I have finally released as of the 29th of december. The software development kit or sdk for the 3d runs ive just mentioned. Why is this cult? Why is this interesting and why should you be excited well, this allows third party companies such as lichi and dronelink to be able to write their software and tune their apps to be able to work with these three drones. So why should you be excited? Well, one of the major features most of you, dji mini 2 owners have wanted, is active track and with the lichi app. That is exactly what you can do. You can forget about all these active track. Hacks all work arounds. This is actual active track and it works pretty damn well. You can see in this video that what ive done previously when i was using the dji mavic mini with litchi, because thats been supported for near enough a year, just how good it actually is. So please do feel free to check out that video and the others that ive done. I will leave some links in the video description below, so you can check that out to see exactly what litchi is all about and potentially get a head start for when the dji mini 2 is actually going to be supported, as well as the dji mini se, And the air 2s, but given the fact that this drone of course, already has active track, it already has a lot of those smart modes that you would require.

I cannot see a major reason why youd want to use litchi with this one. So the question that you will be asking yourself is: how soon can we expect to see lychee compatible and working with the dji mini 2, the midi se or the f2s? Well, to answer that very question i actually reached out to lychee and asked them directly when they think that they will have the software ready to which they replied that they hope to have the beta version of the lychee app support in these three drones. Wait for it in the next one to two days. Yes days. I am absolutely astounded, i expected at least a month or something, and but no they have assured me that it will be ready in the next couple of days for beta testing and please dont shoot the messenger if that time scale doesnt actually eventually come to fruition. But thats what i was told, so what basically happens is literally launch a beta version of their app which supports these drones. They then go away and do their testing, etc, etc, and then, finally, they launched the full version. Now i am part of that beta testing program and, of course you can be too. However, i would just like to exercise caution and say that, because this is in beat stage – and of course your drone, such as the mini 2, is extremely precious. You might want to leave it to the pro such as myself to test this and see if everything is working as soon as i get confirmation that this drone, this dji mini 2 is compatible with litchi and its all working.

I will go out and i will film a full review of the app and show you just exactly whats possible, and you might also want to check with your drone insurance company, whether its dji cab refresh or cover drone or moon, rock or, however youre using state Farm, if youre in the us, whether they will support flying your drone using third party apps, because that, of course, is exactly what it is. So of course dont forget. You have to exercise caution whilst active tracking, gps, follow and wear points, and all of these features are cool as hell and they really increase the functionality of your drone. You still dont get obstacle avoidance, so you can hit things okay. So this is why you need to be very careful exercise caution. Now, how do you get to be a beta tester on the lychee app then? Well, very simply, what you need to do is go to the litchi website, so open up a web browser on any tablet or phone that you are using. If you are on android, it is so much more simple. All you need to do is click the link on the screen. Okay and then you can simply join the lichi beta program. Of course, lychee is actually chargeable its not free and from when i bought it. I think it cost around 20 pounds now. 20. Pounds is actually a lot of money for an app, but if you think about the value, it actually adds to your drone being obviously what around five percent of the value of the product that youre buying or five percent of the value of this i dont think Thats too much to ask personally and of course it is a great piece of kit.

Now, once you have purchased it, you then get the option to download the beta version. All right, if you already have the full version installed, if youre a mavic mini owner, you do have to go back to the beta version to be able to test all of this. But ultimately i just think that is super exciting now dont forget. That is not a sponsored video by for litchi or anything like that. The reason why im suggesting it is because thats one i use and for me it seems to have the most features. Of course, youve got waypoints, which dont forget as well. Just a little caveat, not all features will be available straight away. It will take literally time to develop them, but, of course, some of the main ones will come almost immediately. I would fully expect, and one of the really cool features some silly, but of all the features that literally actually offer one of the coolest ones is the fact that you can toggle on to for the drone to automatically start recording when you take off. That has saved my bacon on the dji, mavic mini so many times, because so often i fly off frame of course shot and i forgot to press the record button. Yes, it even happens to me, but anyway, like i said, i have covered literally quite extensively using the dji mavic mini on my channel. So if you want to check out exactly what litchi is all about and possibly get a head start for when this actually doesnt launch and support these three drones, then please do check out my videos im sure you will find them quite informative and please do ignore The production quality it wasnt the best and but of course, id like to think my videos have come a long way since then, but at least theyre going to give you an idea, and one of them was really cool where i actually use the dji mavic mini.

As a vlogging camera, so i basically fly the drone and then im using the drone to talk into while using a uh a screen recorder to see if you could use the the mavic million liter for vlogging. That was quite cool and ive also followed my car as well um in one of the videos just to see if it could keep up and just yeah general fun, so that wraps up the video. Please do.