We are good morning good evening and good eye wherever you are. Thank you very much for listening. We do appreciate it because we love helping you gain confidence, become better pilots and turn your passion into profit. As always, my name is paul and im rob grateful to be in this chair hanging out with paul hanging out with you thankful that you its been a few minutes of your day with us. So thank you very much. Yes. Thank you very much. Weve got a very interesting question today regarding props, and we dont mean the props program right, the platform that we built to help teams and manufacturers and drone serious drone. Pilots no were talking about propellers today and actually i think this is a really really good question and im not really sure its come up before, but you know what rob theres a long history of shows about 1400 of them now and uh. Maybe we have touched on it and i just dont remember i believe thats called getting old youre, so young youre a puppy anyways. No, we have but its been a long time, and i think any of these subjects deserve a refresher here and there they sure do. They sure do um todays show is sponsored by uh no sponsor because, as many of you know, we are very picky about our sponsors, because we want to make sure that whoever we put on the show we deeply believe in, and they have proven success over time.

But that said, todays show is brought to you by our theres a couple new articles actually up that i think are going to be really really helpful for a lot of you experienced pilots. We just talked about the five most profitable drone jobs based off of our aerial insights survey, and we also are trying to help people kind of reduce the hustle and focus more on recurring revenue jobs. I think youre going to find that article extremely useful. On top of that, we also just wrote an article about the mavic 2 enterprise dual advance and how you can use that now for solar inspections and how it reduces the cost to get in to that solar business by about 22 000. So i think it actually opens the doors for a lot of people and you know rob we had just shot a show with uh glenn labay, who has made his entire living off of solar inspections um, but i think were gon na re produce. The show there was just a couple, awkward moments that i think we can uh work out and get past and make a much better. Uh purdue show so look forward to having uh glenn on the show and showcasing him to all of you. Hes, a fantastic success story of many that weve had here at drone droneu and by the way i do want to say. If, if you want to get into solar inspections, that class is available to members.

But if you want to fast track yourself to solar inspections, there is a props solar program, thats going to take you through 107 operations, dont crash, then its going to take you through mapping and then its going to take you through solar inspection, so its a fast Track sequential training, chronological youre, going to get resources kind of as you move uh down the line in that course, and then, by the end of it, you will be certified to have your solar inspection Music certificate. Excuse me so definitely check that out and uh were also very grateful. I want to say thank you to all the recent um clients of our props program, thats different from propellers that were going to be talking about today and uh yeah. I just want to say thank you to all of you um its really awesome, seeing the the tidal wave building uh significantly again. So thank you very much. We do appreciate it. It means a lot to us. Also. We sent our uh first set of landing pads to australia, yeah that was pretty cool. That was very cool yeah. I would imagine thats a listener, and so thank you, hopefully youre listening to this or you will and uh yeah, pretty cool almost sold out of landing pads again. So if youre interested in the ground control point or the mapping landing pads, you can pick yours up at the droneu.com, just scroll to the bottom go to swag and you will see a button for landing pads and you can pick those up.

Uh do know there are three different kinds of landing: pads theres the mapping pads that are sold in a set. There are the mini pads and those are really built for mavic sized drones and smaller and then below that we have the search and rescue pads. If youre involved in search and rescue – and you are doing autonomous, searching that landing pad is made to calibrate your camera and also give you color palettes to choose from so that you can make the search efforts much faster, so check all those out and thanks again For all the support everyone, we really do appreciate it. So lets hear that funky question hello. Gentlemen. My name is kit. I live in eastern idaho. My question today is about props one of your shows on the phantom 4. You mentioned. The older props are the better ones. How do you age a prop if youre new to the drone or you buy a used one, you dont know how many hours are on that prop. Is there a way to tell – and you had said the old ones? Are the better ones and the new ones are not that well constructed? Is there some way to age or, to date, the props? Some are louder, some are quieter. What exactly do we need to know, and how can we distinguish what types of props we want to be using on our drones? Thanks a lot, i appreciate growing you and im learning a lot fly safe kid.

Thank you so much for the kind words. We are grateful for you grateful that you are a member and uh grateful. You took a couple minutes to go to askdroneyou.com to send your question in and uh i got ta say. I think this is a really good question because, frankly, they all look the same to me, props that is yeah pro, as in propellers now propellers. I think youre totally right, uh rob, but i i do want to clarify one thing: im, not i didnt really say theyre, not as these new props, especially for the phantom, are not as well built. I would argue theyre built just as well its just that the style of propeller is going to see decreased stability and decreased agility, but that also has an overall net effect on mapping missions, for whatever reason it causes you to not be able to fly. As long of mapping missions and so anyway, long story short is, as for the phantoms are concerned, i totally do recommend those 9450 props and if you guys dont remember, the 9 stands for the size of the prop thats 9 inches and the 45 stands for the Pitch of the prop, which is 4.5 so um that said yeah i do recommend those older props, because uh, if you flew around me, uh its a sound youll, never forget. I promise you um, because i i really love to fly aggressively its just im, not trying to brag its just my style, uh and fun.

