We are live streaming right, hopefully, in time for mid afternoon, crowd were going to talk about six inch today why you should fly six inch versus five inch, four inch or three inch. Some of you guys have not sort of ventured into flying a six inch quad before, and i mean it seems like. Why would you why would you fly from five inch? Why would you move from five inch to six inch, um theyre completely different animals? They are theyre honestly like night and day, and you wouldnt believe that just adding an extra inch into a prop size would make that big of a difference, its kind of crazy whats up, digric, fpv malachite of methuselah did you order that drone six hours ago, thats Awesome that is uh one good purchase, so you can get in on this quad. That is new from iflight the f6x version. This is the true x version and theres. Also a d, the f 6 d and the d is stands for dead cat, so um whats. The difference this one is more of a larger sort of send it up the mountain down. The mountain freestyle type rig with a nice centered axis type of frame, front and bottom replaceable; arms, exact, same frame center frame center plate as the original evoke from the nasgol evoke eye flight and as well evoke. So you have all those cool, led lights down the side and then the dead cat has straight arms across the front so that you dont see any props in the dji camera view or the analog view.

So this ones coming in a 369 again for the analog version and i believe around 500 for the hd version, so its not a cheap quad but its its really built to take some serious hits. I have the original five inch version and i got ta say that when you, when you make the transition from five inch to six inch to seven inch um as you move up that ladder in your fpv progression and whether its a binder fly or something you Built yourself the first time you fly it youre, going to feel the difference. You feel the difference between the five inch amount of lift and float and speed versus just having a six inch rig friends of mine here in oregon that fly big mountain type of stuff. They prefer six and seven inch now some people like the six inch over the five and the seven inch, and why would that be um because again theres another difference in between six and seven inch. So some people feel like seven inch, feels too big and too floaty, whereas six inch kind of feels like the happy medium in between five and seven inch, so uh. If youre still with me there, this one kind of has a nicer float and a little bit more speed than something like the five inch up when youre doing long range flying up in the air way up in the air. So you want to cover a lot of ground really quickly.

Six and seven inch will get you out there. Super duper fast covers miles and miles range, and with this one, this one will go miles miles range with the addition of tbs crossfire on the back and some badass gps right there, so it has betaflight gps already wired up. If i have a problem, i will, if i lose signal from my tbs crossfire nano on the back here. The failsafe will kick in and if its set up properly in beta flight, it should level out and come back to home um. So the best long range mountain surfer well were kind of talking about that chandler like um, i think, for buying and flies as far as binding flies go were looking at something like the fx series, uh the f6 series, and it really depends on you. Do you want something that is a mountain surfer cinema ultimate ultimate cinema rig would probably, in my opinion, be the dead cat version. This one can be more of a freestyle version. So if you want a freestyle, long range mountain surfer, if you want to do slow flow and slow flowy type of cinema freestyle get the x version that ones going to give you a little more freestyle type of capability. And if you want a true cinema, long range quad get the dead cat version so guys that are looking to make a demo reel or if youre, a professional, videographer, absolutely get the dead cat hook up your um, your gopro on the front, the new gopro hero 10 is incredible: my roommate diego has been really putting together an amazing reel this year, uh he has.

I was just telling my girlfriend the other day he has like uh, even though i fly probably just as much as him. I have less beautiful footage from around the state than he does. He has the most probably one of the best reels in this state, which is amazing because oregons full of mountains, beautiful coastline and hes been everywhere with his quads. He travels all the time you can check him out on instagram um, i believe its um duberfpv d, u b e r, f, p v, look him up on instagram and check out some of his oregon footage, its its insane um, and he just did some cool Christmas one like a couple days ago, i believe around um around a clock tower, and i run this huge christmas tree in portland. So super nice video, if you guys, have any questions about this particular quad. Let me know in the comments down below the 55 inch minim minute, build by scott thomason. I think its six inch. No, i havent seen that one. What kind of battery is he running? Do you know jason, oh whats, up brian from ireland, man its been a minute since ive been in ireland? I would like to make that trip. Last time i went to ireland. I was not flying fpv, so that tells you how long ago was. I was in ireland, um ive been flying fpb for over 10 years 12 years now i used to i used to fly fpv on single rotor helicopters, with some of the first fpv anything that i that i hooked up.

We were flying on 1.3 back then, and i modded a camper dvd player with uh a deans connector and like a 3s battery, so i can have a monitor in the field, put it on tripod and thats. How we i used to to do like video recording of rc events and things like that for for ama gatherings and guys crashing their planes and helicopters, so i was the video guy even back then the bone frame that sounds interesting, whats up vendetta, welcome to the Stream, you can check out the link down below for the fx6 and the d um. If you buy something this month, please do it from my link, obviously, because its its how i pay the rent and keep the lights on and how i keep my kids fed. Most importantly, but this guy i didnt realize when i got it, that it that it came with gps ready to go, it has a little spot in the back right here, its a little tpu mount and its kind of cool check this out. It like folds up and down the wire is long enough so that you can fold it all the way down and it doesnt doesnt tug on the connection which is cool. I dont know if you can see that right there, pretty good thats nice iflight, really pays attention to the details. Um im, hoping with this six inch and a lion pack uh that i should be able to get.

