That dji has released together with the rainbow app, and this will not be an extensive test of the rainbow app. But i do want to test out the active track feature to see how well that works, because thats, probably one of the most requested things that we are getting with the new sdk support. I know there are other apps out there right now that are supporting the sdk like lychee, but you have to pay for the lead. You have to actually test out the functionality with the rainbow app you can at least try. I think its five times that you have a chance to try out the features that the app is providing before you have to pay. So that could give you some sort of feeling. If this is something for you or not, five tries is pretty limited to test out the functionality of the app. I just found out that if you uninstall and reinstall the app the counter reset, so you have another five tries so lets get the drone airborne. I do want to add in a few disclaimers here. First of all, you have to be aware that there, of course you know there are no sensors on the drone. So if youre doing active track with the the dji mini 2, you have a risk of crashing. The drone so just be aware of that thats. The first thing. The second thing im pretty sure that if you wreck the drone, while using these third party softwares, you avoid the warranty and definitely the care refresh program from dji im trying to get that part verified.

But lets assume until we know more, that this would be the case if you dont want to risk your drone. You shouldnt go down this path, so lets get it up and flying and as yesterday, im starting the drone manually lets just flick. It into video. Make sure that everything is nice, we just put it at auto, as it is right now. No, we are not putting it in also because we dont want it to be. We just want this, the one over 60 yeah, and then we bump up the iso, because it is a bit dark here today lets just put it uh these. You can see you see on this phone. These are so small its very hard to hit those buttons. So lets just do that and lets see where that brings us. That brings us overexposed with 0.3, so that would be good enough for now, so lets get it up in the air, so its so gray here lets just position it up here somewhere, see here in the parking lot theres a lot of stuff going on santa exposed With two thats too much so we need to bump up the iso to 400, with the risk of noise introduced in the image. So so far no surprises. Histogram looks good lets just take a few pictures here, and this is not a photography contest contest. So we just put it here and not take it at two seconds. We will take it one or fifty one or 30 or 20 just bump it up like that.

So one over 30. lets just take a picture and its jpeg plus raw. So, but this is basically the raw capabilities of the drone, so theres theres uh there shouldnt be really no surprises there. So lets just try and go in here and see what else we can do so were gon na test the tracking function. I think that would be the most obvious one to test, and then we use one of the trials here except and fly were gon na put this in video. So now this was not good because now were losing one of the tries here so yeah, so its at least its tracking me now lets try and go this way. So the tracking works to some extent see what happens if i jump into the car. So now we are trying to hit with the car instead. So now we only have two free flights left, so it better work see if we can make it follow. Just do it very slowly, so lost me see if it can lock onto me again. Okay, so lets use the last try here, so its a better work now see at least the camera tracks. Ah, this was, of course, not optimal and i just switched the batteries and let me just show you what is going on when youre trying out these features and now its going all bananas there. Okay, interesting, i dont know what happened with the gimbal here. I do want to say that i wrecked the drone here during the christmas holiday, so there might be something that is not really like its supposed to be with this drone lets just jump in and take the tracking function again.

Here close, it will actually allow you to do something like a. What is it called? A can remember the one where it stays in the air and it will sort of track the object there below with the camera, but once you try to make it follow, it will ask you to subscribe to the app, and this is where it starts to cost Money so lets just see here: spotlight is called spotlight. Yes, so the spotlight mode is actually working. So so, if i back away now, you can see it still follows the car, but if i switch it into tracking like this, and i say that i want the tracking enabled it refuses to go there. This was a short demonstration that the sdk is actually working in real life im, not sure that day. I really got you convinced about the tracking feature. It is really working well here, but i will head over in the next video to the lychee app, and i will use that one, because i have paid for the beta version of the lychee app and that one is supporting the sdk as well. So we should be able to test out more of this kind of tracking functionality with that one. I just thought it was a good idea to show you the rainbow app, because that would allow you to test this out for free, even though its very limited what you can do in terms of tracking, if youre not deciding to pay for it.

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