, a little piece on the label yeah. This is gon na, be huge.

Oh fourteen. Fourteen fourteen point three point: six dude that's our biggest day, yeah fourteen holy cow our biggest day, yet, oh, my god, Oh biggest crew, yet that's an incredible job, boys, good job, good job. Now I don't want y'all to think that I'll know how to generous bastard right. No one thinks that no, of course, not come on over put your hand out here's your part. For today there you go. Everybody gets one price of gold. These days there you go. Okay Jay here you barely earned anything. Today there Jimbo go there, you go. Oh you got 200. He got two guys, hey he's, stealing from you, hey boy, one, you put it back, don't, be a okay! Now good news! Gentlemen, usually usually here you go. Usually it costs a shitload of money to be here. The good news is it's. Only gon na cost, you all piece of gold. So if you can all put it back in the tray for me, please you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Right gtfo see you later adios all season, 46 grams, an ounce and a half. What was your first Youtube gold experience like? Did you have a good time? Yes, is it as hard as everybody thinks it is? It depends on the weather and you, sir, the man who quickly and clearly stole bob's golden helmet for a perfect attendance truth be told. I stole it from you today, just to give it to Bob Jim.

How was your day on the mine? You know this was like our biggest cleanup of the whole season so far, so we're almost at an ounce and a half, can you believe that and what about you good day to mine? Yes, I got you right out of the Appalachian Mountains thanks for coming down and you always well. You need to pay for all the mall you used today. You think all this was for free, your lunch, no dude! You pay to be here. Nice. Look at this! Oh that's, nice. This is good. Like a Harbor Freight that's, alright that's like the Harbor Freight of Harbor Freight princess Otto what'd, you say you're out, yeah that's it you're leaving yeah Jim, come on it's time. You know what the rule is. Lyle, we can't have any gold leave in here today.