Today we are taking a look at the x2 pro 3 gps, smart drone. It is a foldable, 5g wi fi, fpv, 4k camera electronic image. Stabilization. Three axis mechanical gimbal, rc quadcopter, ready to fly so taking a closer look. It looks like a very nicely designed rc quadcopter. It has staggered foldable arms, so the motors are not at the same level. It has landing gear on each of the front, arms and two landing pads on the rear of the body. There are no landing pads on the rear arms, but it will stick that landing. So we have the brushless motors with the individual leaflet style props. We have led lights, looking like eyes in the front super bright, we have status, led lights on the front arms in red and we have status led lights in the rear arms in green, and we have the 5g wi fi fpv 4k camera on a 3 axis. Mechanical anti shake gimbal. Now, although it looks like it has a micro sd card slot, it is just an opening and it does not have a built in dvr. So the photo resolution that is recorded is in 4k, but the video resolution that is recorded is in 720p at 25 frames per second, and it will be saved to the phone app and thus into your camera, roll of the device being used. It does, however, come with an optical flow sensor, camera for indoor, horizontal stabilization, and there is the power push button on and off switch next to the battery level indicator led lights on the bottom.

The battery bay is in the rear, and here is the battery push to release and pull to remove. Just like that now the battery is a 7.6 volt, 3 000 milliamp size battery. It is said to be good for about 20 minutes of flight time charge. It up via the micro usb port using the provided charge, cable. It will take about three hours to fully charge so slide it back in and it will lock into place. So the overall design of the quadcopter is really really nice. The fit and finish looks really good and the plastic material, although slightly on the thin side, it still feels pretty solid. It will weigh in at 258 grams with the battery, so it does weigh in over the 250 gram threshold and it will need to be registered. The remote controller has a flip out antennas, but they are just for looks. The real antenna is tucked inside under the circuit board. Now on this side of the remote controller theres the rechargeable battery and on the other side is the counter balance weight. The gimbals feel really nice and smooth, and we have the two position spring loaded phone holder, but we do not have a fold out hand, grips heres, the power sliding on and off switch. The mjx like lcd screen weve got some led light indicators on the left. Shoulder we have the speed, changing rotary dial speeds, one and two can be had and we have the photo button short press for photos and long press for videos on the right.

Shoulder is the camera tilt angle, adjustment dial and the smart return to home button in the front we have the gps on and off button. We have the gyro and the compass calibration dual functioning button short press for gyro, calibration and long press to initiate the compass calibration. We have the one key to take off and one kilo lan button, the power button and the headless mode button both sticks to the bottom and out will arm and disarm the motors of the quadcopter and both sticks to the bottom and in will also disarm the Motors of the quadcopter charge up the built in battery via the micro usb port, using the provided charge. Cable, all right guys, so lets get started with the x2 pro 3 push in the battery all the way and hold the power button. Let go and check to make sure you got full battery and i do so. The quadcopter is ready. Lets turn on the remote automatic bind there. You go so with any gps qualcomm. The first thing you want to do is calibrate the compass and to do so on this one long press this gyro calibration button. Okay, beep is heard. Now what you want to do is rotate it horizontally until a beep is heard, lets see what that beep was for. Maybe it was for gps, so horizontal rotation until a beep is heard. There you go. A beep is heard now vertical rotation until a couple of beep is heard that wasnt it there, you go thats it and i believe we are ready to fly thats telling me gps has been acquired and lets see here.

Yep i got like 15 gps satellites acquired. Now what you want to do is calibrate the gyro, so short press, the gyro calibration button until the lights start blinking, and then it turns solid again there you go solid again, we are ready to go now. Lets start up the phone app and get into the app its called the rc gps app, but first go into your settings. Go into your wi fi section of your settings and connect to the xys 5g wi fi network and im already connected hit that app and we are in. So let me go ahead and screen record three. Two one boom screen is recording now from the drop down bar. You want to choose the x2 pro 3 there you go and hit the controls tab and we should get into the fpv mode here. Okay, all right, i dont have any fpv. It is stuck. Okay. Lets wait a little bit. Okay come on there, we go its moving a little bit. Oh, what a delay? Okay, it was doing fine at home when i tested it, but out here seems to have a lag. Oh my thats, quite a bit of lag its more like few seconds: okay, its getting a little bit faster. Now, okay, okay, just needed to warm up a little bit so lets check out the gimbal. What is all that beeping going on? Okay, not sure what all that beeping is for now just disregard those beeping.

