That will help irrigate. All the surrounding farm lands check it out my old square body, Chevy, ready to rock and roll. I mounted up new boots on it: 1.9 RC 4 wheel, Drive, Krypton let's, give it a rock and roll Music, so leave spring suspension in the front. Not a lot of flex up there without more link in the back making this truck very capable Music shoutout to my friend bill who helped paint this truck for me many years ago. I know you're watching right now, buddy one of my favorite trucks. In fact, all the viewers right now that are watching that know this show or heck, even if you're new to this show. If this is your favorite ride, you've seen so far make sure to comment down below Music, nice and torquey over the water over the rocks, letting those Krypton trying to grab on 1.9 size diameter tires very small, but to scale check out my suspension on the back. For link suspension, Bob's articulation working our way through I'm gon na miss crawling on these back rocks, but I'm gon na have a great time jet boating my way up through damn again Music. You know there's something to be said about going fast, with a radio control, hobby vehicle truck or buggy or whatever you want, even with a trail truck, but I really do enjoy the art of the slow crawl and making it as realistic as possible. In fact, someone the other day, suggested I put an egg inside of my truck in the driver's seat and to see if I could go around driving without breaking the egg.

I think that's an amazing idea. I might try that. Let me know by leaving a light. Click right now, if you want me to do that in a future video just incredible some amazing shots today, I always try to take advantage of the reflection in the water or the beautiful blue sky. In the background, it always helps a good RC video pop whoa. Look at that she's hopping a little let's back. It up get a little wheel, speed to try to get that front axle over there. Then three, two one I'm hung up on the front axle. Look at that flex, though, on the rear, that's, amazing, yeah there's. So many nice, so there we have it my friends, my Chevy k5 blazer, a classic truck that I've loved since the very beginning. In fact, little known fact, I almost bought one of these for my first ever full sized vehicle when I was younger, but I missed my opportunity so instead I rebuilt it here in model form that's. One of the bonuses of doing this hobby is that you can do things like that. Bring bring things back from your older memories, your old days. Maybe you can even go out and do something with it that you normally would never do in a full size vehicle guys thanks a lot for checking out today's vehicle, maybe or video vehicle and video.