Thankfully, and uh the boys are starting to arrive here. Hopefully, we're gon na have a nice fat day where i get a lot of money. Is this wise guy, oh he's, wearing a helmet? Oh sakes, now i got ta fix the lawn. This has got to be the guy that paid to come here, dude just because you're, a fan of youtube gold and you pay for a day of youtube. Golding doesn't mean you can rip up my lawn. I just thought it looked long. I had to mow it youtube gold, baby, hey, hey, hey this asshole's here he's, the guy i paid he's, apparently youtube what's up, hey, hey good, to see you you're rick, welcome to the youtube gold experience yeah. I guess we don't do that anymore. Do we uh you've been watching the show? This is the boys. This is uh aaron. I just got him out of federal prison, there's uh kyle. I think his name is matt you're here good to see you if you need anything off a mat. Anything at all. You just go and see that guy there you're gon na take your helmet off it's, really comfortable there's air conditioning in here you got your fee for gold or what's what's, going on here, what's that you got your fee for for gold. I just see you're carrying some green there you're flashing you've got some money falling out of your pocket. There yeah, i think, uh, i think me and matt are gon na get along.

Thank you, here's, first deposit. Thank you. Good. Okay, let's uh let's get all the going guys. Don'T worry about this. This is all this is you guys are all on a tab. Still right, oh find some free space. Hey boss. Can i borrow some money kevin you? Is it jim kev or kevin or jim, or what is it we're all confused by now, it's jiv yeah let's go okay jeff. We need uh, uh, proper uh ppe on bob, his hat. His hat and beard apparently blew off in the storm last night. So please please go make sure his ppe is on you'll find the helmet. I know i know you're not used to being in the bush. There you'll find the helmet looks like you slipped out. There you go, can you can you stand behind bob and give him some arms for a second yeah and yeah and scratch your face? Pinches stitches, nipples and then so, if we tighten this up, we're going to have to replace this bolt one of the one layer and is that necessary? Is that necessary, it's mine now buddy you just let it go around like that! We'Ll use it to fix the bolt. Thank you very much by the way for supporting uh youtube gold youtube gold, you do would be nice if you would be nice, if you guys would follow this guy's example once in a while sluice i'm looking at you got american money.

Applause. Remember! Gentlemen, you are here to be having a good time. Let the good time commence a battery for everybody. I want you to know as the high roller here you are able to use the megaphone at any point. No one else is allowed to do that. Even the foreman so it's going to cost you, though, what are we talking? I don't know like what's, fair, a few thousand. You got a few. You got a few thousand on you, i'll, take it out. That'S that's, fine whatever's there that'll get you started. Thank you very much megaphone anytime, guys, what's up taking batteries good job. Oh someone's got to bring a hoe down here now great job jiv you're, holding up the crew man, you should have gone slower. We need to run up up the hill. We got guys up here, we need fuel, i need a truck and i i told you we need. We need to bring a hoe down here, so we can pick up after jib. You say he lost. He lost his load down on the on the road it's, not easy, running a mine site, gentlemen. Oh you got to go that way. Oh, you can come down this way. No, you know what in fact, i see a safety infraction right now. The wrong way sign is no longer functioning, it just says ong way. No, oh there we go perfect, good job. Oh you need rope or chain or something.

How many times have we discussed these shoes you're wearing anklets, they're, comfy, they're, old man, shoes, okay, curl, the bucket? No curl it? Okay! Thank you. It just seems you know if i would have let you do that it would have been like safety priority number 22 and it's 19. Now last year would have been okay all right this year, jim get back here, bro he's supposed to put that on your trailer everybody's. Getting all geared up takes a ton of batteries to get all these machines ready and working Music, Music, no receiver, okay, there's, a warning sign right on the edge of the trommel trailer. Just let everyone know on the giant pylon. We installed a bench for everybody, but we put it conveniently far away just so it didn't entice people to go and sit down here. Comes tyler with the rock truck over the bridge for the water hose today been battling. The vegetation issue here for weeks aaron's getting big scoops here, that's what we need to see if we're gon na see any kind of gold. Today, all the machines are moving tons of, wear and tear on these machines shiv over there having a good time trying to build the towel. Oh fail good! Try! Oh aaron's got it look at this pure pay. Here we go round and round. She goes down into the sluice boxes, getting washed anything too large. Getting carried up into the shaker plant high quality you're driving on there, beautiful aaron isn't it true, you're a whole operator isn't it true that you should have the volvo, the rock truck higher than the ho yes right.

