I knew this. I could almost predict this because everyone's on lockdown in quarantine and we can't get together what a beautiful warm, no wind today. Well, the only guy that showed up to work is my trusty Foreman Bob Bob. How are you doing buddy always good to hear from ya? So I'm gon na fire it up you guys, can see over a long winter that I've had a lot of destruction. Had the mine site. Look at this. I miss the boys. I wish they were here right now. I can't even call it YouTube gold without the boys, because the gold is truly in in the fun and friendship we have here, but regardless gold has to be dug and all this needs to be fixed. You guys must be wondering where all these damn boulders keep coming from. All of this needs to be redone all the wiring for the pumps. This is the old pump house. Look at this okay. This is all this is falling apart. All the earth has pushed it all in that was the pump house. All this wiring needs to be doing redone and last year. If you remember, if you guys, were fans of YouTube's gold last year in season 2, we had quite a serious year of weather, where it was just rain or snow everything. This was terrible to work in so I have a whole idea of making a new road in here. Look at all.

This is all overgrown. Let'S rock and roll first order of business is to actually get to business and get done what I can get done in preparation. I had big plans for season three lots of equipment: oh yeah bulldozers showing its might there. It is this bulldozer weighs in at 60 pounds an unbelievable wait for a hydraulic, RC Music yeah. Just having a look at this is where our huge, like Old, Faithful, used to feed into the trommel here, and you can see it's been decimated, I'm surprised it didn't hold up a lot longer than it did two years seem to be a little bit light for The amount of effort that we put into it but I'll clear these rocks down here and get rid of the debris good. Now that all the crap is out of the way or most of it at least what I need to do is get into this area right here and start flattening it out. You can see that a whole bunch of this area has been. You know moved by the by the winter and all the water that comes through this area, and I think the mud is one of the things that inhibited us the most last year is that our trucks were sliding around and that we weren't able to overcome that. So I have a way to do that: let's flatten, all this out and see if we can it's going to be a long job, I've there's a lot of area to cover with a very small bulldozer.

There may be a more effective way, but I want to give it a try. At least, I think one of the most important things to me about this road being done is the grade and anything above a B would be acceptable, but no lower than a C that's, b, plus quality right there, yeah Wow, I can't believe how quiet it is Around here, it's like working with Michael full time, this road is turning out just the way we needed it to. I have a quicker way to do the top part, though okay what's up it's me again. This time I will be wearing my hard hat because of this huge machine, if you've never seen this before on my channel or on the show, then prepare to have your minds blown. This is a full size. Radio control cat 2 for 2d skid steer check it out, but boom there's. My controller right. There I've got a smooth edge bucket on it. I'M gon na use it to help me flatten out some of the area that I need: Music, Music, Music. A lot of viewers of the show may wonder why there is a big pile of dirt here when Joe was working. The glory hole so well last year and I would agree it is suspicious. You can look around here. You can see I've actually pushed out a lot of dirt with the skid steer now it's time to get in there with the heavy duty stuff and move this dirt around to where it should be.

Music. Yeah here comes the big new Komatsu. Last year we had a hard time keeping up with the demand for pay dirt that was going through the wash plant. So I also had the other paid a trommel, the orange trailer that was also sifting pay dirt for us, so we needed another loader and instead of having it idle I'm gon na have it help me build the road right now. I can tell my time on that is going to be forever it's, going to take a lot of the power out of the cell that I have in there right now. So we might as well get the Volvo Rock truck down here. We can start filling that up with dirt and start moving larger quantities. Music. There is one thing I got ta say about the guys not being here that I miss is that I have to carry every one of these. I try to push some of this dirt up towards the ramp, because I want to level out the ramp at the same time, Music. I have a feeling I might be a little bit too far away from the loader, see how I ever reach this. This has not bad right in the center. Much better, keep up the good work. Bob Music, some dirt, some dirt Kevin Music load, one Music, Music, Music. That should be plenty for me to build a road everyone's, always telling me to put gravel in here.

I put gravel in here before, but the problem is: is it gets caught in between the tracks of the excavators, so it makes it much more challenging Music. Okay. Here I am under my lean to shout out to sluice box Steve right now, what's up Steve for dropping off all of this cedar wood. Two and a half years ago. He said he had been storing it in his basement. He had had it forever took him. 17 trips in his smaller Mazda truck to get all this here, but finally did get it here. We'Re gon na put it to good use I'm thinking of cutting this up into planks and putting down a complete Cedar Road, so 29 inches 29 inch platform and 29 inches well give or take an inch. Everyone knows the secret to a good clean, successful cut is to get as many pieces of wood onto your saw as possible at once, Music looking dead mob, keep up the good work, buddy Music, the strength of these machines always astonish me. You could see the amount of work that needs to be done before the mine site can even start up. It'S been absolutely terrible, and I know last year the mud and the snow were crippling to us, and I think that this is going to be the ultimate solution. You can already see in the background I've been working on it, Applause, Music. Well, there we are, at the end of a long day a whole the machinery now lifted back to where they're supposed to be decking boards section one is now complete section: two you can see is being worked in there, and I think this is basically the ultimate Answer to any kind of rain, snow, sleet mud, basically once they get into those wheels and those tracks it's debilitating on these machines – and I don't want that to be hampering our efforts, because if I can get the crew back this year, if we're able to bring The team together, I want to make sure that we're ready to go, and this is the vision I have had for the mine say for quite some time.

I still got a lot of work to go in the middle part got to read igg. This got a rish or up all the walls got to pull out the wash plant redo the whole thing, because that's in a huge disarray drop a light click right now, if you want to do that, if you guys had a great time watching all these amazing, Our seas in action drop that light click now and guys spit, send a shout out crazy, Joe sluice box. Lyell rookie, Michael everybody, that's, come and helped this come together even Kevin. Now I knew you're listening buddy. I just want to send a shout out to you guys. Thank you all for joining me today and we'll see you in the next episode of YouTube gold um. I feel like it wouldn't be your friend. If I didn't tell you had a little something right there, buddy it's, just right. If you could start participating a little bit more that'd be helpful. So I feel like I was really on my own here for a lot of the show, and you know we missed your comedic gestures.