I just feel anxiety about it, because when i open this box, the cetus pro fpv kit, it means that i need to go and learn a new skill. Music thats right ive decided to jump into the world of fpv a because it looks like a whole bunch of fun and b, because i think it would be a valuable skill to have as a youtube content creator and a filmmaker. You know. Nowadays, everyone can just open up a drone box and get that drone footage for their videos, but not everyone knows how to fly at pv. So i thought itd be fun to learn how to fly, and i thought it would be great to learn with the cetis pro fpv kit from beta fpv, because ive heard that this is a great little drone to learn on. You know i dont want to go right away and get the most high end fpv drones, because the likelihood of me crashing is very high. So with the beta fpv cetus pro kit, i can practice flying get used to the goggles and then once i get a handle of this guy, then i can upgrade to other drones but lets open the box and see whats inside and show you guys as well. So opening this up got this nice clean kit. First, we have the beta fpv controller. Then weve got the goggles and then here we have the drone, its so small and cute, but this is probably the safest drone to start on because its got nice bumpers.

For the propellers meaning im, not gon na slice, my finger or my hair off or break anything in this office, that is, if we do fly in the office, maybe it might be wiser to go outside and do some flying, but this little setup is what im Gon na learn on the fpv world. Now the question is: where do you start? I have no clue, but the quick start guide might help me. So this is the cetis pro quick start guide, end mode, sport mode manual, mode, turtle, mode, speed, switch. Okay, i think were first gon na have to just charge up the drone, and the batteries read some of the instructions and then maybe we go outside to enjoy some fpv flying Music. All right, ive read through some of the instructions manual and they are saying that it is easier to just to fly like this, with your own two eyes at first and then later on later on use the fpv goggles um. I think ive got it set up. Ive got blue light on the controller, this pretty simple setup and ive attached a little battery to the little fpv drone. How cute this thing is its so small, well ive read through the instructions theres only one thing you can do go for the maiden voyage. I have no clue how this is going to turn out but lets try fingers crossed. I dont break anything on the first flight uh.

Turning on okay, Music uh, we got liftoff but uh definitely crash that lets see if its okay im, assuming since this is a beginner fpv drone that this is built for lasting, because i dont know what im doing at all lets go again. Blast off kind of scared, im, definitely not used to this up and down power throttle its just like lets, go. Try it again, crashed again, hes, okay, no problem this things built to last Music when the motor starts going crazy. Its like feel your trail in right here, Music and even after, like 10 different beatings, this things still alive: Music, Music, Music. That was the first time i was getting the thing i think earlier. I was adjusting too much to speed, whereas now i just left it there and its just like all right just to update you guys, where im at with the fpv flying ive been practicing all afternoon and im getting the hang of it. Let me just charge these batteries one more time and im going to show you the different tracks. Ive been able to do now around the office. I think we are, after this ready to go outside and do some outdoor flying with the beta fpv. Okay, so ive hideously taped, my insta360, so that while i fly with fpv, i can follow my track, but basically ive been practicing starting from the corner of my office. Flying through this plant did get some damage earlier, im, so sorry plant, the propellers ripped through through the plant.

Through this doorway into this room and into the kitchen Music Applause Music. We made it to the kitchen that has been to the degree of my track course. So far, dont make fun of me. I am learning and its very exciting, because its baby steps towards maybe one day flying, for example, the dji fpv flying drone, i think, were ready to go outside and take this to the next level. Take my frankenstein contraption Music man. These are those days where you just think. I cant believe this is my job today, ive literally just fooled around with a fun toy drone, now im one wheeling in the middle of the day and go do some more flying, and this is my job boy. Am i thankful for this opportunity to be a youtuber Music? I think this should be a pretty good field to practice and fly with the fpv drone Music thats a wrap beta fpv serving me. Well, thanks for uh joining the experience of me learning how to do something new, i can highly recommend it if theres something that youve wanted to learn a certain style of photography or how to shoot with a gimbal or how to fly drones if youre scared to Do it just go for it youre gon na you know, i first feel scared a little bit anxiety, but then, once you start trying it out, you get really pumped and excited to learn something new, because i just find that the older you get the less likely You are to try something new, you kind of just stick to what you know, because its what youre, comfortable and confident but does some good.

You know, get a little humble pie to suck at something and to learn something new got ta head back to the office. Now to charge this guy because im hooked, i want to keep flying with this guy the batteries dont last too long. So what can you expect from little guys like that? If you guys enjoyed this video remember to subscribe, smash that, like button comment below id love, to hear your thoughts on fpv, would you be interested in learning? What kind of tutorials would you want to know? I just thought id take you along for the ride of me learning how to do this.