You can see. I brought my friend with me, the shadow, because he's gon na be able to do some mining with me. At least he has arms, say hi shadow. There it is, I also have with me crazy Bob in the background, although he does not have any arms he does make for some good company it's been a while, since I've seen anybody and – and I got ta be truthful with you. This whole time, I've been telling you that it's been this whole virus going around the planet and not being able to see anybody, but if I'm to level with you, none of the guys ever paid their bill from the first season. If you guys watched ytg season 1, you guys know they all got a bill. I was a very good understanding. Guy last year I sent them to collections instead of giving them another bill, not one of those guys ever paid. So I don't know how I'm supposed to make any money when I'm buying all the beer and the lunches, if they're not paying their bill. So another dollar I'll make you holler or whatever the new slogan is for you know, another dollar will make me holler the new slogan for YouTube gold let's see what I did to their mind. Hell is this? No? No! No! No! No! What are you doing here? You didn't, you didn't, pay your bill from last year. You can't just show up to the Mayan expecting to play all day for free, maybe okay, you better, but stay six feet away from me at least that's.

What you get for not paying the bill. You didn't pay your bill. You didn't pay your bill. What are you doing here? You'Re laughing I'm, the one who shelled out all the money last year and you just decide to show up. I push. I got Bob and the shadow bro. Listen! You can't just be here and not pay your bill, but we've gone through years. I feel that okay, so you are on rewiring the pumps, because the wiring is that speaker, wire, it's, the best kind, the best kind of wire you should be wearing your hardhat. By the way it is so good to have more people on the mine site. This is the black tarp we're, going to line the pond with Lyle, Gordon sir. How are you welcome good to see you? I see everyone has shown up for gold today. Okay, well grab a corner of the tarp if you're, here 8 by 10, yeah it'll have to stretch lengthwise it's, close it's at least six people, yeah Music, a junebug look at how big this guy is how's that possible it's made water on trickling out there, like You'Re 60 years old there, sir that's a lot of air in the line. Okay, so we've actually switched over to a 14 gauge wire because what's the point of having a huge battery. If we're going to bottleneck it speaker wire, was a little inadequate. I thought I thought that's our motto around YouTube gold in adequacy for the day, just get it running, that's right.

So now we have a hook on the side where these pumps are actually no longer sitting on the bottom. For those that were watching episode. 2. You know that I dug this pond extra deep that's, so we can have the silt on the bottom will keep filling it up and then, of course, it'll pour over into the other one when we have enough flow going on all the conveyors getting set up. You'Ll see that safety has moved up on our list. Rookie your sweaters no longer relevant safety is now number 20 on our priority list. Yes, yeah, so little red is ready to rock and roll just got to get a battery up here. The sluice boxes are back were sluice, we're, sluice box. Well, you're all stick. He could be passed out in the camper right now. What are you doing you taking off? You just got here yeah, and we also need some batteries like about 30 of them. While now doing the all important job of skimming the pool there is a there is a great method. You can flick that it's almost like a game you can see. If you can hit Bob ha ha. You can do that from way over there water off weight back in the late 90s early 2000s, those in the bar back alley after Hooters and an argument with a guy cuz. I told him he looked like Weird Al Yankovic and he really didn't like that.

So he started arguing and he told me to get on my knee, so he could get on his elbows. What wait I don't think you meant it like that, and then we became friends but wait a second. You were in a back alley and some guy said get on your knees, the back alley. I don't care what back alley that's if it's the back alley, I feel like I've, been set up, no cuz. He asked me to start the story over well. He gets the camera. He'S been planning this back alley joke for weeks. What did you just say, where's the marker flag for that tongue? Is that trailer it's on it's on the end, yeah it's right here, yeah, hey, hey! Why didn't? You guys tell me I had this on my boot. The whole time – hey you just. Let me walk around with that on my boot that's true priority. Are you putting on your official mining shoes yeah, I think we're. Those are only legal if safety was priority 19. So it's, 20. 21. I think that comes in there were lowering our standards around here crazy Joe years ago. You would have been furious. I don't know if those qualified we got a full pond new battery, there's, so much equipment and like three operators, so you're gon na have to run multiple pieces. Today, okay, rookie, you got to work two hose. At the same time. I surprised lookey with a lubricant.

