Welcome to cleantech home of the other technology news and reviews, and today were going to be talking about the fact that snapchat evidently didnt make enough of their pixie drones. Todays video is brought to you by a clean phone more on them at the end of the video. Alright. So taking a look at the title, snapchat didnt make enough pixie drones but wont say how many it actually made. The first buyers are still waiting for their drones to arrive, lets jump right in snaps new flying camera. The 230 pixie drone went on sale last week, but the earliest buyers were told theyd be able to get their hands on. It was three months to actually. You know get the gadget. Uh were now thinking that the company didnt make enough, because snap has extended the pixies shipping time to four whole months. According to the drones website, we even have a tweet from alex heath uh estimated shipping in 15 to 16 weeks. For the pixie drone per snaps website, honestly in hindsight, we probably should have made more thats a statement from evan spiegel. Okay, does this mean the is selling? Well, i mean its possible, but it seems more likely that snap didnt make that many to begin with. In the past, snap lost almost 40 million dollars when it made too many pairs of its spectacles, but snap, ceo evan spiegel, suggested that uh snap underestimated how many pixies it needed and made too few this time around.

Honestly, in hindsight, we probably should have made more the statement from before. As a result, people who purchase the pixie drone are going to have to wait even the very first people who bought the pixie on day. One wont see their drones for weeks. Snap spokesperson, chloe accused her. I hope i said that right confirmed in an email that wont be a surprise for buyers. Evidently, uh snaps website always showed an 11 to 12 week time frame as far as the shipping window goes on its launch date april 28th. But if you purchase one today, youll now have to wait longer 15 to 16 weeks. To be precise. Snap, however, isnt waiting for orders to come in before making easter own the pixie isnt made to order queuester tells the words so theres at least a small stockpile somewhere uh one that takes multiple months to take to make it to your doorstep. How small snapdeclined to tell us how many drones it made, so we cant really begin to guess how popular the pixel might be. Lets go ahead and take a look at their website. Shall we so? This is the front page uh thats the product itself, the pixie drone, okay shop, okay, while supplies last available in the us and france all right, uh, okay, all right stay up to date, so im guessing! This is uh mainly for the availability of the drone, but you know you can always go ahead and place an order for yourself.

You know if you actually wanted to see what kind of waiting times you actually get chances are, though, like we said about 15 to 16 weeks, is a realistic time to expect for this to get to your doorstep uh, but yeah i mean i cant, really blame Snapchat, for, like you know not making enough of those considering, you know their last failure with those spectacles, but you know uh, who knew uh. Drones are all of a sudden, a hot topic right now, and people just want more its possible that you know they. Just you know like sold right out, and you know uh snapchat didnt anticipated like that much of a sale volume. But then again you know thats just the way it is thats, the dynamic that you know just sales have to flow through. I mean sometimes demands high. Sometimes its barely anything but yeah. Let me know if youve already placed an order for the drone, if you have any plans on getting it or if you know youre playing, not interested. Let me know down in the comment section below clean phone. Is the perfect phone for your kids because it allows you to manage everything on the phone remotely? It has tons of amazing features such as easily allowing you to pick and choose which apps and games your child can use, provides you access to active phone monitoring, including sms and phone call usage, allows you to control how long and how often your kids can use.

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