You know 30 minutes flight time out of this quad. I think that the 2506 1500 kb motors are an excellent choice. Um in the seven inch realm ive seen motors as low as like 1250 kb for running 6s, with a 7 inch type of quad youre, going to get a little less power and oomph at the high end of the throttle with a lion and lower kb. But what that does is it puts less stress on the battery and lets you get a longer flight and thats? What were all looking for? So if you want to get 45 minute flight times, it is possible to do that with a lion pack and a 7 inch quad and, like someone said, theyre getting 55 inch a 55 minute with a six inch. A 55 inch thatd be a huge quad right. This one has cadx fpv video transmitter in the very back and um. One of the things that i kind of complained about in the original evoque design was that this quad has these long side plates. You can see here all the way down front to back on both sides, so everything is kind of encapsulated inside the frame thats nice for crashing for the new guys if you go down through the scraggle and you hit some tree branches youre not going to compromise Your flag controller, or probably the cadx unit in the very back right in the back seat. But the problem is that you, you may uh overheat when youre trying to do the chaotix update.

So when youre sitting there make sure that you turn this vtx down to um 25 milliwatt, just sitting there cranking 700, while youre trying to update its its probably going to have a problem. The good thing is that this one came pre updated to the latest version of dji fpv firmware, so i didnt have to actually update this one, which was great, so i can just bind it up to my tbs crossfire and set it up in betaflight and im Ready to go im going to check out the gps settings in betaflight to make sure everything is set up there um one thing that id noticed right like right away about this one, its supposed to be like a long range quad with tbs crossfire on there and The thing is: is that uh it has a short antenna. You notice that, like that doesnt give me a lot of clearance. You see that from front to back right there. If you have a gopro up front and a big battery, the antenna is about as tall as the battery. So when you, when you turn around and come back the other direction, that antenna is kind of hiding behind everything, there kind of see that how that would work out um so that can can make the signal go in and out a little bit. You are on a tilt, though, so its going to raise up a little bit, but you know what like, if you get this one, you should definitely go for the full size.

Long range antenna left hand circular polarized um its going to make a a little bit a little bit of difference there and mostly youre, going to notice this when youre kind of flying around trees and scraggle, and things like that youre going to have little less penetration With a shorter antenna, i just like to keep that clear line of sight lined back to my dji goggles, so that i get the best signal back. We got any questions in the live chat there. Trying to read: read whats going on there yeah, you can uh yeah 21. 21. 700 milliamp 6s 7 inch yup. You can also do 6s lion packs, and you know you can run 4s lion packs on this quad. So i have one linked down below its. I think its actually a pretty good deal, its a uar uav pack and its a 3 000 milliamp that will get you up in the air and run with the gopro on the front uh and probably get you 25 minutes flight time for about 40 bucks. A pack so thats one of the best price ones out there right now you can go bigger than that. Like some of the guys are saying you can you know you can go up to 4 000 milliamp. You can run 6s, probably probably get 6s uh 3500. On this quad, but you really dont want to go too large on there, because you know what youre going to be hanging off the back and youre going to cover up this gps a little bit and my other pet peeve about this design.

And i really wish they had changed this when iflight came out with the f series, i was really wishing that they would have changed the angle of this connector right here. The xd60 in the very back just um, pointing toward the back, is not not cool for getting your battery closer to the front. If youre not running like a full size gopro, you got to scoot your battery way to the back on this design. Its just exactly like the nasdale evoque, the f5 series, so um, it puts a lot of angle on the cable, so you really have to have a pretty long cable. If you have a long cable in your lipo, its not a big deal, yeah thats, awesome, malachi, um, 6s, 4, 000 milliamp yeah, thats thats. What i was thinking the limit would be um if iflight has one ill, try to find a link for you guys again. If you use my links, thats freaking awesome, because um sales are really tight right now with everybody. For some reason, sales arent like jumping and popping like they were last year. Fpv is kind of like not as popular and drones in general arent as popular as it was like three years ago, so were kind of back into the trenches of the rc hobby like it used to be so and theres a lot less talk about. In the news, how, like you know this drone did that and this karen reported this drone and blah blah blah, but this one is one that if you are flying it, this is not one to fly uh like at a local park.