I guess and check out the three axis gimbal im, rolling back and forth, and the video is pretty steady, has a little delay up and down that looks pretty good side to side. Three axis: gimbal: okay, not bad so far, all right so lets take some photos. Yeah its got a big delay, im, not sure what that beeping is for guys battery is full yeah im completely connected. I got 15 gps satellites so and now it has stopped okay. So maybe because i picked it up, okay lets take some photos. Lets see photo button here, short press there we go taking a photo lets, make our rounds pick up the quadcopter, oh man, what a delay? Okay, my goodness, okay lets, take a photo of those mountains. Slightly crooked, the horizon, although the gimbal looks to be pretty straight, okay photo there and its still beeping come on photo here and oh my. This is not good photo there and lets take one more photo. This way with the sun behind us come on catch up. There you go photo there, one more there, you go photo there all right guys, so it has a big delay. So im not really excited anymore im not going to be able to do uh to the second fpv, so that is kind of a bummer. So both sticks to the bottom and out will arm the motors and also do that again disarms the motors both sticks to the bottom and out and then oh, my right stick is getting kind of stuck and to the in position and hello motors turn off as Well now lets see if the one key to take off takes off uh and arms itself as well see no beeping.

Now i guess the beeping is because i picked it up so lets long, press the one key to take off and it arms and it takes off nice whoa. It is drifting and what is this, with the side to side activity im not doing anything to the remote controller, Music, okay, so the gps position hold is not the greatest here. It should stay in one spot and dont move well. It went back to where it took off from, but its still doing that back and forth movement im, not sure what that is all about, and we do have 15 satellites. Hopefully, you guys can see that back and forth movement now lets see. Let me just make sure im recording yeah im, recording all right so lets bring it down and see if it does get angry shows how strong the gps position hold is. Does get a little angry? Oh, but when you let go it doesnt shoot back to the previous position. It just kind of meanders over there like its taking its time and its still doing that back and forth thing. Okay, well lets go ahead and check it out. Speed number one: okay, full pitch and fool yall all right, so that its speed – and that is its turning radius on speed number one. I guess itll be good for picking smooth videos, but my wi fi fpv is frozen in time, so that is not good! Nice! Ah man, no video will i get it back.

Will the video even come back? No yeah im, not getting any video? Oh wow, that sucks okay, so lets check out the one key to land and establish our home point so long pressing. The one key to take off and land button and you can still direct its path there you go and the motors turn off there. You go motors turn off. Okay, yeah. My video is still stuck guys, so that is too bad isnt it wow. Let me just go ahead and kill the app starting the app again x2 pro 3 and hit the controls, and there we go. We got wi fi fpv back hopefully, so here is a recorded video clip all by itself, just so that you can see the quality of the video. So, unlike what the product page says that it records in 720p, it actually records in 1080p. Now, however, there are a lot of frame drops, so it is not in sync with real time and therefore not usable in conjunction with real time. Videos like my visor cam video and the on screen recorded video, all right im still screen recording all right. So this time im going to go ahead and record a video and we got the yellow counter all right. So this time, im, gon na arm and manually take off and it slowly takes off. Lets see oh check this out its holding position. Now its not doing that back and forth movement, so the gps is good.

I got wi fi fpv make a turn here. Yes, i got wi fi fpv all right lets go forward. The horizon looks a little crooked though, and i got wi fi fpv real time. So i can fpv now turning around going away from myself. Okay, because it has a three axis gimbal, you dont see any pitch action and the camera is nice and stable, so im going to go ahead and check out the camera tilt here, bring it closer? Okay, letting go, and it comes to the hover nice. Oh, i can go higher than zero degrees check it out. I can go and look at the sky and hello. Oh man, it just all of a sudden reacted. Okay there. I am, i see a little vibration. Thats not good so ill put one third sky, two third ground and fpv this way. Oh and my fpv video is frozen in time. Now. Oh i got it back intermittently, uh thats, not good! There you go. I got it back now. I can fpv a little bit so im going away from myself, but the camera is slightly tilted turning around and frozen in time again, that is too bad yeah, so wi fi kind of sucks. Okay, so speed number two guys and here we go full pitch full yaw huh. It kind of has its faults here, because it kind of bumps around while its making the turn, bring it in closer and show you guys the little bump.

