You know that three in one set i got maybe a week ago. Well, i was thinking and all of them are really cool, but i feel like the main ones, a little bit better. What yeah, like their other ones, are just so simple, but there’s a robot Music, that’s true, but there’s a robot. We can settle this. Yes, we can’t civil war, styles, Music, hey everybody, okay, let’s pause, the video there for a second, i recorded an entire intro and i’ve tried so hard to piece it together. While i was editing, but what i said could not be made into proper sentences, because i really am good at rambling, so i’m, just gon na explain to you what this video is about right now. So basically, this video attempts to not only review the set called cyber drone, and i took the last five minutes to look that up on my computer, but it also attempts to convince baba. We were having a very peaceful conversation, very, very peaceful, indeed um, about which one of the three builds of the cyber drone, because there’s a cyber drone. I guess a cyber mech and a cyber star wars rip off. I i’m attempting to convince him in this video. As well as actually reviewing it that this one is the best so uh yeah that pretty much does it that’s the introduction let’s go let’s go and get started without knocking anything else over right. Here we have the minifigure, no, of course, there’s.

Only one minifigure in this app, i just loved the minifigures, so i wanted to get as many as possible. So of course, now i have an army of three um. I might get more and have an army takeover of the city that that’s a real danger that could be happening um eventually, but with the printing. We have uh sort of like clear printing on the head right here. I really like the way it turned out and everything so it’s, regular printing on a clear blue head. So, like a i don’t, i don’t know what color you actually call that but Music and then, of course, on the back of the head. We have the continuation of that printing, just very good that’s, probably one of the main reasons i got. This is because of that head printing. We have a silver torso um. You can see actually like what the regular color is a little bit better on the legs. Of course you have some of that through the torso, then you have some like sort of. I guess it’s like the space logo for lego. For some reason i kept calling it nasa. I don’t know if that’s nasa’s symbol, i’ll pop up nasa’s, that was a pretty powerful snap right there uh some worlds just got destroyed. I apologize if any of you lived on those worlds, but for some reason i kept calling it the nasa logo. I don’t know why, but anyway uh the printing.

For that looks good uh. It looks like a sort of spacey outfit. I, like it a lot and at the back of the torso we have like a little pack. Maybe that stores his lunch pb js. Actually can they can’t eat pb js in space? Can they never mind uh that’s, sad so overall, for this figure? I i i don’t i’m, not good at giving points but i’m going to give it an 8 out of ten because it’s, a very good figure, yeah let’s, just move on to the builds now because i’m rambling a little bit too much about this okay. So now we have all three of the builds uh kind of lined up, because i want to point out what is what like, what order they go in from most complicated, to least complicated or at the very least, the order. I build him and maybe i’m wrong on this. I know that this is the main build right here, so um it’s a sort of airplane helicopter mix. It looks like i was about to start telling you everything about it, but we can’t do that until we actually get down edit to look at those details. We have what i think is the second build, which is the robot over there. I really like that. A lot um, even though you know there was a little bit of a controversy over it, i’m gon na attempt to convince boba that this one is better.

But i do really like that one after um, none of it had to do with being intimidated, uh by uh certain people um. We also have a speeder right there, almost at speedster like in the flash or something but uh yeah. We have a very nice speeder as well and i’m, pretty sure that that is the most simple build here, so we’re, actually going to start off with bubba’s favorite build the robot. If this thing gets a little bit wobbly, that is not any fault of the robot it’s perfectly level that’s, my desk. It likes to be annoying like that, where it does not like to level out without tremendous tremendous tremendous amount, work and effort to get it to be level but uh yeah, with with the disclosure out of the way we’re gon na, go ahead and start with the Arms, basically, we have two arms, which is obvious. I mean that’s, the most obvious thing. I’Ve ever said on this channel, probably, but the first arm has sort of either a mini gun or maybe a welding device. I haven’t really decided. I guess it could really be either i don’t know if, like i was like you know, it has to be correct this way, or else you cannot play with the set. It could even be like a cotton candy machine. I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be, though so it doesn’t matter so we’re, just gon na, say, it’s a cotton candy machine because that’s probably that’s most accurate.

I think this arm is completely identical to that one, except for, of course, the attachment so theoretically. Well, not even theoretically, you could definitely build different attachments. All you would need is one of those black pieces right there that attached to the ratchet and then you would be able to actually make different attachments, but this attachment is a claw i like it. It can’t really pick up anything very well, though, just because it’s not built the best they had limited pieces, but for what they had. They did really good. You know to be even able to include a call claw. I can’t talk today, my goodness then coming down to the legs we have sort of like tank treads. It looks like so you can kind of get that to swivel around uh make it look like it’s moving. You can just go with it. They’Re pretty well built. They can’t move. That was really my only disappointment. I was hoping that there would be some movement in that, but i don’t know why i was really hoping that, because uh it’s, a pretty unrealistic hope for this, just because you’re not gon na, be able to do too much with the limitations of a small piece. Count the main build is an airplane and then you’re translating that into both a speeder and a robot, so it’s very difficult to have that work out. Now we get to the uncamer friendly part of this, and this is not perfect in the middle of the screen.