That makes it easier, so you don't lose. How were you explaining that to me earlier? Well, if you get the truck higher when you full reach the buckets closer to the truck and the dirt doesn't blow away in the wind, brilliant that's, brilliant that's, brilliant what's everybody owing about she's, got a little spillage there. You don't want to get a premature load, dump, sir, make sure to stick in a little bit. Try to get it in the middle Music, perfect, still feeding the plants. Music let's, put all the money everywhere. There'S money in the pond dude got ta plug the pump. Just grab it then yeah, i can't, take it i own this. I own the site, finders keepers. In my opinion, you can do whatever you want with it. I don't know whose it is how much 500. that's like 1500 canadian. Almost so we got the cabela. Why is the cavalco in the hole? Is the big johnson not big enough for the hole the big johnson was just in the hole a second ago? What happened? This seems exceptionally inefficient. It'S, perfect rock on the road fell down as the rock truck went by Music. Nice job getting rid of the obstacle: oh Music, Music, dick move, yeah i see you're running, though woke up for lunch. What the hell, let me guess, whose truck this is? No, you drove over the water line, dude that hey get down here. Dude, just wait! Just wait clearly just because you just because all right this is over the ramp next time, can you not back over it over and again that's better.

Thank you you're stepping on one of them. Thank you next time, it's double, though what lunt you drove over the hose? No, no, i don't think i did that our maintenance costs are more than that. I don't know. If i enjoy what this is becoming foreman everybody, it is lunch time who left the rock truck running. I don't see a dollar bill in it whose rock truck is it? Oh, you left that what's this gon na cost me just turn off. The rock truck. Will ya rick you get your lunch on the back of your truck. You get to be separated from these guys what's for what's for him. Today we have a lovely olive tapenade with some crackers and some brie and prosciutto with some cookies that you've requested and a nicely a nice soft and chilled spritzer nice. There you go thanks for coming to the rc spark studio, thanks for having me having a great day today, i've had an awesome day, youtube gold and uh for the rest of them. They had some old bread that was left over, that i was able to just go, throw it on the table. There thanks two lunches, i'm exhausted. You guys lunch for everybody unwrap that for everybody, please, you don't want to be rude here. Look at this! I did cut off the natural peanut butter slightly used straight from the supermarket fresh. I don't know why you guys have too much that sounds refreshing it's, so refreshing, that's, chilled to 44 degrees.

You'Ll get a refill as soon as this one's done, but i want to bring them out so they didn't get too warm for you make sure it stays nice and cool there. You go yeah. You probably need a little refreshment, anyways i'll, take your recycling satisfying there's. Also a hose over there, water on water. There you go so if any of you guys need a drink. Uh. Okay, see you later honey, there's, no knife for the brie get in the house. We need the knife, so i'm. Sorry, normally she's much more on the ball than this before you start digging in, i also figured you might like a nice cool nice warm towel as well. Oh nice cool or warm towel your choice on a very hot day. Is it the extra warm uh, they're nice and refreshing good that's nice? There you go, sir. There nice there you go! This knife sucks, it's, a bread knife. It looks like butter, that's, that's, a proper jailhouse night, hey hey! Why not? Hey? Hey: hey: hey, there's enough there's enough baguette for everybody, okay, honey! Thank you very much. Welcome you may go back inside. Thank you, yeah. The house. Is that way. Sorry! Thank you. I got lost what a day. Oh, my god here enjoy my baguette come on. Anybody else want to taste, it tastes, pretty good there's natural peanut butter. There tastes pretty good natural peanut butter. Think of that i don't know you coming over here with everybody.

Yeah looks like he's feeling. Are you sharing that with everybody i'm gon na share it with everyone? It'S nice it's, nice of rick, to share with you, it kind of looks like bread, but it resembles a cracker or cookie when you bite into it, but um it's pressed bird seed? Oh yeah! Hey did you have enough to eat? Yes, good now, everybody's feeling satisfied, yeah yeah fired up. Yes, i guess we should have been ready to fire it up kevin. You just walked right by the generator jiff. Sorry i recognize why you're not even you know there, you go perfect good job rock truck driver. Sorry, i don't care. How much you pay me. You are going to have to wear a hard hat. I don't care how much you got ta. You got ta that ain't that that definitely ain't gon na do it. No, you got ta, wear a hard hat like everybody else around here, all right that'll. Do it? Okay, good, no hard hat? If anybody asks just say you forgot it uh on the table. You put it on here, it's on the table right it's on the table. Right, yes, whatever you say: Music, Music, Music, Music, big johnson, continues to dig away as much pay as possible. The pay keeps coming all day underneath the sun. Sometimes we get a cloud cover seems slightly shit show ish. So why didn't the rock? Why didn't the rocks work? You might have to get a chain and pull them out.

