If you dont speak foreign languages, i would like to introduce a new translation. Headset lets. Try it together today, hello, everybody welcome back to the youtube channel. My name is cyrus chance and im so glad youre here – and this is a very special video for me on the channel as i get to discuss one of my greatest passions in life and that is learning and speaking foreign languages. Whenever we talk about foreign languages and communication, translation theres, a famous quote from nelson mandela – that i always remember – and that is when you speak to a man and a language that he understands it goes directly to his head. But when you speak to a man in his mother tongue, it goes directly to his heart, and this is why i really think that technology like this ai driven translation, headphones, really does have a very important place in our world. Today we need better communication. We need better engagement if theres a product out there that can help do that. This is going to be truly game. Changing. Let me tell you a little bit more about the company as we get started with this review, the company that has produced this is called time kettle, theyre based in shenzhen china and were founded in 2016. over the past five years. Time. Kettle has really positioned themselves as the number one leader in this specific industry. Their original unit, the wt2 plus, has already been on amazon.

com for many years and has received hundreds of five star reviews, theyre already the number one product – and this is already an amazing unit that again has already done really well and in todays video were going to Be reviewing this unit but, most importantly, im also going to be sharing you. Their latest generation – and this is the wt2 edge. Whats amazing, about this product – is that the company time kettle launched an indiegogo campaign. Now indiegogo is a popular crowdfunding website. In america time cattle was able to raise 1.1 million u.s dollars by having over 7 300 financial backers around the world come together to help produce this brand new unit. We have access to both of these and in todays video im going to be trying these out lets have some fun lets, speak some foreign languages and really test out these units to see how accurate they are make sure you stick around to the very end of This video, as im, also going to be sharing an exclusive discount code for you as a subscriber of my channel. All right, everybody lets go ahead and test the accuracy of these time. Kettle, translation, earphones and what were going to do now is introduce you to the speaker mode. Now. The speaker mode simply means that youre going to use one of the earpieces and instead of using the other youre, then going to grab your smartphone and launch the time kettle app.

This is quite interesting because, with speaker mode, this is really designed for travelers lets. Imagine that youre traveling around the world and youre in a hotel youre in a restaurant, a taxi, something like that. What you can do is simply pop in one earpiece grab your smartphone, and now you can speak back and forth with the person that you like to communicate with lets, go ahead and try this with a foreign language deutschland in 2000, hello im from the usa, but My mother and her family are from germany in 2011. I took on my german citizenship and i am very proud of this success all right, so pretty accurate translation there and its kind of a fun little thing i wanted to say, because it is something im very proud of my mothers from germany. I am a dual citizen with the united states and germany, and it really you know my experience as a kid. This was what really shaped my life growing up is by going to europe and opening up my eyes to travel outside of america, and this really was very pivotal because from a very young age, i learned to be a very open minded, and this has really helped Me as ive traveled around the world and, of course spent a lot of time in china, so lets go ahead and have some fun lets. Try out some other languages as well, esta in florida espanol, my hometown is in florida and many people speak spanish study spanish for two years of high school.

All right. I think my grammar might have been a little bit off in there, but pretty much its. You can definitely understand that. So this is pretty accurate here, and i want to also do one more language lets test this out. Im going to be speaking a little bit of japanese, i had the opportunity one year to go to japan for about one month. I was there on a business trip and in order to prepare for that, i really wanted to start learning some phrases, and this is really one of the most incredible things about these translation headphones. That ive learned is that this is a really great way to learn languages, not only if youre interested in using it for translation. But if you are an avid studier of languages, this is actually a really great tool, because you accurately need to speak it or else its simply not going to translate its been a few years since ive spoken, some japanese but lets go ahead and see. If i remember anything nice to meet you, thank you. I am an american. I love japan. The food is really good, all right, so once again pretty accurate translation and its really funny one of the first things when i start learning languages, i try to really focus on learning food because i love to go into restaurants. You know you have to be able to function, and this is what translation is so important. For example, when you are traveling around the world, you need to focus on the important things like, for example.

Excuse me, where is the toilet exactly so? This is a good one right, so wheres the toilet. How do you get to the restroom? How do you order a food? These are important things that you really need to do when youre translating so again, ive had a lot of fun with this app and its been really amazing to see how accurate the translation has been now to give everybody an example of when you could use this In real life, i recently went with my wife for breakfast at a local cantonese restaurant now my wife is originally from southern china, and her native tongue is cantonese, and this is whats amazing. About living in vancouver is that we have a tremendous amount of people from all over the world, but a very high number of native cantonese speakers, and i decided to test the accuracy of these by seeing if i could order my local breakfast here in vancouver in Cantonese hello: i would like one cup of milk tea, a spanish omelet and french toast everybody, as you saw in the many examples that weve given in this video. The accuracy and the translation of these headphones is really quite remarkable. Of course, full disclosure, no technology – is going to be a hundred percent accurate all of the time – and i have three simple tips that id like to give you when youre using these headphones. The first is that you must speak very slow when using these you dont want to speak very fast as it again.

