Now, if you havent watched part, one of my video series go check it out because part one goes over. All the specifications of the evolv 2 and the ground station over here – and it shows you all the cool stuff about it and then in part 2. I go into complete detail about the ground station, so you can see all the cool features on this unit. This is what makes the evolve 2 such an awesome drone, because theres nothing else on the market with a ground station like this, you got to check that out, go check out part two, its really good, and this video is all about what makes this a professional Drone, which is the camera up front because the lenses are removable replaceable, as is the gimbal. You dont see that on a lot of drones in this price range. Now, with that said, i know theres a lot of beginners who view my channel and are not too familiar with drones, or at least they think they are, but they might have missed a few things all right. So let me explain something very clearly, so that were all on the same page before starting this review. The first thing to mention is that the evolv 2 is in a different class than the prosumer drones that youre used to buying. So let me just move this out of the way and explain that so what i have on the table in front of me are prosumer drones, so a prosumer drone is basically a drone that has features of the higher level drones.

But since you are an amateur, not a professional youre buying it to do amateur things with it, so theres a market out there for prosumer products and in the drone world we have these. This is like the dji mavic 2 pro. This is the autel evo, 6k autel evo 2 6k. They are both. The top of the line currently in about to about a month were going to have the dji mavic 3, and the mavic 3 is also a pro sumo drone. You can tell prosumer drones very simply by one simple aspect about them, and that is the camera check out the camera on these. Let me just bring this close and show you there you go now. A prosumer drone will have the type of camera you see in the front of the dji drone and the autel drone and many other drones on the market. All have these prosumer cameras in order to make a drone its very expensive to make a high quality drone. You know theres a lot of technology that goes into a drone, so consider the price of the drone and then divide it up and consider how much this little camera up front cost in order to keep costs really low to sell you a drone thats, i dont Know maybe fifteen hundred dollars u.s drone manufacturers have to cut corners, so they develop these type of cameras, theyre sort of like action cameras up front. So basically, what it is is the lens is non removable, so you cant put any two thousand dollar lens on these drones.

The lens is usually made out of a material like plastic or some polycarbonate thats in there, its not made out of high precision glass like on a regular camera lens, and the lens is placed directly on top of the sensor. So if you get a one inch sensor or larger sensor, the lens that they include is directly on top of it, and that gives you limitations in photography and videography. But these drones are so technically advanced that for a prosumer you really dont notice. You have a lot of fun flying around filming the family and kids and doing a lot of other things. So this is the prosumer category. Lets jump over to the evolve, so in order to have the evolve 2 in the professional category. First thing is: the gimbal must come off there we go, so we can remove that as i smash it into the table. So by removing the gimbal it means it is replaceable with any other gimbal that you would like. So that means of x dynamics makes a gimbal that can carry a different type of sensor, a different type of lens everything else. Then they can do that just by replacing the gimbal. The second thing is by pushing this button, i can take off the lens and there we have our micro four thirds sensor inside you see this metal ring around the outside nothing plastic here, so you get a metal thats to attach. You know the metal ring on a lens now.

One thing: thats, really good with the evolv 2 is this lens is included this lens. If you go on b, h is 500 us, so they include the lens when i bought my dji. Inspire 2 dji never includes the lens. You have to go, buy it sometimes, even on my inspire, i had to buy the gimbal as well as the lens, so i had both items now when you consider the price of the evolv 2, its a pretty good deal. So lets look at the inspire 2 to see the true cost of owning a professional drone. So an inspire 2 will cost you 2.99. Just for the drone itself. Then you need the camera gimbal lens 18.99 next youre going to need a super large bright touchscreen display because youre not going to use your dinky cell phone in order to record professional video footage youre going to need a different file format that is going to be Super large, so you have raw and pro res youre, going to need a memory card that is super expensive. Then youre going to require a device to read that memory card next, since dji does not give anything away for free youre going to need a license or an activation key as they call it. In order for you to record in prores or raw, which gives you a total cost for a basic, inspire 2 at 8, 985 u.s and thats without buying additional lenses – and this is precisely why we have the prosumer camera drone hobby market, like the mavic 3.

