In this episode we have a ufo touch controlled and gesture controlled drone for kids, Music. Okay. So in this episode we talk about attaching gesture control drone for kids for ages, 8 plus, as you can see, it arrived in a pretty damaged packaging. Obviously it is made in china and it comes from amazon uk. This got sent from amazon directly to me to review it. Uh yeah and the state of how it looks is are pretty bad in terms of the packaging. I hope it is uh not damaged inside so lets see quickly. What is inside the box – and i see we need a knife to open it before we go into the box shortly. What we have outside theres, a description uh. The brand apparently is utorrent interactive aircraft, uh its in english and in german. It is a gesture, controlled drone, so basically you touch it and then it flies in the direction where you touch it, and apparently it also has obstacle warning uh. There are the usual sea signs which are necessary to sell in europe and lets see what is in this pretty red package and only the only thing. What we see is the drone here we see a charging cable and we see a little key here where im not sure what it is for, probably for turning it on and off and heres the charging port. You can see here, heres the charging port and we have here lights, and i see there is one light apparently missing or it looks like we see it later when we turn it on uh.

It has some little nubs where it stands on and thats. Basically, all in the little cage around it and uh one, two three four little rotors so lets see uh how this thing if it turns on and if it flies and uh what it does in general. Okay, so i found hidden in the box. Also are this little manual, it basically explains in english and german. How that the whole thing works, and it is actually fairly easy. We have here on the back side when we turn it around. Here is the charging port, which is a proprietary board, so you wont be able to connect usbc or usb or micro. Usb, and here is a tiny little switch. You can turn on here. This little thing is actually meant to switch between various flight speeds and once you turn it on, it will start and it will hovering and it will hover quite the height and goes and a bit down. And then, when you touch it, it flies in the opposite direction. If it touches something or flies against the wall, it will turn around and basically turns off and fall down. The same is when you want to land the drone. You just grab it and turn it around and with that the drone will end so its fairly easy. The cage here is uh. Small little fingers can go in there, so i i would not let play a small small child with it uh and this rotate at the fairly highly speed, because its only tiny proprietors, so they can definitely hurt fingers if you put the finger in there.

So that was definitely not a good idea other than that the cage is pretty good. So if you grab it normally even with child hands and let it hold my daughter, its not the problem – uh theres, a lot of text above it but uh lets turn it on and see what happens and as you can see its turning on now and only The led lights are actually blinking and when we press that button again then nothing happens. When we press the button two times, then it should start calibrating and we have to switch here and with that we can turn it on and it will probably will fly against the camera now. But lets see what happens. It turned off now. Lets turn it on again: Music, hey, Music, Music, Music. So, as you could see, hopefully or probably not, it does fly, it goes usually in a direction about standing head and then goes a bit down and you can touch it uh. What i have seen so far is this is a toy for 12 pounds uh currently with a 40 voucher, so its about seven eight pounds uh and it does not always do what you expect it to do. So. The thing is: when you touch it on this side, it should be up flying in the opposite direction. It does not do that all the time. As we can see here, one of the sensors here already went out from falling down and there are sensors on all four sides here and one of the one uh this ones.

Actually here is already uh for now. I need to fix that uh. The other thing is: when you touch it, it doesnt always fly in a direction, sometimes it just loops over your hand, so it is fairly unreliable. It might be a lot of fun for kids to play, but i would not expect a very long lifetime out of it and yeah it is. It is a toy and it is maybe good for a couple hours play, but i i would not expect, as i said, a very long lifetime, especially as you see it comes already apart here uh and needs to be uh put in again, which is fairly hard Because you need to somehow remove this, it is removable, so you you can remove the cage here. Let us quick quickly have a look at here and uh. I i will not break it now, but uh you can remove partially and can go inside and fix propellers and things like that, but there are no replacement parts. So what is my overall thought about this uh? If you have a couple pounds to spend and uh want to give your kid a couple hours of fun uh, it might be definitely worth it, but i personally uh would not buy it. I would maybe spend a bit more and buy a drone which, for kids, which is a bit uh, more reliable, a bit better, its a very cheap plastic, so definitely nothing.