This is one that, like you, really want to kind of drive like outside of your neighborhood, get to a big nice long field somewhere, where you know like people arent around and really kind of make a half day of it or something with this drone go out Early in the morning, get those beautiful sunsets with this quad and a gopro hero 10 up top and youll get some amazing amazing footage. Uh, like i said, on diegos instagram, some of the shots he have uh on his are just just incredible, looks like national geographic and you can kind of make fun out of it too, like you can go. Fpv, camping, fpv road trips are the best get out on the coast out. Here, fly some tbs crossfire down the coast, and i i believe i swear to god. Oregon has some of the best beaches in the country, but yeah i moved that battery strap back. So it would accommodate that 400 size yeah this this quad could this. This is a flying tomahawk i mean um. This one is over the 250 gram mark uh six inch props on here its not even the props that were that would worry me like hitting me. It would be the bulk and the weight of this quad that would really crack some skulls um, so not one to fly around people or over people. This is not like your your downtown. You know, building dive rig. I would never fly this over downtown uh or anywhere, where theres like population and the guys that fly the cinelisters ascend lifters um around.

Like cameron, production crews, most of those guys are carrying liability insurance um. So the average guy wouldnt be super smart to go out and fly this around people fly it with your bros. They always know to jump out of the way right, but i feel like this top plate could be a little bit thicker. It looks a little bit thin to me, um but durability. Wise, i mean i think this one will hold up. If you had like a like a really massive crash with this one, you may you may break some arms. I also used my uh f5. My nascar evoke f5 for some 3d stuff im practicing flying 3d with 3d props, so inverted flying to um standard, but doing like inverted loops and things like that learning some kind of acro on the next level kind of like zoe fpv. She is a god of 3d goddess, but this is. This is also 3d worthy um. All the time that i was flying this, it really took a big beating, like i lost it, flying an acro in 3d mode. Like a bunch of times, and like i mean im talking from like 100 foot up straight down on its head um, you know battery flying off this thing it it can take a serious hit. So if you already have the f5, if you have the smaller one, the five inch you probably could extend these arms out. Youre, just gon na have to extend your motor wires a little bit.

If you wanted to make it a six inch, you could probably you can also wire up gps. I dont know you might be able to get the parts. I think the parts for the rear assembly might be on the banggood website. You probably get this gps tpu block and add on a gps. It looks like an m8 on the back here: m8 gps – probably running glonass. Most of them are now but yeah it needs. It needs a taller antenna. Um, you can, i believe, other guys were taking the size of this off, to make give it a little more cooling while youre flying, but usually, if youre youre, on a good like if youre going pretty fast, it gets a lot of cooling in there. They do have a vented top and bottom, but the leds look super cool, i dont know if you guys have have seen this quad or not, but ill plug it in for you. I have a lion sitting right here. This is a gap rc nope. This is a zod i unpack 4 sp, 4s. 1P, 18650, 3500 milliamp battery ive used this one quite a few times, and this one has a long cable on it. So, if youre looking for battery with a long cable, these are nice, but these are more pricey than the one i put down below for you. This is, i think this is about a 50 battery, so whats cool in the box with this one is that they also give you extra sort of uh led wire.

This is not actually, i was talking about this in my original review of this quad, its not actually leds down through here its an led in the front that lights it all the way through the back, and so that way, if you sever part of it, the Rest of its not going to go out and its not going to short out the quad, because its actually two leds on the front that just go all the way to the back, and this is like illuminated wire, which is pretty cool. So they give you some extra wire in the pack, which is cool, got my gopro mount up front. I also got a tpu gopro mount here and i believe this one is for the hero. 8.. You should be able to get one for the 8 and the 10. im sure iflight has that available. Ive got 6 inch. Hq props super smooth, very nice, like medium core to a really thin tapered tip with a little bit of a point on the end right. There, oh its set to take off so ive got red light in the back, and that means that i have no gps im inside so, but you know what i liked about this quad check out the motors i dont know if you can see this, my lightings Not very good here, but you can see that kind of like anodized blue on the top of those motors. Those things are sweet.

It was like looking like kind of like a snowflake like a christmas. Snowflake got the zing logo on the side. 2506 1500 kv just a little bigger than what we typically run on a 5 inch but arent those nice. Looking look at that. That is some nice looking metal right there dude shadow up seriously. Man thank you for the tip. Bro thats really sweet. I um, i dont know if you guys might have noticed, but um drone cams hasnt been online. Lately i was in north carolina working on my house. I had to put new floors in my house because termites had destroyed the floors in my house um. My house is around like 90 years old and i uh i just got to the i pushed those floors as long as i could before i had to replace them, because you know thats a pretty expensive job to do. It did kind of suck but um. My grandfather originally built the house in 37 and it had those old tongue and groove floors, theyre oak, and what was crazy is that when we, when we broke the floors out with pry bars, you could take the floor. It was so waffled up. You could take it and break it by hand, and it had to be done because it was an airbnb and i had someone step on it and crack one section of the floor so before somebody goes through the floor, its like okay, i cant play around anymore.