Coming out, as well as the autels and the hopsins and the femis and the uniques now another way you can tell a prosumer drone from a professional drone is in the controller thats included with the drone. So if i take my dji mavic 2 pro right here, the controller that came with it i have it down here – is one like this and then, when you get the dji mavic 3 coming out youre going to get a controller like this, you see theyre, very Basic controllers: nothing fancy about them, no display in them. They require the use of your cell phone in the professional drone world. You dont really use your cell phone. You use a big massive super bright display, so included with the evolve, is a professional controller with two professional displays, both at a thousand nits touch screen for outdoor and sunlight. So you can get the best of the best of your video and photography, and since i mentioned the inspire 2 heres, my inspire 2 and it is a professional drone. However, its not the top of the level of the professional drones, its an entry level professional drone. If you can imagine that my inspire 2, my entire inspire 2 kit ill have to show it to you. One day is about 10 000 us and up its very pricey to get in the professional market and, as i mentioned, about controllers on an inspire 2, you have a huge display up here that will function outdoors for seeing things and getting the best of photography and Videography and the great thing about the inspire 2 is, i can remove the gimbal and i can take the camera lens off and since its a micro, four thirds mount, it is exactly the same pretty much as on the evolve.

You can put any type of lens that is micro, four thirds on the dji or even on the evolve. Let me warn you, though, micro four third lenses have varying levels of quality. You might get an entry level lens for like 300, but they go up over a thousand dollars. If you want a really good lens, so yeah when you get into the professional hobby, it gets very expensive thats. Why so? Many of you out? There will stay in the prosumer hobby wheres my head, prosumer hobby uh, you know with a dji mavic 2 or the new mavic 3 coming out. Those are prosumer. Drones, theyll only cost you about 1, 500 or higher. If you get a full package, but in the end yeah this is this is a drone that will do everything perfect for you as an amateur, but as soon as you become a professional youre, gon na have to get another job or whatever, and then you hop Over into this league of drones, with these cameras – and these are both entry level professional drones – all right does that all make sense all right lets get into it. How good is the camera on the evolve too? You know ive been doing the talk here about professional drones, so it better be darn good right. So on a drone like this, if youre going to use this type of camera do not use auto settings, i tried the auto settings on here.

I was not impressed. I have to use manual settings for my liking, so everything youre about to see was all shot in manual mode. That means i control the aperture, so i set the aperture to where i think its the best for what im filming i control the shutter speed. I control the exposure, the iso, the only thing i didnt really control is the white balance, because the white balance on here is the best white balance ive seen on a camera in a long time. Second thing i want to tell you is all the video shot is all shot in cinema 4k, where i could shoot in cinema 4k thats what i shot in so youre used to 4k video, which is uh 3840 by 2160. I think it is ill put below what it is so in cinema 4k. All it does is its its bigger than that a higher resolution than that. So what you get is a black bar on the top and the bottom so youre going to see black bars in this video all right. So enough of this talking head lets get into the video here we go here. We go one of the selling features of the evolve 2 is that it can record at 4k at 120 frames per second, which is amazing, so im gon na put the drone into 4k at 120 frames per second shoot. Some video here are my friends and i being really goofy running around filmed at 120.

Frames per second lets slow that down to 30 frames per second and see what we get you get buttery, smooth, slow motion, video thats the whole reason for having 120 frames per second and its in 4k thats the great benefit now, one of the great features of The evolve 2 is that the camera sensor has very large pixels on it, which are designed for low light filming. So if you want to film at night, you can, and you can turn off the front indicator lights if you wish, so they dont affect the image or you can change the indicator lights to any color in the rainbow. Now, if you film at night, it is advisable that you use manual settings because you want to keep the iso at a certain level, so you dont get too much noise in the image. This piece of video is a good example of that. So here im following a city bus with the camera and as the city bus heads off into the distance im going to lift the camera up. So we can see my little town see what the lights are like in my little town and part of the sky. Ive set the iso so that its not super sensitive, because i dont want a lot of grain in the image, so the sky looks quite pleasing. Everything looks pleasing for night filming now. All of this night footage was shot on a friday night at 11 p.