Hood doesn't. Look very good right now: okay, all right! Okay! That was interesting, so you don't know how that happened. Huh i have no idea. I swear. I was not on my phone by popular demand. We could no longer say that the rock crusher wasn't needed, because there are so many rocks around here. They definitely need to be crushed. It'S back it's, a long squeaky journey that's what she said kind of like the story of how my son became – oh god, okay, oh that's, gon na work watch out. I got it back track, yeah i'm. Stuck on one side. I got a track. I see it right here. Oh no, somebody! I need a scale log or stick great hold on there's, just no way it's like a boulder, dude it's, huge it's, stuck right in there. Oh, no! I see it yeah. Of course you do. Oh almost almost hey, maybe we should get matt to do this. You know why muscle, no, he could do it. Gingerly, oh nice, it's literally it broke the log hold on. I did it we're good good job, sir it's amazing that i'm able to run this place at all who's on this stay off your cell phone. This time watch out. Listen, i think, a versus battle between me and him. I wasn't gon na win, no matter what well it's a rock truck crusher nice love this one: okay, lyle, can you be literal and tell us tell me what we're doing we're crushing rock to put into the rock crusher? Why are we doing that? It'S too big? So, in order to use the rock crusher, we must crush the rocks down to that size or so right, so it can do it for all for the viewers that's right that's, the only way you can get the gold out of the concrete everyone knows that that's.

True because i cut the hair off, all my power was in my hair. You'D have more strength if you wore sandals, oh my god, real men wear thongs, no it's. Actually, just some of my spit falls alarm, never mind all this for the rock crusher things you do for viewers Laughter, tyler, yo, you're out of uh pay right now. Yes, do you uh want to go and grab some beers? I guess so it is going to be 300 a beer today for everybody – guess i'm, not grabbing myself here today, 300. Why? Not? Because i don't have x, 300 what's, this beers on you today, cool a guy doesn't, say very much for an eccentric, whatever the he is. How much is that by the way? Well, however, much it is it's mine, i guess so go grab some beers here. You know what no just go: get some beers all right, what's, this all right, that's that's, real money, yanking money. How many of these do you think it takes to make one of those 10 140? How about 40. miles right? No there's, not there's, like 10 bucks. Here, oh, oh sorry, that's mine, it just dropped! Oh well! I got more nice job. I got most of the serial number i'll. Take that i'll take that back together. Man, everybody has my foot making nice. Yes, nice, good, good, good, yeah good! Thank you! Oh awesome. I'Ll, take the red truck there. I'Ll take the red truck here.

I'Ll. Take that one there you go: okay, good good good! You seem to be uh pretty generous with this money. Don'T be distracting. Everybody with this will ya. If you need me to hold on to your money for you, i would be happy to do that Music. What the hell are you doing? Man watch him watch him scavenge for it. You guys are supposed to be getting gold. I can't believe what you would do for money there's no shortcut a minute ago: you're all digging and now you're all catching 300 bucks in there where's the net. I want some of this okay i'll fire up the rock machine jesus chris, this isn't funny but i'm. Taking it here, you go load, the rock sir, give the people what they want. Applause. Can you imagine if crazy joe was here right now he could have paid off his bill easily into the jaw. Crusher people have been waiting all season for us to bring this out what it does. Is it chews it into a smaller bit that way we can run it through the pave plant and get any of the gold that's actually stuck inside the concrete Applause you don't want to get your finger anywhere near there nice warm day today. These boys aren't working too hard getting paid well he's, a nice guy. I like that that rick guy i've never seen somebody so generous. To be honest with you guys, it's almost like we're everywhere rick goes says.