I got to replace these floors now so new floors and my have ax system went out as well like last month, so i had to have new floors and a brand new heat pump and uh an air conditioner put in. So that was an ex freaking expensive trip, um yeah, but you know thats. Why thats? Why? I appreciate all your support, because um without you guys, i wouldnt be able to do much at all. So you guys keep me, keep me going. So what do you guys want for christmas whats on your christmas list, your christmas fpv list? What does everybody want and some of you guys are into the micro stuff? Some of you guys are into long range. I think the six is is absolutely gon na. Be super awesome for anybody that really kind of wants that happy medium in between five and seven, so i would suggest flying like flying a friends if you, you know someone with a seven inch, fly it and see how it feels, because sometimes people feel like they Feel like too big in the air theyre i mean theyre theyre, cruisers theyre, not really freestyle, quad uh, but if youre more sporty on the sticks, then the the six is is for you um and uh my roommate diego. He always flies six inch. He does prefer six, he might be having his eye on this one, but you think we should give this one away.

I think we should give this away on the channel to my subscribers im sure you guys would uh appreciate this leds on the bottom too. I didnt show you that thats pretty cool and again theyre just light wires. Look at that. I think its sick, its like drl style. They even have lights on the end of the tpu protectors, thats cool. I didnt notice that before just lights, them up nicely so yeah all the cairns for 20 miles will see this quad. Your son needs a pair of goggles yeah. I would suggest going for uh for your son. I i would. I would get like the uh, the sky zone, get the uh cobra xs dont get the dont, get the um the the light version, the light version, the the resolutions like 480 and theyre, not that great. I actually gave a pair to a friend of mine and he said they were so bad. He couldnt really use them cinna hd. That is a good quad, so i have a winner um. By the way i had a winner uh for that center race that i was going to give away the center race 20 by flywoo. I do have a winner for that im going to announce since im back on the horn and back online ive had a freaking winter for a month. You guys im. Sorry ive been gone. Apologize about that, but you know people are about to fall through the floors of my house, so i had to i had to take off and do it yeah.

God bless all the karens out there. Hopefully uh you have an unmerry christmas. No, we got ta, be friends, man, you know um i was, i was doing a little rc car review with diego and the guys like right before i left. I went on this trip for that. Um emax tiny, hawk three and a couple ladies walked out, and i thought were gon na be in a karen situation and they were totally cool and they were just like wondering what we were up to and it was a sunny day and they were super nice. One of the ladies even said she kind of looks like a karen, so i was thinking about something like someone said some rude comment yesterday on the channel and like um uh, some of my uh favorite, guys out there on youtube. Also, i mean they also get some haters on their channel everybodys a critic right so um. This guy said something rude, and i just i just i mean if youre going to be straight up, rude ill, just delete the comment. It doesnt matter like and ive gotten. So good, at deleting, like negativity that, like before i even like some people write like two paragraphs, i read like the first sentence and the dudes being a total d, so i just like just you know, quickly delete it. I dont even read the rest of it. Its not even worth my time but painless 360 had like a little disclaimer on his video.

He was like yeah. If youre, if youre gon na say you know mean things ill, just delete it, but i i realized something yesterday when i read that comment, i was thinking man that one guys mean and then like theres a story about a buddhist moment and he was like yeah. I uh i built this wall for the temple and i did this whole wall for you, master, um and im sorry, but that one brick over there is slightly crooked and i just cant see um anything else, except that one brick and the master was like well Um im, looking at all the rest of the bricks that you did right and all those bricks are perfect and in my eyes your wall is perfect until you know you pointed out this one thing, but in the grand scheme of things you you did a really Really nice job on this wall, so its kind of the same thing with with mean people for every one mean person theres, like 10 people standing over here that have your back. So if someones mean to you, dont forget that theres always you know 10 people over here, just waiting to replace that person. So dont give them your time right and be nice to the karens. So fpb christmas wish list. What do you guys have um? What are you currently flying? Are you flying 4s? Are you up to this? The 6s wagon? Yet? Are you guys flying success? Whos flying 6s whos flying lion, anybody in the room flying lions right now, whats up alan welcome to the stream buddy.

Merry christmas, happy hanukkah! Kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate for the holidays, happy holidays, everybody. I come from a north carolina, traditional methodist, christian type family, so we celebrate christmas, stockings and santa, and all that cool stuff. Five inch, nice armiton cant go on dude. Thank you guys for the tips. Thats awesome like i, i never expect when i live stream a tip and when a tip comes through im, just like holy crap thats awesome really helps uh. I was saying, like i think. Sales are down for everybody in the fpv community right now that that actually does reviews for you guys so right now is like one of the best times to support the hobby by i dont care. If you buy off mine or you buy off of uh one of the other reviewers links, but if you, if you buy off of those links that will keep these reviews coming for you guys. So since the numbers are down typically around christmas time, the numbers are like sky high, but this year, theyre, not so every single dollar counts, like i sound like im freaking trying to do like a some kind of fundraiser for like npr, every dollar counts, but it Does i swear to god and i i i try not to watch them um it like stresses me out, so i try not to get into it too much, but yeah were on facebook, too, guys hop on over to uh facebook and check out drone camps.