It is a lot of fun, yeah yeah, so that said, rob im. Not. I dont think that there is a very good means of if you buy a used drone being able to tell how many hours there are on it yeah other than if you see chips or little, obviously hairline fractures things that you can see with your eyes right. But yeah great thats about it, maybe i dont know you could see that its got uh grass stains or something along those lines, but other than that gosh. It would be very difficult for me to see that in terms of what youre referring to in the 9450s, are you saying that those are the older ones and that some of the newer ones have a different pitch and so thats? What were talking about that is correct. Yeah, the new ones, do have a different pitch um. Not only do they have a different pitch, but theyre made to really be more quiet. Theyre theyre really made to be uh. I would call it more clandestine, but, unlike the mavic props, because the phantom props are one piece and theyre not folding props, you really lose a lot of efficiency. What a lot of people dont understand is that, with that folding prop you get these micro vibrations in the props as youre flying that really increases the stability of the aircraft itself and because the phantom props are not folding props. You dont see that increased stability um.

So that said, there was one more question he said: is there a way like on sound that you can tell, and the answer is absolutely yes, you need a sound meter and if you actually measure the sound at hover at about 10 feet, zero, wind youll get A clear, sound um, its obviously not like that. I am uh interpreting the sound here um, but when props yeah, when props begin to track, though you get more of a sound, so um, you can actually see a difference in the decibels. If you do a meter for me, you know, and for a lot of other pilots out there, youve been flying so long, you can kind of you can kind of hear that the props are going out, but also, if you bring the drone at eye level – and You see the props perfectly straight. That means theyre typically brand new, if you see them starting to kind of bend or what we call uh blade tracking, then typically theyre getting old. But i would, i would recommend my friend if youre buying a used drone just replace the props immediately, because you dont know you also dont, know what you dont know and i would just recommend you know seeing how cheap props are you just replace them, because if A prop does fail, youre going to lose the whole aircraft and, frankly, the risk is not worth the reward yeah and i think what he was getting at.

At least a major part of his point was that hes, probably fine, replacing all the props. He just wanted to make sure he could get the ones that are still the good ones quote: unquote right, yeah, and so they still sell the 9450s. So i just bought two pairs. The other day on our amazon account yeah. There you go so you can still get them. I also wonder: is the new design or the the new pitch or whatever you want to call it on on some of the newer props? Is that to increase flight time uh im just curious im. Thinking of like the changes that car manufacturers have to make to try to get more gas mileage right to meet regulations, not that thats a thing in the drone industry, but you can see where these evolutions do to one thing cause a issue in another area. You know what i honestly um, i dont i dont have the data to make a a solid decision. The only empirical data that i have seen is that students who use those newer props tend to get less flight time for mapping missions, okay, um its very minimal. I mean were talking, maybe like five percent less flight time, but it would make sense if theres less pitch in the prop that the prop has to be spun at a higher velocity to acquire the same amount of lift. Thus increasing amperage draw thus decreasing um battery uh uh power, uh more aggressively yeah, but even then thats, one small variable in the whole group of variables that are affecting that stuff.

Right yeah, i mean the wind speed is going to have a much bigger impact on your flight time so and even when it comes to the props and the 9450s versus newer ones. Whatever that, could you break it down to being personal preference, uh thats, a very good question um. I think that the uh, i think the answer is probably yes, but i would say, as pilots begin to kind of get more aggressive want. Uh like, if you get into subject tracking the answer, is no any other aspect of flying drones. I would say the answer is yes, it could be personal preference um. But for me, as far as subject tracking is concerned like flying around boats flying over water uh, i will absolutely never touch those quiet props for a phantom, just because i need to have that increased agility from those older props, so interesting cool. So i would say, as most uh questions in regarding science, which i feel like we have forgotten in the media. The answer is, it depends anyway, sorry, but he just theres just too many absolutes out in the world, so yeah thats funny it makes me yeah. It makes me think of something else: a comedy show. I saw a guy talking about science and how its not real. It was funny im, not saying its, not real dont dont email me, but anyways. It was fun. Well, i think thats gon na do it. For this show, today, very quick, very, very easy if you are considering becoming a drone new member, because you want to up your confidence, you want to lower that learning curve, and you know that part 107 is just the first stepping stone that youre actually going to Need a lot more classes to really master flight, and if you want to learn from experienced pilots who have done it in the field and theres, no bollocks or bs, as we like to call it here in the united states.

I definitely recommend that you check out membership because we keep adding classes over and over and over again, we just added a few new ones and frankly, you will not be disappointed. So thank you to all the members right now and also we did just launch our new new app, so we just had a new app for the community. We werent happy with one of the main feed algorithms, so we just launched our new new app. Well, its not launched yet, but in the next few days itll be gotcha officially available by the time this comes out – maybe probably thats, probably true, thats, probably true yeah actually. Well, that said, thats gon na do it for us today, thanks again everyone for watching. We do appreciate you thats gon na, do it for us today. My name is paul.