Can you imagine if crazy joe was here today? Oh man, he could have paid off his bill. He could have easily tenfold. Can we why? Who needs a hard hat charles, not wearing a hard hat? I don't know charles chuck, i don't know chuck either drunky rubber boot. What the! What are you talking about that? Guy right there money bags, rick rick yeah, what you're calling them yeah? Actually hey, sticky where's your helmet, hey, he actually paid not to have to have the helmet. Today you pay extra yeah, be less safe if that's exactly that's. Exactly right. Listen! You don't! It'S! Okay! About the helmet i'm, alright with it, what is with you all right, that's? How i was i was the same way, but i held out for more yeah. I know so that's interesting to me because earlier on today we were able to uncover these three rocks that's. Why we had the kobelco in there? We could feel that there was what we thought was going to be bedrock turns out just to be a couple of stones, but it makes me wonder: what's in between those michael shut, her down buddy last load, he's clearing all the tracks right now making sure to Get any of that grit out! You can hear some clicking away. All this equipment has already put in 12 long episodes of hard work, the show getting more and more popular as we go. The beers are flowing freely.

Apparently, the cash is flowing freely unbelievable day here. So now comes that point in time where you paid for well that you've been watching, i mean on every episode we get to shout it at every end of every youtube gold. What is it shut? It down, shut it down. You even get to do the switch box today come on slam them all down, yeah sluice. He gets the generator lyle shut, her down, buddy it's the whole point of the switchbox you'd think it would shut everything down right. No, only half of it it's it's a lot bigger operation in person than when you see it on your small mobile phone at home wouldn't. You agree, i would totally agree, but i think you're due for two boxes, two boxes to shut them down. I would agree what do you see? I see some gold in there show there's me junkies over here and look at that absolutely right. Now nice big pool over here there's a nice pool there's a lot of machines moving today, it's a lot of gold youtube gold experience, boys let's get ready to wash this up. I saw only one piece over here: i'm surprised that small got through here. You want your carrot hundred dollars. Thank you. Hey look at that. You want to gripe good man. Thank you! Lots of rocks yep there. It is look at that right. There, good job, where's, the camera right here, beautiful it is there.

I didn't know it was running when i picked it up. I thought it was helping. Okay there. It is i'm, just glad i realized it was holy. Nuggy wow almost wanted to jump right out freedom, Applause, Music – that is that's – probably the biggest nugget we've found this year so far, yeah that's, almost two teeth; that's, definitely the size of a tooth eh. No for sure crazy, joe is here right now we can do a size comparison. You might be able to get a molar out of that he's. Instead he's working with rookie on backdoor bros too from pluto. I thought it was from uranus that's what we said last time there we go. Okay, let's, put that off to the side back door bangers, maybe that's what it was matt bring me that holy look at this one. Is there a good gold over there? Here? Oh i'm, gon na help clean watch in the sun yeah that's loose one. Look at that yeah there's a nice little piece right there, all the glimmers, that's nice there yeah very how much was in that monster. I know this. This is what we're looking at a pool before look it's all gold there, damn oh there's, a beautiful piece: hey yeah, okay, start squeezing the miners moss, but every week i just want to make more and more jokes about it. But every week it seems more and more inappropriate. Are you ready to clean the gold Music? You get to stand right on that x.

Keep it in there do not miss the gold. Sir. Everyone else, you all have to stand back today. I don't see a mask on you and it's way too dark in here yeah. No, you just got to get no, no, no! That doesn't matter get out of here. Nice. Do you see any gold right off the bat yep? Oh, i see some gold. It will start to come down and what's gon na happen is all the light stuff. No you're gon na see the gold all the light stuff gets washed away. Yeah all the other gold will start to separate itself, and you just wipe it into that. With with that, yeah don't worry you'll be able to see, look at here, there's the first world. You can see it's unmistakable, you see how it's turning now it'll no wait. This way. Now you can just leave it. You don't want to scratch the table. You want to wait for it to come to you now. Go ahead. Accept the gold like an egg, remember in the mighty ducks just like that. That'S right sweep it in there. There you go. Gold is working its way down. Look at this yeah. Let it come to you don't yeah don't, bring it in too early it's so hard, not to get it early. Let it separate itself, let it segregate itself look at on the high class and then all the people below i mean all the stones below lyle.

Do you think people even make it this far in the video anymore i've asked before, but then we get like 400 comments and then, like 30 thousand views, why aren't more people commenting lack of typewriters that's, a very good point: typewriters are no longer a big deal. Look at the goal: they're gon na tell me something like they're on ps3 and they can't. You know no keyboard on the ps3 right. Are you the only one left with the ps3 uh? No, no i'm, not there's, still a few others, because it's online that's nice there's, a couple kids in the creators. Look at this right here: that's pure youtube, gold, dang, that's, nice there's, a chunk right here trying to sneak past you right here. He'S got a constant flow going here: it's like a highway of gold, it's beautiful okay. What is your favorite comment that people leave on youtube gold that you read come on out of the blue i'm, hitting you with it where's loose box? I agree: that's been commonly yeah. This is this is a very successful day. Yes, i'm glad to hear that, hopefully you uh come back. Try this out another day. I can see all the 100 bills. I found dude. Oh well, hey man! All you all! You uh high rollers from down south there yeah. It was a lot of fun to come up here. I'M glad i got enough to go. I don't know how the hell you got through the border, but thankfully you've got a place in alaska, so yeah matt now catching from jib.

