This here is the canon 1dx mark ii. This has been my favorite camera in the world that i’ve ever used. You see this is the camera that kind of launched my career on youtube. This is the camera that’s built me the most memories. This is the camera that’s been to the most countries and seen the most and speaking of this pro body. Now we have a new canon camera that’s called the canon r3, which is let’s, say the evolution of this camera i’m. Going to talk about that more i just want to, should i take it out. Oh, i haven’t held this in so long. Oh it’s been a while and this lens look. This lens lost all the rubber Music yeah by the way. Never do this if you’ve got like don’t don’t it’s right there, it means a lot that camera one of the things i always like to do when i think about a new camera, or i see a new camera being advertised, is remember who the demographic is for, And this is for professional sports photographers sporting event photographers that want to capture things at high speed sports aren’t. Really. My thing says the guy wearing the flyers hat here’s. The thing, though, high speed, autofocus and some of the new features being talked about within that high speed autofocus realm, that the r3 is is saying to have that i’m interested in. So i think, before we go any further with the canon r3 it’s important to know the specs that are out there publicly right now.

This video is not sponsored by canon i’ve, never held touched or even seen in person the r3 at all, and i know what you know as far as the stats on this camera and what’s been released publicly so far. What we know is we’ve got a 30 frames per second raw stills camera that’s like video, basically a very, very fast again targeting towards professionals that are shooting sports, who need high speed, autofocus 30 frames per second with that is a deadly combo hell, yes, that’s rad Megapixels i don’t know yet so much like they have eye tracking for humans and animal af tracking, now they’re introducing vehicles to that which is pretty great. So, if you’re shooting something like f1 or nascar or you’re, just a big automotive photographer and your friends are ripping up and down the street safely with belts. Let’S be honest, you’re capturing that stuff way easier. Now because the camera’s doing all the work for you and that’s great, if it works right, i haven’t tried it yet. No one’s tried it now. Another new thing: that’s blowing my mind, this new eye control autofocus, where the sensor actually tracks your iris within the viewfinder and focuses where you’re looking. That is unreal and i would love to try it and see a demo on it and see how good it works. Uh you’re gon na get the same kind of weatherproofing as a 1d body which that’s one of the reasons i actually got.

The 1dx mark ii before this entire channel started, was because i’m rough with my gear, and i like the fact that it’s taken sand storms in dubai to being frozen outside in canada in the negative 30 temperatures that camera is tough. Seeing that new same weather ceiling and weather system on an r3 mirrorless style, camera that’s good and with that weather stealing, you also have the built in grip. Now with the flip lcd and the flip lcd was the only thing i ever wanted. With the 1dx mark ii, which would have made that the perfect camera, your auto focus in low light is going to be way better at minus seven now so that’s up to eight stops of image stabilization as well within the camera and the lens so way better. At seeing in the dark, the 1dx mark iii was negative 6 and the 1dx mark ii is negative 3. So, bringing that up to negative 7 is just making this thing better and better in low light, 4k c log, 3, 4k or over sampled 4k raw uh, internal, recording and that’s. What we know so far again, i don’t have one but the second. I do you know that i’ll be making a video about it and i will post on twitter that i have it and you can ask all your questions and i’ll probably do a q a and then i’d like to go. Get some sample footage with it.

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I need to go back to a pro body, i’ve, actually, quite the opposite. I enjoy the r5 because of its size. I’Ve mobility for me is now more important than having more features. Obviously, that’s welcome, but if it comes at the cost of a bigger camera, i feel, like these days i’m, not really interested in that as much. But again i wouldn’t be the demographic that they’d be going after for the r3. I don’t shoot pro sports. I don’t shoot f1 or fast automotive things, although lately i have been shooting an odd amount of automotive, which is just entirely random. I don’t know that this camera would suit all of my needs personally and that’s also being said without ever using the camera, but i’m excited to try. It never say never. I love the new finish that’s on it. I feel like canon was due for like a bit of an update. I want to know what the battery life looks like. I want to see a deeper dive into video specs. I want to see how it holds up to other cameras on the market. I want to see what that over sampled 4k raw looks like i want to see how good this autofocus is, is it’s, so good that, once i use it, i’ll never be able to live without it all these things that need answers. That i’m sure we’ll all have soon, and that is all the news. I have right now.

It’S a question i’ve been getting asked. A lot is: what do you think about the r3? Do you have an r3 pete’s probably already got an r3? Would you use it as your daily i’m sure any day now or any week, maybe this month, i’ll get one in my hands? Oh, and let me know your thoughts below what do you think of the canon r3? Is it something that you think you would upgrade to where do you see it sitting in the line of cameras that are available today, that’s it for me guys, i will see you in the next one didn’t even do anything with my that’s, just the sound effect. I’Ve been doing for years, i didn’t even cover. I just did the sound Music i’m working on this hand every day i’ve been trying to get the dexterity back in my left hand, and i know that a deck of cards will greatly help me with that i’m. So much slower than i used to be everything just sucks a little bit more. The skill is diminished, but the hands doing great. Thank you for asking, or seeing this in my hand and thinking, oh, i guess is, i guess his hand is feeling a little better. It most certainly is it gets stuck. It gets hung up at spots and i couldn’t even do this two weeks ago, so that’s good little charlier cut little. That one stretches a bit. I know why you’re here – and you know why you’re here and it’s, not for this, so let’s just cut it.