You what nice to play rookie with lubricant for his hose lubricant what's that god you're being picky today, oh my god, I'm! Just trying to be you while Oh reach higher! Are we ready to mine some gold boys, crazy, Joe fire up that generator? Oh hey! What pull start it you're married? You should be plenty strong, three tugs, four tugs, five are you kidding? Is there any gas in there? You got to turn it on to the run position extra gas – oh that sounded close to poles, hey! Maybe we should. We could just use the battery and plug it in slow us down nickels holding up a dollar Music. Oh look, four feet away: free, oh no, bring in some real forward power here to start up the generator I offered for these boys to pull up their trucks. What do you drive their Chevy right dodge both you guys said no, obviously, there's the Ford Ford, Ford jumpin a high on day, because the battery's battery is completely dead, yeah that's, exactly it. How did you know that logic yeah? How much do you have plugged into that battery power baby Iran that's proper way? We should have it up at the top there. We get this thing shakin. Yes, what about the other one fire up, the other one. Oh yeah number one number two dude that's success! Right off the bat, how often have we had both both of the pumps working at the same time, we need to level this one a little bit there.

You go perfect, remember for every 12 inches of sluice box. You need one inch of drop. Okay: two inches of drop total I'm just I'm, just focused on checking out what's, going on with the pumps here see in the water start to come down. So explain what we're, seeing here, the water how's the water going in up there in the water being pumped. Here by these two new pumps and that pump over yonder coming out over here in our sluices, where the mats float away into our reservoir there, which drop our pipe here in the ground back into our holding pond here so recirculating pond that's right. You can really tell when sluice box Steve isn't here normally both of these mats would be sliding out. Now we only oh, no, no that's. This one is yeah it's working its way down that's because we got so much water. I know that's great flow that's, the moat that's, the most flow we've had off of those sluices. I was pissed in there for a second when I turned around like. Why are you pissing in the pond bro, you got add to it, no matter what thank you for remember. All water is your and it's just been evaporated and then rearrange it's back here to be pumped back through if it's, cloudy and dirty Lyle should go to the doctor. The flow off that pan is amazing. Can you fire up that trommel? Does it work somebody give it a flick of the switch everything's going good on the trommel Music, hey de lisle? We need you to cut a road as fast as possible.

Sir. I may send Joe up there with the loader to try to help clear out that area right down the center man try to rip a road. Yes, with this one it's pump on all the time, but you don't have to ask me always Bob standing right here: Music, so he's, going to start cutting his way down the middle crazy Joel's, going to come the other way and also start cutting his way up Towards Lisle that way, we can get a road going straight through just wide enough for the excavator. I know on the other side of where Joe was working, we had a small pile of pay that was left that we didn't get to last year. It'S covered with the rubber, could you take whatever loader, excavator or whatever, and a rock truck fill it full of pay because that's, the last we have until they get this road open, bring it up here and let's get some dirt moving. Thank you, nice, Joe. Getting push fad getting all that overburden out of the way trying to make the road for the excavator. So this is your first time with this Komatsu, yes, outside of loading Kings I'd, like to take a moment just to shout out to our sponsor loading King's presented to you by RC Sparks reboot on YouTube. They'Ve done a lot for us, helping making YouTube gold even possible for you guys shutout to the guys that helped make that happen, and if you haven't seen it yet go check out loading Kings right now, rookie, oh it's! Totally your choice! Bro! You can do whichever hole you want very Captain, Kirk of you.

Now we have a driver on the inside representing rookie on the side. There you go down, she goes very nice. Is that all there was, you know what you got to bring the excavator down here? Can you track it down yeah, not so that's what we need down here, though, we're never going to make any money around here. There was another film crew around here, but I think I may have buried them alive. What do you mean? This is where to go? There you go how's that, and here it comes down the narrow road make its way towards the site, like a professional did that come on boys. The excavators here already Lyle keep push it down. Man, just I thought he was gon na drag it down push it straight down. You can just turn around and rip that and take it with you. We don't need the pad protecting it there anymore. If that mat is old, yeah drag her forward. There you go now curl it in, and you should be able to lift it up a little bit when you curl there. You go good job man, all the excavators. In the way you got ta wait he's pulling out the mat, so we were using this mat to protect the site from rain rookie, making his way up the steep embankment lots of equipment moving around here comes the rock truck six wheel drive making its way up There Rock truck weighs at least 45 48 pounds by itself, good to rock and roll dudes let's.