Rc fpv community, you can join up there answer a couple, questions and ill approve you, then you can post your videos and ask questions if you have build questions or you just. You want to share something new theres, a lot of guys over there right now. I think we have like, on the on my main page. We have like 17 000 likes on that page for drone camps rc on facebook, and then we we have the other page, which is the community um kind of hangout facebook page. The community fb community has around, like, i think, were getting close to like 2 500.. We started out super super small, but i wanted a place where i could kind of like just post my videos without being on the large page, where we could have more of kind of like in like a um kind of a hangout type situation. You know browsing hose, except we dont have many hose in the uh fpv community, just a few im, one of them yeah you dont have to do facebook. We also have uh tons and tons of interactive chat on the on the videos as well. In the comments. Every single day, like you guys, i i have like some of my regular guys, um star, taz and allen. Ive got luis in there sometimes making comments theres a ton of positive comments. So i really appreciate all your positive comments. Thanks man um the comment that the guy negative comment that i got yesterday was: oh man, you know when i reviewed the radio master ago.

Ones like those are. These things are legit um, nice metal, all cnc. With light up leds, i mean come on and im running edge. Tx now on this tx16s i mean have you ever seen anything like that on a radio, its crazy welcome to htx welcome to edge tx. Thank you, switch warning so full on leds not super hard to install. Probably i did these in maybe like 30 minutes, which is like, but its out look at that looks like freaking tron or something – and you know i mean someone made a comment. Oh you know. Whyd you review these. These are a month old, blah blah blah man, ive been gone for three weeks, bro chill out, and maybe some of you guys havent seen these before so now, youve seen them. I think theyre pretty awesome with my best aerial stick. I call them stick couches theyre, like these little silicone thumb, couches that i put right over top of sticks and theyre great for freestyle, because your your thumb never slips off the top of the stick. Um and theyre just theyre. They dont take long to get used to once you fly with these. You wont want to feel sticky really like punchy metal sticks on the end of your fingers anymore. These are just way more comfortable. I should have calluses on my fingers as much as i fly, but these are about five bucks, a pair um, i think i mentioned in the chat yesterday.

It was bestum ariel its a weird b e s, t e m aerial. I dont even know if theyre still online, but i have two sets of these – that ive just been holding on to forever. The other pair has like a dji phantom or something and theyre white, but um whatever theyre just super comfortable, but anyway yeah. I thought i would review those and show you that yesterday, when i was just getting back so kind of an easy review for me, i had already done all the build and i shared how to put them together and on one side i put the leds out And the other side facing in so i kind of screwed that up, but you want to have your leds so theyre facing outward and itll light up that little sort of semi, translucent plastic ring that goes on there and someone was asking me about full: stick: um Travel, it goes all the way out to the edge all the way around, just remember to take that other face plate off there or theyll be too sunk down and the leds arent hard to hook up theyre, just one cable, one cable for the leds, one cable For each gimbal stick so everybody um Music, so who in the room got a tiny hawk 3. Anybody get a tiny hawk. 3. I i think the tiny hawk 3 was sweet. So many upgrades on that tiny, hawk 3 package compared to the old one.

They got rid of that stupid bubble transmitter. I always talk about the bubble sticks, it feels like toy sticks, and i think that was my biggest complaint with that, because when you first get into fpv, you want to have a stick. That feels like a real transmitter. Stick um not some kind of like air hogs toy drone type of thing, because if youre going to simulate fpv, you want you want the full experience and that new transmitter is much better and also upping. The milliwatt from 25 to 200 was a big win for for emacs yo whats up evolving buddha. You got it. Alan thats awesome man, i uh im from cape hatteras north carolina and when i was home for about three weeks – and i got to see my family and stuff and um theres a little bit of rain there, but nothing like oregon. I came back to like an ice storm in oregon. There was like traffic everywhere when i came back and a million homeless camps, um ice on the road and uh like 37 degrees and in north carolina. When i was there, it was like mostly sunny and like 60 to 70 degrees. It was freaking, sweet and yeah. I have a. I have an airbnb out there, so if you guys wanted to stay at the drone camps, airbnb check it im cross promoting here. On my platform, i have a house on the beach that i rent not exactly on the beach, but you know a couple minutes drive over to the beach but youre on an island thats 30 miles out to sea.

So if you ever wanted, that link just hit me up on facebook and ill send it to you its about um its about 200 a night, but i do like this um again 360 to to buy in on this one to get flying six inch um. If you want the dji version, it comes in around 500 um, but these arent cheap, but you you pay for what you get. You know what i mean you get, what you pay for for sure, and this one im so happy. They sent me the hd version. Some of these companies, like lately havent, been sending me the dji version theyve been sending its like hdlrc now, cinema, the hd version and uh, sometimes diatone not sending me lately there, because we had chip shortage and um, but iflight and gap rc hook us up. They hook us up, they sent us the full dji version, every single time so thumbs up to get rc as always uh one of my favorite top companies. I i think i had to choose two top favorite companies. Could you guys guess who that would be? You know who it is, get parsi and i fight um, but i have to say i mean i have to say: hdlrc comes correct, diego and i were talking about that yesterday, like ive had a ton of their quads and the stuff just does not. Let me down especially their new brand, the recon fpv stuff, its quality, their flight controls hold up their eses.

