Are you serious? I know i know dji controls a large chunk of the drone industry and where are we to go, but yes, im seriously, considering a skydeal. So what did dji do so badly on the mavic 3 lets find out Music. The biggest problem that everyone has with mavic 3 is the price. This is a 2200 drone, the original mavic when it was first launched retailed for 750. The mavic 2 was 1250 at 2200. The mavic 3 should technically be three times better than the first mavic, but do you think it is lets play a game of top trumps Music. The camera on the mavic 1 is a 1 by 2.3 inch sensor. The camera on the mavic 3 is now a four third sensor by hasselblad. This means that the camera sensor on the mavic tree is 3 times larger than the original, which means it should perform extremely well in low light conditions. Plus you get an extra telephoto camera capable of 28 times hybrid zoom. That is mounted on top of that hasselblad camera. The range on the mavic one was reported at seven kilometers. It was more like five kilometers from my experience and the range on the new mavic tree according to dji is now 15 kilometers again making it three times better than the original. The flight time on the mavic 1 is 21 minutes and the flight time on the mavic 3 is 46 minutes. Well, this one isnt quite three times better, but lets just give dji the benefit of the doubt and lets just say that it is all.

This will sound, really good if you were upgrading from the first mavic. However, if youre upgrading from a mavic 2 or even an air 2s, these specs are probably only 1.2 times better than your current drone, and here lies a lot of the unhappiness among us dji fans. The price of the mavic 3 basically feels like dji, is asking us to pay for a first class seat on an airplane, but theyre only giving us an economy seat with 20 extra legroom. There are more evidence of this price. Gouging behavior, for example, dji released the mavic tree just in time for the black friday sales, and they were in such a hurry. They decided to release it without half of the main features for this drone and, as a result, there is no active track. 5.0. No quick shots, no hyperlapse, no master shot and no panorama for those features. Youll have to wait till next year to be able to activate them, which company out there lets you buy a 2 000 product and then turns off the main features hi its jeremy from the edit with a minor correction and an update from dji on the 10th Of december dji released a software update, so there is now master shots, hyperlapse and focus track, also known as active track 5.0. However, there is still no quick shots and panorama now heres another example. This is the remote that comes with your 2 000 drone, and this is the remote that comes with your mavic mini 2, a 450 drone.

I thought dji would at least try to differentiate the mavic 3 by giving it a different remote. Since you know it uses ocusync 3.0 and it has a 15 kilometer range well, i was wrong. However, if you want a better remote, dji will sell this rc pro controller to you for another 12 hundred dollars, or you can have it bundled in the mavic 3 center combo for five thousand dollars. Yes, there is a more expensive version of the mavic 3, which you can only purchase in a combo, and the only difference between the mercury and the mercury center is that in the center version it comes with a one terabyte storage on board, and it has the Ability to record video in apples, prores file format, which apparently is the file format that every professionals are recording in these days. So are you starting to get a feeling that dji doesnt really want us, the recreational flyers to have this drone? I feel the same way too, its quite clear that during the press conference dji have had their sights set on the professionals when they developed and priced the mavic 3.. The way i see it, the mavic 3 is kind of like the compact and budget version of the inspired drone for filmmakers Applause. Look, if you already have a mavic, 2 or a2s, there is simply not enough value in the mavic 3 to justify the upgrade. However, if, for whatever reasons, you need to have the biggest camera sensor with interchangeable lens in a foldable drone, and you need to shoot in 4k at 120 frames well, the mavic 3 is currently the only foldable drone that has two specs.

As for a majority of us, the mavic 2 mini is the ultimate choice for recreational flying and casual content creators, because this drone only weighs 249 grams. It is super compact. You can bring it any way with you, itll pass through any security at the airport and, more importantly, you can fly it with minimal restrictions and if you do get into a crash, its a lot more affordable to repair Music. Now, for the serious camera and drone enthusiast go for the air 2s or for a used mavic 2 pro on ebay, and you save yourself a bunch of money. You may not have the long flight time and range like on the mavic 3, but trust me youll be fine. Now, if you already have an air 2s – and you really want to upgrade to the mavic 3 – maybe wait another 8 months or so and youll probably see some resellers trying to discount the mavic 3 to get it off their shelves. Because i personally think that the market will eventually try to self correct the price hi its me again. The main thing that i was looking forward to test on the mavic 3 was active track 5.0, because i really wanted to know if the eight sensors on the mavic tree are able, which makes it omnidirectional sensing are able to keep up with the sky deal. The current king of autonomous flying and since dji has just released the update we are going to test it out so make sure you subscribe.

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