m. So the last bus was leaving the station when i was out filming – and here is the last bus leaving and as you can see once again, i have the iso set so that i dont have a lot of grain in the image the street lights. Look wonderful street lights are one of the hardest things to film with a camera drone because of the discoloration of the light coming off them. They kind of make everything yellow. I did not touch the white balance. This is straight out of the camera. The camera gets the white balance correct Music. The next segment i want to show you with the evolv 2 – is depth of field. So if you buy the evolv2 and you get the included lens, you can get depth of field as long as you use an nd filter, so ill explain in a second. What depth of field is so in order to get depth of field youre going to have to open the iris, and if you do that out on a sunny day, your image is all overexposed and its useless. So you have to put an nd filter on your lens open the iris, adjust the shutter speed, everything else and then youll get depth of field. What depth of field is if that camera looking at me right now was a drone filming me. I would be in perfect focus, but everything behind me is out of focus, so it really gives you that cinematic look.

You can do that on a professional drone with removable lenses each lens, depending on the focal length and the aperture of it. You can get really good depth of field, but outdoors you need an nd filter. So let me just say this before i show you the footage. I did not have an nd filter. When i filmed uh, i had none that fit the lenses. The two lenses i had so for that purpose. I could not do a good depth of field in what im about to show you, but it still looks pretty cool anyway, so im going to show you doing depth of field without having an nd filter. The reason you put the nd filter on its like sunglasses, so, if youre out in the bright sun, you want sunglasses on so you can open up. You know open up the iris. You know, like your pupil, open it up wide as you would in a dark room matter of fact on this camera, thats filming me right now. I bet you. I could probably do a bit of depth of field here. So take a look at me right here and you see back there. This is all in focus right. You can see. The wording looks focused im going to change the f stop on here, all the way down to like 2.8. I think i can drop it to 2.8 and watch what happens right now. I have the f stop on this camera at f11, so that everything stays in focus watch what happens when i drop it to 2.

8. So there we go thats at an f stop of 2.8. My head should be awesomely in focus. It might even look even more in focus than before, because its kind of deceiving it makes the background out of focus a little bit. It should be less in focus all this stuff back there, so thats what you get with depth of field, even if even if i move my head back youll see that it will just stay on my head and keep everything from here. Maybe about this far back in focus and anything beyond this hand will start to be blurry out of focus. If this went back even farther, it would be even more blurred. You can really play with depth of field depending on the focal length of your lens. The more the focal length is, the greater the depth of field you can get, but you do need an nd filter outdoors and even indoors ive, just adjusted everything to try to make it work indoors. Just to give you the example, so enough of me talking, let me show you all right heres, a few examples. This was taken the first day i received the drone so im overexposed, because i dont know what im doing but notice, im in focus and things in back are out of focus, thats depth of field, same thing here: im filming myself, im just trying out the drone. This was day one doing some flight footage and im, taking the focus manually, moving it in and out notice how the jeep is out of focus and im still in focus here we have peters, dji, fpv, drone and im flying right beside it and trying to film It notice how its in focus and the school in the background is out of focus now.

A nifty feature on the evolv 2 is that you can tilt the horizon and you tilt it so that you can make your image look correct for the angle, youre filming on so heres an example. I have the drone flying above myself, im sitting in the parking lot notice, how the lines do not match up, so i can just tilt the horizon in one direction or the other, so i can get the lines to kind of go horizontal across and make it Look like im sitting in a certain angle that i was filming correctly Music now on most modern drones, you can have the camera gimbal look up above horizon and you can also have it look straight down. One of the benefits on the evolve too is: if you look up above horizon, you will not get the props in the frame, no matter if youre moving forward, it will not show the props. Also when youre looking straight down, you can go beyond 90 degrees down. So let me just show you looking up so here we are looking up. Youll, see no props in the frame wouldnt matter. If i was flying forward, the props will not show up and im going to show you an example of looking down and looking beyond 90 degrees down so here im looking beyond 90 degrees down flying over all the cars in the parking lot thats. Why, as the drone, is flying over its giving a little bit different aspect looking at the cars youre, seeing them from a bit of an angle as i fly over now, this next piece of footage was shot with auto camera settings im, not a fan of auto Camera settings, but at the time i had received the evolve, i left it on auto and yeah.

