Spinning around this thing. So now what do these led bars do? Well, they light up, obviously there’s some patterns, some blinking patterns they light up. But what happens? What this drone can do, folks is. It can spin rapidly, okay and once starts to spin rapidly. These led lights go off in a certain pattern so that it shows text while it’s, spinning or certain um diagrams and objects you’ll see when we go flying what it can do so it’s, actually pretty deep. One once it’s in the air what it can do, i like it uh it only weighs 87 grams, so this does not require registration in most countries. Another good thing about it, but again it’s programmable uh effects and text that you can display. While this drone is flying in the air when it goes into its high speed rotations, now, it is powered by a little 3.7 volt, 700 milliamp per hour battery uh. This battery gives the drone about seven minutes of flight time to do those special effects, while it’s in there additionally uh the charger, for this is a little pin charger that charges through a micro usb port this one, you actually could probably charge this on your computer Laptop using the usb port on your laptop to charge this little battery but uh other things. Let’S talk about the controller because you’re going to need to know how to use this controller to do to enter into those spins and those special effects that this could do.

But right right now, let’s go off with this top button here in the upper left corner this button. Here, if you press it here, changes the rate so quick press and beginner’s intermediate expert. You know you can fly faster or slower by quick press that button, but a long press on this button changes the light patterns of the drone. What the light patterns do on that, especially if it’s spinning uh the button up here is quick press enters flip mode and the drone can actually flip in the air by telling you which direction to flip by moving the pitch roll. Stick here a long press of this button enters into trim mode so that you can trim out the flight if of the drone, if it’s drifting by holding it down it’ll go beep, and then you try to go in the opposite direction. The drone is drifting until it comes to a nice hover, and then you press it again to exit out of trim, rotation or trim effect. Now this is your pitch roll stick, okay, forward back left and right tilting of the drone, but if you press into this petrol, stick it’s a actually a switch. If you press into it, it enters into spin mode for your program text that you pro you can program onto the drone avid display um a long press of this enters emergency stop and the drone will drop from the sky. So be careful. Just a quick press of this button normally for flying this drone, unless you end up on a bush outside, then you want to press that long press to stop the drone quickly.

Now the button in the lower right corner, if you press it, it enters into pre. Programmed pattern effects that’s already built into the drum, and you can switch between those pattern effects by a long press of this button here and that’ll switch between the different patterns that are available on the drum and in the lower left corner this button here. This does have headless mode. You can enter add this mode by a quick press. This button, and it also has one key return – will fly. The opposite direction was pointed to take off and to do one key return. You do a long press of this button here, and this, of course, is your on off switch and it is powered by two aaa batteries. So let’s go over quick what you get in the box. You get the instruction manual for this drone um in chinese and english um we’re going to go over the app here shortly. The app’s name is in chinese, so i’m going to. I can’t really pronounce it for you right now, but i will include links below where you can download the app and i’m also going to go over how to use the app here immediately after this part of the um review. But again you get the drone. Also um, you get the controller you get a battery. Now you can get one two or three batteries. I recommend getting. Maybe two or three batteries with this they’re only about 250 feet for each additional battery, so you might want to have them bundled at the time of purchase, because i know you’re not going to be able to find batteries for this after you purchase this drone.

So get them! Why, when you purchase the drone excellent extra spare batteries and additionally, you get the charger and a spare set of propellers for the drone along with these little landing pads that are not really needed that you insert in the bottom. You can actually fly this without those landing pads, but maybe maybe that makes a little bit more adorable if you do such so let’s go over the app right now and show you how to use the app and then following that will go into a flight of The drone so hope you enjoy the app review and flight hi quadcopter 101 here, and this is the innermost words app available on google play and itunes um it’s. Actually, the name of it is in chinese and it means it’s a new aircraft it’s, the name of it, but i’ll include the links below so look for the links to this below to where did you get this out now? This app uses bluetooth, not wi fi, to connect to the drone so we’re going to first off turn on the drone by i’m. Doing it right now by plugging in its battery. So the drone’s battery is on and then i’m going to hit, allow to turn on bluetooth and then it’ll automatically connect to the bluetooth from the drone. You don’t have to do anything except turn on the drone first and then um turn on the app open. The app and turn on bluetooth now we’re, going to hit edit and we’re going to enter some text say this is a test, is a test and then we hit preview and it shows you know what it’s going to display when the aircraft is flying.

This is a test, this is a test and the bottom left says i believe, it’s save and the bottom right is that enter into the file, so we’re going to hit, save and it saves it successfully to the aircraft it transmits it successfully to the aircraft and Then we’re going to hit the bottom right here to go into the files – and this is the ones that i have saved you know is this – is the test subscribe? Quadcopter 101. subscribe now to quadcopter 101.. You can enter any one of these. Actually, you can enter up to two – i guess at a time and send it to the aircraft by hitting send and the aircraft should remember these and play them the next time you fly okay, i’m hitting send successfully the lights blink on aircraft. When you get the sense successfully now let’s try uh deleting one of these well, you can select one and delete it if you want, or if you wan na you know, if you these are short little uh words, you can send all of these to your craft. At once – and i think it shows them one after the other when you hit the program button on the controller so that’s how you use the app it’s relatively simple to use, you know it’s just that some of the characters aren’t chinese, so the left one here Remember, let’s go back uh one to this. You know this is where you enter the text and once you enter the text, the left one again means uh, save it and the one the right one means goes into the files.