Now its not there. You go theres a little bump, theres another bump its doing that by itself im not doing it okay, so that is speed. Number two and there you go all right so lets, go ahead and check out and see if it has return to home. Letting go of. The sticks comes to a nice hover and at least its not doing that back and forth activity. All right, so return to home button is right here, pressed it its rising up in altitude, put to the pre designated altitude and it kind of went to the right. Then back and slowly curved its way to where it took off from but looks like it might miss it. So lets see how close it gets coming down. Nice and gently, though its relatively quiet, all right lets, see, looks like itll touch down in the dirt right. Next, to the take off landing pad all right and the motors do shut off. Lets, put it back in the middle and look like the gimbal has tilted itself once again, and there was some kind of a beep as well, not sure what that was all right. So lets go ahead and arm the motors again and im going to just manually take off again it takes a little while before it responds to my throttle and let go of the sticks. Why is it coming down huh its just coming down it doesnt want to hold altitude anymore.

Oh, that is kind of strange. Am i out of battery already oh looks like i got two bars remaining on the battery life indicator guys. So i guess this is the behavior and we heard that beep, but there was all kinds of other beeps, so im not sure whats going on. I can still fly Music, but it wants to land. Excuse me yeah its just coming down and it wants to land right now lets see, but i can still fly it. Okay and if i let go, it just starts to come down by itself. So i guess were already in the uh low voltage two bars remaining. That is not good, thats too fast, 20 minutes of flight time, and it feels like. I only got about 10 – maybe less. Okay, all right guys so thats the behavior of this quadcopter very strange, but i can still fly and i dont even have to throttle up. I can just pitch and itll: go without dropping altitude, im, making a yaw turn and its not losing altitude, but once i let go, it starts to drop wow very strange okay. So what im going to do now is im going to turn gps off? Okay. Gps is off so this is the addi mode, so to speak, no gps and im still flying it. Okay, coming down in altitude just a little bit so itll be right in front of us. It still has that bump on the turn and let me let go of the sticks and it still comes down.

Okay, so gps is off, but it still feels like i got gps on and i cant really let it hover see what i mean feels like the gps on is on and im thinking that maybe is the optical flow sensor, doing its job holding position. Okay, so im going to turn gps back on. Okay, gps is back on okay. So if we are in low voltage already theres not much time to fly, this thing so lets go and see if theres like a geo fence. Okay lets push it out and i dont have video. I dont have live video, so i cant really tell how its behavior is. I can just see a thought. Its still going so im just gon na go ahead and turn around and come back, and i can still fly this thing pretty far: thats more than 100 meters, maybe about 200 meters and im still flying it. And is it low voltage? Because if you look at the app, it says, return home already that little icon return home icon is in yellow. So if i let go of the sticks, it wants to land, but its not coming back to where it took off from so now we have one bar remaining on the battery life indicator on the lcd display on the remote control. So i guess im just gon na have to deal with this and see what it does once the battery is completely dead. Theres no signal indicating its in the uh single bar remaining im, wondering if its going to give me like a signal like a beeping signal to let me know if its in the critical low voltage phase, so that is the behavior.

Ive never had a clock at the behave like this, where the low voltage is indicated by just uh wanting to land the quadcopter itself, wanting to just land on the spot, wherever you let go of the sticks, but you can still fly it huh and look. I i dont have fpv again so that sucks Applause see it just wants to come down and land itself, but i can still fly this thing. Okay, so lets just wait and see what it does once the battery is completely gone. I do not recommend that you run the battery until its completely gone, because that is unhealthy for the battery. So dont do that. I would suggest you land the quadcopter once the battery indicator goes to like one bar. That means theres 25 charge left and you should land it before it goes below. 20 percent keep the battery healthy. All batteries, lithium batteries. You need to keep a charge on it like. If you guys got an electric vehicle, you dont want to dry it all the way out. You want to leave some in there like 20 percent, and that is true with your phones, and that is true with these drone batteries as well. You want to keep about 20 percent charge left and land it and recharge it Applause and unless youre flying it right away, dont recharge it all the way up to 100 percent, just recharge it up to at least 35 to keep it in just a charge mode And then maybe eighty percent until you want to fly and then charge it up to a hundred percent, its like theres, a very long period to fly this thing around, even though the quadcopter is wanting to land itself.