I dont really like it but im going to show you the 90 degrees looking down so im following this guy on a bike and as were going, you know he gets to 90 degrees and we can go beyond the 90 degrees as he keeps on moving. You can also see in the auto settings the exposure is automatically changing, which i dont like okay, switching back to manual settings here. I am flying over a boat and im just going to look at it, looking down 90 degrees and beyond, and you get a little bit of a different perspective Music now. The next thing i want to show you with the evolv 2 is changing the lenses and the reason you change. The lens is because you want to go super wide angle or more narrow and bring the background into the foreground, and you do that with different lenses of different focal lens, so the lens thats included is a 17 millimeter lens this other lens. I have here that i bought myself is a 25 millimeter lens, so just going from 17 to 25 means that the image is going to go from wide to a bit more narrow and when you use a professional lens, unlike on i dont, have my prosumer drones Anymore, unlike on the prosumer drones, when you use a professional lens and you increase the focal length, a few things happen differently, because you notice you notice the lens gets longer.

You cant do that in a prosumer drone. You can get a longer and longer lens by having the light come in and go through different elements inside it will actually cause the background that youre, shooting and the foreground to kind of squish together gives you that cinematic look. So if i go up to like 40 millimeters its even more so now, there is a problem with changing lenses on the evolve or any camera. My dji inspire 2 has exactly the same problem and that is weight. The more weight of these lenses as they get bigger it causes the gimbal to go whoa. I got ta lift this youre kidding me yep, so that becomes a problem. The only way to fix it that ive discovered at least with the inspire 2, is you have to put a counter balance weight, so you have to keep it balanced nicely. The inspire 2 is pretty cool because its been around for a while and they do sell for every type of lens on the market. Pretty much everyone thats, really good. They sell a weight. So if i buy a 2 000 lens and its about this big – and i want to put it on the inspire 2 – then theyll sell a weight for it. That fits on one side to balance it on the gimbal, so the gimbal will work fine. So with that said, check this out. This is the 17 mil that comes with the evolv 2, and it is perfectly balanced, no problems with this.

When you put this lens on, which is a 25 mil, which is much heavier and longer. Well then, at first you dont get any problems, but you do get problems after a while at least i had problems until i discovered how to fix it by doing the counter balancing with the weight. So keep that in mind, no matter what drone you buy, that you can change lenses as the lens goes longer and longer and longer you have to balance it, and i can show you a perfect example just with common products that professionals use in the industry watch. This so this device right here, youve, probably seen it before or you probably own one. If you have a professional camera, youll definitely have one of this. This is a ronin. Its made by dji dji makes all types of ronins and what they are designed to do is give you a three axis gimbal for your professional camera. So you can get some very smooth footage when youre walking around or filming people whenever you watch tv shows movies or whatever theyre, using a type of gimbal system, to keep that camera steady they have to and every time they change the lens on it. They got to rebalance everything so in this ronin i dont even have it on, but look at the camera. Top ive got a small lens and ive got the camera sitting there and i use a small camera, but look at how it bobs around that is balanced.

If i put a long lens on that its not going to stay balanced and if i power it on it will have no problem with this camera. So its going to go on its going to adjust itself and it will be perfectly balanced and ready to go. So let me just show you watch what i mean so now its on heres, the camera im filming and say i tilt this. I want to hold it this way, notice the nose stays perfectly straight. Oh, i want to go this way notice. It stays perfectly straight. So thats how it works on a drone as well, when you have your professional camera on the drone and you add different lenses, it has to be balanced. So if youre, a newbie and youre thinking of getting a professional drone, yeah consider that as well youve got to balance the lenses that you change, and i should also mention that some of the segments used in this video were filmed using this camera and the ronin. So heres some video of me walking around outside filming the drone sitting in one spot and you can see the ronin just keeps the image looking all stable. So, with all of that said, im going to show you footage now using the 17 mil lens and the 25 mil lens Music, so Music, my Music, all right. The next topic were gon na get into. Is pro res now a lot of you out there.

