We are hey everyone hope you’re having a good day good morning good evening, whichever it is make. It good be grateful. Think of the things that are going well focus on the positive because, as many of us know, there’s a lot of negative things going on and uh. If we let that water into our ship well we’re all gon na sink so make sure to keep that water out of your boat and keep sailing on keep chopping wood, as my dad would say, uh long and the short of it is uh. Welcome. Welcome to another show we got a good one today kind of talking about how to fly in uh, gps denied environments, yeah a lot of good things going on too, not just a lot of bad things. There are a lot of good things going on right, yeah, just a matter of uh perspective right, take the bad things glasses off, and i understand there are times when bad things dominate, but um in any case, grateful to be here even more grateful that you’re there. So, thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with us. Definitely thank you for spending your time with us. We got a good question today, talking about once again flying in gps, uh denied environments and specifically tall buildings, cities et cetera, so let’s get right into that question hello. My name is guy zamir. I am part of a the drone team of a company in new york city called rand engineering and architecture we’re in high anticipation for the skies to open up so facade inspections can be visual.

Facade inspections can be incorporated with drones speaking to people from the fire department who do use drones to navigate through buildings. They’Re saying their biggest issue is the magnetic interference with very tall buildings blocking the satellites. My question is what technology and what drones do you see as the we should look into once? Drones will be acceptable in new york city. Thank you think you guys sounds like a lot of fun and challenging as well, which in and of itself can be fun, but in all seriousness, that kind of environment. You definitely got to uh dodge your eyes and cross your t’s before you get out there and fly because some bad things can happen if you don’t, if you don’t, know what you’re doing, if you’re not using the right equipment, etc. This is very true. This is very true, you know uh when that gps signal bounces between those big tall buildings. It can cause a lot of problems but um man. I sit here rob and i know we’re supposed to give an answer about a particular drone, but uh it just kind of completely goes against my grain, because i feel like a lot of these problems. Uh that people face with drones is more so on a reliance of technology and um, maybe it’s, maybe it’s, not knowing uh what to do or maybe it’s a lack of effort. I’M, not really sure it doesn’t really matter honestly, as i think about it.

But that said i you know it just reminds me of the example of what happened here in albuquerque years and years and years ago, like eight years ago, when that uh phantom crashed into the building in downtown and uh. You know, i have to say it’s it’s, a very understandable, uh interference, issue um and you know we can sit here and talk about drones and we will uh. But that said, i just want to be as blatantly honest with all of you as possible one. You cannot rely on sensors, you need to know how to fly, and that actually means that you need to know how to fly either in full manual mode or attitude mode, and i know that uh some people, probably especially skydio, were like no we’re getting the day Of replacing the pilot and we’re nowhere close to that um and i don’t think that as soon as one bad thing happens, everyone will be looking at the faa like who the hell allowed them to make this decision kind of like the max all over again. So that said, i’m just gon na say look from fro. My honest opinion on this is no matter what drone you use if you do not know how to control an aircraft in full manual or attitude mode it’s, you probably shouldn’t, be flying in cities um, because there’s so much that can go wrong. There’S two very specific settings that you have to set every single time.

You fly in a tall city, there’s a protocol and a workflow for the compass cow outside of the city, moving in there’s, a lot of things that you got to think about, and that said he talks about visual inspections of facades and a few drones do come To mind as dji moves more and more into the the range finders on all these drones, like there’s, even one on the mavic air too, which really really shocked me when we move into more and more of these range finders it’s going to be easier and easier For certain drones to conduct these facade inspections and in fact, as i think, of what drones would be good for facade inspections, i mean it’s funny, because there is one drone that i think of right now. That i’m, like the architecture of that drone, would probably be very good for this and i’m talking about the skydio2, but i would absolutely never recommend it to someone for two reasons. Reason number one is the control distance is subpar. At best i mean you know, you’ve flown it i’ve flown it. Lots of people have flown it. You get it past 700 feet you’re, a lucky man or ma’am yeah uh, that that said, um. Oh, i had to hold that joke back uh. Anyway. Sorry i had a good one, but i decided not to uh some people wouldn’t find it yeah long story short. I don’t even know what it is, but good choice.

