Now i will install the flight batteries on the wingtr one Music, Music. Okay, i will uh get my tablet out with wing chun pilot and attach the telemetry antenna Music, Music. Okay, with the wing trip pilot tablet, i will now plan a mission. Well start with a new flight plan in the upper left hand corner. You can name it whatever. We like weve selected, our camera oblique alpha 6100 ill go to next. Winker gives you the option of importing a kml. If you have one drawn – and we will skip that option now so here we have the map imagery of our flight location, downloaded to the tablet on an offline map Music. I will check my safety parameters on the right hand, side, Music, geofence radius, is good. Uh geo reference height above home is good. A minimum return to home height at 197 feet is a safe altitude connection lost time out of 60 seconds is a good, a minimum ground clearance of a 131 feet im going to change that to 150 feet for safety. Now that safety parameters are set im going to move to the left hand, side of the screen to plan home wincher tablet has a telemetry connectivity with winter one. So it knows the home position of the drone. Our transition height on the right side will set to 180 feet. Today we can move our transition direction on take off so im, going to move that with the slider bar on the right hand, side and our landing transition, height and direction will be the same as take off on the right hand side.

I will now go back to plan and we will draw our area, so i can simply drag and drop on the screen. The corners of your flight plan area on the right hand, side we can have terrain following enabled our height above ground – is uh ‘4 feet. That is good. That gives us a ground sampling distance of 1.5 inches per pixel. We can also change our leg direction here, with the slider bar and moving down on the right hand, side, we can change our side and front overlap to whatever settings you require Music. So now we have completed our flight plan for winter one. We can now move to the checklist. On the left hand, side weve confirmed our ground clearance uh without takeoff and landing is at least 150 feet. Thats confirmed uh option two, our hardware, our distance sensor is clean. We have checked the propellers, they are not damaged and i will remove the lens cap now. Our connection to winter, one is established, our batteries are fully charged. Our setup is ready, were placed on even ground, ready for takeoff landing. Intervention were ready with in app controls for any uh any manual takeover of flight. Gps is ready and gps lock is established. The camera is wet ready. We are not flying with ppk today the winch 1 sd card is ready. We have reviewed our flight plan and well upload it to winx for one Music now well check our Music flaps.

Okay, we have confirmed, we are fit to operate uh. The wings were one today and we will check that. No people are closer than 15 feet to the winter one for safety during takeoff Music Music winter. One is a premier fixed wing, photogrammetry platform, with nearly an hour of flight time per battery set uh the aircraft traveling nearly 40 miles an hour 400 feet, agl job sites as high as five as large as 500 to 600 acres is common. We love wingtra for its launch characteristics in tight spaces with obstacles nearby winter. One is second to none and take off safety and performance with gen 2 new payloads are available. We have the existing sony: rx 42 megapixel uh payload your sony, alpha 6100 20 megapixel, payload, uh and today were flying the sony alpha 6100 oblique uh payload for 3d mapping micasense autumn and red edge are also available on winter. One data collection, completed flying back home wingtragen2, offers upgraded avionics, remote id receptacle as well as new payloads Music. Please do not power off your wingtra 1, while the flight down. I will now place the lens cap back on the payload and disconnect the batteries for storage. Now i will place my batteries tablet and telemetry antenna back in the carrying case. We can now place the wincher one back in its soft case when the mission is complete. Im going to remove the tail fin well slide the wing to one into the soft case and put our tail fin in the outside pocket.

Thanks for watching our winter one gen 2 video, you can contact us at or 833 drone up.