If all youve flown all your life is a dji drone, an autel drone, hubsan fimi unique, you probably have never used prores, you might heard of it, but you never use it. The reason youve never used it or the reason you would never use it with those drones is because those drones all record to a micro, sd card technology for micro sd cards is not at the state yet that its fast enough to transfer pro res files. To that card, so thats why those prosumer drones they dont have pro res. So in order to get pro res on a pro sumo drone, you have to record to a very fast card. So what youre going to see in the future is those pro sumo drones, like the mavic 3, will adopt a version of pro res, but theyre going to record right into the drone, so youll probably buy a version of the mavic 3 that comes with a massive Amount of memory, and that version allows you to record pro res right inside the drone. Then you have to take it out later, because its got to be a fast, fast, fast system to get the pro res as as youre filming to get it on to the memory. So in the evolve. It has a massively fast system because its a professional camera on the dji inspire 2 massively fast system. As a matter of fact, the dji inspire 2 can record in raw.

You know like cine raw, which is a its a file, thats just ridiculously large, so thats for people who just want to like record movies or something like that, like youre doing film and tv with that, this evolv 3 is using pro res, but its using three Types of it, which is really good for a guy like me so type number one, is your full prores. That means theres your pro res, its not compressed. You know in any format other than the prores compression its a huge file. Take it stick it in your video editing software make it look pretty and then show it to the public. Then it comes with the next version, which is one tier down, which is a little bit of compression. You know same thing record. Stick it in your video editing, software show it to the public and then finally, the last one, which is a very compressed prores, its the lowest form of prores, but it still works so thats. One thing to remember any drone that you buy: that has the ability to record in pro res. You cannot take the video file out and show it to grandma. It looks terrible its like it. Grandmas gon na say what the heck happened there. You have to do post processing with all prores files, so if you dont know how to do post processing with a prores file, then youve got a big learning curve on your hand, to start with, so you know maybe stick with the lower video formats now, just For your information, all the video youve watched on the evolve 2 up to this point was all recorded in h.

264. I did not use prores. Why? Because i hate prores res is time consuming. I do not have the time to go out and film for one hour. Come back and take one hour of video pro res and then i have to go and do color correction and exposure, and you know the blacks, are they crushed? Am i crushing the blacks, some? Ah, all these the mid tones it just goes on and on and on so for a guy like me, who has very little time on my hands, prores is not something i use often unless im getting paid for it. So with all that said, this is one of the few segments i shot in prores on this drone and its nothing exciting its just all the guys. When i first came out with the evolved to the field, they were so amazed with the controller. They thought. The drone looked nice, but they loved the controller the ground station, as they call it that they were just huddled around to check it out, like they just couldnt believe how bright the display was on that day with the sun and everything and uh yeah so check It out here it is this segment of video was recorded in the prores format, then placed in final cut pro and edit it so that it was color, corrected and everything else what it looked like before it looked like this pretty darn bland. So after you color correct it and fix it, it looks like this thats pretty much prores.

It takes a little bit of effort, so lets look at this. This is before yeah thats the footage youre not going to show that to grandma. Then, when you color correct it, you get this and it looks pretty much back to normal thats prores, just keep in mind with prores and color, correcting its to give your image a look that you, like Music, all right back to me again. Ill try to get through this really quick. The next thing i want to show you is photos with this drone. Now a viewer wrote to me and said steve. I understand that the evolve 2 only has a 12 megapixel sensor on it, so the photo is going to be pretty crappy right and i was like no. Actually, the photos are phenomenal. Theyre really good, because the pixels on the sensor are really large. So you get this like 13 stops of dynamic range, you can shoot in low light. You could shoot at night photos bright, daylight. Everything and your photos will look amazing and then another viewer asked and said: hey steve. I like the fact that it has the large pixels, but if its only 12 megapixels in size, the sensor. Hmm, what? If i want to shoot a photo, some landscape and then i want to blow it up really big on my wall like as a poster or something can i do that? Well, you know what the answer to that is: no thats a limitation.