Do too, oh, and i have a ton of new stuff to to review, for you guys i it was like its like christmas. After me, christmas in my house right now, um theres, a whole wall full of boxes literally so ive got the new gup rc smart 16 in my review im, hoping that i can fly this one tomorrow and give you guys a full review on this one before The weekend, and if not, i will do the smart 16 for you, because im dealing with rain, i would have uploaded this review today for you, but i havent been able to test and fly it and really get out there and give it some packs, because its Just 90 chance of rain today, yeah 509 man for the hd version, um shes spendy, but shes reliable. So if you already have hd uh hd goggles, if you have dji goggles um, you know the hd version its not required um its just for the guy who wants the best. We got a girl who wants the best and dji its the best. I have another hd system that im testing right now called cc, or something like that, its more for, like rg pilot type, planes and agricultural drones, and it has a really fancy sort of osd display and its like true long range. I mean 50 kilometers with that system: 50 kilometers, just google real, quick. How far 50 kilometers is in miles its a lot of miles much further than dji, not quite as pretty as dji, but youre, not getting dji 50 miles out or 50 kilometers.

Unless you have uh one hell of a power station, but iflights nice man theyve been putting stickers on everything to tell you what everything is they put this warning sticker on the top? They have the tbs crossfire, set up on the bottom, telling you where the receiver is back here and where the button is to bind theyve got leds on the bottom as well. What drone does 50 kilometer um its? Not the drone its the video system, its called cc s y s y, i believe – or s y s, i its like a pretty heavy duty um. The transmitter kind of has like four antennas off the top, like four antennas uh for more industrial applications, its its amazing, i think its around a thousand dollars – uh, maybe maybe a little more but its fully integrated into our drew pilot. So if you use audiopilot or or pixhawk um, if youre, if youre, okay with that platform – and you know how to program it – the cc system is um, a really nice system. For that i know you can look it up on youtube and and see some of the tests that pilots have done in other countries. Of course, we dont fly 50 kilometers out here in the u.s, because thats against law or against regulation, not law. I always had to correct people when they say thats against law, no actually its not against the law, its against faa regulation, theres, a difference between law and a regulation.

Am i right? Am i right im, not a lawyer, but i know im right im after long range, absolutely all day, um anything thats, true long range that i have in my collection um. I have some really large, like 60 inch to 80 inch fue planes that run full nine. Half larger gps systems, i run a lot of time, uh the f405 wing from maytec. I run them 6s. Some of my planes can handle ten thousand milliamp to twenty thousand milliamp success batteries, so huge huge hole in the front of the plane. Some of them are foam carbon fiber composite planes. One of them i have is is has huge, iflight zing motors, like this big around on it 14 inch, carbon props, carbon fiber tail dji2, uh mini 2 yep emacs emacs is doing a christmas sale, probably yeah thats right um. You can use my code down below if you guys want to pick up one of these six inch ones that i showed today for show and tell the links down below for the dead cat version, which is the f6d and f6x truex thats. For more of a freestyle mountain surfer either one of them could be a mountain surfer. You can still freestyle with the d version the dead cat version, but the props are going to be out of the view so ive freestyled with dead cat and truex. What do i prefer? Freestyle, the x version and the d version for cinema, and you can use my code, its its capital b g d, a v – i s – 21, i believe bg, davis, 21 or 2021.

Then you get eight percent off your order. 1300 milliamp lipo going to build a lion: 2400 million nice whats, my favorite tiny whoop, colin um wow. I really like the 2s tiny go. The tiny go, go back and watch that review. The tiny go because 2s is just more fun than 1s and you can freestyle it outside, so it its kind of an indoor outdoor type of whoop um. It can be super fast inside almost uncontrollable if you get at the top into the throttle, um and youre in acro, but most people are flying a stability inside my next favorite is probably going to be the smart 16, but were going to see how that pans Out for for 1s whoop that has some really cool little by blade props from get yeah. I, like 2s 2s whoops are when they start to get in and 3s. I mean like some of the micro brushless that are like running super small props with high power. It gets to be too much vibration. Then you have to tune it its really hard to tune more power, more power, more tuning, um and same thing, with seven inch like six inch. You know whats nice about this quad over here. If youre going to build your own six inch or seven inch, uh, beware because – and hopefully you guys are watching this video all the way through, because i i dont have all these tips in my head like right in a row but um just kind of come To me, like ive, built six and seven inch quads and the hardest thing about building.

