Well, i have a literal toy this time it is the x 31 shockwave quadracopter its a drone with wi fi camera, so im gon na check it out. This was like 29.98 ill put the price below um at home depot um, but it was less than 30 bucks and i thought you know, with a camera theres lots of stuff on youtube that people are using drones to to camera and later on down the road. I have a few vehicles that we may be going off road with and and maybe i can get a few shots with it, but i figured for less than 30 bucks more than likely its probably not going to be the greatest video, but i figure i can Try it out if i dont like it, i can always bring it back. So if you like videos like these automotive videos, home improvement, videos or just doodads and thingamajig videos, um, please go check out my channel subscribe to it and the best way to find these kind of videos is to go to my playlist and all my different videos Fall somewhere in a playlist, i have several playlists on each of my rigs on tools, products and reviews, which is probably where this one will start out at um. If i get more things like this, i may have another playlist well see and thats. What comes in the box here? You got your remote, which does not have but does not include batteries.

This must have the rechargeable battery inside of it. It appears you get a few parts and pieces that were gon na have to put together and its super super light and probably super super cheap. Here we are inside a few days later, um, underneath here this pushes forward and flips open like that and you it will have a battery like this disconnected inside of there youre going to want to take this plug it into whatever thing you have to plug it Into – and this in here definitely specifically looks it goes to this battery, so you cant just use any old cord to charge this with, but i went ahead and charged it up off camera and its ready to kind of put back together inside here, theres a little Pigtail that corresponds to the pigtail on your battery. Here i dont know yeah. It definitely goes in a specific way and then um. It does look like it just kind of sticks down inside there. This goes forward in push down and bring it back. That didnt feel very good, though so were gon na do it until i like how it feels here, you might have put this in upside down or something i dont know theres, not really a lot of good instruction on how to do this stuff. Stick that down in there it doesnt seem to matter what way you go here. Just kind of that does seem like it went in better that way for some reason, um, i did have to turn this off.

It was on on so i made sure i turned that off. First of all, before i plugged that into there, i probably should have left that unplugged for now um. Why i finished putting this together, you may want to do that its up to you. It did come with a little screwdriver here, which is, i think, its nice. Some people complain about them, but i think its nice to have something to put it together with you: dont have to go, grab tools or find tools. Um there in this here, theres a little screw in here that that works with im, setting that to the side and well open that up. I charged up some batteries here, so hopefully thatll work. It does not come with batteries, so you got to put those in and before i finish this off, i want to make sure this is off as well, which it is and put the back back on here and my fingers are too fat for these little screws. Be nicer, ive had other ones in the past, where the screw didnt have to come all the way out. This one appears like it has to come all the way out and if youre like me, you definitely need glasses, something else. Im just going to go ahead and show you i dont know im not going to put it on right now, but this goes on here and itll. Hold your cell phone um im going to wait to put that on because im not going to do a cell phone thing and well set that aside and then it appears like you know what im gon na we got some legs here.

It comes with five screws but yeah it doesnt. Look like the legs legs look like. They must just kind of stick on they just kind of yep the legs just press in, so those screws are actually going to be for these here they should have probably looked it. Doesnt appear that theres a right or left, or i mean at least front and back right or left doesnt, seem to matter. They all seem to fit just make sure youre going to where theyre facing out all right. That does seem to just stick in there and then each one of these plugs into a corresponding hole, theres little little nubs here and then theres a hole in the middle so well put the nubs in push that down and im hoping the screwdriver yep. The screwdriver has a magnet on it, so that makes it easier to pick it up if you got fat, fingers and then right down right here, theres a place for the screw to go, and i would not tighten these super tight. Well, we are going to start syncing the remote with the craft here um and i am just going to read through the instructions and do what it says, and hopefully you enjoy this for the people that dont know how to do. It says step one power on the craft and place it on a flat surface. This is necessary for the craft gyroscope to properly align the lights on the craft will blink as it searches for a signal from the remote sorry, my cat bit me okay, so we got ta turn it on place it on a flat surface.

The lights will blink step, two be sure the craft and you are facing the same forward direction. This will help with orientating orientation while flying step. Two power on the remote, the lights on the remote will blink as it searches for a signal from the craft. An audible chime will sound when the remote and the craft have linked so were going to power. On the remote i heard an audible, sound right away, step three push the left control stick throttle full forward, wait for a chime to sound, then pull the stick fully rearward and wait for a second chime, so were gon na go forward so its right away. Making noises all right step four to start and stop the rotors push button control stick down into the outside, as shown in the diagram once the remotes have started, the craft is ready to fly so this one all right. So this starts it and that stops it all right, so im going to go ahead and stick this puppy on the ground and just mess around a little bit im, usually a little better at figuring these things out, i probably wont mess with any of these buttons Right now, because that kind of adjusts things in a way i dont want to mess with so lets, see if i can do this in the house and not crash it, it does say to go and outside into a big area to use this, especially at first, But i have messed with those little remote control helicopters in my house, so we have a pretty okay place to try.

It out lets hope all right. Hopefully you can see this lets. Uh turn it on Music, oh wow, i got ta say for my very first time. This is my very first time as you can see its pretty easy to do this, and then it automatically turns off when you hit the ground. I wasnt sure if it said that or not and it wasnt i was hoping it would do that, but i wasnt positive now i can just turn it on. Maybe there you go its trying it too fast and then there is okay. This button right here. Does your speed theres one two three, i think yep this side doesnt push its just this side. That is the different speed, so im gon na keep it on one right. There thats what i probably should have done and were just gon na play with it like that until i get used to it all right, so whoa all right im getting too close here, im gon na go put it back where its not so close. I also have a fan up above me here, like turned off yeah, you got ta mess with the speed because i feel like the yeah it does. The speed does seem to go with the beat, but here im just going to let off the remote here and not touch anything, and you can see its going a little bit down its moving around, but it stays in one spot.