The whole point it's able to withstand the water and stays and the shaking the rest of that stuff gets washed away. Oh nice, yeah i'm surprised to see it stay so low it's not like we can't see it, though the shape looks like it's turned down foreman lyle fire up the uh the wheel. There, sir looks like we have a hell of a slant on there: i'm. Actually going to verticalize it a little more verticalize, yeah it's, just being entertaining gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold – go go, go! Oh there, it is there. It is. I see the big nug it's working its way around in there. I bet you it's gon na take a while. Oh look at that there it is. You got a pretty steep angle there it's supposed to be there. You can see how that sand is falling away, but the gold goes up. It'S already unlocked right now, if you guys are watching, if you guys are watching right now. I want you to make a comment on sluicebox steve's face yeah. What is that look at this? I don't want that. Okay, so we'll react go ahead. Lyle let's actually don't turn it on. No, we got ta. Take this out. We'Ll rewash the gold try to get all the black sand out bucket back in place, foreman lyle firing it up. Oh look at the twinkle twinkle wow that is beautiful.

What a great day today sunny the golden shower, i know no one posted up that they got a golden shower last week at the rc spark studio. I was really surprised: i'm surprised, yeah, there's, still gold floating around down there wow any speculations. Boys 13.8 grams. The numbers man says: 13.8. Anybody, okay, mr lyle what's up bucket, bring out the bucket dump out the water. Please oh right over the ground. I know crazy let's see what we got three two one: oh oh that's too bad! I may want to change my answer. That'S huge it's huge that nugget's huge it's, a good nug it's, a mole i'm gon na guess three grams alone on that nug dude there's, still hair from last week's haircut in there gross wow. Actually, that is a little bit surprising yeah. Is that like super? I would say that we're gon na have to wait up and see what it is yeah it might be down to a 12 ish. Everybody is all all like yeah look at that a few minutes later dry. Now you still want to revise your your thing. There yeah they're going to go with 11 2 now. Oh, my god, you're going down to the points all right, let's turn it on let's, see where we're at no no no grams sluice. You said you want to figure out what that one nug was the biggest one. I think it's a book it go ahead, put put the one in there it's already zeroed yep.

Oh two point five, two point, six, two point: six: okay! Well, i need revision again. The one we got there was there: okay folks here we go count it out there, sleepster 4.95, nice, nine, no, no, eight, nine! Ten! Ten twelve! Here we go. Thirteen fifteen bowsers! Sixteen three dude! Sixteen five nice one piece right here: sixteen six! Sixteen seven a little bit inside here, sixteen five – it is yeah boys, 16 grams, good job grams. I can't believe it okay season total. Okay, folks, shall we here who's coming in here: ty there michael come dump this slowly in here show us what we got for 12 episodes: 16.5. 17. 19. 22. 24. 27. 20. 30 that's one ounce right there. One troy ounce keeper going 38 grams 45 awesome, keep going. Yes, thank you ghost. This lose 70. 80.. 102.. 107.3 grams, unbelievable that's, four ounces. Well, three and a half ounces boys. Can you believe that 12 episodes and uh all that is done? Everybody gets a little bit of green. You know thank you to rick for coming by here today, throwing around your cash. It is appreciated by me. Believe me, yeah, thanks for paying the bill, no problem, you thanks for squaring up. I wish crazy joe was here today. I have a feeling he would have been able to have uh squared up, but here for the next time is this for you for next time, you're coming next week.

Anybody else want to get in on next week. This looks like you're only going to be here for a few hours, but that's, okay, i'll get you the rest. Okay, guys come on in come on over here hats up on three youtube: gold, one, two three yeah all right, let's get the hell out of here. Pretty looks good eh all that hard work just to get it out of the ground yeah. Well, thanks for coming by and bringing your money i don't have any it's got the light. It'S got the curve it's more, like 20. it's got the serial number on there. At least i can take that to the bank. Probably here that's terrible yeah.