So what you get in the box is the x9r. You also get a rubber ring to keep it from rolling when placed on a table, so it doesnt roll away. And then you also have your rechargeable battery, which is 86.4 watt hours, 6000 milliamps and a nominal voltage 14.4 volts, but beautiful craftsmanship. It outputs uh, 25. 000 lumens on max output well go over the specs in a second with my x9r. I also got a coin that goes with it, because it is a limited edition. Blue. There is only a thousand made, but you can still get the black version and then in these compartments here you have your ac charging adapter its a barrel connector, so that will charge Music it at 16, up to itll charge it to 16.8 volts at two amps. So thats about a f that is a 32 watt charger place that there that will plug in to the side here also have a very nice shoulder strap when carrying this, because this is about four pounds. So you definitely want that if youre going to be using it for long periods of time, has the nice olight stitched in it, and then you also have a car charger, so that goes into your 12 volt cigarette socket and then youll, then that will just plug In there like that, this is a little bit slower, its 1.5 amps instead of two okay, so here it is on the table.

So, as i was saying, you have your battery percentage, so its just a bar. That shows you how much is left so in this top bar im, not a hundred percent 100 full battery, but im missing one bar and then im on the 800 lumens. So you times this number Music that number by a hundred Music, and then you also have your lanyard off here and one that pops out there. So if youre not using it, you dont have to use it, but just a beautiful light Music. It is just so big, so i will go through here all your different run times, so you have 25 000 lumens itll, run for three minutes and then itll step down to 6400 lumens and that will run for 100 minutes and then theres. Everything in between you want to pause that and read that, and then you have 200 lumens for 27 hours and that will go a distance of 60 meters and then, when on turbo 25 000 lumens, it will go 300 at 630 lumens, almost 100, 000 candela and Thats ipx7 waterproof so its good to get wet but probably wouldnt be best to submerge it because you do have this port and that, if its not sealed properly, you could definitely get water in there. So be careful of that, but definitely rain yeah, so its that heavy one meter drop resistant. That is good but im pretty sure you dont want to be dropping it, and then it also comes with that case at that you saw at the beginning there.

So now i will do a little bit of a comparison and well just place. It here see that so this is my marauder 2 in black. This is my own personal case. It did not come with this case, so just for a size comparison and then it also comes with a usbc to usb c cable for charging it, and it also comes with a 30 watt charging, brick Music, but mine. This one did not come with a case. Some most well all of the special editions except the blue one have been coming with cases like the marauder except smaller, so that is good. It also has a pop up clip for your lanyard, but the nice thing about this is you have your flood leds here and you have a throw led here, so this led here well go 800 meters and these are 14 thats, a thousand lumens at 800 meters. This is on the outside this flood at 14, 000 lumens and thatll go about 450 meters, so well just get them side by side here, Music! So definitely a lot smaller this – and this is about this – is 11 000 lumens brighter. But you do not have the throw – which i doubt i would say, is a definite plus if youre looking for a powerful light. This, i would say, is a better all around light than this, but if you need lots of light, this is definitely your go to, and then you also have your charging port back here, which you can leave that open and get water in there and itll be Completely fine, this is just a dust cover and this is ipx8 waterproof, so it its got a higher waterproof rating than this x9r and as for the switch, its a dial switch and then you also have your battery and your brightness, and then there is your switch Here, for switching from flood to throw which its kind of hard to see, i will show some beam shots at the end here, so that is kind of the comparison against these two um.

They both have um proximity, sensors, so heres one and heres one. I believe thats like a receiver and then thats like a transmitter or something, and then this also has them in here so thats. If you get it too close to something here, ill show its kind of hard to show on camera, okay, so thats on turbo there. You can kind of see it there, yeah Music, so thats good for camping, so you dont like burn your sleeping bag or anything but yeah so that i will show some beam shots in comparison against this and then here is a more common light to compare it To this is a maglite um, 3d cells. I have put a upgraded led in it Music, so it does have a bit more performance, so that is the size comparison Music against Music, but this is just mono output, so heres the interface with this. So one click on it remembers the mode you are on and it will come on except turbo. It will not come on straight to turbo and then you hold to cycle through your brightness levels. Music right here see that, like that, and if you want us like at night, if you dont, want to go, dont know which mode youre on and you want to just stay real low. You hold it and then it comes on to 200 lumens. But then, if you hold it and then keep holding it itll lock, so you cannot hit the button.

You can hit the button as much as you want and it will not turn on so thats good if its in a bag or something and you dont want it to accidentally turn on and drain battery, and then you just hold again to get back out of There and then get back here and then, if you want strobe, you hit the button three times and you get strobe at 12, 800 lumens, so thats the interface and a small size comparison. Now we will go to some beam shots, so this is the mag light. Viewing it from 500 meters away so im shining it towards the camera towards the drone actually and thats how much of the field it lights up, and then this is the marauder 2, 14, 000 lumens and it this is the x9r 25 000 lumens. You can see just how bright it is, and then this is from the person using the flashlights perspective, so thats the um maglite 3d cell, and this is the marauder 2. You can see the huge jump in performance there and then this is the x9r. So you can definitely see a big jump in brightness from the marauder 2 to the x9r Music. So now that youve seen those beam shots, hopefully you can make a more informed decision on what youd like this is definitely for lighting up a large swath of land or water say you were on a boat and you needed to light up in the dark to Make sure you dont hit anything.

This will definitely do the job too, with its flood. One other thing i forgot to mention is this is also a power bank, so you could charge your phone with this or any other device that will plug into usb. So itll youd need a usbc to whatever youre charging cord, but that is definitely a plus as well. So you have three three different things: you can use its flood, throw or spot, and then you also have a power bank built in this is definitely better for all around use. You could definitely take this walking. I dont think you would take this walking like on a trail or anything with your dog, its just too big for that, but definitely on a boat or search and rescue itd be great for those situations or if you just want bragging rights. Definitely is great for that too. So if i had to pick one and only one out of the two here, i would probably pick the marauder 2 because it is more versatile than this, but theyre both great lights.