Those yourself is when you go to flight. For the first time you take off and youve got the wobbles on a custom build. Sometimes the stock betaflight pid tune is okay. You skirt, through with with nice props. I always say that props make all the difference. Hq cyclones are generally good. Gem fan hurricane um, you know, typically, are good props and that makes all the difference on a tune. If you have really crap props youre gon na get wobbles in the quad and in the video youre gon na get the the jello and thats extremely hard to tune out in a six and seven inch uh for a seven inch quad. You better really know how to pit tune to get wobble out of a seven inch quad and some guys that have done a lot of builds. You know what im talking about im hard to to tune a seven inch about as hard to two to seven inches. Like trying to tune like a a little two inch, 4s quad 2 inch 4s is ridiculous. All that power in a tiny little prop just yeah the flywheel 1s nano baby. Is nice um, hey brent by the way um. If your son wants to get into fpb wings, he should probably check out um this new eachine, one that i have coming. I know you guys are some of you guys dont like eachine, but man they have a cool fpv playing coming um.

It is in my wall of uh fpd christmas that i came home to this week. Im gon na review that probably next week and you can get an fpv version pnp. I forgot the name of it. I think one i think its a flying fish or something like that, but super small super small little like maybe 15 inch, wingspan 20 inch wingspan and it has a tea tail on the back. So if youre first trying to program a radio to fly an fpv airplane its much easier to to program like a t tail, you know your standard t tail over top of a fpv wing, because elevons can be tricky on a taranis. I still get it wrong. Sometimes, oh thanks alan thanks for doing that. Oh nice youre still rocking the tiny hawk too uh defiant defiant d im a defiant d2 jd, oh skip hd dude. That was a nice quad that was a nice quad, very nice quad. You guys can go check out. Our facebook, its um drone camps, fpv community on facebook, you can send in a request to join its a private group and i am hammered down on the spammers in there. If you come in there and you drop a spam link or some kind of affiliate link. I will ban that ass super quick. We have some companies joining all the time. Random chinese companies and theyll drop some some links in there. Some people like it, but i end up banning them im, trying to keep it just us in there and keep the companies out of it um.

I have a few other reviewers come in there and try to drop the review videos in there as well. Im really trying to keep that that facebook group, like nice and quiet and just us not a bunch of advertising thanks for the thumbs up if youre in the chat, give me a thumbs up itd, be awesome, check out the link down below for the six inch That i was showing for show and tell the fx x with dji and gps tbs crossfire all the bells and whistles on this built in leds. I got to show you those motors again look at that anodized aluminum, that is a nice motor, hollow core shaft boom. Nice thick coils on the bottom sort of a mid size, stator and bell around the outside here, and they feel smooth feels super smooth. I know uh, diego and and his buddies are all about this one. He likes to fly six inch over seven inch got motor wire covers this thing is a beast and im pretty sure i could crash this down through oregon trees and probably be fine. This is really like one of those quads that could take a serious hit, but i have to go pretty soon. So if you guys have any more questions about this quad or anything else coming up on the channel, please do make make your comment pretty quick. So you guys ready for the holidays to be over im ready to just keep flying.

I got ive ive got two kids and i have to do the whole christmas thing with santa and everything but um its their favorite time of year, and christmas is all about the kids, so im gon na make sure they have a real christmas tree were gon Na go tomorrow or friday and cut one down together were gon na, go to a christmas tree farm and do that i always give my kids a real tree. Im opposed to like plastic in the living room. Thanks cool cat, oh yeah, the kt20 coming up and three inch, and i i think my girlfriend or her her kids might be coming home soon. So i got ta. I got ta in this stream here here in just a few minutes: dudes im im so ready for christmas and im so ready for it to be over. I like im very traditional. I do all the same type of stuff. My grandparents and parents did for me. Yeah man, it feels good to be back. You guys feels great to be back im gon na try to bring you guys, im gon na try to up the game and make sure that im bringing you guys, uh videos for to five days out of the week. If i can get five videos done a week, that would be amazing, but with the holidays coming up and all that i want to get back on that that type of grind, for you guys make it count, give you guys as much content information as i can.

Yeah boss is coming home soon, dude um, when the kids run in the door. You know how that turns out. Shes got shes got two as well, and i have two: we have three six year olds between two of us and one eight year old, so um full parenting mode. I got ta get my son and daughter flying some stuff, maybe for christmas, theyre gon na get a little bang good drone merry christmas from the us to everybody out there, norway, across europe, mexico, south america, canada, wherever youre joining us from i keep looking at the Door, i swear to god im hearing stuff like theyre coming through the door yo, my man, drone, maniacs dan whats up dude happy holidays. Merry christmas. Hopefully santa brings you all the batteries bro. I need new batteries whats up with these companies, man i need some new batteries. Look look at this. This is like. Does that look like a swollen battery come on online come on iflight, send me some full sim battery. Look at this. This is my my goggle battery. This thing is fatter than like an obese person in an ice cream shop. No offense people dont get all butt hurt. Im skinny. Look at me. You can make jokes about me: im skinny yeah. It looks fine dude. I mean look its like a its a hobby king too, its a turnigy like nanopuff. We just call nano puffs. This things been puffed for four or five years still going.