Pretty well hey, im letting off were going to just leave it there and see what happens. It does a pretty good job, at least inside with no real wind. I have a small fan that i turn its on low. I thought i turned it off, but its actually on low and then right in front of where youre at is a heater thats, blowing full blast right now, so Music whoa okay. So it definitely moves at a pretty good speed and i need to figure out the yaw, so i can get it lets see nope. I need to look up how to get it turned side to side um. I like that it shuts off as soon as you go down, i got ta say for my first time all im messing with disease right here i havent really messed with anything else and then the speed which i still havent quite figured out, where im at with The speed Music, i think the battery is starting to die a little bit now having a little time behind the wheel so to speak, um camera facing forward here, so we know thats the front. I just wanted to show you just so you can get started just like. I did just kind of messing with it getting used to the controls and whatnot. Oh my god that didnt go in there very well. This is, i have found a little more difficult to get in. You definitely got to kind of make sure this is flat in here um and then make sure this is closed.

Just like it should be, and butts up back here were good now front of the rig here front of the drone here, just to get started, uh the up to go up and use your basically, your throttle is going up with it like this to go down. You go down and that also lands it and shuts off now for it to turn like this, you push the remote this way on this side, for it to turn this way, you push it this way. Now, if you just want it to turn like this or like this, that would be the same thing. This goes this way. That goes. That way up goes this way, which also helps it travel forward back, makes it go this way, which also makes it travel back. So once you get used to just going up and down and back and forth, get it to the direction you want to go then push forward and then stop and come back just do that a few times and then figure out, you know side to side the Hardest part is trying to figure out where the back in the front is they do help you a little bit on that when you turn it on here going backwards, is red going forwards? Is blue all right? Well, i just went for a little jaunt and, quite honestly, the battery does not last very long. I may find out if i can get a couple more batteries, if theyre not too expensive, but i actually took it outside for a little ways.

Um there was kind of a break in the weather, so i took it outside and played with it a little bit um. I didnt film it because i knew it wasnt, probably going to go great. When i was closer i was doing okay, but then it got further away and i couldnt tell what direction i was going, so i brought it in sykes. I remember reading something about this headless button right here and i went ahead and pushed that and what that does is no matter what direction this is facing in the air. When i push back it came towards me when i pushed away it went away from me and when i went right it went right when i went left it went left, so it didnt matter what direction this actually was uh front back or otherwise it went the Direction i wanted it to go so, especially when youre first starting out hitting that headless button right. There might really help uh learn at least learn just get the feel of it in the air, more than anything heres the charger it comes with and using it that whole time uh, i still didnt run the battery completely dead. I could tell it was kind of starting to drop a little bit as to where it kind of stayed steady better earlier on, so it doesnt have a long battery life and uh. But i will say the last time i charge this or the first time because youre supposed to charge it before you use it.

I we have this little booger here and it plugs into a plug in, and it has all you know your regular type of plug ins, but on the side it has the usb things so thats what i used and it charged really fast. It was it didnt. Even seem like it was like five or ten minutes. If even that, so im sure thatll vary depending on how far discharged the battery was, it could be the battery wasnt that discharged. It also has a light on this part of it. That tells you when it goes out that its its done charging, i noticed it, was really difficult to see the light. So uh mileage might vary on that as well. Okay, well, in its defense, the way this plugs in the light is actually underneath. So the light isnt all that hard to see you just got ta realize its. Not on that side you can barely see it right in there. So in the end i know i didnt show a lot on the remote stuff because i just frankly im gon na get used to it first before i start messing with too much of the trick stuff. This is supposed to do 360 degree turns or flips just by hitting this button right here, um and things like that, so for less than 30 bucks. This is a perfect trainer. I would say, for somebody, whos never had one of these before later on.

Maybe if you know life goes on and i get to it ill, do a further video on all the different buttons and what they do well. Take it outside right now, its snowing outside so well. Take it outside and see how well it does outside and mainly the camera. This video is not going to have information on the camera, because i have not figured out how to hook it to my phone or you can actually use your phone instead of this. I guess to use this and when you do that it does seem to have an ability to find a spot and stay there. I dont know what thats called like a gps type deal, but its only with your phone. I believe, when youre using that, so that you can take better camera or video, but later on down the road, we will probably have a video on that once my wife helps me figure out how it all works, but for now i would say just as a Drone to have fun with and and a remote control play toy for less than 30 bucks for your kid um or for yourself either one. This would be a great gift, a great thing to enjoy and theyre at home depot for, like i said, less than 30 bucks, i think theyre regularly almost 50, so it does seem like a pretty good deal. I looked on my home depot site and it said there was only two left, so theyre, probably going pretty quick for uh presents, but regardless i enjoyed it.

The little thing here got stuck under there um and i think its a its at the very least gon na, be a good way for me to learn how these work. This was much more easy to use than the little remote control helicopter that i have um inside, especially so thats what i got. Hopefully somebody got something out of this sorry. It didnt have a complete how to, but at least youll know how to get going on it, get started on it and have a little bit of fun with it all right.