This is ai translation happening. It is very fast and how it translates. But if you can speak a little bit slower youre going to get a better result. In addition to that, make sure that you enunciate every word that you say really try to avoid any harsh accents or any slang words thats, a really big one. Any slang is not going to be translated again. You want to be thinking of just speaking as simple as possible and thats, actually a good tip as youre traveling around the world you dont want to use. You know catch phrases and very complicated ways of communicating. Try to keep it as simple and basic as possible. One of the other recommendations is, is that if you say something and the translation comes back inaccurate, try to think of a simpler way to say that and usually youre going to be able to get a good result. At this point. Id also like to introduce the other two modes that you can use when using these translating headsets right now were going to do the simultaneous mode and ive got a friend here, thats going to help us out. So what were going to do is im going to speak normally ill speak english to her, but for this exercise im going to speak german all right and shell respond in her mother tongue, which is cantonese so im going to take one and put it in my Right ear, Music, yeah, perfect, and i got the translation back in germany.

What is the best german food cool? What do you think of the translating its very good yeah? Unbelievable, fantastic, pretty awesome. So there you go everybody, so you can speak cantonese and german in different languages over 40 different languages, 93 different accents, but theres the real reaction right there, pretty impressive, all right! Thank you. This is really a game changer and something that i definitely am going to be using more in the future. Now the third and final mode is the touch mode, and this is really appropriate, for example, if youre in a situation where youre surrounded by a lot of background noise, what this allows you to do is simply to touch the headphone start speaking your sentence and at The end of your sentence, you touch it again and that signals to the headphone that it to only translate what you have spoken directly and it really does a good job in canceling out the background noise and only focusing on your specific speech. So in total you have three modes, simultaneous touch and the speaker mode. Now, at this point in the video id like to introduce to you the two units and tell you a little bit of difference between the price and how they have been built, the first one well start with is the original wt2 plus, as you can see, when I open this unit that it is a little bit larger and you can see that it splits vertically right down the middle and actually both halves are magnetic and they stick together.

Now, when you take this unit out, youll notice that its a little bit long in length its about an inch and a half long, and you cannotice the really good earpiece that it has in here, and this earpiece is really important, because what it does is it Allows it to properly stay placed in your ear and stay secure, while youre walking and talking and again this is the original one that is the number one seller on amazon and has received hundreds of five star reviews. This is a really great technology and again, if you are looking for an entry level, translation earpiece, this is definitely the model for you. The retail price on this is 199 us dollars actually very affordable for the incredible amount of value that youre gon na get remember these time kettle. Translation earpods can translate over 40 different languages and 93 accents youre, essentially going to be connected to almost everybody on the planet with these headphones now. The second unit that id like to highlight is the time kettle wt2 edge, and these are the latest and greatest you cannotice – that they come in a different carrying case and theyre much smaller theyre, actually very similar to, for example, the apple air pods in both their Size their feel and also how compact they are and what were seeing in the difference between the two models is simply just new technology and new generation, similar to your smartphones. When the new generation of airpods come out theyre a little bit smaller in design, they have better speakers, they have better noise cancellation features and again this is just improved technology.

As far as the translation goes, both units are going to give you the same level of translation. The new unit, the wt2 edge, is simply smaller. More compact and one of the better features as well, is that it has a low latency, which means it does an even better job of cancelling out that background noise around you now the wt2 edge comes in at a slightly higher price point. The base price for this is 249 us dollars, and that includes your online package, which means that you must be connected to the internet in order to be able to access this now. What if you do not able to get internet connection? Can you still use these? Well, you can also upgrade to the offline version, which then loads, seven of the most common foreign languages in the world into these headphones, and then you can be anywhere in the world without internet and be able to use these. So it gives you two options. You can get the online package for two hundred and forty nine dollars or you can get the offline package for two hundred and ninety nine dollars. Now everybody i wan na. Thank you so much for making it to this point in the video communication translating foreign languages. This is all a big passion of mine and, again im a very big advocate of improving our communication and improving our engagement. Now time carol has decided to give all of you a very special offer, and again i want to thank you for making it to this point in the video.

If you are interested in purchasing either the wt2 plus or the wt2 edge youre going to go down in the video description here and click the links to amazon and make sure you enter in the discount code im going to list it down in the description down Below enter that code in and time kettle is going to give you a 10 discount on your ai translation. Today again, there are over 7 000 people around the world that have financially supported the development of these headset and again you have never seen a product like this im, so excited for to review this and theres. One final thing that i want everybody to know. If i ever do a product review on this channel its because i have personally tested it and believe in this product, thank you for time kettle for sponsoring this video and sending me these two pairs of headphones im really excited to continue my language learning and again Improve communication with everyone around the world, everybody, my name, is cyrus.