The impact, of course, did break the drone. Last week i had the pleasure to be on ken herron’s thursday night live show welcome all right. Oh so you finally did break the thing yeah and you know how he is. He made me do dangerous stuff. Now what happens when you try to start? The motors? Will it start them uh? Do it do it? I do it. Okay, are you really gon na do don’t cut yourself, hey man, i’m, just kidding don’t cut yourself. I knew i’d be able to egg you on to do something. Dangerous i’ll. Do definitely a video on this? Yes, yes, i tell you what oh, my god, okay turn it sideways, so it turns off turn it sideways there. Yeah there you go yeah man. Are you? Okay, the idea of duct taping? The drone was real. You guys said it. He said it so i had to go out there and just do it for you now enjoy it. That was awesome thanks for putting yourself in danger for our Music entertainment. You know the good part of a broken drone. Is it takes less space in your backpack? Okay, guys, the arm is completely broken. You can see this here’s, the cable. However, that is intact. If you can zoom in and see it um, the cable is not harmed at all, which means that um. I assume that it’s going to be working when i was testing this at home before uh to turn it on.

In case there was a new update, firmware or whatever i saw that the camera is working, so i really had inside the goggles. I had a clear image from the camera now i don’t know if the gimbal is gon na be working or not, and i don’t know if it’s gon na be recording but we’re gon na test it right, i’m really excited i’ve brought this duct tape that you Guys told me in the comments to bring uh scissors to just cut it out a little bit and then attach this. If this thing flies i’m done: Music, Music, wow, Music – i just realized that there’s this part missing here i didn’t – i didn’t, see it but there’s. This part missing the other part of the gimbal, so it’s kind of broken plastic here, Music, guys it’s done well it’s, not super super hard, but i think it may be enough for flying. I mean it’s it’s done by me, which means that it’s not safe, but uh we’re in a safe place, so we’re gon na be hovering a little bit flying a little bit here are it’s full of trees. So, if anything happens, we can recover the drone and that’s pretty much it i’m super excited to see if this thing – clients, Music, okay, it seems to be okay, okay, guys now it’s the moment, let’s see if it hovers. I have a clear image on my goggles. I can i have sensors, i have pretty much everything so let’s see if this thing first of all hovers.

Oh, my god, it is doing a very, very weird noise, okay, it’s terribly shaking. Let me let me film, inside with the drone it’s shaking terribly, and the sound is really awful. Oh that’s, beautiful me, okay, but it hovers. I don’t know if it’s a problem of the gimbal or off the drone at all. I don’t know i could say at this point i kind of felt like something bad could happen if i flew the drone over the trees and all those dry plants. The drone was shaking a lot and making strange noises, and i decided the safest would be to land the drone fix it and make a better video in the next days. The gimbal did something really strange when i landed, but the landing was kind of safe, and this was the only shot that i had at this moment as she was stopped filming with the camera. Well guys, i think that the strange noise was because this arm is a little bit loose, so the other motors were kind of like compensating – i, i believe, i’m, not sure the gimbal was not working, and i don’t really trust this drone right now. So i i don’t really want to fly it. I think for now it’s good to see that a drone that had a big impact from 30 40 50 meters falling down um with a little bit of duct tape, is hovering again. So this is the first part.

I don’t know maybe i’ll send it to repair, because, honestly, i don’t trust this right now and the gimbal if the gimbal is not working. What am i gon na use this drone for anyway and see what happens or maybe i’ll fix it, and i change the gimbal myself. I don’t know we’ll see in the next weeks, but um anyway, i’m pretty happy with the result of this video. Well guys, nothing really else to say. I hope that you like this kind of experiments. We do it for you um, so i don’t know we’ll see how it continues, how it goes on, nothing really to say guys.