Xiaomi 4k Mi Drone Review and Test flight with Autel XSP comparison footage

UPDATE: New Firwmare replace as of seven/3/17 provides FULL digital camera controls!! Full desk assessment and pattern footage check flight flown alongside the Autel XSP …


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  2. Great review again! What’s your thoughts on UPAir one plus and ph3 standard.

  3. Enjoy your review. Did the Wifi Dongle come with your drone? It seems some get the dongle and some do not and I was wondering why that is?

  4. 7:05 "The uhh… let's see the controller here – I like this it has these guahrbwepgsfgoi rabbit."

    Nice review btw, +1 like

  5. Good review. I just got my xiaomi 4k here so i like your details very much. thanks

  6. I'm so glad someone compared these 2 drones. I narrowed my first drone to these 2 due to features, quality, reviews, and mainly limited budget. I want a Mavi Pro but can't afford it at the moment. Waiting to see Autel Evo later this year as a Mavic Pro alternative. Thanks for doing this comparison. What would you recommend from these 2 drones if you could only buy 1? The only thing I am weary of is Xiaomi's customer service due to having to deal with an international service department vs Autel US based.

  7. Very nice flight video. I think i will teach my buddy how to fly so i can get some of those shots.

  8. if you camera shaking issue turn your firmware verdion to 2006 gimbal. see my test video .https://youtu.be/8QKs9U7lCPU

  9. Does the Mi drone have headless mode?

  10. I am a starting level photographer …. Which drone is better for starting level photography Dji or mi. Plz tell me

  11. What a great review! Since I bought mine from Gearbest I made a handful of videos and I really enjoy this quad. Never had any issues with it!

  12. Hi. The update you gave on camera control, can we also control ISO and Shutter speed? Or What is the Update on?

  13. Overall, price aside, which would you recommend? And which do you think is the better value? Thanks!

  14. my gimbal said "maybe interference by an obstacle" what am gonna do?

  15. Great review. I'm still considering this quad. Is there anyword on a possible firmware update for the camera to give manual ISO and shutter speed control? Without those it's kind of useless to me. 🙁 A shame because it seems amazing at that price otherwise.

  16. Hey RD's Drone Reviews, great review. I was wondering if you know what the bitrate of the videos are when shooting in the different video modes:
    3840×2160p 30 fps
    2560×1440p 30 fps
    1920×1080p 100/60/30 fps

    I am especially interested in 1920/100fps and 30fps.
    and 4k 30fps.

    Also, would you think it's safe to assume that the shutter speed will be always at a 180degree angle? Meaning 1/60 when shooting 30fps. 1/200 when shooting 100fps. 1/120 when shooting 60fps.

    I am really considering buying this drone for its price, but what scares me off is the lack of 24fps, ISO / Shutter control, and the yet unknown bitrate.

  17. Great video bro!
    Btw what is max attitude you can fly with this drone? Is it 125m or 500m like in phantom?

  18. Autel ya one thing that is certainly for mi.

  19. Nice video. I have the Bugs 3 and love flying it. Is a bit cheaper but has also quite a lot of power

  20. does it work with iphone? there is a mi app in apple store but not sure if it works. really want to order it

  21. I had a DJI Phantom 4. Sold it. I had the Autel, X-Star Premium, sold it. I currently have the DJI Mavic Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 4K. I absolutely Love this Xiaomi, takes great video, 22-25 minute flight and Sub $500.00 price. Plus it folds flat. My Mavic hasn't left the bag since the Xiaomi arrived. Updates and more camera options for adjustability are coming. Great review, check out my first flight. If you purchase from Banggood you get the wifi dongle which I feel is not usable due to what you mention wifi. If you purchase from Tomtop you get prop guards, wouldn't use these either. If you have android, you can tether , if you have an iPhone, you need to use the phones hot spot.

  22. awesome man! great review☺

  23. Thats review is awesome
    and the bench part is boring at default but not this one.

    You need to start to reasembling some toys and voila you will get to a Seby level : ) : )

  24. I tried again …says content not available or has expired on your fb group

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