Get that pay hey! Damn Kevin. I told Kevin to watch the pump crazy Joe. You know, I think the hose is far too long, because the pump seems to not give us enough pressure at the top of the water with the bars there. I think we need to cut that pipe shorter and remove like four feet of hose. Are you used to working with big hoses? You keep talking about your home blog. You can compliment me. Thank you for the compliment beautiful I don't know didn't, take you long, buddy, Music Applause, Music Applause. First down for second, I thought that was strange Bob, but you just had your arms folded – Music, not far behind Music, for the machine, while Joe's ready to rock and roll first coupe for the season boys bring on the gold last year. People wanted to see. Oh wanted to see the dump truck dumping into the hopper. We did that it overloaded the hopper. We know that there's, a certain capacity for these machines here goes yeah. Are these back far enough? Yes, they are first dirt coming in we're, washing dirt boys, Music, Music. So rookies having to add some hydraulic fluid to the Kubelik, oh don't know what's going on got out the hydraulic fluid though good good, five liters take all that. No, not all of it just going to control the flow coming from the hopper a little bit more. That way, he can keep it in there full keep a constant rate in that trommel sounds like you could use a little lubrication in there rook such great machines, Music, continuing to work away very windy today, mint good job, loyal, crazy, Joe starting in with the big Bucket full rookie, now switching off whose beers, on top of the electrical container it's on top of an electrical container, the conveyors spin around and around you kind of go hand in hand nice.

Here we go I'm gon na wrap it up shake away baby Joe shut. It down shut it down. Well sure I need you to cut some holes off of the pump there. We got way too much holes going. We have to push way too much water, so yeah. Could you take this hose and figure out how much hose we can cut off there's way too much length there yeah you're, not in this business, you're easier now to touch her furnaces and air conditioning and whatnot isn't that all the same, you that was quick and Easy thank you smile with a professional installation. There hey you're too close to Bob Bob close to you good job. I don't know crazy Joe, I feel like we're slipping. I had to send everybody inside to get a beer. This should be beer out here already. It feels good to be back. Maybe they just don't. Remember, of course, I'm. The one always complaining about the cost of here. No one ever brings any beer. Do they. I did bring beer once. I think I like how the hair blows together in the wind see while coming with the articulating Volvo. I anticipated a huge crew this year brought in tons of equipment after watching Todd off and bring in tons of equipment on his show up in Canada. We just got season 3. We wish him luck. More equipment means more gold, but not when I don't have the people to run it.

Nice job, Lyle, perfect, getting your practicing dude drive it off the edge I'll. Try not to oh sorry. I have no idea what I'm doing you're getting much better at this. Oh, I smooth this butter. What happened it's jammed like Spaceballs, jammed turn it in reverse turn it off shut her down. First thing: you do when it's jammed shut it off. Okay, you got to reverse the polarity somehow by crossing the streams. I might have gotten that word on the movie. You don't do that everything I see on TV is true shut it down, shut it down, shut her down. My shadow is now behind me. I had more help than just my shadow today: whoo YouTube girl, baby, no it's YouTube YouTube gold, YouTube Co. You have stacked up that high. You should have been running less pay. You got a freaking hope, so I've been waiting for this day, forever: pumps down trommel off what's that what's that that's a YouTube Gold baby. Finally, back in business, look at this you're in the shadow there it is, I wasn't, even pointing at it with the camera Music. You guys don't know this, but I got you all special cleanup suits this year. You'Re gon na love it Music he's, able to get out the sluice boxes working as a team. This way they're not going to get any black sand on them any of the pond water. You can see that they can clearly see each other.

I can't believe crazy. Joe is actually getting on board this year with the hive is struggling in the rubber gloves. I think it's like a race everything sriracha, guys, okay, oh he went KJ still working at it. Pull that mat sideways going down into the classifiers with all of them wearing masks. I don't have to wear one. This is POTUS, sorry, guys, no I'm, not guitar. Today, usually a lot for you to build today, then, and all the pea gravel. This is where we found it beautiful. I see color in there okay and onto the gold table water on water's on I know I have to repeat that's part of the reason you guys are gon na, be able to see the gold so much better on the table, Joe you're ready to sweep some Gold, even though we're not supposed to even touch this table, yeah rook stir. Okay on your hey, I don't wan na give you a penalty man on your ex extra safe nice. I like that it's, not even a gold joke, but it applies water on shaker on spilled right over the edge of the table. Hey it's good to see the old girl fired up yeah you too, gold. Nice. Are we ready? I think so here this is on your excess. Good luck to the gold go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Peck, yeah, very nice, that's nice to see against the green. Instead of that, instead of the white there it is yeah right there nice.