So if you take photos and the max they are – is 12 megapixels as this one is, you can only blow the photo up so large before im knocking the props here before uh. It starts to get blurry and everything else like that, so thats, a limitation thats. The only one i can see of the 12 megapixel camera sensor now for a guy like me who took this drone out, ive used other ones like the dji inspired 2 taking photos and everything. I expected that the jpeg photo would be phenomenal because, if youre not familiar with a jpeg photo, when you take any drone out there and you take a photo and you take it in jpeg format, what happens is the photo comes through the lens onto the sensor And then the software in your drone fixes all the imperfections, all the imperfections, so it goes ooh that was overexposed ill fix that ooh. The color is wrong on that ill fix that ooh the sharpness was off ill fix that, oh you know its a little warped on this side. Ill fix that so every time you shoot in jpeg your camera, whatever one you own is fixing everything for you to make it look better than when you took the picture. The opposite is true: when you shoot in raw, so you can take photos in raw. You know like they go raw like dng those type of photos. Those are raw. What happens there? Is you take the photo? The light comes through the lens onto the sensor and the camera just says here you go here.

You go with all the imperfections theres. Your crappy photo its up to you to stick it into your editing software and fix it. So with all that, i was expecting the jpeg photos to be phenomenal and the dng photos off of this to be okay. Ive got to fix them and everything else, but the opposite is true: the jpeg photos. I was not blown away with this drone and this camera. I expect it better its almost like it takes the jpeg photos. It makes them worse ill. Show you examples of that. Theyre going to look great to you because youre used to if youre used to using a prosumer camera, then theyre going to look just like a prosumer drone would take a jpeg photo. So you know nothing! No, nothing exciting there. However, if youre used to using you know a big camera that you walk around taking pictures with different lenses, those can look pretty amazing and thats what i was expecting out of this. The only way i got those type of photos is to take pictures in raw. You know dng, i was blown away. The raw photos from this camera look amazing and you only have to tweak them a little bit. All of them are slightly overexposed, which is perfect, so you just pull down the exposure thats pretty much it and theres your photo, and it looks pretty awesome so check this out here we have a jpeg photo taken on a dull overcast day.

This is the image you will get. It looks great but im not blown away by it and heres a jpeg image taken on a sunny day once again looks pretty good but yeah its not doing anything for me and finally, heres a jpeg image taken with a 25 millimeter lens. So i can pull the foreground, and the background in together looks great, but still i want it to pop now, where the images do pop and look really good is when you take the raw images, because this is a raw image and look at the only problem With the raw image is the exposure you just have to bring down the exposure a little bit in your editor, and this is the resulting image. It looks amazing, so yeah with this camera, just leave everything on raw and take a lot of raw photos. And then, when you go to your editor, all you have to do is bring down the exposure a little bit and youre all set Music. Now. The next thing i want to show you is filming with the evolv 2 on days, where the lighting is the worst its the worst. You would never go out and film on days like these, because the lighting is terrible and your image is going to look terrible. However, if you are someone who already owns a dslr or a mirrorless camera – and you have you know, lenses that cost close to a thousand bucks or more and youve gone out, and you have some knowledge of photography, you know that you can go out on any Day it doesnt matter how bad the lighting is, take a picture or take some video and it looks awesome.

The same is true on a camera drone that has a removable lens. You can do the same thing, so i took the evolve out on days where the lighting – i would never film, because you know the sun is either set or the sun is going down or the clouds are all over the place and its one of those mushy Dull gray, overcast days and basically yeah you wouldnt really film on those and get anything good because the colors dont pop. However, with the evolve to using manual settings, you can get everything to work really nice. So with that said, check it out here i am out on a very dull windy morning. Now the evolv 2 handles wind, no problem. It will sit stable in the air, as you can tell. It was so windy that the rowing club had to come back in so as they were coming back in. I just happened to be at the beach and i just started to film them normally, when i film people walking on beach sand, the beach sand looks wrong its always too dark and the people are all the wrong colors, but it worked out well. This was another difficult shot on a dull day, because when you look at the water, its very dark and the beach sand is light and usually the exposure gets all messed up, but everything worked out well. This was another shot where i was just testing out.

The dynamic range trying to keep the birds exposed correctly, the sand exposed correctly and the boat exposed correctly so that nothing gets blown out and everything worked out well. Good dynamic range on this camera heres another day with terrible lighting in the evening. I was coming home from work and i passed the marina and i thought ill. Try to film some of the boats in the marina before theyre put away for the winter and just see how it would work with the dull lighting, and i was kind of impressed. I didnt think it would come out this good same here on the causeway people. Walking on the causeway, you know its not the greatest lighting, but everything looks really good heres. Another good example of the dynamic range on this camera on a really dull day: im flying over this tiny little lighthouse, looking down at the people hanging out on the rocks and as you look down the lighting changes because its not a very brightly lit day. This is actually evening and yeah. It looks pretty darn good here we have another shot of the boats in the marina on the dull evening. The colors of the trees are popping nicely and the boats are not under or overexposed everything looks really nice. Here we have the same shot but from a different angle and moving forward im sort of chasing that boat thats, leaving the marina the motorboat trying to chase it a little bit at a very slow speed to keep things.

