a when we notice this freaking clown in our backyard, guys dude he’s literally on the kayak. Okay, let me get a shot. Let me get a shot dude. What the hell is he freaking doing dude? How do they know where? How does he know where we live dude? I have no idea more importantly, why is he on a kayak and how did he get it there in her freaking pool? I don’t know dude like oh dude. Look at him, though this is so insane look at him, he’s, literally in a kayak in our pool. What the hell is he freaking doing look at this guys, there’s a freaking clown in our pool. Oh my god. Look he’s, just like paddling around the freaking pool right now. What the hell are we what i don’t know why? Why is he doing this, though? How do you know it’s so creepy? I have no idea there’s a bunch of people that live with us right now strongly squad i’m sure one of us would have seen him setting up like yeah. I didn’t see anything where’d. He get the kayak from dude. I don’t know and how do you get it in there and how does he know where we live there’s, so many questions right now? Yes, strawberry squash. We have endless questions, but you guys know anytime anything insane happens. I always have my camera on me, ready to record just in case of situations like this.

Do you think it’s just a random clown who just found a pool and wanted to kayak in it? I don’t know connected to us specifically. Every house here has a pool like why what’s that no it has to be connected to us dude like it has to be yeah. You know many other pools are in this neighborhood like he could go to any of them, but this one look at him: dude he’s, acting insane wait, look at him, he’s like laughing and having fun dude. This is so freaking weird, oh, a pool doesn’t even seem like a good spot to be freaking kayaking. This is so freaking weird, okay, yo let’s go to the front deck yo. Look at this squad, this clown’s going insane what’s he doing dude. I have no idea what he’s doing where’s he paddling okay, because i don’t want to risk this clown, seeing us and trying to actually get in the house. Yo let’s sneak out front and launch the drone and we get used to that yo. As you always say, let’s, let the drone do the dirty work. Yeah let’s go let’s go run, run, run quick, quick, quick dude. What the hell is going on right now, somebody’s gone. This is insane. I can’t believe what we’re seeing the door’s open. Why is that? How we got through dude, you don’t, think there’s a clown inside. Do you i don’t know i don’t what the hell? Okay, yo let’s launch the drone let’s launch this drone right here right here: okay, somebody’s going and we are ready to put up this freaking drone, guys check it out: okay, holy crap, okay, freaking, guys off okay, yo i’m, going to press record right right now.

Oh, my god, okay, someone squad, you guys, can see us right there. Yo let’s go inside and react. Let’S go let’s go! Oh, my god! Lock it lock it. We don’t want these clowns freaking invading okay, oh my god. Okay, somebody squad we’re gon na take this drone up to the back and try to see if we can get a glimpse of this freaking clown. You want to make sure i don’t hit these wires look see he’s right there, you see him, you see him. Look! He’S literally right there in our freaking pool yo what the hell is he doing there he’s like having fun yeah. This is so freaking, weird guys, i’ve never seen anything like it. Yo there’s just a freaking clown in our pool and a kayak yeah in a freaking kayak i’ve, never seen this in my life like ever yeah dude look, everyone else has pools too and there’s no clowns in their pool. So what makes ours so special cause? They know about us dude, yeah i’m, telling you. They know that we’re, the clown hunters we’re the ones that have been spying on them. Are they like teasing us, then i don’t know for sure yo. What would you do if you looked in everyone else’s pools and there was a clown in a kayak in their pools too? That would melon clowns. That would be insane. That would be freaking crazy, guys. Look at this. You can see the whole scenery out there.

You can see the whole city of phoenix. Imagine you looked in that field right over there and you saw an army of freaking clowns and they were all remarkable. Yeah i’d be on the first flight out of here yeah. They had freaking clowns, but yo guys. This is no laughing matter. All right, we’re gon na have to call like clown control or something instead of pest control. To get this clown out of her pool like how we gon na deal with him dude, we are in clown control. Look at this what’s. He doing holy, i have no idea look he’s, just like inside the pool like what’s, he even he’s, just enjoying himself yeah, what the hell i don’t want to freaking crash this drone right now. Oh my god guys look at this freaking clown. What do we do? We obviously have to get him out. I have no idea yo. I don’t want to crash the the drone in the pool because then the drone’s a no go if it gets wet and we can’t even go retrieve it with this clown in our freaking backyard. Like this yo look at him, are you seeing it like lure him out? We have to find a way to get rid of him. I don’t know what the hell i don’t know. I don’t know he looks a little mad god. He looks super freaking mad me squad. This has got to be one of the weirdest things i’ve ever seen in my entire life.