I love the flow of the table so far. It looks nice and level well, the way it's supposed to be these guys being extra careful, you want to maintain visibility while we're cleaning up the gold did, you just say absolutely shout out to Wyatt going Wyatt. We know you're watching right now: buddy yeah, oh that's, a nice concentration! Look at that! So how many yards today, like half yard that's? What I get first, first continually cleaning the snow off my driveway and putting it into a pile, a whole pile of dirt to dig in it's amazing how you get the snow. You know what it is is because I think the earth it pushes it up to the top and the frost as the water in the ground yeah that pushes the heavier stuff like rocks up to the top and I'm able to scrape it off. Everybody knows that in oversized gold right. What do you think? What do you think? Look good, what's that I'm just happy to be back floating colors? Oh yeah, you too, cold man. There! You go hey there's, some black sand. I know I just hit me right in the head. They always laugh at us because we wear hard hats, like we're idiots, so crazy Joe, if you guys have never seen this before. This is a concentration table which helps break down a lot of the pay that we're going to put into the wheel fortune. It gets rid of all this like lighter stuff and keeps all the heaviest sand and heavy gold floating towards the container that Joe's holding.

Then, if he misses it goes into a bucket down on the far side which all that pay can be processed as well and that's. All the tailings that go in here that run into this draw sorry Lyle, not listening. Buddy I'm watching the gold there. It is the concentrate of concentrates, yeah that's, nice. I love it. Shall we fire up the way I don't see any gold in there actually shall we fire up the wheel fortune let's do it. I can. I can right there your gloves in the way, so now that we've got all those lighter but larger rocks in off of the table. Yes, now this will actually sift through the sand well hold on. We got to make sure that it's going to carry it up. Let'S make sure we got the right angle it's when you've been a long time since we use this. Oh yeah there's one there yep, so our angle seems to be okay. Finally, after all this time, gold going in the wheel, this wheel seems far too small but good for what we have it's hard to operate with these damn gloves and see that, like I don't like him, better I'm one of them boom gone. Oh there, some nice that's a good piece gold, still climbing that's all we care. I don't, see anything now but black and stand right about here. I agree: okay, boys. First gold yeah slide the pan towards you yeah.

Oh, do we need to re wash it? Is there quite a bit in there? Is it sandy hold on let's rewatch it we always rewashed it this? Is it not sandy let's? Do it then drop her in there let's see what we got dude. Look at that pick her in the corner, dude that's it's, a lot of gold for the amount dirt that we actually moved today. People are gon na say. Is that real gold? I should get a gold tester here, yes, it's real gold. You can do some acid tests and you can you can put it in some Goldschlager right. If it reacts, then you know you got good gold. This Revlon's been kicking it years. Okay, boys have a look, shall we we're up crazy Joe got a guess on how much you're? Definitely a gold miner you've been in the business a long time I'm. Only gon na go six grams, loyal five point: nine grams, you didn't even look at it all right boys. I made sure to clean off my scale. So there is no evidence of anything we can fire it up and see how many OHS et we have of gold that so nice bring it in. I got point two point. Five. I got point 0.1. This is on o ZT. I should put it on Gramps. It should be on the ground. I was really hopeful four ounces. I got nothing there. I got one point grab the piece that you see that spilled right there lower than ice.

That is he, though we're left somewhere in there, okay, so uh mode, how many grams? How many grams, how many grams 4.8 Wow what's the closer I don't know how many weekends we have left of gold because we started so late. I kind of feel like we just got started yeah, so I so I don't even know what our, what our season goal is supposed to be it's a month and a half into gold, and we haven't even started and can we dress up in suits like this? All the time it's too hot in the summer, hats together boys throw them in the middle on three one. Two three YouTube go right on. Remember you guys are being charged for your PPE. The suit alone was over one hundred and fifty dollars each. So, for you guys, 200 bucks just because I'm, giving you a friend discount it's, once it's used it's a one time use only.