So you can still fly thats. One thing good and it doesnt have a geo fence, so you can go beyond whatever 30 meters or 50 meters geo fencing like some of the other quadcopters. But the fact is uh. It wont hover, so you wont be able to do any special functions. I wasnt even able to test out fail safe, let alone the circle me and follow me, because i dont think that those things will work, because if i let go of the sticks to initiate like follow me or circle me, it wants to land. So you want to do some of those features. You got to do it when the battery is completely full. Oh theres, a constant beeping now and i do believe now it is telling me it is in the critical low voltage, but it is not thinking about landing and returning to home. It just wants to land still yeah same behavior. So lets just see what happens when the battery goes completely critical? Does it return home at all, or does it just land, or does it fall out of the sky, so thats? What were gon na find out so the fight time of 20 minutes well is true, but half the flight time is flying it to avoid itself landing. Let me go back down to speed number one. Okay, we are in speed number one, so were just cruising, so it can take nice smooth videos, but my wifi is frozen, so i dont believe my video is recording itll, probably be recording the frozen frame.

So anytime you got a freeze frame. It wont sync with real time videos like my hat cam, my visor cam. So the video is going to be out of sync as well, and its still flying so yeah yeah very long period between the low voltage initial low voltage, where it just wants to land and when it completely lands. So, just going back and forth to see what happens guys, so i dont know if im going to be able to recommend this quadcopter, not even for a beginner, because it is kind of funky where you have to constantly fly you cant, let go of the sticks. Itll just come down and try to land itself, and that was almost 10 minutes ago yeah. So you can fly for about 10 minutes and then the other rest of the 10 minutes youre trying to avoid it landing, not very good. So if i let go yeah its still trying to land, it is not sluggish like the battery is depleting at all, it will just suddenly deplete and itll land itself. Hopefully, so is it going to land itself come on run out of battery already so dont? Do this to any of your quadcopters until the battery completely dries out guys, i do recommend that you land the clock up the width 20 battery life. This right here is probably damaging this battery right now and its going to take a very long time to recharge it up, probably because it will take probably like three hours to charge it up from about 20 charge.

Oh okay, the beeping changed and then it went back. Okay, a lot more faster beeping, but it is still not thinking about landing im still flying it. So obviously, i dont think its going to return to home. I think its just going to either drop out of the sky, or hopefully it will land in its spot once the battery is completely dry, so you can still try to make it back home. Yep still going just gon na see what it does once the battery is completely dry. Oh wow. This is the final critical low voltage phase, and i can still fly this thing for quite a while, which is good, but it is not thinking about coming back home and a gps. Quadcopter needs to return home, not leave it up to you. Oh wow im still flying this thing, im tempted to press the return home button and see what happens. Shall we okay lets just hit that return to home button and yeah it does return home. Let me hit it again: oh no! I cant stop it. It is coming, it is still going up and it is going to come home. Oh, oh, it couldnt make it back home, not enough battery life, so its going to come down and land. Oh and there you have it guys. The flight test of the x2 pro 3 and the gimbal is going crazy all right, so let me go ahead and turn this thing off.

First and im going to slide that battery out and let me go ahead and stop my screen. Recording and stop the recording hello, the app doesnt respond, its just frozen in time. So im not sure if i got any video out of it anyhow im going to turn it off and get out of the app all right guys. So there you go my test flight and review of the x2 pro 3 gps, smart drone, i dont know if you can call it smart here, im going to recommend that skip on this one, because at about halfway through its uh battery life, it went into that Phase where it just wants to land that is not good for anything uh. That is a behavior that i have never seen on a quadcopter before and the fact that it doesnt come home and land it just drops out of the sky. At least it dropped out of sky kind of softly and landed itself, so thats good, it didnt just cut off and just fall off from the sky. So i say skip on this one guys and with that im going to conclude this video of the x2 pro 3.. Thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and well see you again.