I mean x20 microphone by propeller, so mine. This is pre used. I got it like like over a year ago, but i got the silver one. There are multiple options: blue silver, black awesome. So this is the drone itself, the propeller logo. It looks nice, the bottom, that battery inside – and this is the power thing with the charging sheet. So um, like the drone, is okay, in my opinion, it’s, not that good, even though it has a gyroscope or a gyroscope how to pronounce that word it’s, not that good, because it maintains altitude all right it. The altitude may change some inches, but you can’t hover precisely and then gusts don’t even think about flying it or just go crash it, but it doesn’t come with that precisely because it doesn’t have anything for hovering precisely um. This is remove the left throttle right, throttle without lightning the power button, the take off landing button, trim buttons, speed adjustment and that stump button back that thing um. So the way you paired the two devices first turn on the drone and if it’s and if it hasn’t connected to anything yet it’s going to be flashing quickly, it’s connected it’s going to flash slower but to confirm the connection you uh see it’s more. You put down the left throttle towards the bottom right, the same with the right throttle. If i’m not wait, no, you put it towards the top left. Sorry all right! This is hard i’m going to put the camera right here for a sec.

Sorry it’s hard, as you can see, with just one hand: okay, so i’m, going to put the camera down so it’s going to be like this. We know it appears to do it to the bottom right with both throttles. That confirms the connection and to calibrate the drone you, but basically that’s it that’s how parents want the best of it’s good for beginners, actually like super good. That mood for whatever it is, is the best moves in my opinions or beginners i’m just going to fly like flying in that mode with all drones or you could it’s on sometimes called headless move but that’s, basically it so bye. Please subscribe again uh because my goal is 10.