We literally have a clown in our freaking pool. Right now, guys look at this. What the hell look that’s, the window. We were spying on from right there. Oh, my god, i can see inside the house. I don’t know, oh my god. Well, the front door was open, so he definitely got into the front door. Wait. Look, it looks like he’s getting out, looks like he’s. Getting out. Wait i’m gon na move it over here, i’m gon na move it over here what the hell yo strawberry squad. I wan na make sure we don’t freaking hit one of these wires right now. Look the clown’s literally getting out getting out he’s getting out what the hell is he doing dude? Oh my god. Oh my god, be careful, be careful. I don’t know i don’t know what are you doing? Whoa wait! No, no he’s throwing our chairs in the freaking pool right now. Oh my god, what the hell is going on everything he’s, literally destroying everything. Look he’s going crazy right now. What what? Oh, my god, he’s stopping he’s having like a temper tantrum or something we have to do something. We need a plan dude. We need a plan to get him out of the pool he’s going to start ruining all our freaking furniture he’s going for the other church. Oh, my god, what the hell is going on, what the hell dude – oh my god, yo yo, what the hell wait.

I think you just heard the freaking drone wait. What is he doing? I don’t know i don’t know i don’t think he’s noticed us. Yet what is he gon na do? Is he gon na go work out? I don’t know. Is he yeah? Oh, yes, look. He needs to work out. Wait! Yes, working out yeah he’s, literally using the skipping ropes to work out right now. What the hell he’s acting like this is his house yeah he’s literally acting like this is his house. Maybe he just wants the house. Maybe he likes it and now he’s, just when he’s like stretching think and now he just thinks it’s his clowns. Is this like a nice clown or is it like a harmful clown? Do you think i don’t know wait what what the hell? Oh, my god, i thought he was gon na jump in the freaking pool. Oh my god. Wait. Look he’s gon na work out now with the freaking dumbbells clowns are really strong, though so it’s not gon na, be a problem yeah. Why would he even need to do that? Why would he even need to be working out like clowns are already super strong? Do you think this clown got sent from like the headquarters to come here and mess with us dude? I don’t know look at him, he’s freaking working out right now. Are you seeing this dude? Oh, my god, why is he doing this? This is freaking insane.

Look! He’S grabbing the 20 dumbbells. Oh my god, oh wait! What what the hell guys! I think this clown is freaking, drunk he’s, just randomly in our freaking house like doing all this weird stuff right now. This is superman dude, a clown on a kayak yeah. This is so freaking random, look he’s just like on the ground now yo i’m gon na get higher and get a better view. Oh my god watch out for the power lines, dude yo yo watch out for the power lines: okay, okay dude! This is so freaking. Weird wait: what is he doing? Wait? Look i think he’s golfing now or something he’s, just like having fun honestly, oh yeah, look he’s literally doing everything he can in our freaking backyard. Wait let’s see if he gets it in let’s see if he gets it in. Oh, my god somebody’s gone he’s about to do it. Wait! Oh oh, oh dude! He just got mad. He just got mad about that. Oh, my god! This is freaking insane. I don’t even know what to think right now. I know somebody squad. We should probably call like the police or something yeah like what do we do, what the hell dude? What is he doing now? Look. It looks like he’s like super pissed he’s. Trying again do you think yeah, i think so. He’S just golfing in our backyard. Right now, yeah dude, what the hell are we doing? Oh, oh, oh, oh, we almost got that in.

He almost got that in not quite though yo we should go out there and try to take that kayak from him. So he can’t do it again. You know what i’m saying yeah, but how would we do that? Dude? We need an actual crazy plan to do that. Yeah, wait where’s! He going oh, i thought he noticed the drone. I thought he noticed the drone. This is freaking insane right now. Oh wait! Where’S. He going now he’s going under the house now. Oh my god, sharmini squad. What the hell are we freaking seeing we oh wait. Oh look, wait: he’s he’s going to the barbecue now is he going to cook? I don’t know but there’s, not even anything, on the barbecue. What could he possibly be trying to cook right now? I mean dude he’s a clown. He could probably do anything. He wants to be making no freaking sense right now, he’s still there what the heck he’s like pretending to like make stuff yeah. Oh oh he’s mad! Now i just heard something like in the backyard. Yo look look he’s! Looking at us now, he’s looking at us! Wait what the hell yo look, look wait. I think he’s trying, i think, he’s trying to jump over the wall now no way dude, i don’t know i don’t know what the hell the hell. Oh, my god, look. Okay, keep your eyes open, make sure i don’t hit these freaking wires that are all around here.