It shows you what files you have and again this app automatically connects via bluetooth. So okay let’s go fly. The drone see how it works so hope you enjoy this flight. Okay, we’re gon na do a flight of the x09a color sprite, actually it’s the black and white sprite. But what we need to do is first insert the battery the battery’s been charged and we’ve already programmed the drone as i’ve shown you how, but to start it up. All you do is plug in the battery okay. The flashing side is the back end. Well, actually, they’re all flashing, but the side where you slid the battery in is the back end. Put it on a flat level. Surface turn on the controller up down on the controller, binds it and then we’re going to take to the air by uh, giving it up up throttle um one thing: when we get there i’m going to start the programming by pressing in on the right throttle. Stick so let’s start the motors and then giving it upward throttle coming up a bit a bit higher: okay, bringing it back a bit right there starting to spin, and what do we got there? You go subscribe. Quadcopter 101 come learn to fly, so you know it’s, pretty cool and then pressing the button again stops it and it remembers what the back end is points it back in toward you. You know the direction it was pointed at.

It remembers so that’s pretty neat. Okay, now let’s try the special effects version, which is the bottom button. It says i love well come down. I love you and pressing this button here. Ah it’s not doing it stopping i love you and we should have the back end toward us pushing forward yeah. Okay, now pressing this button and then spinning it we’re back to subscribe, quadcopter 101 come learn to fly pressing a button again holding that button down and pressing, and then stopping that right left button did not do anything it’s supposed to change it, though let’s press both Of these together this and that i love you, ah i got that to work the other day. Let’S try it again. I love you pressing the button there we go, you got ta hold it down. It changes the designs going up, it’s coming down, pushing forward and coming to stock so again, pressing this button here changes the design let’s see if that changes. Anything with my program version spinning with the program pressing coming down yeah so going forward again getting away from the light there. He always wants to go back toward me when i’d start that well with that and keep in mind let’s go a little bit far farther forward and uh let’s try um, i don’t think it’ll flip, but we’ll try all right flip there we go i’m, stopping it. There, okay go back to the air push it forward.

Let’S! Try the flip button again. It flip coming back forward again flip back flip, so it does. Flips went up a bit higher let’s, just press left button here now this the bottom button changes the blinking designs available on us, like that. I want you to do that, but that’s about all it does now i’m trying to trim it. I hit emergency, stop pressing on this here. It’S emergency stop. I thought it activated trim, but i was wrong. Okay, let’s take to the air again. It needs a little bit backward trim right now, but okay i’m trying to get it to um, spin again, but obviously we’re getting low in battery power right now, let’s try the bottom one: no okay! Eventually it will not fly anymore. It won’t not spin anymore and that when it does that that means it’s a little battery power, so we’re just going to finish it off by flying it around the room. You know it is a drone. The steady light is the uh front and the blinking light is the back end and we’ll fly until the battery goes out. That’Ll give us a flight time here, so an indoor outdoor drone it’s. Actually, i guess, could be flown outdoors too. At night, it’ll look cool! Okay, it’s one in the land itself. Let me get a little more throttle. I think the battery is starting to get low, go over the hot tub right around the room, i’m hearing a beeping, and it seems to be coming from the drone – not a real, loud beep, but that’s telling us that the battery is getting low because i don’t Want to do the spins, no more, i don’t think it’ll.

Do the flips either flip nope flip yeah. It just says it just blinks when you count the flip so that’s about its flight time now, it’s peeping real fast. I could hear them which it probably means. Yeah the battery is real low. Now let’s see how long i can keep it in the air going over the hot tub it’s, not a hard one to fly with the altitude old it’s relatively easy to fly for beginner and those these bars here do protect more or less protect the props. Unless you hit it flat in like that, and the props can uh, i mean flat in like that. Didn’T pop scared hit something but um that mind. Let’S let’s try its protection we’re going to go sideways into the wall here see. So there is some protection provided by those led bars on this thing, so i don’t know if there’s an lvc stop on this because it keeps on flying. But you know what okay now it’s they’re flashing rapidly, so that’s probably telling me it is time to land when they’re flashing, like that, you know the back end of this thing but i’m flying until it stops or drops, stops or drops i’m spinning it myself. So yeah cool little beginner’s drone with the added feature of being able to uh being able to uh, say things: okay, that’s it i can’t give it any more throttle and it’s landed itself. So that’s the color sprite neat little toy drone let’s get under light here.

So you can see a little better, a little toy drone for beginners. So i hope you enjoyed this flight. Just quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future. Videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.