Um i don’t know it’s okay for what it is again limited pieces, but i really wish those weren’t there like. I wish they were covered up by something i don’t think there’s anything they could have really done um. You know it is what it does. You can’t have everything in a three in one build, especially in a secondary, build and then moving on to the cockpit, which is actually the last part of the robot we’re, pretty much done with this one um. It has just a little windshield right here. We can pull that down and then, of course we could put the robot minifigure in there. We can actually just set him straight in there like, so he just sets on two studs and then you can close that up and uh. It looks really good. Everything matches will it’s, not he’s, not the same color as the robot, but the color schemes, don’t clash or anything. Okay. Now, let’s move on to the next build just looking at this through my camera. It actually looks a lot smaller than it does in person. Now don’t get me wrong. It is small. I mean it’s not like a huge build it’s, not the death star here, but uh. It is from star wars. Obviously um. It does look heavily inspired, though, at the very least. But honestly, it just looks like a straight rip up a rip up, rip up rip off, but it’s very nice it’s like a speeder sort of copy, or at least that’s, where the inspiration looks like it came from two engines on the front: um no, like exhaust.

Coming out of those that’s, one thing: that’s, definitely different there’s, no exhaust coming out of that. So i don’t know how you’re stabilizing the front of this, but i guess it’s possible. We have looks like some little like maybe hollow controls or something so definitely different than star wars that’s. What i’m imagining is like? Maybe the controls pop up sort of like um sort of like the holograms pop up in star wars. You, of course, have a place for the minifigure to stand, so he cannot setting enough so he will be a little uncomfortable but it’s, okay, he’s a robot, probably doesn’t, hurt him too bad and yeah. Those look, those little clear things actually are probably like things that tell you your speed limit. I mean how fast you’re going and everything look down at those right. As the cop comes up to your window and uh, then you rip that one off and replace it with one that says you’re going that you were going the right, speed, um, pretty cool hack right there. If you didn’t know, i don’t encourage it, but it is a hack and then coming to the back of the build. You have like some little wings, some uh fins back there i’m guessing those hopes, maybe aerodynamics or something. And then you have a little like booster engine thing: repulsor that’s, not a repulsor that’s marvel well i’m, making too many references by accident uh, but that’s coming out of the back of it, and so that i guess it goes pretty fast that’s what i would think So that’d be nice, so i could get to work faster and not be late all the time.

Everything does look really good about this build i like it. I mean it’s, not as good as the robot. In my opinion, possibly i don’t know it’s hard. They did pretty good on it. Okay, now let’s move on to the next one. Now this actually does translate pretty well on camera. I think um just sitting here in my studio and looking at it through the camera. They look basically the same. I mean i don’t see a major difference in size um for what we have here. We have a like a sort of helicopter airplane mix, because we have engines at the side right here which can actually be tilted so here’s. What that would look like in motion, you would take it, and this is how you would you know, go forward, so you would be able to fly forward like that for backwards motion. I think you just flipped them completely around that’s. My guess um and i have one flipped around and the other one not oops, and then you would be able to go backwards. Then, if you wanted to go up, you would just do like this or if you wanted to go down, you would do like this and then crash into the ground, but those are actually really neat because they’re a simple way to give a lot of flexibility uh. This would be really useful to get to work. I would be able to stop by chick fil a first and then go to work.

We also have a very nice tail build right here. We have some little flaps on the end uh. My camera is out of focus. Okay. There we go. Thank you camera! Thank you. Thank you. Yes, it does very good it’s, a good boy camera. It has some headlights on the front as well, and then that basically does it honestly, even though this was the biggest build it feels like it was the simplest to go through uh for the cockpit. Of course, you just had the same window that they used for the robot, and the good thing about this is that the minifigure actually can set in this. He does have to lean back a bit, but that is good, for you know sleeping i. I assume that this is sort of like tesla and they have autopilot in this. If not, then he fell asleep at the wheel. That one time that i saw him do that um, not a good thing, but uh yeah that’s. Basically, what it looks like you know what i think that that light behind me is actually a different color than it was in the intro uh anyway that’s off topic. I want to thank you all for watching. This is actually the end of the video, so i want to thank you that probably really just ruined my audio. I apologize for that i’m, keeping it in anyway. It’S fine tell me what you thought about this set. I actually want to know which one of these sets is your favorite, because i hope that i gave you guys a good enough look at everything that you’re able to make a you know good decision on which one you want to get, or you know which one You want to build if you get this set or even if you don’t plan to get this set, tell me which one you liked the best so that i can hopefully brag to bubba or if you don’t like it, then i will forever be tortured or at The very least every time he calls me he calls me every single day.

He will tell me that you guys chose the one that i didn’t want to be chose uh anyway, that pretty much does it tell me what you guys think of the lighting it’s, probably terrible. I don’t know i’m trying to get good at lighting guys and make the videos look better. This room does not work good for lighting, and i don’t say that, like oh, my goodness, my room doesn’t work good for lighting, because i’m super geeky or something no. Our room is literally just so dark, it’s, literally unreal. We switched rooms and the lighting’s terrible we’re trying to get some new ones, but so i actually bought a light so that videos would still look decent. I don’t know how good they look. I might be way too pale right now. I probably am honestly, but this is actually as low as my light will go. Um no it’s not never mind. I just got it to go lower. I don’t know i’m trying my best with this. Maybe that maybe that looks better. I don’t know i’m experimenting with it: i’m gon na try and get my videos to look better every single time and more entertaining hopefully, and i just realized this has been a very long outro. So i want to thank you all for watching, see you guys in the next one bye for now see how dark it is in here. The only i mean now, the only thing on is that, and that is still providing more light than what regular is.

Let me turn that off. Look at this.