Yeah, yes, hr, not approved um. I would not recommend the skydio for reason. Number two, which is a very simple thing they could just fix, and then i would shut up about skydio for years and years to come, which is to have a sensor denied flight mode uh, allowing the pilot to be in full control. And i actually am starting to think i know exactly why they won’t do it um and, as i dig further and further into the code i’m really starting to realize why and it’s, because the ultimate safety mechanism of that drone is the onboard point cloud processing and Anytime, something goes bad, it relies on that to read its environment and make decisions, and so, if you inhibit that, for whatever reason i.e, if you were to allow for a attitude mode, then you kind of take away its safety net, even though that safety net might Be a bigger issue, long story short, look: adam bree! You got a great thing going. Why not empower the pilot? Why not make it legal to fly and give the pilot ultimate controllability? I’M. Not talking about a button. You, and i know about a button, is not going to stop an imminent crash. It’S, not it’s, not fast enough. The control signal has too much latency it’s, just there’s going to get to a point where people are going to realize what some people say. Not you adam what some people say has no value.

You know when you promise people things over and over and over again and they never come to fruition you’re going to get into a stance where other manufacturers have gotten to in the past and it shut them down and honestly, scottyo i’m saying this, because i at The bottom of my heart kind of like you guys and want you to succeed. Competition is good for everyone, but if i were to do this particular job right now, given the drones that we have in our fleet right now, i would use a hacked version of the mavic 2 pro because i hacked it to have attitude mode now. We’Ve got a new drone coming in the fleet, the mavic 2 enterprise dual advanced. That would probably be my tool of choice for the visual facade inspection. My next, you know drone after that is the m300 again. I can’t recommend it because i haven’t flown it. I haven’t had my hands on it. I hear it’s not selling very well, either i’ve also heard of a lot of crashes in public safety. Already. That said, it has the most advanced navigation system. I think i’ve ever seen in the whole blind spot detection and everything and even john mcbride said there’s still one little area where that’s not perfect, yet um, but that drone seems to have the best capabilities but again i’m a i’m, a pilot’s pilot at heart. And i actually think there’s a lot of value to kind of having a manned pilot’s ideology in an unmanned pilot, because you really understand responsibility.

Even though a lot of enforcements aren’t going on responsibility is key. It’S, not the faa, you got to worry about it’s, your future. You got to worry about uh. So what about this puppy right here, camera good enough! That was my next thing is the you know the the fact that this thing has these rangefinders on the bottom. As well to determine altitude is just incredible: uh i’m, not sure that i would be flying the fpv drone to do a visual inspection, because the camera is kind of subpar compared to other options out there, but it’s doable, rob it’s totally doable! Guess why? Because it has a manual fight mode. So if you get that gps interference, guess what you can just flick out of it and fly yourself uh now you could just flick out of it to begin with yeah and fly yourself that’s right, yeah, but that’s. Also why? I would go back to the mavic 2 pro hacked yeah, then the next thing i would do if i was really going just full crazy. This is full crazy. By the way i would put prop guards on a phantom and just hack. It too go go full uh and just flip it off the wall, slight mode 0, yeah literally yeah cause you got the if you got the prop guards, you literally just bounce off the glass, so um. That said, i just want to reiterate to everyone watching this it’s still illegal technically to fly in manhattan in the city of new york.

There are obviously boroughs that you can take flight when it does open up. I have a feeling the tech will be there, where these drones will be able to read their environments in ways we’ve never seen, and there will be a great solution – i’m, not really sure, there’s a great solution right now, i would argue, i would argue – maybe the Mavic 2 enterprise dual advanced because it has attitude mode too rob the dji removed, addie on all the enterprise drones and then said: um we’re, adding them back, and i wonder why. I wonder why all of you, american manufacturers, think about it um anyway. I know a lot of the cubes have manual mode, which is great same thing as altitude hold same thing as addie uh, which is good, so we we need that to avoid emergencies seriously right on all right, so the pilot there’s some options yeah, they are and I’M, sorry, i didn’t give a a solid like go, get this right now, no, i think there’s some good options in there so and – and we also he mentioned – that he’s talking to some firemen there in the department and i’m sure they have some ideas – that uh Yeah and the thing is no sensor – will negate pilot skill ever especially if it’s a very skilled pilot, not yet anyways, no we’re, not even close, and the problem with photogrametry is still reflection, and so, when we’re talking about facade inspections, especially in a tall city, lots Of glass, lots of reflection, yeah, so yeah that’s going to do it for us today, thanks again for joining us.

As always, if you have a question, go to askdroneyou.com. Thank you as always for supporting us. It does mean the world to us. My name is paul. My name is rob.