Looking cinematic as im rising in the air and once again, im very pleased with this image. This is one of my favorite shots im flying at about 400 feet in the air flying backwards with the camera. Looking pretty much horizontal ive sped it up here, because i got to get through this quick and i just love the way everything looks it really with that lens that this is the 17 millimeter lens everything looks really decent another type of filming situation. That is very difficult for cameras is after the sun has set. So here the sun is set. You see the shadows theyre very long. The problem is the shadows. Will cause your image to have everything. Look like mush, wherever the shadow is but check out. The dynamic range look at the shadows. You can still see detail very, very good camera. This is another shot taken with the sun setting you can see, the shadows are long, and one thing i like about this shot is that a lot of times when i film with the drone when the sun is setting, everything is overexposed in certain areas, because the Sun is so bright, but check out the roof. Everything lots of detail, its really really good and finally, in this image the sun has set. This is the last remaining bits of light coming through and once again everything looks like its quite bright. You can see detail in all the dark areas. I am very pleased with the camera on this drone and i will say it does easily meet the professional standards.

So then, who is the evolved 2 for well im, going to say its for a wedding photographer? A wedding photographer would find this to be quite good because its not super noisy its, not super big easy to set up easy to get in the air, and they can get similar photos and video as they can, with their professional camera. Anyone who has the contract to be a city events photographer would definitely love this drone for capturing all the vents in high quality as well realtors for taking photos and videos of houses and, finally, anybody whos being paid to do videography or photography work, because lenses are Very expensive and youll need different ones for different events as well. All that time, youre gon na spend on editing, prores thats a lot of time on your behalf and in the future, xdynamics does plan on making different cameras so that the commercial industry can use this drone for whatever purpose all right. So this brings me to the end of the video and my question to you is: what did you think of the video from the evolve? 2. Now keep the following in mind: what were you watching the video on? I get this all the time, so, in other words, if you were watching the video that i just showed this one here that my talking head, if youre watching it on your cell phone, well its going to look pretty darn interesting. If you watch it on your tablet, its going to look interesting if you watch it on your big screen tv, its going to look interesting, but none of you are going to see the same image, each of you is going to see something different because youtube compresses.

The video, so it can stream it to you onto your device and, if youre, watching it on a phone that has terrible colors or whatever, and its only a 1080p screen thats what you get if you watch it on your tablet that has terrible colors due to The lighting in your room – and it only has a 1080p screen thats what you get if you watch it on your big screen tv and you have the settings all set up to be watching movies or whatever or tv stations the colors, the dynamic range, the hdr. All changes and thats what you get so all of you will see something different as soon as you put everything on youtube, i can put the video footage from a hundred dollar drone and a hundred thousand dollar drone side by side, sometimes when youre watching on your Phone its hard to tell the difference all right enough of me talking if you have questions on the evolve to post them below and if i know the answer ill get back to you uh. You can also go check out the evolve to website right here. You can see the price of the evolve 2 and also all the specifications and check that out. If you want to know more about the specifications watch. My part 1 video. I cover everything. If you want to know about all the cool things you can do with the ground station, well, then check out my part, 2 video and, in my part, four video im gon na put on a hat cam.

So i have the camera pointing right off my head and im gon na take the evolve. Two put one battery in go fly. It have the ground station youre gon na see how the ground station works, how im touching all the buttons on screen how everything works with this flying youll, get to see what the evolve can do and what it cannot do. So that will be a good video to give you a better understanding to see if the evolv 2 is a drone for you. So, with all of that said, if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and stay tuned for more reviews on all types of rc products, especially drones. But i do have some products coming up that arent drones that i have to review because theyve been sitting on my shelves for a while, and i got to get them out so youll see those coming up in future.