Yeah look he’s! Jumping over you go i’m gon na quickly land. The drone i’m gon na bring it over here. Oh my god. Where is it? Where is it it’s? Right here, it’s right here: okay, i’m landing i’m landing i’m landing. It okay, get back here, don’t, look the clown’s right there, the clown’s right there is! He gon na try to get in. I don’t know dude. I think he might try to. I think he noticed the drone he’s trying to see where it went. Oh, my god, what the hell i’m gon na open this a little bit yo! Where is he? Where is he? Oh yo? Look? Look he’s right! There dude he’s wearing a life, vest that’s the clown that was in the kayaks. What are you searching for? I don’t know i don’t know what the hell is. He doing. Look at him. Oh my god, he’s. Definitely trying to look for us right now be prepared to lock this door be prepared to close it and lock it. Oh, my god, he’s trying to get it Music, yo let’s get up on the roof. Yeah yeah yeah, okay, go go hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry up, hurry, hurry, pass the camera, quick, yo, quick, quick, guys, come come, come hurry up before the clown comes dude come on upstairs come on. Dk dk winston you’re next you’re next come okay, guys we’re safe here! On the freaking roof, now, if the clown comes, we just got ta hide.

We just got ta, wait this out and wait until he leaves all right. Let’S go get a hiding spot here right over here right over here. Look look, he’ll, never you’ll, never be able to notice us up here. Oh my god, like we’re in the military squad. This is free, oh crazy, yo. Where do you think that clown is yo? Everyone do a perimeter search of the house. Do a perimeter search yo! Go go: go, go, go, go, go yo. I don’t see him anywhere. Oh, is he still at the front door dude? I don’t see him at the front door, he’s not at the freaking front door anywhere what the hell winston! You got anything. What oh yo yo come on he’s in the back he’s in the back he’s running the back. Everyone get down, get down right here, get down get down! Oh my god! Yo he’s freaking right there, strawberry squad, he’s, freaking right there gee, i told you he knew he would go in the back it’s good, that we went on the roof now. He won’t suspect that we’re up yeah, but we can get something we can get stuck here. Oh, my god, what we’re gon na be screwed if he comes on the roof, yeah that’s, if he notices we’re up here dude? What is he freaking doing somebody squad this clown? Is ludicrous he’s completely out of his mind, get down, get down and prone get down.

Okay, okay, oh my god! Oh wait! He’S walking up he’s looking up! Oh my god, what the hell yo! What do you want? What do you want? Why are you in our freaking backyard, but yo he’s coming up here coming up right, he’s, yo, he’s, picking something else up: he’s picking something awesome: whoa holy crap dude? What the hell dude this guy is ludicrous. Oh, my god, yo no he’s gon na throw more stuff whoa holy crap, no way yo. Oh my god, holy crap yo. What the heck yo he’s winding up for another go: whoa yo yo! What the hell are you doing you need to get out of here before we call the clown control we’re going to call clown control on you, yo he’s, like moving the table. I think he’s going to try to get up himself. Yo look. He is he’s trying to get up he’s trying to get out. Go. Yo, he’s, coming up, he’s going up, go, go, go, go, spread out, spread out, janna get over there. Oh my god. What the hell yo! What do you want? What do you want? Yeah, that’s? Okay, just stay right: there, winston yo yo, what the heck yo – oh, my god, yo no he’s going brianna now he’s going for ghana – hey, hey, hey, hey over here over here over here, come get me come get me right now: yo yo! Oh my god, yeah! What are you gon na do now clown huh? What are you going to do now? You’Re cornered you’re in corner? Now? Oh my god.

Yo look! Look! Oh my god! I don’t know if the clown’s good he’s not going to go. What the hell is. This clown good. Is this clown good? Oh my god, yo look at him. Look at him. He does not look freaking good right now! No clown! Are you good? Oh, my god call clown control, call the clown bounty, hunting association, let’s turn yo guy actually push this dude and now look at him. What the hell strongly squad. This clown does not look good. He just fell from the top of this freaking roof right there. What the hell you on the phone with them winston yeah, okay, okay, show me squad we’re gon na try to figure out what to do with this freaking clown in our freaking pool right now. This was absolutely insane and uncalled for. Unless, when i thought i would get a relaxing day, something else crazy has to freaking happen. Oh my god, we just don’t get a break. I know never dude, okay, guys make sure you check out dk’s channel janna’s channel as well as winston over there being in the freaking video and helping to fight off this freaking clown invader, guys. Oh my god, look at his freaking face. Okay, so i’m just gone. I will see you in the next one and as always, peace, Music, strawberry squad, our prime capital team merch, is available using the link in the description. Send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and we’ll reply back to you as much as possible.

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