She needs to go on a diet. Iflight has some full send batteries. I really hope iflight would give me a little christmas gift um tomorrow in my review im going to show you this were going to open this together, get out 2022 gift box from iflight. What could iflight possibly be giving the reviewers you think its a a mariner. I think its a rolex mariner in here thats what we all deserve, because theyre driving lamborghinis and after weve been reviewing their stuff im serious about that some of those guys drive lambos. Am i driving a lambo? No, but i do have this 2022 gift box. Do i have to wait till next year to open it? I bet theres some cool stuff in there and well find out what that is, hopefully in tomorrows review of the f6x yeah. I doubt its a rolex, not a rolex, merry christmas, all you guys. I wish. I wish we had one big giant like fpv drone camps. Merry christmas party um, like just a big field somewhere with like, like an old house to set on fire or something i dont, know crazy. Like 10 kegs, fpv, no cairns, maybe shoot some guns off to this side and fly some quads over here. Just all the stuff we want to do whatever we want to do. What do you guys think guns and drones guns, drones, big, tires, big trucks. I know im kind of a redneck. I bet dan would be in on that being on that dan yeah colin.

I cant comment on that too much i got ta keep keep it uh ready g around here, kids might be watching. I will tell you fpv events. I dont know what it is with the fpv community, but yeah you guys know what the deal is: drones and flamethrowers that can be fun. I saw one of those recently on netflix. I was watching this um like car, restoration or um. I think the west coast customs or somebody put a flamethrower on top of like a scout like the one of the original suvs freaking awesome redid. This scout put huge tires on it and dropped a like a tripod flamethrower on top of the roll cage, thats pretty cool the guy bought it too id probably buy it. I wonder prestige worldwide. Absolutely i wonder how much a flamethrower cost like the one that was on that that scout kind of wondered about that yeah sure dan um i didnt, i didnt uh delete your post because um yeah dude a little cross promotion, never hurts and hey. You promoted me a ton, so i im not gon na kick your posts off there, so you can check out dans group two drone maniacs on facebook, hes been doing his thing for a long time. Yeah man were all in this together, but some of the other guys they just joined my and then like hey check out my new drone on amazon, yeah man, double fist bump yeah.

I think some agricultural company a while back kept reposting. This, like i mean, were only 2500 people in that group on facebook, its like agricultural drone company, dropping this, like really slick, looking picture with, like an aliexpress link, a really nice carbon composite drone, its like 15 25 000 drone who in my group is gon na, Buy that were not known to be, like you know, the richest dudes in the world. Some of us are barely getting by, and some of us are doing just fine, but we all love the same thing, no matter how much money you make yeah man, absolutely michael good to see you commenting there and on the videos dude. I can barely afford uh dji stuff. I i one of the reasons i started up like i used to have a hobby shop. One of those reasons i started up because uh i didnt want to have to have an excuse to spend money on the hobby and like make that okay in my relationship, its like hey, i make money off the hobby because thats what i do for a living Now and it kind of justifies my large purchases of hobby gear, i used to buy one thing and then sell it and then move the money forward to the next like when i used to build single rotor. Helis id have 2500 into a single one, single single rotor heli, its not unheard of i used to go to joe and all every year fly with nick maxwell on those dudes long before fpv we got ta have fpv story time coming up too so um someone Told me i should do that well, do that well, probably do a live stream of that.

Well, just talk about crazy stuff. Thats happened over the years and the places ive flown ive of uh back before all the drone. You know no fly zones and all that i used to fly pretty much everywhere, not bad 300 bucks off thats good, michael as your power six inch props. I have not. I havent seen any azure power stuff in quite a long time. They used to send me boxes of those props. I probably have some of those in my garage im gon na have to check ill, have to go back and check t motor f90 1500 kv. Those are good if you can get any lower kv. I suggest going lower 1250. 1500 is kind of a kind of a mid range type of kv for a 6s 7 inch, because remember a little bit lower kv youre going to get a little less power at the top in the throttle. But youre going to get a little bit longer flight time, so long range fpv is all about getting that lowest throttle point on the throttle, stick to keep the nose up and just heading forward, so i mean like if you can get down to like 35 throttle. Should give you a nice long, flight time, um so lower kv, helps out with that. But if you need to boost on a high throttle situation, thats going to be harder because you dont have as much throttle boost with lower kv motors.

A lot of my fpv planes – i mean some of them. I have one motor that might have like 800 kb super low. Oh youre welcome buck. Thanks for watching the name of the biggest t motor. I dont know pioneer square thats, awesome, hey man, take care dan! Well, see you back on the interwebs big difference between five six inch quad. Why should i try out a six inch? Quad uh? I was talking about that in the very beginning of this stream. So if you want to go back and check out the beginning, um five to six to seven inch, theres a huge difference in between a five six and a seven theyre, all different, the five is going to be less efficient. It will probably in, in my opinion, freestyle a little better than the six and seven inch. So if youre looking for freestyle, the five inch is the ultimate freestyler. Six inch is in between the five and seven because it just it has nice freestyle feeling to it more than the seven inch does, but not quite as much as the five so um.