Yes, yes, Applause, Music. We have a special package today it is the latest from xiaomi. It is the 11t pro the latest flagship competitor from them and the killer feature here is absolutely ridiculous. Bananas watt fast charging 108 megapixel ultra clear camera, sound by harman kardon. Of course you have 5g connectivity, Music, the kids still say it. The youngsters two inside the package, a little bit of paperwork a case to get you up and running, keeps you protected, simple stuff, clear see through case my goodness. What do you do? You combine 120 plus 5000 milliamp hour lots of battery in your pocket and then, when the battery dips more battery in your pocket very quickly, qualcomm snapdragon triple eight with 5g thats, the flagship chip you would also expect to find in a premium device. This one has some kind of mirror, looking finish going on. Ah, yes, very mirror like we can see the camera layout up top 108 megapixel ai camera flash also in this section, uh quite a curve to the back part of the device. Here we have a 6.67 display, with a center mounted punch, hole, style, camera little harman kardon identifier, up top im curious to check out the speakers, stereo orientation in landscape mode bottom of the device, usb type c, connector sim tray your power switch volume rocker on the Right hand, side of the device and, as i examine the finish, a little closer, it has a slight brushed look to it underneath the gloss xiaomi 5g.

Also inside the package yeah, you know we had to have it 1 20 watts of power. If you dont want to be tethered to the wall, you want to see your battery go up in real time. I cant wait to see faster charge, speeds make their way into other devices with even bigger batteries like electric cars and things or you could just imagine, you could watch the charge go up in real time. There lets start with smartphones for now also in the package. Usb type c to type a cable which is going to connect and its color coded. So if you look on the inside of the cable thats going to match up with the inside of the power brick im gon na go now to the display here. Look at that anti flicker mode reading mode, refresh rate interesting, i like their little demo. That really shows things off properly high is what i want: 120 hertz, the demo animations are exaggerated in order to showcase the difference, and then it also explains that hey, if you lock it in 60, you get better battery life 120. Obviously, a more pleasing experience. Now the next thing i want to do is register my fingerprint, because i want to try that side mounted scanner im going to add the fingerprint in and its definitely on the power switch. I dont mind this. I mean your thumb goes there anyway. Oh theres face unlock as well. That was a very, very quick holy cow bang, thats, a rather satisfying experience, especially with the sound effect there.

Now. What if i try with a different finger, fingerprint no good face fingerprint no good locked face very fast. I love the versatility of fingerprint plus face because, depending on the circumstance that might be easier, obviously you guys know people we. We had to wear the masks now from time to time and in those circumstances where the face is less convenient, then the subtle fingerprint is super useful. You know its a big story about the charge rate, so i do have the 120 watt plugged in lets. Go ahead and get our first glance at the animation and see how quickly we are charging Music, not just animation, turbocharged and look at it go up in real time. We also had a little audio signal to let you know that were doing the turbo charge 0 to 117 minutes. That is ridiculous. I just want to see that animation, one more time so im going to unplug here, beautiful 15., look how quickly he jumped from 15 up to 16.. Look at that. That is some rapid stuff right there, a couple minutes later and uh. What do we got? I mean were at 38 right like that, so i mean i dont need to tell you. 120 watt is just its uh, an incredible feat and theyve had to do all kinds of things to deal with the longevity of the battery as well as uh keeping things cool while its charging, so its certainly tech.

That is impressive. Now lets pop open the cameras and take a look whats going on here. Obviously, we have plenty of megapixels to work with, particularly on that main camera up to 108 megapixels. Okay, so photo time lets uh. Why dont we start with plant good old trusty plant im gon na. Do it in auto mode with hdr enabled at 1x, 1x bang 2x, bang ultra wide bang all right kirk! Let me show you some versatility ultra wide up close, damn ultra wide up close sick bro, the main camera which is going to be your top performer, the bunch look at the color temperature across theyve done some work on the cameras. Havent. They got a portrait mode. You have a video mode, theres, a pro mode which unlocks all kinds of manual settings, including the 108 megapixel mode. This i mean you want to go in and crop its plenty of information to be able to do that in video mode. We are going to be able to shoot at 4k here lets see the options. Of course the 8k is in there as well, but we can do 4k 60, which is a good idea. Thats, a fun thats, a fine idea, theres super macro in there and theres movie framing theres, even some options for tracking moving objects and audio zoom im going to give just a simple, 4k 60 frame on the main camera. We are now recording 4k video at 60 fps im going to go ahead and just pick that up before it falls and yes were going to go in closer and look at the focus, change and the detail.

This is definitely some useful stuff. Look how dirty this old thing is its my first time looking at it i mean if you have grime detail, youve got plenty of detail. Lets go in on the up close on the music box. Here, oh close focus all right, youre gon na be fine with the video on here now. You know, weve also got to do the selfie test as usual. This is normal mode, no beautify all right. How about we try that out in three two one kablamo, oh baby, plenty detail there, i think youll be satisfied. Are you a selfie person uh? Do you need quality selfies in your life? Let me just do one. Should i do one beautiful one? Actually, let me try ai lets see what ai does with me. Hmm, ai and hdr definitely had some fun with me. There many things happening with the complexion. Of course, we have many other uh options here in the more section, including a night mode, 108 megapixel mode. As i said before, theres a dual video mode, of course, slow motion is in there as well. What are our slow motion options? 1080P up to 960fps. This should be fun. 960 fps lets go whoa. The mo was slow on that one ill. Tell you that right now lets boot up a little youtube, real, quick and hear these speakers stereo orientation in landscape mode Music. I didnt hear this meeting a long time.

Music, its like a game, show beat very, very, very stereo. I can tell you that right now, if i cover one still plenty over here, cover this side plenty over there, Music yeah its decent. It actually has some bass in it and it has great stereo separation, its legit two speakers on opposite ends of the device in stereo orientation. Are you there, sir? What do you say um so there you have it. That is the new xiaomi 11t pro couple of 120s in there 120 watt recharge – probably my favorite attribute, but its also got the 120 hertz refresh rate smooth interaction. Also gamers are going to enjoy that. Then youve got a 5000mah battery. Then you got a snapdragon 8. In there i mean this is kind of a spec sheet that i think youre going to be impressed by so there it is thats.