You may ran into one of these whats this its a drone. Now this is probably the best way to film a climbing climber right now, but it comes with some problems. It comes with some issues. You dont want this thing flying past your head, while youre climbing, if youre outside, trying to get away from the hustle bustle everyday life, so theres a lot of noise pollution, so youre liable to piss everybody off at the crag. They dont want to hear a drone flying around when theyre trying to get some peace. Another problem is theres a lot of regulations. You cant fly these things. National parks theyre illegal and, if you wanted to like upgrade well, not even upgrade, but if you wanted to get some better video quality, you might have to get something like this. Can you imagine the noise of this puppy? I mean just the just: the size of the blade is twice the size of the drone, so uh that in that case, youre gon na need a pilots license which i have, which is what i have to fly that thing. So it got me thinking. There must be a better way for the average day person that doesnt want to have to go through all those hoops of getting a drone. Besides the price to entry, you talk about like a thousand over a thousand dollars to get one one of the smaller ones. At least so what else can i do so? I figured hey: lets go to drawing board and got the gears turning and hey.

Why not do some experimenting today so im reaching over and im grabbing my 360 camera today and a fishing pole were gon na? Have a good old fashioned scientific experiment today ill bring you guys along so lets just head out and see uh see how this does shall we lets go okay, so whats going on here is im gon na set up a like a top rope solo, almost system And uh the way im gon na be getting the rope up here, normally be throwing a tagline over a tree to get in a tree. Fortunately, i dont know where my tagline is so the way im reclining this isnt the standard, safe practice way of doing some tree, climbing dont do what im doing to climb trees. Basically, what im saying im climbing it wrong climbing, like a wild squirrel, so im gon na climb up there, im gon na set up a system, uh rig up a system for the camera, real, quick and then were gon na see how that that looks: Music, okay, Music, so Music, me Music, oh Music, Music, all righty, okay, so the riggings done. I got my floating magic camera. 5000. It comes right back to me. Look at that, oh its magic, its a flying, camera, okay, so uh ill, probably film, with the with my phone up there exactly how i rigged it, but its just basically a sling with a on it. I had a dmm rolling, the ones with the little pulleys in it, but then i found that the fishing line actually gets stuck in the crevice between the pulleys.

So i just put a regular. Is that not that much friction on that thing, so my uh cameraman is gon na be pulling uh. The fishing line up while i climb lets see how the video the video goes lets get started. Oh its already recording all right cool. All right lets. Put it right here lets see how this goes now looks like theres, a lot of wobble already there now its a little steadier. So basically, wind is going to be a big problem. All right lets give it lets, give it a go. So i guess just try to pull it up: nice and steady okay, because the the the steadier, the steadier, you are the steadier that will be. You know what i mean. Okay, lets test and make sure everything. My whole system is working. Okay, so im good to go so you could see if you keep up now. This part was actually the scariest part its nothing to hold on to here. If i had a weight down below me, i wouldnt have to trim the line right on. I saw a hornet fly in this hole like a big fat one when i was first reaching up in here. I was super sketched because i thought uh. I thought a squirrel was going to come bite me. Is the other camera still recording good thats gon na get my audio look look how much this thing is spinning now, so i think i think if if if this thing was gon na work wed have, i think itll still be able to stabilize, even with the Spinning, but i think if it was going to work, youd have to maybe have two lines in two separate spots, so that doesnt spin.

So i guess this is a good. I guess its a good test come a little higher its also hard for you to figure out how high to keep it all right. So thats that i guess i could just take it all. Apart now, thats really spinning uh swing. It ill ill. Try to turn it off, keep it over here this smaller the file, the easier it is for me to edit, okay, so whatd, you think about that huh, as you could tell this thing, spun a whole lot, so theres a couple ways. I can mitigate that. If you use either use a bigger line, maybe a climbing lot, a climbing rope would spin it less around than a fishing line. I thought the fishing line would be a lot smoother when reeling it in, except when i, when i rigged it up, i had the fishing line. I pulled the fishing line up to me. Then i dropped it down to my cameraman and he assured me he was going to catch it, but he didnt and the thing snapped ready one on three one. Two, three nice catch nice catch buddy you suck. So he ended up just pulling it by hand, so i think using a climbing rope would definitely have it spin, a lot less other than that. I could imagine having two lines coming down at an angle and then it coming up the middle might stop it from rotating. If the lines are too close together, then it would rotate anyway and just become a tangled mess where you wouldnt be able to go up or down.

Dont. Ask me how i know that ive played with ropes for a long time. So, every time you see that swipe going across the screen, thats the two lenses stitching the image together so thats. What that is, if you dont know, if you didnt someone didnt know what you were filming with, i guess they think its just a glitch. The quality is not too bad, but thats that um i might play around with it some more. Maybe if you guys uh like this and tell me to keep on playing around with it ill experiment, some more. Let me know what you think down in the comments below and ill keep playing around with it and uh maybe bring it out to the cliff or something and give it some some more testing. I want to get all the kinks out before i drive a couple hours to go. Put it down a cliff now that tree was probably what like 30 feet up or something like that. A cliff is gon na have its own host of problems. It could also be like i could make it so that theres a its riding up a line so theres a line under it and its also riding up so its being pulled down. At the same time, its being pulled up, i dont know id have to tinker around. Let me know if you got if you have some idea or something like that and maybe ill try it out, so that about wraps it up um, if youre new here like comment and subscribe to that, helps with the algorithm we have a discord, join the community And i also sell merch if you like, climbing clothes clothes that you that are about climbing that you like to wear.

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